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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

1 year ago

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#887 10 months ago

A simple fix would be to drill a hole from side to side and put a bolt through it and secure with a nut. Thus blocking the ball escape. I presume the ball enters far enough from the end to allow that... and it’s just bounce backs that are escaping.

#988 10 months ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

So do you have to box it back up before you ship it to him? Does the customer know you opened it up?

It’s not uncommon for people acting like retailers... not just wholesalers to open a validate a game before sending to customer site. It’s a service so the customer doesn’t have to deal with surprises or issues.

1 week later
#1201 10 months ago
Quoted from Pinballer31520:

A lot of drains on left side . I put post where screw hole is but then balls get stuck there . Im assuming black cap can be taken off and a post put there ???[quoted image]

Just put the post without the rubber..

2 weeks later
#1825 9 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I don’t think it’s occurring on my game, but when is the diverter supposed to come down? I know it comes down when super lock is lit. I think during Oompa Loompa odyssey, but when else so I can look for it.

You'll hear the spring "boing" noise when its supposed to divert. It diverts at times when GUM targets are your objective, when super lock is lit, and more. Listen for the boing noise and I believe there is a flasher effect too that is not so easy to see.

#1826 9 months ago

The TZ divertor is completely different. The TZ divertor stops and scoops the ball to the side. This one simply deflects the ball.

I'd check the slope on games that have trouble... there is no reason for it to vary game to game except for ball speed and slope/tilt. Software could adjust the timing of how long the relay is held for and how soon after it passes the switches.

The problem we had wasn't with misses... but the coil tab actually shorted itself to the bracket holding the coil... toasting the transistor.

#1875 9 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

I kind of understand the whole "call until you get a live person" schtick, but come on, it's 2019. If you plan on succeeding as a business these days, you HAVE to respond to emails. Not a good look to just ignore them.

Maybe it's because people are trying to contact people individually instead of through the support portal and ticket system?

2 weeks later
#2271 8 months ago
Quoted from Adaminski:

Some info, and a question.
We installed the extra outlane post in 2nd (highest) position, and put the smallest (3/8" OD) o-ring on it. A 3/8" OD ring on the post between inner lanes caused the ball to usually get stuck when going through leftmost inner lane, as documented in the thread. I don't like cutting down an o-ring, cause I'm sloppy at it, it looks bad (IMO), and they always seem to rotate to the thickest diameter after awhile.

Just play without a rubber on the post. The post being there gives plenty of player advantage itself.

Putting shrinkwrap around it doesn't serve any purpose but to make a mess. Rubber is there for rebound and to takeup space to narrow the ball path.

#2288 8 months ago
Quoted from ralphcousman:

I had a question on how the lcd screens in game interact with the switches. How is that done? Preloaded images on an sd card loaded onto a 4d systems screen with the switch connect from the Playfield to the trigger on the screen?

It’s a monitor hooked up to the control pc. Both monitors are hdmi fed from the computer

#2338 8 months ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Agree with the others but everything seems to happen randomly. It is tough for the casual player to know what to hit other than "the TV" (which seems like the only shot the game calls you out to shoot). Maybe this is just learning the rules of the game...

There are alot more shot callouts... but I don't think they are the most descript at times.. or often confusing. It will say 'camera ramp' or 'factory'.. or 'shoot for the gobstopper'. I've found naming of the shots contradictory too... is the orbit under the TV the right orbit.. or is it the orbit on the side, people sometimes call the side orbit?

I do find myself needing to look at the wonkavision monitor to find what I'm supposed to be doing for the blue modes. The progression of shots isn't always the most intuitive and it can be difficult to pickout the arrow lighting when lots of stuff is going on.

Clearer naming is a problem in the community around this game for sure.

#2415 8 months ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

WTF? “QC Stuff” like this just reeks of carelessness. It seems everyday a new owner reports “QC Stuff”....don’t they realize after a prolonged period this tarnishes the brand? I know quite a few pinheads that are holding off purchasing due to these QC issues and they would prefer to wait and buy them 2nd hand...afterall, if you’re gonna be fixing issues on a brand new machine, why not fix them on a 2nd hand machine and save thousands?

If you want a full hands off experience... you can always buy from a retailer that offers that kind of experience.

My favorite is people wanting to buy the cheapest way possible.. knowing they are basically getting mail order service... and still want a hand held experience.

1 week later
#2547 8 months ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Whats the most fair option?
Remove only the rubber from the middle post, add a bare post in the low position, high, with or without ring?

Post in bottom hole, no rubber

#2604 8 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You have a choice of a piece of plastic with a sticker of some sort on it or this beautifully printed factory. Why does this particular mod have to be interactive? An opto inside to do what? And where are these happy meal mods I keep reading about?

switch could trigger lightly or spinning effects..

and come on man.. Happy Meal Mods have been a thing going all the way back to Tom's TZ mods era. The idea of finding small kids toys and sticking them on games.

You're just getting defensive now.

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