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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

6 months ago

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#518 3 months ago

Everyone needs to stop encouraging Pat Lawlor to do a cartwheel. If he breaks a hip, I'm gonna have to learn to like Steve Ritchie games...

#556 3 months ago
Quoted from Thegeekyhusband:

Here's the archive of the standard running 1.07 code on a production model. Sorry for the light glare over the wonkavision. it was light escaping the backglass.
A couple takeaways:
Artwork has a shine on the cabinet that is beautiful. Playfield light shows are impressive and there are a ton of callouts.
Wonkavator locks are digital, as promised, and carry over across games. There is a display telling you where the status of the locks are at. Love that and feels good to have that there on the standard. No noticeable imperfections from the build quality and no adjustments needed to play.
Flow is awesome on the ramps and the upper flippers shots feel so rewarding. Left flipper leads to one of the most rewarding spinner shots I've ever had.
I expect there will be a lot of love for this one.

Wonkavator locks carry over? I read somewhere else (prior to release) they did not do this in the SE. Great news! Thanks for posting the stream, also.

1 week later
#748 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Thanks for hanging out and putting up some scores for me to work on
I think the bottom line on this pin is that it cannot be judged on a hot take - it requires time to learn and appreciate.

I enjoyed the streams and the comments from you and Gasoline, as well as the interview on Kaneda's. Last night I decided to finally take the plunge and hopefully my SE will be arriving next week!

#786 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

I just fixed this issue, it was taking a while for the ball to get ejected to the playfield. The fix isn’t too bad, but the assembly is pretty large and there are six optos attached to it so be mindful. The process is to remove all 8 screws holding the mech to the playfield. You won’t be able to disconnect the mech from the game, at least not easily, as there are wires running all over the place and everything is bundled. Before removing the mech, have a file/rasp and a razor knife on hand.
1. Remove all 8 screws saving the two outer ones for last so it’s easier to handle.
2. Once the screws are removed, Hold the mech in your left hand and slowly lower it so you can see inside and access/inspect the coil sleeve. If you can feel the sleeve with your finger, it’s too long.
3. Using the razor knife, slice away as much of the sleeve as you can and then finish with the file/rasp. Once it’s flush with the metal, it’s done. Push the plunger down to make sure there is no binding and it moves freely.
4. Reassemble.
If anyone needs pics or more details, let me know, but it should be pretty obvious what to do.

Kind of awful that this needs to be done with a brand new pinball.

#805 3 months ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Here are some pics. Black circles are the screws to remove last. Yellow arrow points to the coil's sleeve you want to check. Yellow circle is the entire mech.[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for the pics. Mine is supposed to arrive this week and I hope I won't need them!

#831 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

This game is 100% about location play.
Even Jack passively admits it on the Slap Save stream.
That market is growing BIG TIME
It's really disappointing but it is what it is.
Jack's comment that Woz will be just the beginning and it only gets better from here is just not reality. Never will be.

I hate to break this to you, but 100% of the games from the Golden Age of Bally/Williams were also for location play.

Play the game if you can. Then make up your mind.

#834 3 months ago
Quoted from jrockne:

Anyone else receive a game with code 1.02? Mine arrived with this code, and I can't update it until the full 1.07 download is available on the JJP website.

Maybe if you contact JJP they can help?

#847 3 months ago

Yeah, that probably came across as condescending and I didn’t mean it that way. But still, I think we’re in a better place than we think we are. Wonka seems far deeper than anything from the golden age I referred to. Keep an open mind and play it before thinking it’s all doom and gloom!

#849 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I had the same experience. I have not tried the upper plugged hole.
Running the post without the rubber seemed to make it worse so I just took it out.
I’m forcing myself to learn to defend against it.

So is the hole drilled wrong? Is there a post position that could split the difference that they didn’t find in time for release?

#853 3 months ago

My Wonka arrived today, so I am now officially a member of the club! I have a lot of tweaking to do to it and I'm pretty sure my initial leveling job was sloppy, but the thing plays and feels like a dream. Almost killed myself and two others getting it up the stairs in this heat.

I'll be sure to write back in a little bit to ask about something that I've broken. At the moment I'm like a kid in a candy store. Or factory. Yes, factory.

#854 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I've had some minor issues with balls in the gobstopper subway. The symptom is a lot of clicks, followed by the sound of a coin flattening on the desk and finally the VUK pop. In my case it always eventually worked before ball search kicked in.
The first thing I did was bump the VUK from 18 to 20, which did not fix the issue.
I saw this helpful writeup from lermods so I got an exacto knife and file and performed the surgery to remove the coil sleeve lip and make it flush in the mech. Unfortunately the problem persisted, to my surprise!
At this point I backed the VUK back down to the default of 18 and tried the other setting, the Gobstopper Lock Coil. I changed that one to 20 and the problem is fixed.
Every machine is different; I bring all this up just to suggest people bump the lock coil first before disassembling as it's way easier and might be all that you need.

