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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

1 year ago

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Post #149 Deep Dive on features and all that is wonka Posted by pin2d (1 year ago)

Post #150 SDTM video on Wonka - interview with Pat Lawlor and Joe Katz Posted by ZMeny (1 year ago)

Post #160 SDTM gameplay video Posted by ZMeny (1 year ago)

Post #188 Rules Flowchart Posted by f3honda4me (1 year ago)

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Post #554 Early Stream of a home owner who received their game Posted by Thegeekyhusband (1 year ago)

Post #785 Gobstopper subway VUK not ejecting ball fix Posted by Lermods (1 year ago)

Post #793 Gobstopper subway VUK fix pics for reference Posted by Lermods (1 year ago)

Post #1130 Latest code changelog Posted by LTG (1 year ago)

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#135 1 year ago
Quoted from Cgpinhead:

Buffalo pinball twitch not showing anything?

It’s down. Entire building is having issues.

2 weeks later
#447 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Katie and i are looking fwd to playing wonka... how many will u have? Will it be the le or standard? Regardless looking fwd to it and thanks for providing this .

See below:

Quoted from PinballSTAR:

Hello all !
PinballSTAR will be at Allentown Pinfest this weekend Fri May 3 / Sat May 4 in our usual spot with our usual huge booth of everything new to play (and buy !)
We are planning on having the following games in our booth to play or buy at the following prices - if interested in locking something up EMAIL Joe at Sales@PinballSTAR.com :
Willy Wonka SE - factory proto not for sale
Willy Wonka LE - factory proto not for sale
…but of course taking Willy Wonka pre-orders SE 7,500 / LE 9,500 / CE 12,500 - 250 deposits on SE / LEs, 1000 on CEs
Pirates of the Caribbean SE - 1 NIB for sale $ 8,500 (our last one !)
Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road - 1 NIB for sale 11,500 (at show so no shipping cost)
INVISIGLASS pre orders being taken to bring to show - email us !
MMR - show game SOLD … but taking $ 250 deposits on later year re-run
AFMR SE - show game 7,300 - 500 show game discount = 6,800 AVAILABLE
…AFMR CEs not at show but in stock and available to ship $ 6,000
MBR SE - show game SOLD
MBR SE - 1 NIB for sale 7,300 (at show so no shipping cost)
…MBR CEs not at show but in stock and available to ship $ 6,000
…MBR LEs - we still have a few pre-orders left to sell $ 8,000 / $ 1,000 deposit
Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle - show game SOLD …but NIB $ 6,450 and taking $ 1,000 deposits on pre-orders
Houdini - show game with art blades - $ 7,100 retail - 600 show discount = 6,500
Houdini - 1 NIB with art blades for sale $ 7,100 - 250 show discount = $ 6,850
Oktoberfest - show game $ 7,400 (may be SOLD - but not firm yet - please email)
P3 / Cosmic Cart Racing - FREE ROCs mini game with every factory order at show ! $ 10,000
Thunderbirds - show game $ 5,000 retail - 500 discount = $ 4,500
Thunderbirds - 1 NIB not at show must be shipped $ 5,000
Mafia - show game - Founders Edition # 4 of only 10 made - Retail $ 9,000 - 2,500 show discount = $ 6,500. Only 20 total to be made (if they make the 10 standards previously announced)… Only 2 Mafia in the USA - this is one of them ! Own this collector's rarity !
VP CABS (Virtual Pinball) -
Vertigo - 3 show games $ 4,150 retail - 650 discount (all upgrades for free - upgraded computer and LED buttons) = $ 3,500
Vortex (table top or wall mount version Vertigo)- 1 show game $ 3,150 retail - 650 discount = $ 2,500
Square Head - Gottlieb Add a Ball - decent not great cosmetic condition - works fine nice BG $ 1,500 or best offer - email for pics
(2) Gottlieb Spidermans - projects - will make one nice game some parts missing on each I think but 'should' be complete for 1 game but not 100% sure - $ 1,000 for both or best offer - email for pics.
If you can't make the show and want to take advantage of something above - just EMAIL US and we'll get it done for you - we can ship anything to you !
Frist come first served ! : )
Show info : www.pinfestival.com
Joe Newhart

1 month later
#544 1 year ago
Quoted from Thegeekyhusband:

And it’s in![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Fantastic light switch! I have one as well, it gets so much action!

