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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

3 years ago

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#2064 2 years ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

Skip on Buffalo Pinball had a great stream tonight of an LE running beta code with new diverter logic. I don’t think I saw it miss once. Can’t wait for that update to drop.

Nice! Didn't know that was coming and it sounds promising.

3 months later
#3521 2 years ago

Just got the email from my distributor that my SE will be ready for pickup next week! It may not sound special but I put the order in in July, so I've been patiently waiting.

1 week later
#3585 2 years ago

So I'm having a weird problem. I was playing Willy Wonka and my three-year-old decided to turn it off. Then I went to go turn it on again and suddenly it's not turning on now. I've wiggled the power cord, checked fuses behind the back glass, and there appear to be LEDs on the PCB turning on behind the back glass. When I press the power switch I can hear the faint hum, but the playfield does not turn on nor does the LCD. Wondering what could have gone wrong and if you guys have any suggestions.

#3587 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Common problem. You have to jump two pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver to get it to come back.
vireland sells a nice switch kit to make this easier in the future:
See the POTC thread for details on the pins to jump.

That's why I love pinside, and you. thank you so much for the very quick response to get me back in the game

#3589 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

No problem! It happened to me a couple months ago and it was heart-stopping when it did.

So just to confirm before I blow something up, I found an old post by LTG in another thread on how to reset. He mentions a pin location that does not quite match what I have on my motherboard by label, but it looks like it is the right thing. Can anyone confirm that I need to short the two pins ( while the machine is powered up ) above the blank one on the COMA connection shown in this image? For reference it is in the bottom right of the motherboard inside the PC panel.

IMG_20191220_202747 (resized).jpg
#3591 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Can you take a picture of the upper right on the motherboard?

IMG_20191220_202539 (resized).jpg
#3593 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

[quoted image]

Thanks zaphX! Love the support here!! (And I'm glad I didn't fry anything)

#3595 2 years ago
Quoted from zaphX:

So it's alive again?

It's alive!!

IMG_20191220_204832 (resized).jpg
#3620 2 years ago
Quoted from waynetrane:

What i don't like, why they penetrate the theme with so many Willy Wonkas?
Why again a Willy for the topper, he is 20 cm far away on the backglass.
Why not the Wonkatania for example with the passengers inside only.
Same shit with the sideart of the CE. Do they have Willy clones?
There are a lot of other unique elements in the movie. I don't get it.

I think they are also trying to avoid people thinking that it is the Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp in it. Seriously that's the first question my sister asked when I told her I got a Willy Wonka pinball machine: is it the good movie or the bad movie? Gene Wilder's face answers that question.

#3630 2 years ago
Quoted from waynetrane:

We all know that already, sorry that was not the question.
daveyvandy: good argument, but then 1 Willy on the front, 1 on each side, one on the PF and 1 on the backglass should be enough to make it clear.

Ha, maybe licensed use of Gene Wilder's image was really expensive and JJP wants to get a lot of mileage out of it! Also, I just have the SE and there is no Gene Wilder on the back glass so maybe it would not be so redundant on mine.

2 weeks later
#3759 2 years ago

So I set my Willy Wonka to easy, changed some outlane post layout, and was able to get to the most secret machine wizard mode. Got to say I really love that mode and it's hard as hell to get there even when on an easy setup! It's got really gorgeous lighting and it's just fun. The hardest part about getting there was removing that black plastic screw to put the post in its place lol.

I would recommend dialing the difficulty down a little bit just to experience some of these awesome wizard modes if you haven't yet. I'm not ashamed!

#3762 2 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I've been thinking about changing mine to 5 balls per game for a while. I've only been able to get 2 golden tickets and to the office mode and not get past that. It's a matter of accepting defeat and trying for the more deeper modes to experience that. There is a setting that Keith talked about that makes getting to modes just 1 shot away as a type of demo mode for operators. Might save my settings and switch to that for a couple of weeks, then recover my old setup and old high scores.

Do it! It's not accepting defeat in my mind. I bought a pinball machine that costs as much as a used car and damn it I'm going to get some enjoyment out of it! I think Wonka is far more enjoyable when you're blowing it up and that really only happens if you dial down the difficulty a little bit. Even now, I have some crap games and barely break 100 grand, but man it was fun to put up almost 10 million! Also, making the game more accessible means having more people enjoy it. Not everyone is a pinball wizard

#3773 2 years ago
Quoted from branlon8:

I don’t own the game, but it’s very high on my list. How long (minutes) was your 5 ball game to 4.5 Mio? Is there a special mode for each golden ticket - in the Tilt Forums they only mention the special modes for the first two Golden Tickets (Oompa Loomoa Odyssee and Wonka’s office) - what about three and four?

For each golden ticket you enable:
1: oompa loompa odyssey
2: wonka's office
3: wonka's stash (not a wizard mode, rewards Wonka bars and candy)
4: most secret machine
5: pure imagination

Haven't been to pure imagination yet...

#3790 2 years ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

No, that’s Oompa Loompa hurry up. Odyssey is the first golden ticket mode. They’re listed on a column in the background on the screen. You’ll see a spotlight shining on the one that’s lit. The third reward is Wanka’s Stash. Gives you 100 Wonka Bars and 200 candy for the candy jar if I remember correctly. I’ve only gotten it twice, so I’m not positive about the amounts.

Ah thanks! I want sure about the third reward so thanks for clarifying.

#3791 2 years ago
Quoted from Bbear:

I’m reading all these posts about lowering the difficulty and I have to say I feel tempted to do the same. After owning the game for a couple of months I’ve played only 3-ball games on the medium difficulty and activated Wonka’s just once. (And scored a mere 1.6 mil that game).
I’m reading mostly about players getting 4 tickets so I’m wondering which one is usually missing. I’m guessing Wonkavator?

Even with my easier setup I got to four tickets and about 9.5 million ... The last ticket I was working on in that game was the gobstopper multi-ball golden ticket surprisingly. For whatever reason I find that's one of the hardest ones to get. I rarely get the fourth or fifth one (from left to right on the playfield) though. My settings are basically easier posts on the outlanes and the preset for easy. Whenever I get two tickets it's almost always the first and second (from left to right on the playfield). I still don't understand what exactly gets the first one, I think it's just a lot of candy?

#3875 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Ok, so i reached out to my distibutor to ask about build dates for machines and he is going to get back to me.
I am a bit concerned about clear coat issues.
Does anyone know when these were happening or what is a safe date of production or production dates to avoid?

My SE was built in early November and has no issues. I heard even back to October was fine.

#3991 2 years ago
Quoted from romulusx:

You are correct wise one!Brat multiball was what JJP wanted too

But Charlie's not a brat.

