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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

6 months ago

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#608 3 months ago

Picking up a se today probably. I have a polk subwoofer extra that i want to hook up to it. Is it as easy as sterns, just alligator clips on the cabinet speeker, run the wire to the sub, or more in depth?

#612 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Should be the same.


#715 3 months ago

I just got my game unboxed and set up, and its having a couple issues. Hopefully you guys can tell me what im doing wrong. I made sure it was level, but on a lot of center drains, the ball is going left, instead of right in the trough, making it not register the ball drain and just seems like a bad design. The other is the gobstopper subway lock. It will aknowledge the lock, but the ball gets caught up in the subway somewhere and wont spit it out until the second ball search. Nothing seems to be binding it up either. Any help would be great

#718 3 months ago

Left and right level i ised a small level, on the playfield and on the glass. Front and back of game. Its level. Pitch may be off though

#719 3 months ago

Vertical is second line from bottom

#722 3 months ago

Im going to try and make it a little more steep tomorrow, see if that helps, but to me it shouldnt be that unforgiving. The ball trough is weird, it will wedge the ball in the left side, theres nothing there to stop it. Talked to gary at abel, he gave me a few things to check. Great game otherwise!

#724 3 months ago

Its centered. As far as the subway problem jjp engineering said it could be a coil sleeve issue, i need to check that tomorrow

#725 3 months ago

There isnt supposed to be anything on the left side of the ball trough right? Seems kind of odd

#727 3 months ago

Ill try that, but its the coil that hits it to the vuk. Its almost like its not reaching the coil, or not sitting properly on the plunger.

#729 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Definitely if the coil sleeve is a tiny bit longer than should it should be.
LTG : )

Thats what gary relayed to me. I wouldnt think it would be that sensitive to the incline or level. I will report back tomorrow after i try a few things.

#731 3 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

This has been the reported fix on several Wonkas, including mine.

Ok cool. I didnt want to dig through 15 pages on the off chance of a fix. Was yours not going to the vuk either? Theres that coil that pushes it to the vuk, and my thought was its that one. How hard is it to fix?

#732 3 months ago

Also, there is not supposed to be anything on the left of the ball trough to stop balls from going that way correct?

#736 3 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Enter Full Menu-Settings-Coil Settings-Scroll to the very bottom, change both Gobstopper settings to the 20s.
As for the trough, nothing to the left.

Ok thank you. The ball trough could be a level issue then

#740 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

The ball can scoot up there and wedge - I know of locations adding a tie wrap or something to close the gap at the left end.

Ok. I can see a tie strap or wedge working there. What is the purpose of it being open? Ball removal? Seems like that should be all it would need is to be squeezed slightly, to make the ball bounce back into the trough

#742 3 months ago

All i need is the clinometer. I have a torpedo level. It is level left to right. That is the first thing i do. As far as pitch, i set it similar to my sterns that are all set to around 6.8

#757 3 months ago

Raising the power to the vuk coils fixed my subway issue. Still have the ball trough problem, but i put a bit of the packing foam in the left side and now i can at least play it. Love this game! Shoots so good! This is my first jjp, and im amazed at the build quality. No scratches or dimpling, just a beautiful looking game

#759 3 months ago
Quoted from trilamb:

Anyone added a Shaker motor to their SE yet? I'm thinking about doing it, wondering where you all got your shaker motors. I see the JJP shaker motor on pinball life that says it works with Wonka. Anyone tried that one? I don't see any for sale directly on JJP's site, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places.

I was going to order one tonight from pinball life

#781 3 months ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

Personal review
Got wonka Friday and after playing for around 4hr i must say it's one hell of a game it flows great plenty of shots love the theme, call outs and the announcer goes perfect with the theme everything flows and compliments each other. I personally think its pretty deep game with plenty to do the more you play the more little things you discover I can only imagine what else can come with more updates Wonka is built like a tank and was package very well great job by the jjp team. Wonka is much more than any stern premium to be honest but that's my opinion.
CONS- I notice its little dark when playing in the dark room/lights off but I got some backboard lights/through lights coming in to help that. Also I cant get Gobstopper subway to work properly it gets stuck and it takes a ball search to help push the ball all the way to the vaulk up shot I crank the setting to 22 and still does it often (little help)

Did you change both coils? That fixed mine

#783 3 months ago

These are the texts back from jjp to my distributor on the fix for it.

Have him pull the assembly for the Gobstopper subway VUK and check the length of the coil sleeve used for that side popper that feeds the VUK.

It should not protrude into the subway very far (just enough to hold the coil in place). If it sticks out an 1/8” or more, he should trim the excess.

We saw some bad sleeves at the factory that stick out too far, causing the ball to bounce around a bit at the side popper and not sit on the microswitch there properly.

If the side popper is actually kicking the ball and not getting it into the VUK shaft, a little coil strength adjustment or slight bend on the metal trough lip may be in order.

