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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

6 months ago

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#2029 57 days ago

Got my Wonka LE today. So far, no obvious issues OOB, but I don't know the game well enough to really know any better. My short plunges don't seem really successful. Isn't there a medium plunge according to the TV? Don't think I have ever hit that properly. Is it very difficult? What common hardware trouble points should I be looking for/testing? Thanks.

#2047 57 days ago

Finally a little progress on my 2nd day of ownership. Got Wonkavator Multi going for the first time, but did nothing with it. Still pretty clueless on the rules. Realized that my short plunge to center ramp skill shot is awarding the skill prizes, just doesn't call it out like the saucer plunge skill shot always does. That had me confused, but the Wonka-vision does show skill shot after shooting the center ramp. I don't think the main display does, but maybe I missed it. Game has huge potential, especially when the code advances over the next year.

IMG_20190821_130949 (resized).jpg
#2059 56 days ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

You can also hold down the left flipper as you plunge and that will give the option for a Super Skill Shot. It requires first hitting the upper right flipper skill shot, then following up with a Wonkavision shot off the bottom flippers. I think I've made this work once, maybe twice so far, but it is a nice feature.

Yup, successfully got the super skill a couple times today. Thanks!

#2060 56 days ago

My Wonkavator mechanism when releasing balls for multi-ball, sometimes just releases the first ball, and the other two remain stuck.
They eventually pop out much later during ball search, or sometimes even while I'm still playing the ball that was released a minute earlier.

Is this a common problem, or did I find a new issue here? Thanks.

#2081 55 days ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Change the timing on the release in the settings down to 190

Hmmm... Thanks, I'll try that.

#2092 55 days ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

I did it! I got a third golden ticket! It was a fantastic award too that really boosted my final score. Final score was 8.3 million. I’ve put a few hours in with the latest code and the diverter hasn’t missed once. I love when things like that can be fixed with software. I’m really loving this game!

Congrats! How did you achieve your golden tickets, besides gumball random? Gobstopper multi? Kid multi? Factory modes? Thanks.

#2093 55 days ago

Did you guys install the optional left post? The outlanes are such brutal ball drainers, I'm tempted.

This is my first JJP machine. I looked for a tilt sensitivity setting, or a way to turn the tilt off entirely, but couldn't find it. I was only able to find the number of warnings per ball/game setting. I must be missing it somewhere? Thanks.

#2096 55 days ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

I got Gumball, Factory Tour, and Kid Multiball golden tickets. The kid one was great as I had the 6 ball multiball the first time I got it and checked before going to the second which jackpots I still needed. I started it again with only 3 kids and hit the jackpots I needed. I had 3 gobstopper super jackpots and almost had a fourth. With one more ball I might have been able to get the gobstopper ticket.

Awesome! I need to play better.

#2098 55 days ago

Anybody finish the complex Augustus hurry-up combos to complete him? Sounds really tough:

"right ramp to left orbit to center ramp to right orbit" according to the rulesheet wiki.

#2102 54 days ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

By default, the first Augustus combo is right ramp->left orbit. The second one is left ramp->right ramp->left orbit. I do believe the center ramp gets added for the 3rd one, but no one ever gets that far in the office.

It'll work for 1.06 and anything later. Any of our delta updates that specify a minimum version will work on anything later.

Thanks! Very helpful.

#2103 54 days ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

I installed it. You will need to move the center lane rubber (or use a similar small rubber) to that post though in order to allow the ball to properly drain (which is kinda BS if you think about it). It makes the game play better though. Still tough, still relatively short ball times, but you have an actual fighting chance if the ball goes anywhere near the left outlane. I recommend it.

Not sure what you mean about moving the center lane rubber?

#2105 54 days ago

This is silly, but... Where is the USB port? JJP Support says: To locate the USB port, open the coin door and look towards the end of the the coin box. The USB port is attached to the back horizontal wooden support just to the left of the coin box.

But I still can't find it. Thanks!

#2107 54 days ago
Quoted from djreddog:

It may have fell behind the coin box or on the other side of the wood divider. It’s cable tied to the side of the cabinet. It’s a USB extender cable.

Yup, it is in plain site, but I ignored it, thinking it was a cable and not an extender port. Got it now, thanks!

#2150 52 days ago

So, my diverter magnet stopped working all of a sudden during a game. Anybody else experience this? I ran the test and it said the magnet was cooling. Hmmm... I'll try it tomorrow to see if it comes back. Bummer.

#2155 52 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Kid magnet is up and running today , no adjustments, must’ve been overloaded due to my phenomenal gameplay...uhhhr

Definitely something to watch and report to JJP if it keeps occuring. I remember seeing something in the code update notes about a magnet cool down modification, so they have been working to make it better.

