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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

3 years ago

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#220 3 years ago

Well, we have decided. We placed an order with our distributor for the CE version. We are really sold on JJP games. We flirted with getting an OKT but no more. WONKA is a clear winner to us.

#249 3 years ago

Anybody know what the "more surprises" are with the CE version?

#305 3 years ago

I am going to refer to it as WONKA regardless of what the "community " , whoever that is , calls it. It just makes the most sense.

#335 3 years ago

I have to tell you that I tried using blue globalls in my POTC, green in my AFMR, and Orange in my MBR. I had to remove all of them and go back to standard chrome pinballs because of various problems such as balls not launching correctly, not ejecting from VUK 's, and flying off the wireform ramps. The problems seem to be weight differences from standard pinballs and optos not seeing the ball because of color/reflective issues. Whatever the reasons, they just were not usable in my machines. Best of luck to you if you give them a try. They did look great.

#377 3 years ago

Tell me about it. I am in on a WONKA CE and now I am seriously thinking about getting an OKT too. I am going to have to clear out a guest bedroom to fit everything in including a TS when it is announced. I have a real addiction to these games and the mods too. Oh well, such is life.

#443 3 years ago

Well it's official. My distributor has my deposit for my WONKA CE. I am really excited to join the club. I am anticipating a long wait but I am confident it will be worth it just as it was for my POTC LE.

2 months later
#613 3 years ago

Congratulations to all of you who received your games now. I understand that printed game manuals will no longer be provided with any models including the CE. Did a CD manual come with your SE? If yes, it is as comprehensive as the other JJP manuals have been. I am kind of spoiled by JJP and Butch's excellent efforts and I am hoping that this one will continue their high standards.

#626 3 years ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Congratulations to all of you who received your games now. I understand that printed game manuals will no longer be provided with any models including the CE. Did a CD manual come with your SE? If yes, it is as comprehensive as the other JJP manuals have been. I am kind of spoiled by JJP and Butch's excellent efforts and I am hoping that this one will continue their high standards.

Thanks for the info; fingers crossed.

#658 3 years ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Are any you folks WOZ owners. I love my WOZ, but thinking might be time to switch up the collection. Now, granted these are drastically different pins in every sense of the word... aside from they both appear to have amazing light shows. But, my question is would this be something worth doing... I'm afraid I may miss WOZ... I have played a Wonka but only about 6 balls.. and i love the theme

I have a WOZRR and my Wonka CE will be situated with it in my row of classic JJP games, none of which are going anywhere. Selling your WOZ would be a sad mistake. Both are great games and have enough differences to distinguish them as individual keepers. Good luck in whatever you decide.

3 weeks later
#1376 3 years ago

I was kind of thinking the same thing but 2 things stopped me from cancelling my CE for an LE. Firstly, I spoke with Jenn at JJP to see what might be involved and she told me to think very carefully about doing that because "more was coming" on the CE's and I would be very happy with it. When pressed for details, "sorry" was her answer. Yeah, I know that sounds like a good case of salesmanship but what if she is accurate in her statement? A couple of days ago I was talking with a JJP supplier and I was quizzing him for his opinions and maybe some more info on the CE's. He really could not tell me anything of import because of his NDA but he did tell me that I should stay on the CE and that JJP was already at or near a total sell out of CE's. He said that if I cancelled it, the chances are that I could not get back in on one. Who knows, right? But, based on all of this and knowing that I honestly want a CE, I think I am going to stay my course. I mean I have already been waiting several months since I put down my deposit so what's a few more? And, to be brutally frank, I don't want to look back, like a lot of POTC buyers who backed out on that game, and regret a hasty decision. I almost cancelled my POTC LE over "disc gate" but did not and I am so glad that I have that game. I guess, as the supplier told me, if you can afford it, the CE is the way to go. But no matter. All 3 models are good and WONKA buyers, no matter which model they ultimately choose, will love their game.

1 week later
#1751 3 years ago

They look great! Do you have a link for ordering and will they work on all models including the "mysterious " CE?

1 week later
#2014 3 years ago

I guess I must be really lucky because my WOZRR, THBA, and POTC LE have all been trouble free. I am expecting the same when my WONKA CE finally shows up but who knows? I don't doubt that all the problems others have experienced are real but my 3 games demonstrate that so far, JJP can and does build quality games. I just hope my "lucky streak" continues and others share in in all the fun without all the grief.

#2131 3 years ago

I have not heard of any play field problems with AP games. My Oktoberfest game has the.best play field of any of my collection of 6 relatively new games.

2 weeks later
#2409 3 years ago

Well put......

#2465 3 years ago

Is that a printed WONKA manual? Where did you get it? I thought that JJP was not going to produce a printed version

#2471 3 years ago
Quoted from slippifishi:

Is this true? No printed manual ever?