1 month later
#4719 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I did not remove washers because I figured they were needed as they came stock, but the thought entered my mind... it is not hitting dead center yet, I can see that for sure. I will have to adjust those housing screws.... I can see that when I "push" the shooter rod to the ball, it still seems short due to the spring compared to the stock. Almost a good 1/8 inch of space there at least.

So I have the gobstopper shooter mod. I removed the washer by the barrel spring and that gave me enough distance to launch the ball out of the shooter lane and into the outer loop. I think you would have to get a shorter barrel spring to get it closer to the original shooter rod strength or just cut the barrel spring you have shorter. If you look at the original shooter rod, you will notice a hole where the barrel spring goes into on the shooter knob. Since the gobstopper shooter does not have this extra distance, you will need to do something about the barrel spring section.

3 weeks later
#4828 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Yay.....[quoted image]

I had no idea that a chocolate river was painted on the play field under the loop. Now I've got to go look at mine closer!

#4848 2 years ago
Quoted from Lermods:

You may have a faulty motor. We saw this one other time and replaced the motor for the customer. I reached out to you via email.

That was me thanks for replacing it and your great customer support!

#4859 2 years ago
Quoted from HomerEBW:

Hey guys, I'm trying to look back behind the monitor to look at the cable hookup but it doesn't seem to want to move. There is a little give if you move the bottom of the screen, but I don't want to force anything. I'm completely new to doing this and I'm not really sure what I'm doing.
Is there something I need to remove first to look behind the screen?
Thank you.[quoted image]

The screen is held to the back box by magnets on the sides. The screen itself is on and articulating arm. You really just have to give a little pressure to pull the monitor forward, use two hands on the top and bottom corners and you should be fine. Do right side first, then the left side.

#4867 2 years ago

Quick question on the rules. I've been playing for a while and I can't seem to figure out what causes the diverter to be enabled. I'm referring to the one that is on the left ramp that drops it down to the upper left flipper.

2 weeks later
#5005 2 years ago
Quoted from Jeffreyjonesbsme:

Are there certain manufacturing dates I should avoid?

Manufacturing date after October 2019 seems to be when they resolved the chipping around the posts problem.

#5021 2 years ago
Quoted from TonLoc777:

Finally joining the JJP club! Interested in getting the interactive Wonkavator mod. Anyone tried this out yet? Wondering if connecting to the coin door is easiest or connecting to the back box is more desirable.

I've got mine connected to the coin door. The length of wire and the coupler that comes with it works perfect for that. The only thing that required some work was getting the light sensor situated just right and covering it with a little bit of brown transparent tape to lower the sensitivity since I have pin stadiums adding a lot of extra light that go through the insert to the sensor.

#5059 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

So I pulled my game out from where it sits to take the glass off and try to install game blades (of course ruined another set, impossible for me without taking out the playfield),

You need these:

#5092 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinash:

Who in the club has installed pinstadiums? How do you like them, and did it take away from any of the game's awesome lightshow?

They are a must and only add to the light show. I put on a pure blue with about 20 to 50% warm white depending on the time of day. It looks pretty awesome when all the lights are out in the room. Especially when you get wonkavator going the flashers look awesome. I found that the game without the pin stadiums was far too dark for my taste. There's some games that the pin stadiums do not do much for, this game is not one of them.

#5121 2 years ago

All right my rules experts, what does the Wonka hat insert in front of the gobstopper mean?

#5142 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

How does one get to Wonka's office again?

Get any two golden tickets then shoot the scoop.

#5156 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

One of these would make a cool topper for Wonka.. but I cant get over the that the date doesnt line up with the original movie...

Was thinking about this then I found a better picture of it. May be hard to mount as a topper...

Screenshot_20200508-120051 (resized).png
#5208 2 years ago
Quoted from jimbodeanny:

I have trouble not dancing around while in Oompa Loompa Odyssey.

Lol, same. when I play with my daughter she wants me to do that all the time so she can see me dance on the screen.

1 week later
#5261 2 years ago

Having had to do the power reset on the CPU, I found this video helpful. It seems like on all JJP machines, you can use a paper clip on the exact same harness between a green and black wire, instead of poking around on the pins on the motherboard which vary depending on what motherboard was installed in your machine.

#5268 2 years ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I did watch it but didnt hear why this would happen in the first place.

Also if you have a 3-year-old who likes to turn off the game but can't press the power button quite hard enough. I've had this issue only twice, and it was when my daughter was turning it off.

1 week later
#5315 1 year ago

Finally figured out how to get more points on Wonka's Office! That is a deceptively difficult wizard mode, but if you take the time to read the on screen instructions it all makes sense.

15910308878868070944841091403547 (resized).jpg15910309103316175721590069521918 (resized).jpg
#5322 1 year ago
Quoted from leaffan67:

Not being a jerk I hope, but how did you get to Wonka’s Office, get almost 900k points and have a total score so low? I have only been to that mode twice and gotten about 190k points at best. Final scores 6.6 and 8.1 million.
Maybe I am getting the points from the multi balls and you didn’t? The one I can’t get many points out of is Oompa Loompa for some reason...
I think the code is genius.
Wonder who the first Pure Imagination champ in the world will be? Surely no one has done it yet?!

I dialed down the difficulty settings from medium to easy. That basically lowers the requirements to get golden tickets. Fewer requirements means fewer points.

Lowering the difficulty doesn't affect the difficulty of the wizard modes though so I'm still happy about my Wonka's Office score. The key was finishing at the Kid Multi-ball target for a 3x jackpot.

I've still only been to pure imagination once and I immediately fudged it and drained. I don't think I would ever get to it with the default normal difficulty settings, but it's my machine and my rules . I find the most secret machine to be my favorite wizard mode anyway.

Oompa Loompa Odyssey is hard for sure, but if you just focus on one ball and go for the hard shots first you can collect the super jackpot for some big payout. Keep in mind you can only collect one jackpot per shot until you get the super (for example: shooting the gobstopper ramp multiple times only gives you the jackpot on the first shot until you complete all shots).

These rules are indeed deep and satisfying.

#5325 1 year ago
Quoted from Noma2017:

How does one get to the Most Secret Machine wizard mode?

Collect 4 golden tickets then shoot the gobstopper.

#5328 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Do you need all 4, or do you get it just for collecting the 5 gob ticket?

You need any four golden tickets.

#5330 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Well shit I'll never see that.

Exactly why I lowered the difficult lol.

#5344 1 year ago
Quoted from Lrrr:

There was a post awhile back of installing an extra post so the left flipper is always fed from the pops. It sounds like you might like that tweak.