#808 3 months ago

Just ordered the lermods backbox light strip. Got it in white to not wash out the colors. I didnt see an option for rgb like the video had, but i think ill like it. The back definately is a little dark.

#815 3 months ago

I made an order for some modcouple mods, i wish i would have bought a few more after seeing how they look on the game!!!

#817 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

You can order more than once.
LTG : )

I hate paying shipping twice!

#819 3 months ago

Oh ill order them, ill just wait awhile until i forget what i paid for the first round of mods. They look incredible, very high quality

#856 3 months ago
Quoted from Adipocere:

OK FIRST ISSUE! That didn't take long.
We were playing and suddenly heard a "THUNK" sound as a ball drained. The ball had fallen into the cabinet! It appears that the back end of my trough is completely open. Is a part missing, or is this normal? I also noted that one of the trough screws wasn't all the way flush so I tightened it a little. For now I have a business card blocking the hole but that can't be normal.

Its normal. I have the same issue, posted above somewhere. I took the packing foam around the tilt, and cut it a bit to make it fit, and stuffed it into the hole about half an inch until i can make a better fix out of rubber or have someone 3d print something

#859 3 months ago

No, my level is oerfect and it still happens. It just rattles around and theres nothing to stop it.. im guessing its like that to remove the balls, but it needs a plug or something in there

#876 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Standard ball trough used on Williams games, Remakes, JJP games, etc.
Be sure your playfield is level left to right. Hasn't been an issue on other games.
LTG : )

Thanks ltg, mine is level, used a digital level, its perfect, still get it though

#884 3 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

I have 4 games on the same floor, none of them have this issue (and all my feet on wonka are threaded all the way in)
The design is the same, but something is off. My Williams congo has 24mm of gap from metal to playfield, JJP has 27mm of gap from metal to playfield. This means the pitch on the JJP trough is more shallow, hence why the balls sometimes hang up.
[quoted image][quoted image]
ltg can you please contact someone in engineering to verify if something changed? or someone with another JJP game in this thread with a pair of calipers can verify this gap?
In the meantime, I 3d printed a chunk to fix this issue (I hope temporarily)
[quoted image]

I would buy one of those off you, better than my foam fix

#909 3 months ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

The roller at the end of the switch is getting stuck behind the plastic.

I just looked at mine, i thought it was odd that a direct hit didnt register, but didnt really think anything of it. It looked like the roller was getting stuck above the metal for the target. I took a switch adjuster, and bent it very slightly down and now have no problem, even a soft hit will trigger it

#967 3 months ago

So now im having an issie with the camera. It works on test, but isnt taking pics on the ramp hits or for high scores. No settings were changed, it just stopped doing it. Anyone else have this issue?

#969 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

A couple thoughts. Be sure you don't hold right flipper button when when pressing the start button. Also check in Tests - Dedicated if the right flipper closes and opens correct.
In settings - has it been turned off ?
LTG : )

I will check in the morning, settings it is turned on. The daily high scores ive just been hitting start 3 times for initials, i hear the camera click, but no picture. For the ramp picture im usually holding the right button due to just making the shot requires the right upper flipper. Will report back, thanks ltg

#1007 3 months ago

Today the camera is working. Hope it stays that way

#1022 3 months ago

So i could probably not get a new trough with just the ball drain issue?

#1119 3 months ago

I have been trying to update my code, and having issues with it. The hard part is i dont have a computer, so i download it to my phone and transfer to the flash drive. After the file is unzipped, there are several files and folders. What needs to be on the flash drive for a successful update?

#1121 3 months ago

Ok. So unzip file, move all files out of folders to the root directory. When i attempted it before, it went through the update, but just went back to 1.07 on restart so it doesnt look like it was reading it

#1154 3 months ago

Still having trouble updating the code. In the menu i go to usb update correct? Im thinking i have a flash drive formatted wrong or moved the files wrong

#1159 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Is the folder named "wonka_update" on the USB?

Yes i believe it is. Inside that there are a bunch of other files

3 weeks later
#1838 70 days ago

Still cannot update code. I have tried everything possible (except the right way) i guess, and im still at 1.07

#1840 70 days ago

Yes ive done that. Ill have to try a different usb stick.

2 weeks later
#2250 51 days ago

Help!!!! Ive been trying to update my code for weeks. I tried a differe t usb drive today, and it said update complete, remove usb and restart game. I did that, now nothing works. The screens are on, but nothing on them. No playfield lights, nothing at all!

#2252 51 days ago

Ok thanks. Glad to know i cant figure out how to update a jjp game. I thought i was somewhat smart!

#2254 51 days ago

Finally success! Updated to 1.13!

1 week later
#2386 41 days ago
Quoted from Jdlana:

Downloaded 1.14 and installed and screen still displays 1.13. Is it me or anyone else have same trouble? Tried it multiple times and screen shows update in progress but when finished, I’m still at 1.13.

I had a lot of issues updating the code. Try a different usb brand. My original one actually crashed the whole system and i had to do a full code update

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