#630 1 year ago

First State Flippers in conjunction with Delaware Pinball, will be streaming Wonka tomorrow night (7/3) starting around 7pm est. We usually stream for 3-4 hours. So tune in if you have some down time!

Delaware Pinball Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/delawarepinball/

#632 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Have this in league tomorrow night. Me and my buddy put about 50 games on it Sat night, but didn't figure out much for strategy.
So...you hit the right ramp to light the modes....but then what?
Need some gameplay tips por fa vor.

To start a mode you are shooting the right lane under the Wonkavision screen, which is a U-turn lane that feeds the saucer. Focus on Gobstopper MB. It's super easy to start. Always shoot from the left flipper and backhand the target, it generally feeds back slowly and safely to your left flipper. Shoot again to lock a ball.
From the right flipper, learn to backhand the captive ball. Lots of points/awards there including the "collect kid" which lights your Kid MB (far most left shot by the left upper flipper). NOTE - Try and collect multiple kids, you get 1 ball per kid collected. Also, don't waste the Kid MB. If it's flashing and you drain, it's NOT lit on the next ball.

#648 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Question for owners - did you use the left drain post?
I installed the optional post in the empty hole provided for it, but when I put a rubber on it balls got stuck in the midlane.
Curious if I should remove that black "stopper" and try the higher hole, or maybe remove the rubber from the midlane post.

I didn't install mine. Also, I removed the rubber from the midlane because every other ball was getting stuck.

#657 1 year ago

Live stream tonight!!! First State Flippers in conjunction with Delaware Pinball, will be streaming Wonka tonight (7/3) starting around 7pm est. We usually stream for 3-4 hours. So tune in if you have some down time!

Delaware Pinball Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/delawarepinball/

#693 1 year ago

Just put up my best game. I completed all the jackpot shots for Oompa Loompa.
Factory settings still.

155ED467-4487-4706-BC86-B1935D012233 (resized).jpeg
#699 1 year ago
Quoted from JediPimp:

Stupid question but, is the selfie camera (in the backbox) the same one they use to include the player in the Wonka-Vision, or is there an actual camera in the camera toy on the playfield?
Also, has the selfie camera improved at all or is it the same camera?

I’m pretty sure it’s only in the backbox. Looks just like the one in Dialed In.

Improved? Not sure what you are referring to but we have had 2 instances where the camera picked up a taller person in the back ground, and then one instance where the person was trying to throw up a hand sign and it took a picture of their waist.

#726 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

There isnt supposed to be anything on the left side of the ball trough right? Seems kind of odd

For the gobstopper subway issue, go into coil settings and turn it up to the 20’s.

#730 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Ill try that, but its the coil that hits it to the vuk. Its almost like its not reaching the coil, or not sitting properly on the plunger.

This has been the reported fix on several Wonkas, including mine.

#735 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Ok cool. I didnt want to dig through 15 pages on the off chance of a fix. Was yours not going to the vuk either? Theres that coil that pushes it to the vuk, and my thought was its that one. How hard is it to fix?

Enter Full Menu-Settings-Coil Settings-Scroll to the very bottom, change both Gobstopper settings to the 20s.

As for the trough, nothing to the left.

#749 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Ok so I just got my Wonka today, and I'm having the same issue I used a stabila torpedo level which is the best in the market and own other pins, but the subway vaulk gets caught just like mention by others it seems it cant reach for some reason I bump up the settings to its max and it searches and eventually hits it I’m pretty bumm out.. should I contact jjp or distributor regarding this issue? I. Pretty wavy but don’t know how to fix this problem. Seems to be common apparently once other members are reporting he same issue also notice my pin looks pretty bad in front of gobbstopper play field insert it looks worn do any other owners have the same condition?
[quoted image]

Yes, the insert plastic looks like that on all of them.