That's an interesting idea. But does it involve drilling?

#5346 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

No. There is a nylon plug in front of the existing post. Remove the plug and move the existing post up to it.
LTG : )

Oh, I had the impression that someone installed a post around the pop bumpers.

#5349 1 year ago
Quoted from slippifishi:

They did!! Try here:
I do get the odd sdtm from the pop bumpers, but it doesn't seem >too< extreme for me. Wait until I am one jackpot away from ticket 5 and that happens, I will be singing a different song then...

Awesome! Thanks for linking that.

1 week later
#5391 1 year ago
Quoted from crobby:

Full disclosure: With stock settings, I couldn't sniff it either. I made a few settings tweaks that seem to give me [and my poor skills] a reasonable balance between being super challenging but still being possible. I made the changes back in January and since then I've hit Pure Imagination twice and made it to The Most Secret Machine 4 or 5 times. Still rare enough that I get all excited when I get to one of the modes....and usually play it poorly.

What's your record for most secret machine? I'm sitting at 14
It's definitely my favorite mode in the game.

I put the settings on 'easy' from the utilities, then adjusted golden ticket requirements.

15918889237716064268016794082148 (resized).jpg15918889577015868269318498737664 (resized).jpg
#5393 1 year ago
Quoted from crobby:

Ah...ya got me! 13 is my MSM record...just got it earlier this week. It is also my favorite mode. The light show, the crazy, very frantic....amazing stuff!

I seriously think the reason this game is not rated higher is because a lot of the excitement and entertainment comes later in the game. The default settings on this game are crazy difficult for your average player, which means most people will never see the best parts of the game.

#5403 1 year ago
Quoted from dluth:

Damn - I think I bypassed the Most Secret Machine mode alltogether - I got my 4th and 5th ticket at about the same time as I had stacked Kid and Gobstopper multiballs and completed them right after one another - I then started Pure Imagination while on my last ball and drained so never got to see the Most Secret Machine! My prior best had been 3 gold tickets. I'm bummed!

I did the same exact thing today! Definitely a bug for sure. I can't even get the first damn shot on pure imagination

#5408 1 year ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

OK after a couple dozen plays on my new SE I have an observation and a couple questions:
1) The gobstopper motor is LOUD! It seems to be right up there with the soccer ball motor on the WCS94 I had until recently. It passes all tests just fine so I assume this is just the way it is. I didn't expect to be able to hear the motor even with the glass on!
2) For anyone who has installed the Hooked on Pinball backbox light kit... the written instructions were not very clear about which LED their piggyback cable is supposed to plug into. Any chance of getting a picture from someone? Hooked has a picture on his shop here, but it just shows the wires coming out and I don't see an LED at that location on my game.
3) I will be installing that extra post on the game very soon that was included in the coinbox before I get too frustrated with the game! There is a washer in the same bag with the post... I assume that goes between the bottom of the post and the playfield? Or does that washer have another purpose?

You should not be able to hear the gobstopper motor at all. There's a few posts above talking about setting the set screws on one of the gears. Perhaps that is your issue? Sorry I haven't had the specific issue so I don't have any details

#5410 1 year ago
Quoted from robey99:

Same here. When that thing turns, it sounds like it is grinding. It’s loud. I almost thought it was part of the play sounds at first.

I wonder if it was a recent build problem? I cannot hear the motor even with the glass off. Maybe they changed the motor recently? What are your build dates?

#5412 1 year ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

My build date is 10/31/2019.

Hmm.. same time as mine. Look a page back on this topic about modifying the set screws for the gobstopper motor gears.

#5415 1 year ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

3) I will be installing that extra post on the game very soon that was included in the coinbox before I get too frustrated with the game! There is a washer in the same bag with the post... I assume that goes between the bottom of the post and the playfield? Or does that washer have another purpose?

Here's how I installed mine. Note that I left off the post above the inner lanes split because otherwise the ball would get stuck between the two posts.

15919880406816524812791375980957 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#5461 1 year ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

So just joined the club. Build date in my SE is 1/29. Is this game not selling well? I was surprised to have such an old build date on the machine. It came with some mylar for the slings. Can anyone confirm when the playfield issues were corrected? Not sure if I should install them or not.

Around October of last year. Mine is from October and I didn't bother putting the mylar in and it's been great.

#5466 1 year ago
Quoted from robgo777:

On the subject of Toppers.. my wife was thinking about making one for ours. She wants it to be a large golden ticket, printed on gold foil, LED lit and encapsulated in plexiglass.
Let me know if that would be something you would be interested in also.
Best Regards,
Robert Goebel
Pinshakers LLC


#5475 1 year ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

I have a question for anyone who has installed PinStadium lighting on this game... did you attach the GI connection to the suggested location, or use something different? Scott suggests the Wonkavision spotlight which works well enough but it is basically a flasher during attract mode and I find all the flashing distracting. It would be better to have a "true" GI connection which was (mostly) always on. Also, for the flasher connection... is there a better place than the shaker motor? I would think that with some of the shaker-intensive modes of this game (Wonkatania comes to mind) that it would be possible to have a seizure if the lights were driven by the shaker...

I'm using the suggested plugin spots. I think the shaker motor is the optimal one for the flashers, it looks amazing during the Wonkavator multi-ball intro. I do find that the GI plugin is annoying especially during Wonka's Office (since half of the playfield is lit at a time, you either have the pin stadiums completely on or off depending on which side is lit). If you find a better spot to plug in the GI I am interested.

#5521 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballT:

Just got some pinstadium lights. Where is the best place to hook up the flashers?

To the shaker motor outputs. It had instructions on the Pinstadium website.

#5538 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

But my side art came damaged [quoted image][quoted image]

Damn that sucks. I gotta imagine JJP / your distributor will take care of you.

#5544 1 year ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

I have a slight flipper issue with my NIB SE that I've only had for a few weeks.
The upper left flipper only will sometimes not return fully to the resting position. In the past when I've seen this problem, it has always been the return spring being stretched or broken. In this case, though, the spring appears to be identical to the other 3 flippers which are working perfectly.
If I manually move the flipper, it always seems to go back to the normal resting position as expected - this problem only seems to occur during gameplay. The coil is seated tightly and I don't feel any unusual friction when I move the flipper manually.
Should I just replace the spring, even though it doesn't appear to be faulty from visual inspection? If so, does anyone know if JJP flippers use the same return springs as Stern? (I have a ton of Stern springs in my parts box)

I had a similar issue and found it was the flipper bat itself! The post and plastic were not firmly connected. You may want to see if that is your issue.

I "solved" this problem by swapping it with another flipper bat on the playfield (left to upper right). I would have just reordered a flipper bat, but I couldn't find official JJP ones at the time.