I have posted on this subject previously (post #897 Wonka Reveal string). When I last spoke with Jack at JJP ( 4 months ago) he told me that it was an open question on a printed manual but that some form of manual (CD?) would likely be provided. I have since spoken with other JJP team members who told me that they want a printed manual but there is a real cost control struggle going on within the company and the odds for a printed manual were not good. I hope that changes but they have been gradually cutting back on providing printed manuals (used to be with all LE's but only POTC CE came with one included) so I think the odds are it will be a CD only. They are great but also expensive but, so is a WONKA LE and CE.

#2505 3 years ago

I can't agree with you on this. If your game is running fine, why not say so. That let's potential buyers know that the game isn't a complete house of horrors. Not all news has to be negative to be newsworthy and simply reporting good news does not deny that others may have a problem but simply presents the full facts.

4 weeks later
#2893 3 years ago

Well, I must say that the release of the final details for the CE has left me feeling a bit 'underwhelmed' and, actually disappointed. For months JJP has told me that the "much more" promised for the CE was really going to make the wait worthwhile and that "I should hang in there on my CE purchase decision". Based on those assurances, I was really hoping for much more than what is being delivered. Maybe some new toy(s) and some greatly expanded call outs/animations for the CE only would have been great. But, the inclusion of under cabinet lighting (maybe a $100 item at best) and a lesser topper than previously shown just don't motivate me to spend the extra $3000 above what an LE goes for. And, don't get me started on how 'tacky' the signatures plate affixed to the apron looks. The CE should have really been special but I just don't think JJP has delivered on that promise. Maybe the accountants have taken over? Whatever the reason(s), I am officially 'out' on a CE. Today I told my distributor to downgrade my long standing CE order to an LE. Apparently, I am the second one today to do that with him. I will take the $3000 'saved' and bank it towards another machine, maybe TOY STORY or any of the many other machines that are now or will soon be available to choose from.

2 months later
#3571 3 years ago

Just ordered the new JJP topper for my LE. Looks like a winner. Wonder what the backstory is on why it is being produced/sold?
Whatever the reason, it seems like a good move by JJP to do so.

3 weeks later
#3771 3 years ago

Any one having a problem with balls getting stuck between the metal post with the white 'do-nut ring' and the outlane sling rubbers? My NIB WONKA LE (#235 just delivered yesterday) has that problem. I have to manually remove the ball in order to play; kind of destroys game play flow to say the least. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I have removed the rubber do-nut for the time being but not sure if that will lead to other problems. Thanks.

#3774 3 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

If this is the area your talking about .. this is the best fix people have found imo.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Yes. That's it exactly. What is the bumper in your picture and do you know where I can get one? Thanks for your help!

#3778 3 years ago

Thanks Dave. I have to make an order soon and I'll add to it. Strange though that JJP put the game out with what should have been corrected first. Oh well, still loving it so far

#3844 3 years ago

My just delivered LE has a "born on date" of 10/19 and no clear coat issues.

#3908 3 years ago

No doubt about it. I was originally in on a CE but it became harder to justify the added cost, especially after the topper for the CE was changed. I bought the LE and I also bought the recently released JJP topper for it and I am really glad I did. I believe the Topper is the one that was originally intended for the CE and it works and compliments the LE perfectly. The LE's game play is great and I like that I won't have to look back and say I should/could had the Wonkavator, the Invisglass, the shaker, the blue powder coated trim, etc. Any version of WONKA will be a solid choice but I don't think you will have any regrets if you go for the LE (SE missing features, CE a bit over priced). Full disclosure; I am a confirmed buyer of JJP LE's (no DI though) as you can see in my pictures but I also have Sterns, CGC's, and AP games so I do 'play the field'. They are all good but some are a bit better. Good luck in making your decision.

20200117_094110 (resized).jpg20200117_094015 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#4108 3 years ago

Tough choice but a great one. Congrats. You will love it!

#4110 3 years ago

I got my NIB LE 2 weeks ago. It's build date was October 19 and it has no clear coat issues at all. Relax and enjoy the moment. To use a 'cargument', you don't assume that your brand new car is immediately headed for a recall; pardon my analogy but enjoy that 'new car fragrance' for as long as you can.

1 month later
#4662 3 years ago

I have one. I like the way it covers the large plastic "shield" by the factory ball lock. It compliments the game nicely but it may look a bit "hokie" to some. I also have the mushroom spot light covers and they go together well with the mushroom field mod. Simple to install as the field comes with some adhesive gel. Come to think of it, I think I have all of the WONKA mods...just too much fun.

#4665 3 years ago

It's fine as long as you don't make the mistake of assuming it is "peel and stick' and try to pull back the felt from its' backing like I stupidly did. It is a relatively inexpensive mod and does add to the game's overall appearance.

1 week later
#4743 3 years ago

Robert sent me the controller to try; did not work.

2 weeks later
#4818 2 years ago

It should have gotten more. It is such a fun game and really a beautiful pin. But, can't complain about JP as GOTY. A worthy competitor.

