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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

1 year ago

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#574 1 year ago
Quoted from zaphX:

My Wonka SE lands Tuesday, thanks Gary of Abel Electronics who has been good to me many times over!
I will be streaming the unboxing and setup on

Same here. I’m pretty excited to get this on Tuesday as well from Gary of Abel electronics great guy to deal with keeps you in the loop enjoy having nice conversation with him. I personally think people are forgetting Wonka cost 1k less than normal jjp pins which obviously means they have to cut back on some toys/mechanics but still made a solid shooter
People still want to have all the bells and whistles as if they are paying the equivalent of DI/POTC.
Jjp clearly said they’re trying to make Wonka OP friendly to get New people playing pinball and more affordable as so more people can afford and enjoy jjp pins.

1 week later
#744 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

I just got my game unboxed and set up, and its having a couple issues. Hopefully you guys can tell me what im doing wrong. I made sure it was level, but on a lot of center drains, the ball is going left, instead of right in the trough, making it not register the ball drain and just seems like a bad design. The other is the gobstopper subway lock. It will aknowledge the lock, but the ball gets caught up in the subway somewhere and wont spit it out until the second ball search. Nothing seems to be binding it up either. Any help would be great

Ok so I just got my Wonka today, and I'm having the same issue I used a stabila torpedo level which is the best in the market and own other pins, but the subway vaulk gets caught just like mention by others it seems it cant reach for some reason I bump up the settings to its max and it searches and eventually hits it I’m pretty bumm out.. should I contact jjp or distributor regarding this issue? I. Pretty wavy but don’t know how to fix this problem. Seems to be common apparently once other members are reporting he same issue also notice my pin looks pretty bad in front of gobbstopper play field insert it looks worn do any other owners have the same condition?
20190705_161303 (resized).jpg

#780 1 year ago

Personal review
Got wonka Friday and after playing for around 4hr i must say it's one hell of a game it flows great plenty of shots love the theme, call outs and the announcer goes perfect with the theme everything flows and compliments each other. I personally think its pretty deep game with plenty to do the more you play the more little things you discover I can only imagine what else can come with more updates Wonka is built like a tank and was package very well great job by the jjp team. Wonka is much more than any stern premium to be honest but that's my opinion.
CONS- I notice its little dark when playing in the dark room/lights off but I got some backboard lights/through lights coming in to help that. Also I cant get Gobstopper subway to work properly it gets stuck and it takes a ball search to help push the ball all the way to the vaulk up shot I crank the setting to 22 and still does it often (little help)

#782 1 year ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Did you change both coils? That fixed mine

Gobstopper lock realease is at 22
Gobstopper vuk kicker is at 20
But I still get the same problem, I notice theres a slight lip on the sub vaulk might need to bend it to allow the ball to complete its flow Not sure yet, but I notice it works after it goes in search mode which sucks..

#929 1 year ago

Got some must have mods yesterday that gives Wonka a cherry on top (modcouple factory) (lermods RGB lights) highly recommended these specially the RGB lighting mod

20190711_210035 (resized).jpg20190711_210000 (resized).jpg20190711_210005 (resized).jpg20190711_210111 (resized).jpg
#1032 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I’m getting a SE soon.You guys that have had one for awhile tell me why I made the right choice or should I have waited for something else?

It's a great pin totally worth the SE price if you have deep pockets to spend buy the LE or CE, but if you are common Joe like me and the average pin collector SE will truly be perfect for you and save 2k, I own a SE and totally happy with it no regrets.

#1117 1 year ago
Quoted from Lermods:

So, I got them from cointaker. They weren’t a perfect fit. I had to Dremel out just a 1/4” off the top back portion where it hits the glass channel. No big deal, but thought I’d let others know. Not sure if it’s the set I received or if jjp changed something on their cabinet, but they do fit fine with the adjustment and look great. Took me 30 seconds to make the cut. They fit around the hinge bolts so you don’t need to remove them.

I’m little confused which coin taker version of mirror blades you purchase? They have stern mirror, old bally mirror, and remake Bally mirror

1 week later
#1399 1 year ago

Ok I just got a shaker from pinball life I played 1 game and didnt even notice the shaker unless i hit the Gobstopper target other than that i didnt feel any shaking at all... is there a setting to increase the motor or did I have to do something I settings because I couldn't find any setting? Hope jjp will do a update to get full interaction with the shaker motor its jus not worth it as of now kinda disappointed.