1 week later
#5602 1 year ago
Quoted from jrawlinson_2000:

Silly question but where is the Charlie shot?

It's not a silly question, it took me a really long time to figure out. You have to start his mode in the scoop. Same with Veruca Salt.

#5611 1 year ago
Quoted from Navystan:

Hey Team Wonka. I just installed a few mods. Mezelmod's JJP power kit, Gobstopper sign, and Wonka Bar sign. All without a hitch. Installed Lermod's Wonkavator mod, no issues.
But, tried to install side art...total failure. So tight, left plastics and left side of playfield ripped art. Then, tried to install one of my favorite mods, Pinstadium lights. Two problems. Because so tight, it also damaged some of the magnetic strip holding the lights in place. Second, the pin stadium lights cause a pretty severe reflection on the left side due to the clear plastics. Anyone else have these issues?[quoted image][quoted image]

I was going to mention the same thing about the omegas, you can also get the hovers accessory through Pin stadium which will let you place the pin stadiums without the magnetic strips.

#5617 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Ok I’m starting to loose it . now I’m into collecting blankets and quilts for my pins , thanks u guys . My wife is like “u need help big time “
[quoted image][quoted image]

Just tell her you'll play less since you have to take the cover off too

But yeah, that Wonka cover is gorgeous.

1 week later
#5736 1 year ago
Quoted from HarryReimer:

Lloyd, I meant can you tell if a bulb is 5v or 12 v

It almost always has a label on it. Also, the 12v ones are usually a bit larger from my experience even though they socket the same.

Best thing to do is put the bulb in a known 5 volt source to see if it turns on. That way you won't break anything.

#5759 1 year ago
Quoted from jfrazie:

Not sure if this has been addressed.
I've had my Wonka for about 5 months and I get a TON of SDTM coming out of the left orbit.
Anyone else have this issue and have a fix for it?
Adjusting the pitch didn't seem to help much.

This is just about the only common complaint for the layout of this machine. I remember somewhere in the thread someone added a post that hangs down just to the left of the gobstopper to prevent SDTM, so you can try that if you are feeling adventurous. Other than that, just get ready to slap save.

1 week later
#5793 1 year ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

so i've been wanting to get one of those 3d printer things.....uhhhh.......
send help.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Lol, nothing like making your own mods! You can hand paint them also to cover the print lines. I like your mushroom farm btw.

1 week later
#5809 1 year ago
Quoted from Crile1:

Made it to Wonka's Office last night for first time!!! What a rush. It was super fun and apparently I "won" because he said so. I hit some ramps and then the kid multiball target. I'm guessing if I kept trying to hit ramps on the lit side I build a jackpot? The gobstopper hole was open as well. Can anyone tell me or point me to a quick set of rules for Office. I want to know what I'm doing next time I get there. Sheesh! It took a lot of work to get two tickets. Pure Imagination will probably forever be in my imagination, just like Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

This mode is pretty interesting, you can either finish it quick with minimal payout, or play longer with a big payout. My best for Wonka's office is just over 1 million points. If you look at the onscreen instructions during it, it will tell you that you can finish the mode one of three ways. Either the upper ramp for 2x payout, captive ball for 1x payout, or kid multi-ball target for 3x payout.

I felt that I would never get to any of the later wizard modes so I lowered the requirements to collect the golden tickets a little bit. Play around with it until you feel comfortable with it being a challenging game, but also possible.

#5811 1 year ago
Quoted from gliebig:

What is the insert under the Gobstopper hole that looks like a hat?

That's for collecting a scrumdiddlyumptious combo. If you hit the left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, etc it builds the value to be collected. I think there's other ways of building up the combo too.

#5816 1 year ago
Quoted from JellyNeck:

My Wonka LE is supposed to ship on Monday. I can hardly contain my excitement. Wife and I watched the movie last night.
Is there anything I should do right away to the game? I usually mylar the shooter, but is there something ive missed since the game came out that everyone has had to tweek?

You should be excited! It's definitely the top game in my collection, and I even have the new TMNT.
About the only thing I would recommend is a lane protector from mezel mods. While you're at it, pick up some other sweet mods from them.

#5837 1 year ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I didnt think they had to be recollected but rather that if you collect one kid after, they all come back?

Yes this is true.

1 month later
#6084 1 year ago
Quoted from HEAD_boss_HOG:

hey guys,
I finally reached pure imagination on this game, albeit with the game settings on what i would consider "medium", but not easy.
anyways, I think this game is the best game ever, or at least top 3 of all time. Lawlor is the best designer IMO, and his pedigree is unmatched.
However, I was sorely disappointed in the final wizard mode. i feel like it was anti-climactic, and underwhelming. does anyone else feel this way? honestly, i think the super secret machine mode is the best wizard mode, with oompa loompa and office being tied for second.
I feel like there could have been so much more with the lights and music than what was presented at the final Pure imagination mode.
your thoughts.

Yes, the final wizard mode is a big disappointment compared to the other ones. I like the fourth wizard mode the best personally. Of course, I am have the game on slightly easier settings so that I can experience these things.

#6086 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Thats kinda disappointing....the wizard modes after the 2nd, and 4th ticket are great....I was disappointed that there wasn't a wizard mode after the third ticket...they need one ! Hopefully they'll make some code changes

Oh yeah you're right, I keep forgetting the third ticket is not a wizard mode. All the other tickets enable the wizard modes and the one for the fourth collected ticket is my favorite.

#6104 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

If your in good shape its not a problem....it just feels bulkier since its a wide body

Not a widebody, but yeah JJP's generally are much heavier than Sterns. My dad recently helped move a Wonka up some stairs with an escalera and it was difficult for them (I almost broke the machine and my dad has a nice cut in his leg to prove it). If you don't have an escalera, get a good dolly that you can control easily and have as much help as you can. Moving these machines can be dangerous, so be careful out there!

#6110 1 year ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

Has anyone a fix for the SDTM from the popbumpers?

Somewhere in this forum someone installed a post that hangs down to the left of the gobstopper hole which helps out. It does require drilling though. As long as you're for that, it seems to be a good fix.

3 weeks later
#6345 1 year ago
Quoted from rrosenhouse:

What software version are you running? I thought they fixed that exploit? After the 1st time, the ball needs to trigger the inlane before being shot to the kid multiball target to light the super spinner. At least that's the way I'm remembering it right now.

From what I remember, that fix is in the beta software that is yet to be released. My memory is pretty crappy though.

#6373 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I occasionally get kickbacks without the kickback light being lit. Any ideas? Does kickback work when you have the 15s ball save?