#825 1 year ago
Quoted from wesman:

I had some play again last night with my friend, and man...I feel frustrated by this game.
It feels like the pop bumpers are very reject friendly. Like 50% of the time they drain down the middle after a full plunge into the playfield. Then with the ball save engaged, the same chance seems to exist. I felt like I was able to play a ball with a full plunge, a very minimal amount of time.
When I did get the ball in play, I felt many shots would donk posts, and fire the ball back down the middle again.
I am not a good player, but at $1 per game, I felt more punished than rewarded, and am not really interested in playing again until a future freeplay event might occur.
I definitely want to watch the stream tonight, but this game's geometry feels a bit more unfriendly than the other JJP games I've played/own.

The big takeaway on Wonka is never full plunge and never let the auto plunge perform a full plunge for you. Always short plunge to the upper right flipper.

#842 1 year ago

New to JJP games, so not sure if this is something that happens in all the JJP games or not, but we were supposed to setup a 2-player game and the first player only pressed start one time. When they got to ball 3 we realized it was only 1-player. Held in the start button, and it added player 2, with 3 balls. Pretty crazy!

#893 1 year ago

I had an odd stuck ball last night.

9A3165AB-43EC-4638-8FF0-F06984C67EC9 (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#1316 1 year ago
Quoted from RhinoPins:

Anyone else having their spinner getting stuck? Mine is now getting stuck horizontal pretty much every game. Not sure if I bent it or if this is an issue others are having.
Cheers! (wish I could have afforded the LE, but loving the SE!)

I had a spinner issue. After tinkering with it discovered the spinner assembly was getting stuck/caught on the plastics. I just slightly bent the assembly to the left and now the spinner doesn’t touch the plastic.

2 weeks later
#1760 11 months ago

Best mod ever.

5CB36D8B-A7DB-48F2-A7EC-A88915519C33 (resized).jpegA47DDE06-AA79-4B62-9865-2698AD77BFCC (resized).jpeg
#1763 11 months ago

One of the big mysteries for this game has to be trying to understand why they removed “big points” from the final version of the game. Below is a side by side comparison of a prototype and LN the right is an LE final version.
3DAA9304-4CA2-49F6-97C2-8ADC987A838B (resized).jpeg

I had a friend make this custom sticker. $5 shipped if you want one. Perfect? No. Helluva lot better than the big empty clear insert? 100%!

84839226-6E04-4CB0-A5EE-BABCFE6BE733 (resized).jpeg
#1766 11 months ago
Quoted from mitgrad93:

Just got my Wonka LE on Friday. Set it up on Saturday. It worked great for all of two hours until I got the opto problem that a few people have been reporting (Trough error: All optos active). Now it's essentially unplayable (unless someone has a suggestion on how to work around this failure until JJP sends me a replacement board).
What a huge disappointment. I've been waiting for this machine for months, only to have it crap out after less than 20 games. Hopefully JJP is learning from this failure and will incorporate a check for this failure this into their QA process.[quoted image]

Post a picture of your trough from a flipper point of view.

#1782 11 months ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

“Big Points” is a random computer award, which you get from the Wonkavision shot. Doesn’t make sense to have it there anymore.

Actually it does. The Wonka hat insert (when Scrumdidillyumptious is qualified), flashes so you can collect “big points”. The insert also strobes whenever the shot is lit for major scoring opportunities. So I think Big Points actually makes sense.

#1815 11 months ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

I’d bet that many of you Are experiencing it but don’t realize it. That diverter diverts more often than you think. There are 2 issues right now that happen frequently, 1. The ball goes up the ramp fast and goes past the diverter before it even goes down and so you don’t even realize it should be diverted. And 2. The ball bounces against the diverter and then comes back down but the diverter has since gone back up.
This has happened on every wonka in my area including my own. I average 3-4 million a game. I know the rules very well and know exactly when it should be diverting and when it misses.

This is happening on my day 1 SE. Where do we need to report this?

#1816 11 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I don’t think it’s occurring on my game, but when is the diverter supposed to come down? I know it comes down when super lock is lit. I think during Oompa Loompa odyssey, but when else so I can look for it.

It should also divert when you light the spinner candy bars I believe.

#1849 11 months ago
Quoted from Pitch37:

Wonkavision not working since unboxing yesterday evening. Nothin obvious HDMI plugged in to screen and in back box. Everything looks fine but has never come on. Any recommendations? It looked like others have had issues due to unplugging in transit was curious what else people have found?

Here is what the connections look like.