#1439 1 year ago
Quoted from mbelofsky:

Sorry if this has been addressed. I helped a customer set up an LE (#54) last Friday. I sent this to JJP but have not received a response yet so will also try to call them.
After every multiball (I believe the one where the ball goes into the subway), when the last ball is lost, the game stops. Then it does a ball search. Then I hear a click and see a ball go to the VUK that goes to the plunger lane and the ball is kicked out and the game resumes.
Is this an error in 1.09-LE? The game has all 6 balls loaded. I did test all the coils, lights, and switches while setting this up for the customer.

As stated before go to settings coils crank it up as needed 20 should do the job each machine is slightly different regarding coil strength

#1469 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Getting closer to getting a Wonka SE.How are owners felling about your purchase at this time?has the latest code update made game even better?

I got mine first week it was release and enjoying it very much, looks sweet in person code is great the hole family said it's there favorite pin from the collection wonka is very approachable and fun for the hole family

#1576 1 year ago

I adjusted the post from factory settings and it makes the game very forgiving. Added the extra right post and lower the left post and it gives you a fighting chance might just leave it. Also added mirror blades, some modes and oompah loops, and white flippers its starting to look good.20190804_170009 (resized).jpg
20190708_211646 (resized).jpg

20190804_165934 (resized).jpg
#1584 1 year ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

I've been really considering moving that right post down as well. Did you have to remove those plastics to get to it? I JUST got done taking the slings apart to install washers. Guess I'll be opening the patient up again this week...

Quoted from Pinchild:

Who did you order mirror blades from?
Are they thin enough so you can raise and lower playfield without scratching or getting hung up?
Thanks in advance for any info.
I like all the oomph loomps just wish they were each slightly different instead of triplets.
Looks great though.

It's easy you dont have to take anything apart just unscrew and slide it down also added the other post it actual plays totally different in a good way. I was trying to be a pinball hero, but who am I kidding Ha.
I got the oompah loompas from hallmark store right by my house they just came out unfortunately no different poses but they are still cool.
Mirror blades I got them from cointaker (bally Williams remake mirror blades) you have to cut down a little bit of the back ends to get them to align to the hole. Mirror blades fit snug with the playfield but nothing to be concern in my opinion but they are totally worth it makes the pin look amazing in person with the through and back board light mod makes it brighter.. I'll post pics with the light off later on

#1609 1 year ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

I bought these at Lowe’s today. larger ones (3/4”) for star posts, and smaller ones (1/2”) for the small posts. 98 cents per bag of 2[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Word of advice when you add please hand tighten with those rubber washers because even though I hand tighten mine on I'm still getting bubbling around the post. Seems likes there no fix when it comes to the clearcoat issue

#1672 1 year ago
Quoted from wesman:

The neoprene are working better for you so far?

Personally I installed neoprene on my wonka and it made it worse so I took them off now I put plastic washers but the damage is done so I guess that’s that. I Still love wonka the gameplay and everything about it feels great i have a SE I can only imagine how the LE looks and feels.

#1809 1 year ago

So are we having a petition with this hole diverted issue? Because Im having the same issue with the diverted not always working properly.

#1872 1 year ago
Quoted from Pitch37:

So I disconnected and reconnected cables even tried a different hdmi cable still nothing.

Your Wonkavision could be bad I had to replace mine as well just ask for a replacement. I was going to suggest to change the hdmi cable, But if you already change the HDMI and nothing works it has to be the wonkavision Which is defective.

1 week later
#2124 1 year ago

As of now after owning a SE wonka since day one I can say the only 2 issue I have are the following
1. Clear bunching which everyone seems to have that problem even new stern jp2 are in the same boat I’m not happy with it but seems either we need to either protest stop buying NIB or just deal with it ( but it’s nit right).
2. The diverter was missing 30% of the shots, but after the new update 1.13 I haven't got any bad diverter issues (diverter issue is fix) Everything else has been working great with no issues.
From the 6 pin line up we own the family and myself cant get enough of wonka definitely a pin to own jjp did a great job on Wonka funny how you look at the rating reviews and you can totally see a group of ignorant people giving bad reviews for dumb reason theres some kind of battle going on dont know why..

#2137 1 year ago
Quoted from djreddog:

You can adjust the auto-plunge coil so that it auto-plunges in or near the right scoop. This is the way to go. I turned my down to like 12 or 13.

That would be nice to lower the plunger, but honestly I think where cheating ourselves because when you play on tournament or location it’s not supposed to play in that fashion gameplay would be totally different.

#2182 1 year ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

Does anyone’s Wonka have an odd boot up sequence? When we turn it on, it will turn on, start booting up, then then off, then back on quickly, loud pop, this normal?