Yes it works with ball saver.

2 weeks later
#6564 1 year ago

Slo-mo guys playing with a Wonka.

3 weeks later
#6797 1 year ago
Quoted from marioparty34:

I am still pretty new to Wonka... But I am almost positive my lights lit up 1,2,4 and then 3. But I was so excited perhaps I remember incorrectly.
Has anyone gotten all the tickets here?

I've gotten all five a few times, but that's with the settings on the slightly easier setting. I think the last ones on the right is the Wonkavator and the second to last one is the factory modes.

#6799 1 year ago

Lol, I would never see the last two wizard modes otherwise.

1 month later
#7056 1 year ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

Totally, I was not a big fan of the theme and am absolutely blown away by this pin. The flow is just incredible, it is a top 3 pin for me all time.
Question for you guys, I have a smaller collection, I love Wonka so much that I am thinking of adding a Dialed In.
Are they too similar layout wise? Do you think there is enough difference with Wonka to be a good addition to a 3-4 pin setup?

If you love Wonka you'll love Dialed In paired with it. Not a similar layout at all. Dialed In is a mode-based game and collecting those sim cards will drive you insane (in a good way). These two pins go very well together.

4 weeks later
#7398 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Just Joined the Club. Wonka CE From Zach FlipnOUT pinball. He got me the Game in only 2 DAYS. Highly Recommended.
I Received my set of Pinstadiums today plan on installing them tonight. Im sure some of you guys agree with me the game could use a little light.
Any tips or tricks on installing the Pinstadiums on wonka CE's? It will be my first time installing them.

Hook the UV flashers up to the shaker motor PCB connector - I believe there are instructions on the pin stadium website.

Be careful with the GI hookup, if you short them together on the PCB you may blow a surface mount fuse which requires sending the PCB to JJP to fix (been there). Wonka's office becomes annoying depending on where your gi is hooked up (that mode cycles between illuminating half of the playfield then the other so the pin stadiums go in and off every second). One way around that is to hook the GI up to power (not an LED) if it really bothers you.

#7400 1 year ago
Quoted from bgwilly31:

Sheesh thanks for the tip now im scared. lol

Lol you'll be fine. If you're nervous you can always use t-taps to avoid bare dangling wires.

3 weeks later
#7705 1 year ago
Quoted from dsmoke1986:

I got 3 Golden Tickets yesterday, but funny thing is, it wasn't a super high scoring game, like about 2mil.
Multiballs on this game are indeed maddening, but so fun.
Question -- What's super jackpot on Oompa Loompa Odyssey? I always get down to 1 jackpot left on the Wonkavision, but the timer runs out or I drain the 2nd ball. I love that mode, so great.

For oompa loompa odyssey super jackpot you have to collect all of the regular jackpots first. To do this, start with tackling the difficult shots while you have ball saver on and just focus on one ball. Then when ball saver is off, hold one ball while picking off the rest of the jackpots.

#7891 1 year ago

For anyone having trouble downloading the 1.34 update from the JJP website on Chrome:
1. Right click the 'Download' link
2. Click 'Save link as...'
3. Chrome flags the '.iso' file as dangerous, so you have to make sure to then click the up arrow and 'keep'.

Download speed is perfect for me.
I downloaded the 3.41GB file within 50 seconds on my 600mbps connection just now.

pasted_image (resized).png
#7995 1 year ago
Quoted from gmanrulz46:

can i buy the download.

No, it is distributed by JJP for free.
You don't even have to own the game to download.
Why are you asking?

1 month later
#8438 1 year ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

Any suggestions on a reliable way to hit the captive ball in WW that won’t drain? From the right flipper cradle, I get SDTM pretty often. Left flipper is a harder shot (maybe better with not draining), and upper right flipper actually sometimes works. Is the captive ball meant to be a risky shot?

From the lower left flipper aim for the right side of the captive ball so that it grazes it. If you hit it just right, it might make it to your upper right flipper.

#8455 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Anyone have DI and WWCH sitting next to eachother? Do they feel a little samesy?
I once had Ripleys and TAF - they were too similar. Wonder if DI and Wonka have that same Lawlor feel, or if they stand solidly alone?

I have had them both at home for a long period of time.
For me it's all about what the high level focus is about.
DI: modes
Wonka: multiballs

I think they play pretty different in that regard. I would love to own them both at the same time eventually.

#8472 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

How does GNR stack up to WW in your collection?

My opinion, just since you asked:
Wonka: fun
GNR: intense

They are both amazing games so you can't go wrong with either. If I had to choose one it would be Wonka.

#8503 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

If you have WiFi in your house or business. Go into Utilities - Network Settings - follow the instruction to connect to your WiFi.
Then go in the network settings again and go to the update part and do what the screen says.
LTG : )

You also need a Wi-Fi USB adapter plugged in to your game.

#8523 1 year ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

I’ve got a Dialed-In and have been trying to figure out that shot. Didn’t get any answers in the dialed in forum, but I probably should’ve searched. Is there really no way to make that shot consistently using skill? Or is there any bank shot that you can make that will consistently go in there?

From the bottom right flipper aim for the big bang target a little off center. Maybe one in four will ricochet into the sim card hole.

1 week later
#8683 1 year ago
Quoted from jimbodeanny:

Here's a side-by-side comparison video I just made, showing in detail the difference between the normal smooth animations of v1.33 (and before) versus the choppy/stuttering/laggy animations of v1.37. Although this issue is noticeable in many (if not all) of the animations, I decided to just focus on the "game over" animation to make things simple and hopefully easier for people to see.
I highly recommend watching it full screen at full quality (1080p60fps). Also, be sure to watch the end where you can see the lag v1.37 has between screens.

Yikes, that's pretty obvious. Thanks for making this video. I wonder if the results vary by motherboard? I know the model of the motherboard I have in my machine is different than earlier runs.. unfortunately my dad is borrowing my machine right now so I can't see what mine looks like or what version is running etc...

3 weeks later
#8819 11 months ago
Quoted from Mrsiyufy:

The new scoring on the Beta is bonkers! [quoted image]

Yes it is! My dad normally doesn't break 500k and got 10mil pretty quickly. Will be fun to update strategies and hope it's balanced well now.

#8846 11 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

What do I need to purchase to do this wifi update?

This wifi dongle. Plug into where you would for USB updates.

amazon.com link »

1 week later
#8912 11 months ago
Quoted from Ambro:

Only two gold tickets - nearly three but the gob stopper was only 4X and needed one more… how the h3ll does anyone get pure imagination is beyond me… but I'll keep on trying as this game is the ultimate keeper!!!
[quoted image]

Get the latest beta code and you'll get to pure imagination for sure! The code was heavily rebalanced. Who knows if it will stay for actual release but a lot of people really like it.

