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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

2 years ago

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#2371 1 year ago

So my left ramp enter opto switch is showing an error out of the box. Not registering at all. I tried to look at the transmitter through my iPhone camera but couldn’t see anything from the transmitter on the working opto on the ramp completed so I’m not sure that method works (I think I read it doesn’t work for newer iPhones?)
Anyway, the wires seem to be connected ok to each opto. What’s the next step I should take?

#2374 1 year ago

Thanks LTG, it worky now : )
Reseated these connectors here if anyone is wondering...

Quoted from LTG:

Tests - Switches - Matrixed, pass a ball back and forth between the optos. No worky ? Then follow the wires to the opto driver board underneath the playfield and find their connector and unplug and reseat it and be sure it's on tight and test again.
If no worky then plug that connector into another connectors spot and test again, if it still doesn't work, then you need a new opto set.
LTG : )

3D2779B5-763E-47F1-BC96-F8D4658648C5 (resized).jpeg
#2375 1 year ago

[edit] double post

#2376 1 year ago

Has anyone actually been able to remove that black plug? If it’s like the one in the goody bag it’s a screw, but how would one screw it out?

Quoted from Freakyguy666:

Which hole did you insert the spare post & rubber? The one with the black plug or the one below it?

#2422 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Will not buy, look at that letter H

You've just reminded me of THE most ridiculous post in pinside's history!

#2451 1 year ago
Quoted from Mrawesome44:

Hey guys I got to play Willy Wonka for the first time and i have to say i walked away extremely disappointed and underwhelmed. I had been looking forward to buying one but after playing this and the playfield issues im thinking of holding off. I wanted to ask owners and people who have had more time on the game thier opinions. These are the points i left with.
1st. Game was dark like hands down the darkest jjp ive ever seen. The Upper left corner was pitch black and i couldn't see what was back there. Couldnt see the pops either. I've seen a few streams and the game was a lot brighter than this.
2nd. People say this game shoots like butter and the shots are satisfying. I didn't see it. The flippers(at least on this game) had just enough power to barely make it up the ramps. 90% of all shots couldn't make it up ramps, orbits or really anything. Just came right back and drained.
3rd. This game is a brutal drain monster. I heard what people had said and didnt think it would be too bad but boy was i wrong. That left outlane is the stuff of nightmares. Game is right up there with Ghost-busters and star wars. Played 5 games lasted barely 8 minutes
4th. I had no idea what i was supposed to do. I played 5 games and not once did i start a mode, or do anything. I came to the machine with no knowledge and left even more confused than when i started. I stuck around and watched other people play and all were just as frustrated as I was. One customer even went over to the staff and asked what she was supposed to do.
5th. I saw the pooling of the clear coat by the slings that have plauged Wonkas and it's a lot more noticeable than i thought it would be. The jurrasic park had washers on it's slings as well.

After about 10 games on Wonka, I wouldn't say I was underwhelmed, but I certainly wasn't whelmed. However over the next 20 or so games it has really been growing on me. You really need to understand the rules and then it opens up. It is tough to just walk up to it and make progress in it, it's just not that intuitive. But there's a ton of info on the display on what to do if you know where to look. For the huge amount of stuff in the game, most of which is stackable, they've actually done the screen really well. It just takes time to work it all out. During a longish game last night I said to myself, yep this could actually be a masterpiece. Time will tell.
Of course any game needs to be set up right to be enjoyable. And there are solutions to the darkness factor. With the bubbling slings, I would wait until a solution has been announced on that one. Otherwise, it's a great game to own and give yourself time to explore.

#2477 1 year ago

PDF is fine and you can always just print out the pages you want if you are looking at a specific thing and want paper.

2 weeks later
#2684 1 year ago

It really is great, and so many ways you can approach it. I got to Wonka’s Office last night for the first time, how friggin’ cool. It got me wondering, the code seems pretty complete to me, but do people think there’s a chance we’ll get mini wizard modes after golden ticket #3 and #4? At the moment we have special stuff happening after #1, #2 and #3.

Quoted from Cgpinhead:

Once you have a good game on this machine, you really “get it”.....streams do NOT do this machine justice. AMAZING FUN. That is the 2 words that really describe Willy Wonka. Great job Jack and team, every game you guys make is completely different than the others and that is a GOOD thing! Crank the volume on this one, turn off the lights and enter the chocolate factory, you WILL smile in wonder and awe!

1 week later
#2772 1 year ago

Is it just me or is there a lot more yellow (gold) in the light show since the latest code update? Looks pretty great.

#2778 1 year ago

This is madness in my opinion. Did you try playing around with the level of the machine first? I probably get 1 out 50 genuine SDTMs from the pops, and that’s without nudging. Yes, the ball is put in danger, but that’s what pops are designed to do! I’ve played 2 other machines and also didn’t get chronic SDTMs.