Mine does the same at start up. with no issues

4 weeks later
#2631 1 year ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Question for everyone - does your auto-launcher fire a ball each and every time a ball is saved? I'm noticing at times that when I drain and the ball is saved, the game kicks the ball into the shooter lane, but does not auto-launch it.
This may or may not coincide with the fact that the "ball saved" animation does not play whenever that happens too.
I'm fairly certain that the ball "should" have been saved when it does this, because I've either been in first-launch saver mode, or I'm in a 15-second ball saver award. But it seems like every now and then it saves the ball without the on-screen animation or voice call, and just drops the ball in the lane without auto-launching it.
Anyone see this?
and p.s. to JJP: you people are evil for the way you designed the factory ramp shot - it's damn near impossible for me to hit it with the left flipper reliably. That shot is SO tough!!

I personally raised my flipper setting to +2 and it shots a lot better for me, also lowered my bumper setting -2 and testing the machine for less STDM so far so good..

#2660 1 year ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Same here, I refuse to adjust anything , it would void all previous scores..
We put up as many games on wonka in 7 weeks as we did in 10 months of potc. Thats quite something. And Yes I keep hitting start over and over..
I just had a game where I got shafted by the pop exit , ending up with 12k. Grr.. new game, I score my new GC of 4,45mil, one more.. 54k.. the pops kill me again.
Im happy with my new GC, but it feels so weird next to such terrible pro and after games . Like I luck it or something. I would just like to achieve more constant scores .

I lowered the pops setting by -2 and testing it out to see if it helps with the STDM. It helps but you still get some not as much

1 week later
#2798 1 year ago

Is anyone having issues with this latest update? I just did The update and I’m not getting registered when the ball goes in the saucer about 1 of 10 times it will go into ball search and for some reason it would registered afterwards. I’m assuming it’s a bug.

2 weeks later
#3057 1 year ago
Quoted from waynetrane:

The final decal version installed ![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That's great work I love how it looks to bad I bought mirrors blades before these came out which looks awsome as well and helps to with the lighting better on such a dark game.

#3127 1 year ago
Quoted from romulusx:

That’s what I was thinking but it seems like that magnets are so much stronger on DI I thought ninjas would work with Wonka

My first experience pins with magnets and ninja balls will give you trouble And will stick together in the Vuk kick out to shooter lane. Carbon balls for magnet pins, And ninja balls for non magnet pins.

1 month later
#3502 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I usually do it the old fashion way and call Steve Llyod or new guy James

What ever happend to frank at jjp? I loved frank great guy very helpful I been trying to call and left message for some parts that I missing with no reply back..

#3507 11 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Been gone from JJP for some months.

To buy please call Shannan. For warranty stuff call Steve.
LTG : )

No it should be warranty items I'm missing trying to get from jjp. Back then I would call and if they don't respond I will get a call back when I left a message which would always be frank and he took care of things now I get nothing.

1 week later
#3549 11 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

How would you compare your Wonka to the Stern JP sitting next to it?

In all honesty from my current pin collection Wonka is the pin that keeps me coming back for more and I enjoy it very much if anything I would consider selling it only to get a LE just because I like it that much. Sterns new Jp is good which I own as well but for some reason wonkas light show, shots, code design makes it great dont get me wrong sterns jp is really good as well but doesnt have that factor for me personally. Please dont bash on my opinion

2 months later
#4696 8 months ago
Quoted from HomerEBW:

So it finally happened. After 1 month of having my very first pinball machine it stops booting into the game.
This is what happens...
- I turn the power on.
- Comes to JJP splash screen and the screen is backlit
- After 5 seconds the screen is no longer backlit
- Then it says No Signal
Here is a video on what happens - pardon the bad phone quality

This happens every once in a while. So I would turn it off and turn it back on again and it would boot into the game. Now it won't boot to the game anymore.
Has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it?

Try replacing your usb cable which connects to you mother board. It might be faulty I had the same problem with my jjp potc

2 months later
#5133 6 months ago
Quoted from Noma2017:

I hear you. Maybe DI is the smarter investment in case Pirates is eventually re-released which may dilute the value of current LE.
Does anyone have a good how-to video?

I own both wonka and dialed-in and I don’t recommend owning both for a 2 pin collection both games play very similar! Don’t get me wrong I love both and they play great, but I recommend something different as well maybe a stern Batman66/Elvira/Jurassic park premium might give you a different taste.

#5160 6 months ago
Quoted from branlon8:

Really? I kind of thought these two pins were about as different as can be, but I do not own Wonka (but I’d like to, that’s why I lurk here). Are there aspects in the rules or layout you think are similar or is it more the feeling you have when playing?

Playfield/layout wise they feel very similar I highly recommend both, but like I said before if you own 2 pin collection I wouldn’t buy those two pins to have together I personally love wonka better but that’s just my opinion.

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