#8925 11 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Oh wow, awesome tip! I will definitely give this a try. Thanks!!

Also, if you have glasses and/or a beard it has trouble recognizing where your face is. Shave and wear contacts instead lol.

You can go into the camera settings to see it trying to recognize your face with an outline box, but I can't remember if you can change the sensitivity or not.

#8960 11 months ago
Quoted from psexton:

This may seem like an odd comment and I don't mean to bash this game, but it feels "cheap" to me. Meaning it feels "light" as in weight, not heavy/solid construction like the other JJP games. Anyone else feel the same and is there any fix like maybe putting some weights in the cabinet bottom to give it a heavier more premium feel?

Really? This game feels like a tank! Maybe not as heavy as a DI but holy cow this game is heavy.

2 weeks later
#9018 10 months ago
Quoted from andrewket:

Thanks for the fast reply, as usual
So I gave on the network after trying it a few times. I've now also tried:
1. USB delta update method - twice, with different size/speed USB sticks
2. USB full upgrade method - three times, with different size/speed USB sticks. Once using a windows machine to create the image, once with a Mac, and roofus and unetbootin. All get to "mounting /dev/usb" but then eventually boot into the game code instead of the updater. However, once it's in the normal bootloader it's too late for the full install anyway.
On a whim, I created a virtual machine on parallels and booted the image ... and it works. So the USB stick is good. Is there a chance the BIOS on the machine isn't set with USB as priority? I tried to test that theory by connecting a keyboard, but I can't get into the BIOS as it is password protected. I'm sure there is a jumper somewhere where I could reset everything and get past it, but that seems a bit extreme.
EDIT: I also tried a different USB port with the same results.
Any suggestions?

How is your USB stick formatted? (Ntfs, fat32, exfat, etc.). Make sure it's the same as what is required. I can't remember off the top of my head which one it is. Probably fat32.

#9025 10 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

I would tap into the back of one of the connectors. PinStadiums come with “wire taps”, which are about 3” of insulated wire with about 1/3” exposed on each end. One end forced/jammed into the back of a molex connector, the other folder over and alligator clipped to. I don’t think you have to splice.

I've had the taps short before which caused a fuse to blow on the Wonka lighting board... which had to be sent to JJP to fix since it's a surface mount fuse. Instead I use these with great success:
amazon.com link »

#9029 10 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

But the gi is rgb, how you going to use those to tap into the gi wiring? Four splices? If you just want steady power, use the coindoor connector or open connector in the backbox. I suppose you could use those splices for the spotlights.

Yep, using the spotlight.

Quoted from rrosenhouse:

I just installed my Pinstadium lights on Wonka yesterday using these same taps. Worked perfectly.

Yeah for me it worked perfectly for a while, but you always risk those things just sliding out or shorting cuz it's not really a permanent fixture.

#9031 10 months ago
Quoted from rrosenhouse:

No,no... I used the T-Taps.

Oh my bad, it helps if I read

#9033 10 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

You guys are right I don’t think it’s ideal and maybe I’m on borrower time until something craps out from a short.

If these are considered acceptable, I’m going to give these a try. Do they damage the original wire (if removed)? Or I guess you’d just remove the connector and leave the T on the wire.

Yeah if you want to take them off, just leave the clamped part on the original wire. This is about as clean as you can do except if you made an adapter harness, which is overkill unless you are a mod supplier.

2 weeks later
#9081 10 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Along the right idea. Turn game off. Reseat the connectors to the ball trough opto boards. Be sure balls aren't magnetized and not rolling down the ball trough right. And be sure the plunger at the end of the ball trough isn't sitting a very tiny bit to high and hindering how balls roll into position.
LTG : )

Definitely this. When I was working on a Dialed In, even after reseating the connector this would happen occasionally. There was kind of a loose connection even after it was reseated, so I very slightly bent the male terminals on the optoboard to give more friction when the coupler was connected.

1 week later
#9174 9 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Just took the plunge to the Beta code - I had been waiting it out but am really enjoying it. ZERO issues upgrading which I was very happy with.
Does anyone know how their release schedule works?

Dude the beta code rocks. I've been saying for a while that they just need to make the code easier for people to enjoy more of the modes.
As for their release schedule, it's probably just whenever their developers have time and they're not working on other projects.

#9184 9 months ago
Quoted from paulbaptise:

Anybody own both Wonka and Elvira HOH and can speak to a preference? I'm thinking of listing my Wonka LE for an Elvira but have only been able to play one on location so can't speak to the longevity of the game. I know these opinions would be highly subjective but for those who have owned or do own both it'd be nice to hear your thoughts.
The problem with letting JJPs go is I will most likely not own one again, or be able to afford it a year or two from now. Although this will probably be true for EHOH as well.

My dad has an EHOH so I've played it a bit.

EHOH is great if you're into mode based games, but I would never get rid of Wonka - it's just too fun and awesome to blow up especially with the new beta code.

All that said, EHOH is a great game and almost equivalent to Wonka so it's not a bad choice.

I'd sooner sell your POTC or WOZ for EHOH.

#9188 9 months ago

I've got this hinge that keeps sneaking out (see the nub on the right side). Any suggest to keep it in place?

1628367311844214628456875694129 (resized).jpg
#9222 9 months ago

Just had my longest game ever with the new beta code. Ended up with 61million! My favorite improvement with the beta code is the changes they made to pure imagination. The mode is actually really fun now, and something I want to get to instead of avoid

What kind of scores are people getting with the new beta code?

#9284 9 months ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

Display-rolled. Despite our generally lower scoring, we keep track of scores with 64-bit numbers which means technically the score rolls around 18,000,000,000,000,000,000.

So you're telling me there's a chance

#9300 9 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

I did a full install. It was succesfull.
But I still get some weird screens during the start up.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That's normal on the new versions.