#2156 52 days ago
Quoted from KingBW:

In one of the recent updates, it lists adding some magnet cooling time code. Maybe that's why you didn't see that before. I was in a Wonka release party tournament over the weekend and the magnet stopped working. That bugged me because "I could have made that shot if it was working". Anyway ... looks like they might have to look into that further, code wise ... or ... maybe I'll have to look at modding a fan to cool the magnet in my pin if the cooling just needs to happen for that long.

So seems pretty common then. Can kid multi even be started when it fails? Not sure. That would break things if true.

#2166 51 days ago

Once you have collected the Oompa Loompa Odyssey jackpots, where is the super collected? Thanks.

#2167 51 days ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

We've only played with SW 1.13 since our LE arrived on Saturday.
Sometimes (but not all the time), when the ball is coming out of the pop bumpers, seemingly headed SDTM, the magnets take the ball off course, just enough that the ball hits a flipper, or maybe sometimes a sling.
Was this always there, or is it maybe something new to address the danger of the pop bumpers?

I think the middle magnet only turns on during certain modes, so it isn't on all the time.

#2169 51 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Is there a way to earn an extra ball by point total?

Pretty sure in settings there are score awards that can be enabled. You can probably set those to extra ball. I changed my special award to extra ball. Can use all the help I can get.

#2171 51 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Dont think so , I knocked it in repeatedly hard enough to hit the target but it would not activate

Happened to me again tonight during a long game. Guess we all need to report this problem and hopefully they come up with something to address it.

I actually made it to and finished Wonka's Office for the first time tonight. I think it only took 3 shots. Not sure how to extend it. Started with left ramp, then right ramp. Then I hit the scoop and directly up the center ramp to finish it for 220K mode total or something. It was over so fast, but the winning shot movie scene was satisfying.

#2202 48 days ago
Quoted from Russell:

Does it still say “I don’t know what’s going to happen?”

Yes it does.

#2203 48 days ago

As I play more and am learning the rules and intricacies, I am absolutely loving this game. I was one shot away from the Kid Multi golden ticket tonight, and it was the easiest jackpot: Charlie right up the left ramp. So close!

Anybody have insight on how to start qualifying Kids after playing a few Kid Multi-balls? The display didn't show the normal stuff about spinners left for Augustus, etc... Is there some step you need to accomplish that I am missing? Thanks.

#2214 47 days ago

Finally got an Oompa Loompa super jackpot! Also, had a huge Dots! Dots! Dots! of 1,520,000. I had 5x playfield running and hammered the orbits and captive ball. Think I reset the timer with another computer award to extend it. Still trying for that illusive 3rd golden ticket.

I agree that I see or hear something different every time I play. I think the package is very impressive for an initial code set. Even greater things are coming with further updates, I am sure.

#2234 46 days ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

Forgot to add third golden ticket pic. It seems to light only certain tickets for certain achievements. I don’t know which one are which, but if I figure it out I’ll post it up.[quoted image]

Well done! Next time, go into instant info mode by holding a flipper, and advance to the golden ticket summary page. It will show you which tickets you earned, and what you still need to do to get the others.

#2239 46 days ago
Quoted from spandol:

This may have been asked, but have you ever had only red shots lit on the golden egg mode? I cradled the ball and every shot was red. There wasn’t a green shot. Is this suppose to occur?

Hmmm. Not sure if I have seen no green shots available. I know I have hit multiple red shots, and it still progresses through the mode and allows you to finish.

#2249 46 days ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I finally got around to updating the code and the diverter works correctly as intended now. My first game on the new code I got Grand Champion and got to play the office for the first time. Still stuck at only getting two golden tickets. I still need to figure out many things with this game and wish there was a good written rulesheet with explanations on what qualifies what.[quoted image]

Any rules questions, just fire away. I have been helping to update that Tilt Forums wiki as new information becomes available.

#2276 44 days ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Thanks for the suggestions. The o-ring (5/16" OD) is 1/16" smaller than smallest "pinball" rubber ring of 3/8". Might work with one on each post.
I was thinking more like a sleeve tubing. Thinnest rubber that will last awhile. I like the way the ball feeds through the inlanes faster with the heat shrink tube.
Anyone have any suggestions about ball coming to rest / stopping in the the lane above the pops (under the Wonkavator on the LE)?

Mine gets hung above the pops very rarely, and the slightest nudge always dislodges it. You may need to have a look back there after some dismantling.

#2277 44 days ago
Quoted from jbigdoggf:

A lot of talk about posts... is everyone missing a post and or plug on left Outlane ?
I seem to drain there many many many times.
Thanks[quoted image]

You need to screw in the optional post that came with your game. I moved the rubber from the other post onto the new one. They did include a spare white post rubber, but having them on both posts hangs the ball up every time.