Quoted from steigerpijp:

Alrighty then.. the cheap pop exit drains
Took the gobstopper assembly out , and am using the black base plate ( its painted stainless steel) as a holder for an upside down mounted mini post
Required drilling a hole, in my case a slotted one to test different post positions . Closest to the secret machine didnt change much, the current position is a real game changer , for me at least... post has some spacing/mount rubbers to soften direct blows .
Seems that the most right pop directly behind the gobstopper hole , can fire the ball at the orbit entry plate on the left, causing it to bounce stdm all so often. Mounting the post has stopped this, surprisingly having tightened the shot, I am not finding the left orbit harder to shoot through. Its behind the gobstopper target plate also, so no benefits there either.
Its maybe not as intended but its a fair trade off in my opinion to the cheap drains.
Easy fix for anyone willing to do some work[quoted image][quoted image]

#2784 1 year ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

And will ask again. Is it designed so that every right side loop shot ends in the pops. Or does it fly by on a clean hit? Never had that happen yet . Might change things if that’s the case

Yes, it’s designed like that. Like Aerosmith and Kiss.

1 week later
#2957 1 year ago

Does anyone think it would make more sense to roll over a lit inlane to add candy to the candy jar, rather than an unlit one? Not a big deal but kind of bugs me. Maybe there's an explanation as to why it's like this...?

#3036 1 year ago

We played Wonka on the weekend in a big tournament with over 60 players. It was set up brutal with no ball save and crushed a lot of players. The most effective strategy for me was getting super spinner and loading up on Wonka Bars so that you’re over the 100 mark, then getting the multiplier up by whacking the gobstopper, then if possible getting award bonus and hold bonus. The last two eluded me each time but that’s what I was aiming for. It’s got some great risk/reward shots though - each time you rip that spinner you end up in the pops which is danger. When ‘Collect Kid’ is lit at the captive ball that’s a bit of a dangerous shot. Then starting Kid multiball is a tough shot on the left and if you miss it you’re in danger. Overall it played very well and I think people enjoyed it despite its difficulty. Obviously you would set it up easier on location.
It was an LE and I have an SE. The cosmetic stuff I don’t really notice...the biggest difference is obviously the Wonkavator lock. the game plays quite differently, as when it’s lit your shot does not end up in the dangerous pops but in a nice locked position. I probably prefer it to the SE, and its nice to see your balls up there waiting to be released. But to me the value wasn’t there so I’ll stick with the SE.

7 months later
#5381 10 months ago

So after finally getting to Pure Imagination (and fluffing it badly!) I have got my initials on all the awards except The Most Secret Machine award - which still belongs to Dr Light with 5. Problem is, I don't know what to do do beat this? Is it the number of multiballs started at the Gobstopper?

#5400 10 months ago
Quoted from crobby:

Congrats on Pure Imagination! I have "fluffed it badly" twice now myself.
The Most Secret Machine score is the number of balls sunk in the gobstopper hole during that mode.

Damn - I think I bypassed the Most Secret Machine mode alltogether - I got my 4th and 5th ticket at about the same time as I had stacked Kid and Gobstopper multiballs and completed them right after one another - I then started Pure Imagination while on my last ball and drained so never got to see the Most Secret Machine! My prior best had been 3 gold tickets. I'm bummed!

#5405 10 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

I did the same exact thing today! Definitely a bug for sure. I can't even get the first damn shot on pure imagination

Is it a bug though? Where is MSM started from? If it's that top left loop then it's the same as Pure Imagination and it might be a problem. But I would have thought MSM would be started at the gobstobber target...but I don't know as I didn't notice it. If it's there, I assume you can start it after Pure Imagination - but I'm only guessing.

I wonder what would happen if you had Oompa Loopa Odyssey AND MSM qualified - as they do both start at the top left loop (although the chances of you not having completed Oompa Loopa Odyssey by the time you got the 5th ticket would be infinitesimal).

Speaking of bugs, there is a bit of an annoying one I've noticed in that if you have a ball in the pops, then shots to the top left loop and the side spinner loop don't count.

9 months later
#8330 6 days ago

Anyone updated from 1.34 to 1.37 via wifi? It downloaded ok, and now it’s been stuck on this page for an hour...

6D01EE1A-8C7A-4FF3-9F96-F89D408AA866 (resized).jpeg
#8338 5 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Turn game off. Turn back on - okay ? Try again. Or USB Delta update.
LTG : )

Yep worked OK when I turned back on. Tried wifi update again but didn’t work. I did a full install of 1.37 via USB and it’s all good.

#8362 2 days ago
Quoted from Jamwin:

Gerrrr, meant to say “cannot do the delta update from v1.34 to v1.37 via wifi

Yep I got 1.37 installed by wi-fi. Scorbit and Bluetooth (to my earbuds) working great.

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