#4847 2 years ago

Now that is great customer service from Rob at LERMODS.

2 weeks later
#4936 2 years ago

Add me to the DI list 'avoiders' list. I had convinced myself that the theme was a deal breaker for me. But, I was initially not a fan of The Hobbit nor POTC but I later grew to admire both of those games and I am really glad now that I bought them. I like JJP's games so much that I thought maybe I should rethink Dialed In and the more I studied it, the more I became open to adding it to my collection. When I saw on JJP's FACEBOOK page that they had only a few DI's left and no plans to resume its' production, I decided I better make the purchase and now, I am excited about getting it. I am expecting mine to be delivered this week and that means I will have the complete 'set' of current JJP's. Better late than never. But, I have absolutely no interest in GNR so, here I go again.

1 week later
#5007 2 years ago

My game was built in October and has had no issues.

1 week later
#5104 2 years ago

I have all 5 and I like them all. I don't think you could go wrong on any but I would forget WOZ YBR. If you like WOZ, look for a WOZ RR and have the complete game.

1 week later
#5250 2 years ago

Great decision. Both are tons of fun and are beautiful, well constructed machines. Enjoy!

#5266 2 years ago

If you shut the game down or lose power to it before it finishes its' boot up, it can necessitate the power reset procedure. Never turn the game off during its' boot up

6 months later
#6826 2 years ago

I downloaded the file, went to Treatstock.com, selected a 3d printing service, uploaded the file to the provider I selected and 2 hours later it was done and out into the mail to me. All for less than $10. I just have to paint it when I get it. Easy peasy.

1 week later
#6877 2 years ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

I put my gobstopper print on thingiverse. keeps the roller switch from sticking. Hope it works because I've never uploaded anything to thingiverse. Its free and non commercial/share alike. Any remixes please distribute free as well. Thanks.
[quoted image]

Thanks for your tip and sharing of the link. Here is my version of the item. Not bad for an under $10 mod shipping included. I just had to use my dremel to clean up/enlarge the backside cavity so that it would snap over the existing metal plate on the gobstopper mechanism. That and just a bit of paintwork in blue and bright gold and it is now in place. Easy to do and I think it makes a nice add to the game.

20201214_095603 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#7186 2 years ago

We have had our WONKA LE now for about one year and we still find it to be an amazing, fun filled game. It is even better now that we implemented a 'fix' for the 'stdm' drains from the pop bumpers. At my wife's suggestion we added some Titan silicone rings to the post that is just behind the 'Gobble hole'. We pushed down the existing ring and added 2 more, a 7/16 o.d. and then a 1/4" o.d. in essence creating a stack of 3 rings there. By observation, we believe this modest change has cut down the drains by at least 50%. The game is still very challenging but less frustrating now that we have evened out the odds a bit. Just wanted to share.

#7192 2 years ago

Yes. You are correct. I measured the 2 that I used instead of referring to Titan's website. Apologies.

#7197 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Unless I missed the post can Please share a picture of this pop modification. Please!! Love this game but that pop exit just kills the mood for us.

Here you go Dave. You should be able to enlarge the image by hovering over it but, I am sure you know the 'drill'. Nothing elegant but the the added rings enable a slight deflection that seems to slightly redirect the ball's travel coming off of the pop bumpers. Our solution does not prevent the 'STDM' issue but it does lessen its occurrences. We used an 'orange stick' to help position the Titan rings over and onto the post. We did not have to remove anything in order to place the rings but it is tight. A 5 minute job at most. BTW, for anyone wondering what an orange stick is, it is simply a narrow wooded stick about 6-8" long and used commonly as a manicure tool. One end of the stick is generally pointed and somewhat sharp while the other is flat and angled. Orange sticks are also very handy in working in electronics because of their non conductive properties. Sorry if 'TMI'.

20210117_232341[11927] (resized).jpg
2 weeks later
#7381 2 years ago

It all looks great! congratulations on jobs well done.

3 weeks later
#7652 2 years ago
Quoted from PinballHaven:

Has anyone installed plastic protectors from mezelmods? They have two options, clear or colored. Would like to see pic if anyone has these on a game, thanks in advance!

Like anything else, it's a matter of personal preference. I used the colored plastics because I think they added to the overall look of the game. I feel that they blend in very well with the game's amazing, colorful art work.

20210225_121753 (resized).jpg20210225_121803 (resized).jpg
6 months later
#9427 1 year ago

You can see my fix on posts 7187 and 7196. Not a fool proof fix but helped a lot....

3 weeks later
#9604 1 year ago

Zero chipping since new in 2019

11 months later
#12280 6 months ago

I installed a set of pinstadiums on my WONKA LE today and wow! What a difference they make. No more dark corners in the upper playfield. WONKA has a great light show as is but the pinstadiums update the game to make it as colorful as my GNR and Toy Story games are. I used to be on the fence on pinstadiums but no more. They are a very nice add to the game.

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