#2278 44 days ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

Gobstopper golden ticket is obtained by collecting 5 super jackpots in gobstopper multiball. Light super jackpots by hitting ramps. The number of ramp hits needed increases after each super jackpot. Super jackpots are collected at the gobstopper hole. The number of super jackpots collected is held for the entire game and visible on the main screen as spinning gobstoppers on little pedestals.
Kid Multiball ticket is collected by hitting all 7 jackpots in kid multiball. Each kid has their own shot associated with it for a jackpot. The camera ramp is a double jackpot. Collect 5 jackpots to light super jackpot at the left lane that starts kid multiball. Progress is saved for the entire game.
Wonkavator ticket is collected by finishing 3 stages of wonkavator multiball. First stage is hitting 5 or 6 jackpots. Then you can lock balls in the gobstopper hole. Once you have only 1 ball left and at least one ball locked in the gobstopper hole, hit the right loop from the upper left flipper to put a ball in the wonkavator for a super jackpot. This starts level 2 and gives you all of your balls back. Hit more jackpots and lock balls again to finish level 2. I don’t know what level 3 looks like as I haven’t made it there yet. I’m guessing it’s the same. Progress is saved for the game. I’ve had it where I just had to hit the gobstopper target to open the hole when I restarted the multiball.
You can see all of your progress on all of these in the instant info page.
For multipliers, they work in all modes and multiballs except for the wizard modes. You can’t start Oompa Loompa Odyssey if you have any modes running. You can start Wonka’s Office, but I don’t know what happens to the running modes. I think they get canceled.
Hope that helps.

Wonkavator level 2 is like level 1 except each jackpot shot can only be hit once. Level 3 has roving jackpot shots that move around the playfield.

#2310 41 days ago

I had a decent final ball bonus after finally collecting a 3rd golden ticket and being showered in Wonka Bars and Candy Jar candy.

IMG_20190905_145149 (resized).jpg
#2344 40 days ago
Quoted from Capn12:

So, to beat an already trodden horse...can we just get confirmation that synced A/V wasn't allowed in the game? Only 3 words in the movie are synced with audio and video "Here it comes!"

Not true. You haven't been to Wonka's Office mode yet, apparently.

#2346 40 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

There are alot more shot callouts... but I don't think they are the most descript at times.. or often confusing. It will say 'camera ramp' or 'factory'.. or 'shoot for the gobstopper'. I've found naming of the shots contradictory too... is the orbit under the TV the right orbit.. or is it the orbit on the side, people sometimes call the side orbit?
I do find myself needing to look at the wonkavision monitor to find what I'm supposed to be doing for the blue modes. The progression of shots isn't always the most intuitive and it can be difficult to pickout the arrow lighting when lots of stuff is going on.
Clearer naming is a problem in the community around this game for sure.

Yes, the right orbit is under the Wonka-Vision, to the left of the TV shot.

#2369 37 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Installed the update today and the game crashed a few times.. anyone else seeing this?

Been using it for a week and no crashes for me.

#2379 36 days ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Pretty sure it’s not a screw. You have to lift the PF and then from the underside use a small screwdriver or something to push out the insert.

I tried pushing it out from under playfield a couple weeks ago, and couldn't budge it, so I gave up.

2 weeks later
#2651 18 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Wow, nice score
I love playing this thing , so close every time tot that 5th gob stopper .. still no office!

Forget Gobstopper for now. Finish the factory tour by starting all 12 factory insert modes. Easiest way to a 2nd ticket and Wonka's Office. Hit the captive ball to qualify modes, hit the orbits to qualify modes, and hit the factory ramp or factory stand-up during hurry up to qualify modes. Start your modes at the TV scoop.

#2652 18 days ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

I have a few questions.....
1) does anyone have an issue when two balls get diverted to the left upper flipper from the ramp? If there's a ball in there and I hit that left ramp causing another to be loaded, they just sit there until I shake the machine
2) is that left ramp an actual ball lock, or just a mech to divert the ball to the upper left flipper? I don't recall any balls locking in there in the 50+ games I have played so far
3) sometimes the Wonkavator release stub closes too quickly, so the ball doesn't have time to roll out.
Loving the game so far ....its my first JJP as well so I am not as savvy with troubleshooting it as the other brands

For #3, lower the Wonkavator release time in settings to the minimum. I think it is 190. That fixed it for me.

2 weeks later
#2881 18 hours ago
Quoted from LordHelmet:

Odd way to get the ball stuck During a multiball. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to do that again.[quoted image][quoted image]

I did the exact same thing one time. Had to take off the glass to free them up.

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