20A3E674-E879-46C1-BCA7-B37EB920266D (resized).jpegD16F4EEC-8DCE-4B7C-BA05-7DF6730EE7A2 (resized).jpeg
#1870 11 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Wonkavators will be back in stock the week of 8/26. If you are interested, please let me know and we will add you to the list. No payment needed until we are ready to ship. Oh, and these will fit on the LE and CE as the same empty space behind the center ramp exists.

Add me please.

#1960 11 months ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

I understand the optional post on the left outlane.. But whats the purpose of the hole above it(with black plug)? Play field manufacturer messed up?

From the guy who wrote the rules:

“The way it came is the way its intended. No post in place in either position. I will add I personally prefer the plug to be removed entirely but I will caution with it not there a small possibility of a ball trap exists. Its fairly easily nudged out if it happens though.”

#1964 11 months ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

While I agree, and prefer my games set up tough. But let’s be honest, the guy who “wrote the rules” didn’t design the game, did he?
Similar to the Bally/TZ history and as an owner of a early production one (with pop holes/plugs). Will JJP have the newer playfields without the holes? As someone who enjoys the game- I hope so, atleast the top one(seems to be incorrect)

He stated the way it ships is the way it was intended. Not his personal preference, but the way it was designed by Pat.

#1987 11 months ago
Quoted from ectobar:

Nobody does. It was on the prototype.

I do

#2104 11 months ago
Quoted from jlatko:

Not sure what you mean about moving the center lane rubber?

He meant to say remove the center rubber or else balls will get stuck.

#2106 11 months ago
Quoted from jlatko:

This is silly, but... Where is the USB port? JJP Support says: To locate the USB port, open the coin door and look towards the end of the the coin box. The USB port is attached to the back horizontal wooden support just to the left of the coin box.
But I still can't find it. Thanks!

It may have fell behind the coin box or on the other side of the wood divider. It’s cable tied to the side of the cabinet. It’s a USB extender cable.

#2109 11 months ago

Did the new update add new or different sling sounds?

#2136 11 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

To that end...anyone manage to get 3 golden tickets yet?
This game is pretty extreme in terms of difficulty to me. The new firmware that fixes the diverter screws the player with the autoplunge into the pops!

You can adjust the auto-plunge coil so that it auto-plunges in or near the right scoop. This is the way to go. I turned my down to like 12 or 13.

#2195 11 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I had to change my auto-plunger coil strength back up to 20, it was really clogging things up during multi-balls. Bummer. Now I'm back in the pops again.

I experienced this as well. So for now what I did was turned it up to 24, so far so good. At least it goes into the pops for some action before draining, whereas before the ball was auto-plunging cleanly through the pops SDTM.

#2227 11 months ago

Just got my Wonkavator in the mail. 20 minutes to install. Besides the “Big Points” mood this is the next best mod to have.

19426F56-2F71-4E06-9144-720F0C75B3BC (resized).jpeg2A7275F4-D2BB-4A56-9193-486841532016 (resized).jpeg6EB6B199-3D5D-4AF4-A342-45B0D21D53C4 (resized).jpegBE66D1FA-A042-4A67-ADDE-0963B06C3CBB (resized).jpegD3F6C55B-B118-4344-A88D-1B714F5E813E (resized).jpegD3F73018-AAF7-4EFD-9CED-FB0E6CA63632 (resized).jpeg
#2233 11 months ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

Is there a link to the install instructions?

Yes, under support, then installs.

1 week later
#2377 10 months ago
Quoted from dluth:

Has anyone actually been able to remove that black plug? If it’s like the one in the goody bag it’s a screw, but how would one screw it out?

Pretty sure it’s not a screw. You have to lift the PF and then from the underside use a small screwdriver or something to push out the insert.

1 week later
#2508 10 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Can anyone confirm the number of balls you are supposed to get in each type of multiball again? I'm worried about whether or not my trough boards might be malfunctioning again.
Slugworth is how many? 2? 3?
-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

Slug = 2
Gobstopper = 3
Wonkavator = 3
Kid = 1 ball PLUS 1 additional ball for each kid collected. So a max of 6 balls.

#2510 10 months ago

So if you are experiencing issues, it’s because your trough boards need to be replaced. CALL, don’t email. Get the parts shipped to you and you will be on your merry way.