1 week later
#9365 9 months ago
Quoted from Bbear:

So, first thoughts on code 2.0
I’ve been playing the game for a little over two years now and collected 2 tickets every now and then. 3 tickets only once. After installing the new code, I checked the settings and decided to go with factory medium difficulty preset. First things I noticed were some minor changes in the light show. And the centerloop being available to advance Super X. Then I started playing…
Man, things were going quickly from there! The new code allows for a LOT faster progression through the factory modes. I couldn’t keep up with what was happening sometimes. Activating modes while in gobstopper multiball. Before I realized, the saucer was lit for Wonka’s Office and I hadn’t even activated Oompa-loompa odyssey yet…
I always felt that gobstopper MB was too difficult after the third gobstopper. As I recall, each ramp was no longer lit after collecting a jackpot, requiring you to shoot all the ramps individually (please correct me if I’m wrong there). As if it wasn’t hard enough already. Requiring only 3 super jackpots this should now be doable. Same goes for wonkavator. I can do level one and level two. Level three felt very demanding having to confirm the jackpot with the captive ball.
For the kid MB: it only feels fair that you can continue where you left off when you drain. And the greatest and most sensible change: you can now see which jackpots you’ve collected on the Wonkavision!! This should have been there in the 1.0 code!
Other cosmetic changes feel like a nice polish. New movie clip when locking a wonkavator ball, slight lightshow changes and slightly different shaker motor behaviour.
I think it’s all buffs with the new code. The only nerf I’ve found was the single super spinner shot is only available with Kid MB lit (in the factory preset). I’ll miss the satisfying 2x wonka bar spinner rips… might change that setting
All things considered it puts Pure Imagination within reach of mere mortals like myself. Although after this first impression I think I’ll choose a harder preset in the long run. Have to keep the challenge to feel the need to hit that start button again.
Anyone found that new secret super skill shot yet? (Don’t spoil, just interested to know if anyone discovered it )

Before you lower the difficulty, try breaking 100 million. A small surprise is there for you if you do.

#9382 8 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Having an issue on my Wonka where a ball will drain then get stuck at the end of the trough instead of rolling to meet the other balls in the trough. This happens frequently, like once every 2-3 games. Any cures for this? It seems so odd to me. Doesn't appear to be a ball magnetization issue...and I have cleaned the trough.

Is your machine level? Any screws loose holding the trough in?

1 month later
#9741 7 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

Anyone know the box dimensions of a new Wonka? I need to know if I have to remove both middle seats in my van. I normally have one always removed for more space. I'm picking it up next week. Thanks.

Also, try and remove it from the palette before you load it in your car If you can. That saves some space and weight for sure.

#9782 7 months ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

This whole achievement Scorbit thing has definitely taken my game to a different level it’s amazing !
Ok I just played the best game I ever have and got like 3 million thinking I’m going to upload this score and kick everyone’s butt only to see that the top players are like 30 million . Got some work to do I guess

It's all relative. My best score is above 60 million and some players have mentioned an Easter egg for when you crack 100 million so I've got some work to do too lol.

1 week later
#9855 6 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Thank you for the tips (and everyone else)!

Also make sure you have the latest code, it makes it scoring higher way easier.

#9862 6 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

New code essential changes settings to make advancing through the game easier, no?
I’d think The coder said (on podcast) that you can go into settings and make changes that have new code behave similar to old.

You can set the game to hard or I think maybe extra hard. I believe it's in the utilities portion of the settings. Not sure if it is one-to-one with the old code, but that would be a start I would think.

#9874 6 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

So what's everyone doing to add more bass to the sound. I have almost none. It doesn't have to shake the house down but definitely need more than stock.

Pinwoofer kit works great.

#9920 6 months ago


Screenshot_20211103-194313 (resized).png
1 week later
#9964 6 months ago
Quoted from Kenswift:

Ok last post. Quick question:
You can buy either a pinsub or pin stadiums for your wonka. Which one do you choose?

Pinstadium neo if you can only have one.
I also have the pin woofer set up on mine and it is the bomb.

2 weeks later
#10086 5 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

Ok Wonka owners. Have a big problem. This game is so awesome it's making it impossible to pick out another pin to buy. Nothing really compares. Any suggestions? I've owned woz before so not that. Don't want dialed in. Don't want gnr. Ideas for anything that comes even close to this masterpiece?

My dad has over 20 new pinball machines, and the one I always gravitate towards is EHOH. It's just a super fun game.

#10106 5 months ago

In case you guys are into the mods from Lior, he just announced he's got something in the works for Wonka!

1 week later
#10173 5 months ago
Quoted from gorditas:

Those look pretty cool. How do they look installed? I've got mirror blades on a few games to give just a bit of extra illumination. Is this game bright enough in a basement setting on it's own?

The game is quite dark to be honest. I've got mirror blades and neo pin stadiums and it looks wonderful. You can also go into the settings and turn up the brightness of the LEDs one notch.

#10176 5 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Could you post a pic with the mirror blades on?

Don't mind the pink throw-up... It's at my dad's house currently and he loves changing the pin stadiums to random colors.

IMG_20211209_181609 (resized).jpgIMG_20211209_181611 (resized).jpgIMG_20211209_181614 (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#10242 4 months ago
Quoted from jsa:

Oh come on daveyvandy ... I think my highest score ever was 4.5M, but I'll give it a shot...I mean, 65M?!?! HOW???
[quoted image]

Lol, it did take me almost an hour
Got to pure imagination too! Looks like JJP updated the mode significantly on latest software.
I've seen guys on here break 100 million, but they weren't on Scorbit, so I've got the global top score ... for now

1 week later
#10278 4 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Simple, take the glass off and stop the outlanes

Damn, I should have thought of that. Then I would have reached 100 million for that Easter egg people in the forum mentioned...
Still wouldn't fix the pops sending the ball straight down the middle on this machine lol.

#10300 4 months ago
Quoted from pcprogrammer:

I only want to own RGB games going forward. My Star Trek Prem, Wonka and Hobbit all have RGB playfield lights. That said, does anyone have any advice on how to brighten up the GI lighting "slightly" on Wonka. No overkill here, just feel it is a bit too dark. Please, no one mention pinstadium either.

There is actually a setting in the menu to bump up the led brightness one notch. Can't remember if it's inserts only or includes GI but worth a look. I think it's under system settings?

#10301 4 months ago
Quoted from daveyvandy:

There is actually a setting in the menu to bump up the led brightness one notch. Can't remember if it's inserts only or includes GI but worth a look. I think it's under system settings?

Also, mirror blades adds light by bouncing the light around the playfield instead of absorbing into the black cabinet walls.

2 weeks later
#10528 4 months ago
Quoted from hiker2099:

Oompa Loompa
Gobstopper Multiball
Wonkavator Multiball
It doesn't feel heavy at all and you really have to work for the "Children Multiball", Gobstopper Multiball, and Wonkavator Multiball.
Great Game, and better than Pirates. Good Luck.[quoted image]

Don't forget most secret machine and pure imagination (4th and 5th golden ticket wizard modes). I mentioned them because they are much more attainable with the latest code.

The best thing in this game is getting kid multi-ball and gobstopper multi-ball going at the same time. Then the game really blows up. Definitely not as much multi-ball as GNR though. The multi-balls in Wonka feel very balanced and not at all annoying.