1 week later
#2650 10 months ago

For those that missed it, the #1 MOD is Big Points!!

122C2F0C-3C78-4D5D-B6DC-331E126CCD2E (resized).jpeg6B9ACB99-A63E-4F2A-B536-095E20FCC4CD (resized).jpeg
#2707 10 months ago
Quoted from Flipper_McGavin:

Do the majority of Wonka players leave the posts removed that are between the flippers and on the drain chute in the far left, or are they supposed to be installed? I want to play and achieve high scores as how it was intended. Jersey Jack left them off when unpacking my LE, so i am assuming that is how they want you to play the game?

Per Jersey Jack employee who coded the machine, no posts.

#2729 10 months ago

Got an issue I’m unable to resolve. Randomly my Gobstopper VUK will just fire, usually once it starts, it will then continue to randomly fire every minute or so. No pattern. In fact sometimes it will randomly fire even if I never hit the Gobstopper lock. I’ve checked all connections and can’t see anything amiss. Also, everything works as intended in test mode. Thoughts?

#2738 10 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Sounds like a flaky or loose opto. Make sure they are seated properly.

Ive wiggled the wires around. Is there anything specific to do since these don’t unplug?

#2746 10 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Just make sure the are all seated properly. I was thinking they may not be and the vibration during game play was causing them to trigger and the coil to fire. Maybe vuk switch is having an issue?

Maybe I’m overlooking something. The wires going to the VUK, appear to be directly connected? They don’t seem like they can be unplugged or “reseated”.

In addition to the VUK coil randomly going off, the subway coil will also randomly start firing, just on a more quicker interval like every second. I’ve attached a YouTube video that shows the game on, and PF lifted enough to record the coil firing.

#2781 9 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I think 1.25 has a bug with the magnet.
When I shoot the Kid shot empty, it doesn't grab with the magnet, instead dropping it immediately back (and even launching it at times with the tap-tap animation!)
When the diverter puts the ball on the magnet, it sticks just fine.
This appears to be new to 1.25, anyone else?

Same issue.

1 week later
#2971 9 months ago
Quoted from BigSilverPin:

Thanks guys that solved it! Anyone have any experience with putting the table into "easy difficulty" mode? I'm having a party in a few weeks and most ppl attending aren't experienced at pinball. Any insight into what changes (multi ball difficulty etc.)?

Go into your utilities menu and then the installs menu and install extra easy mode. Then change to 5-ball. This will make the game more enjoyable for your guests.

#2981 9 months ago
Quoted from Bbear:

For those of you having requested technical support from JJP; how long does it usually take before you hear anything from them? I’ve reported an issue with my left lane magnet on october 11 (so 13 days ago today), but it has remained silent since then. I would’ve expected some sort of reply by now.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, you must call. I’ve emailed support tickets as well and get no response. I’ve called them about 3 times and every time I’ve gotten a return call within 20-30 minutes.

4 weeks later
#3369 8 months ago
Quoted from HarryReimer:

Must have mod for your standard.. fills that empty space. Easy install.[quoted image]

Hmm where is your spotlight that shines on the Wonkavator?

#3377 8 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Thx! And it fits all versions of the game and is interactive, turning on and off and spinning with the wonkavator super lock insert. Earlier versions had an external spotlight, but we felt the effect was minimal given the brightness of the light inside the wonkavator. Makes for an easier install too. We are currently out of stock, but are allowing backorders. We expect to have 5 in stock ready to ship next week. These take a long time to make and are assembled in several pieces plus the wiring.
Glad the feedback is positive, it is a very cool mod.

How can an early adopter get the inside light? Looks so much better.

1 week later
#3425 8 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I didn’t know about the stand ups extra ball how does that qualify?
Did you get your CE yet?I have to admit I’m actually jealous that artwork is beautiful on the CE

Candy targets - Three small standup targets are located around the playfield. One is located between the left lane and left orbit, one is located between the center ramp and right orbit, and one is located to the left of the right ramp. Hitting these standup targets enough times will light the Extra Ball and progress towards other features. The lower left and right targets are particularly dangerous to shoot head on, sometimes resulting in a quick center drain. (Most of these aren’t worth going for - make them more valuable!)

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
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From: $ 6.00
Playfield - Protection
Pin Monk

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