#10544 4 months ago
Quoted from Bowlingpin:

Does anyone know how to complete/collect the ransom award??

I thought I just continues until you drain the ball. Would love to know if this is not the case.

1 month later
#10888 89 days ago
Quoted from hiker2099:

To each there own. I like playing in the dark and even though I have the machine turn to bright I’m still losing the ball sometimes. They are definitely expensive but they seem easy enough to install or transfer.
Anyone else here have Pinstadium on their Wonka?

Yes. I got the neos and it really brings out the best in the game.

#10895 89 days ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I never understood the need for them either. If you want it brighter, turn up the room lights.

Room lighting isn't always enough. There's also been several occasions where the room lighting causes a terrible glare on the glass, like a can light directly overhead, so it's better to play with the room lighting off. Even with good lighting, the pin stadiums are a great supplement. Especially for those of us with bad eyesight.

#10904 88 days ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Excuses hahaha.
But thats the great thing about pinball, everyone is different with their thinking.

Well said. I think a lot of hatred for the pin stadiums is also the cost. If they were like $20 I can't imagine anyone would hate them lol.

I remember seeing a video of a guy at a pinball tournament with a headlamp on. Everyone's definitely got their own taste for lighting especially if you go to the no rainbow puke club thread.

#10921 86 days ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Thanks! That's a great idea with the winch.

Wow, yeah that's scary and shows just how little leeway there is with the balance point when moving a game with an Escalera. Glad you are ok. Today when I was moving Wonka downstairs I felt like my right leg may go out or one of my knees. When moving a game downstairs I have my feet point to side as I go down to act as a brace, it works but puts a lot of pressure on the knees. At one point I thought I was going to lose Wonka but held on. Next time I'll make sure to have someone spotting while going down. Also a walkout basement or elevator lift would be amazing lol.

GranpaDave has a story about moving my Wonka with an escalara too! It involves a flight of stairs, a gash to the leg, a window, and two boomers finding the strength to save a falling Wonka.

1 week later
#10984 79 days ago
Quoted from Vermont:

I've really been enjoying playing this pin! The first thing that jumped out at me is the light show - the choice of colors and how they show up really is nice. I'm still learning a ton about the modes and how to make things happen, but I'm appreciating all the little touches and enjoying discovering things for the first time. So much fun!
Couple questions:
- Is there a setting that turns off the 'pop' when you get a high score? I thought I scrolled through everything but didn't come up with anything that looked right.
- Second, is there really any way to mitigate the pop bumpers sending the ball SDTM? Sometimes it flies out of their really fast and the ball drains, and I'm not sure I could have done much about it even if my reactions were much faster. Just part of this game?

Look for "knocker" related settings for the loud pop you're referring to.

Part of the charm of this game is SDTM out of the pops. Some people have made some mods to help direct the ball leftward, but other than that I just try and avoid them when possible. Another thing to try is maybe turn down the pump bumper strength if that is a setting (I don't know offhand).

#11002 76 days ago
Quoted from prentice:

Anyone ever have their game just decide to end mid-game?
I had a kid multi ball going (and possibly gobstopper multi stacked), and then suddenly my flippers went dead, all the balls drained. As far as I recall, the screens weren't showing anything special, and definitely no Tilts shown onscreen, although it acted like it somehow activated the Tilt code. I didn't even have any tilt warnings, and my sensor is set at the easiest tilt setting, all the way down.
Fortunately it wasn't an amazing game, and I've not seen this happen before. I haven't updated the code in a few months, but I think it is the latest version as of late Dec.

I've had this happen. For me, it's when the trough optos were acting up. Reseat all the connections to the trough and make sure that the connections are very tight. If you go into switch test mode and jiggle any of the connectors around and you can see them activating then you have a problem. On some occasions, you might have to resolder the optos in the trough as well. Fortunately this is pretty easy as they are pretty exposed solder points and it's easy to take out of the machine.

#11032 73 days ago
Quoted from Rager170:

Too many cheaters to compare to others like that unfortunately.

Do you think so? I got the impression from the scores on scorbit that they were all pretty legitimate. I know I've seen some people break 100 million on Wonka in this thread before, and right now in scorbit the highest scores are below that for SE (I think I may even be number one for the SE at around 65m).

That's also why having friends on score bit is a good thing. I constantly challenge my dad since we both have GNR. It would be pretty obvious if either one of us were cheating

#11089 67 days ago
Quoted from Jnyvio:

Hello, i am thinking of purchasing a WW machine.. I really enjoy the Oooomoa Looompa Song... However, when looking at early youtube reviews it appears the whole song does not play, instead you only hear Ooo... Paa loop... Aaa.. as if it was slowed down and the words of the song are spread out... Was this changed in a later firmware?? Does the entire Oooompa Looompa song now play at some bonus point??

There's like an instrumental remix version of it when you are playing oompa loompa Odyssey. It is not the same as the original in the movie.

1 week later
#11202 53 days ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

I will be joining the club after all! I had a CE on order right when the game was launched but tired of waiting and ended up getting a Jurassic Park LE instead (great choice). With the inventory of new Wonka machines almost completely gone, we decided to order a LE from Automated services. I am really excited to get the game, especially with the new code. I do think that I am going to need to sell my Cactus Canyon LE spot to make room for it though.
What inner art blades have people installed on their LEs? I have not really seen any that I like.

Mirror blades work great too, that's what I've got.

1 month later
#11478 2 days ago
Quoted from jackd104:

Any strategies for getting great scores, say 70 mil+? I am getting through modes great and often getting pure imagination and beyond but just plateauing points wise around 30-50 mil. Meanwhile my 12 year old holds the grand champ at 76 mil and I really need to beat him. Just seems like I play and grind for a very long time and score just creeps along.
I have never *beat* PI and I believe that holds a lot of Points based on watching aforementioned 12 yo do it.
So yeah, looking for advanced strategies like set ups of particular modes and multipliers or stacks of modes etc. thanks in advance.

Save the 'collect bonus' captive ball award for last and try to tie it together with a large multiplier.
Super jets with multiplier can get crazy points.
Wonka's office gets triple payout at the kid multi-ball shot.
Always be working on getting multi-ball going, especially trying to stack with other multi-balls.

#11481 2 days ago
Quoted from doc5md:

Two strange things happened last night:
1) Got Slugworth Multiball and only had one ball. It never launched a second ball.
2) Got a Gobstopper Mutiball and only had 2 balls. This was not on a restart of Gobstopper Multiball.
Any ideas why? And also, when I lock a ball in the Gobstopper, sometimes it will autolaunch it right away, sometimes I get to plunge it. Any idea why?

Check for magnetized balls as well.

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