I had this issue and bumped the Gobstopper Lock Coil to 20. Didn't fix it. Bumped VUK to 20 and that seemed to work. I guess I'll dial GLC back to 18 and see if that works. You're right, every one is different.

#855 3 months ago

OK FIRST ISSUE! That didn't take long.

We were playing and suddenly heard a "THUNK" sound as a ball drained. The ball had fallen into the cabinet! It appears that the back end of my trough is completely open. Is a part missing, or is this normal? I also noted that one of the trough screws wasn't all the way flush so I tightened it a little. For now I have a business card blocking the hole but that can't be normal.

#858 3 months ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Its normal. I have the same issue, posted above somewhere. I took the packing foam around the tilt, and cut it a bit to make it fit, and stuffed it into the hole about half an inch until i can make a better fix out of rubber or have someone 3d print something

Ok, thanks. Sure seems like an odd design choice. The pin seems to be level, so I don't think that is to blame for balls just falling down into the cabinet like that.

I will also note something else: The wire surround for the tilt bobber was not set up right. The bobber was making constant contact with the side. I gently bent the wire and it seems to be ok now.

#863 3 months ago


I couldn't figure out how to send them privately, but here are some pics of my trough. Balls falling out into the cabinet are a regular occurrance. If you need different angles, let me know. Thank you!

IMG_8771 (resized).JPGIMG_8774 (resized).JPGIMG_8775 (resized).JPGIMG_8776 (resized).JPGIMG_8777 (resized).JPG
#873 3 months ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Air ball snapped camera at the base and Oompa lost a hand.
Temp hack job fix complete.[quoted image][quoted image]

Poor little guy! I’m getting some random air balls off of the factory ramp. Something about the wireform seems odd there. I’ll have to post a pic when I get back home.

#877 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

Standard ball trough used on Williams games, Remakes, JJP games, etc.
Be sure your playfield is level left to right. Hasn't been an issue on other games.
LTG : )

Thanks. I’ve leveled it with a few different options and I’m still having the issue. (For whatever reason it seems to happen to the wife more often than me so she must be doing something special). I’ll keep fiddling with it...

#892 3 months ago

Question for other owners:

As you can see in the photo, part of the wireform coming from the Factory ramp is inside of the plastic. Is everyone else's ramp wireform like this or did they not install mine correctly? I am wondering if this is responsible for some of the airballs I get off of this ramp.

IMG_8779 (resized).jpg
#894 3 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

I had an odd stuck ball last night.[quoted image]

Looks like your wire is outside, unlike mine, which sort of answered my question. I'm starting to wonder if the QA inspector on my machine was already thinking about the weekend when mine came off the line...

#901 3 months ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

Mine is outside the ramp, I get an airball every other game. I thought about trying to lift the wireform support near the captive ball a half inch or so but the air balls are too rare to even care really.

Until they shatter your Oompa Loompa!

#904 3 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Your collection TZ and Wonka
That’s a hell of a contrast isn’t it?
I owned TZ years ago I loved it and then one I didn’t.Its a lot of work where as I’m assuming Wonka is just fun.

Haha! Yep. Obviously I’m a Lawlor fan and TZ was my go-to favorite pin back in college. I’ve owned it for about 13 years now and if I’m being honest, it stays broke more often than it works (that’s part of the fun though, right? Maybe?).

Wonka is a nice change of pace while still having that great PL shot geometry. It shoots great. It is approachable for casual players while still feeling very deep. I got back into the hobby recently after a hiatus and my wife loved the WOZ we played at a location nearby. I was considering getting a second pin and when Wonka was announced it seemed like perfect timing.

I think it complements TZ pretty well.

For example: both games are ridiculously heavy. My body is a solid ball of pain after dragging that thing up the stairs yesterday.

#921 3 months ago
Quoted from frobozz:

Is anyone getting airballs off the right ramp, with the lower left flipper at the default power setting?

I've had a few here and there. In fact, I had one just now on a game. That said, I still need to fix the incorrectly installed wire frame, but I'm not sure if it would have made a difference.

#927 3 months ago

Sad. Reading this makes me wonder if her health and mental state had any influence on why Violet doesn't seem to be in the actual game all that much (ie: was her permission sought for any parts of her voice or likeness, and was she unable to provide that approval?). Has anyone seen the "blueberry" imagery anywhere, for example? There's a ton I haven't seen of this game yet, but it does seem like a notable omission.


#930 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

When you complete her character she is shown as a blueberry in the popup.

Ah, copy that. I'm rarely looking up so I haven't seen that. Disregard my theory!

#941 3 months ago

I have temporarily fixed the issue of balls falling out of the trough mid-game using a piece of packing foam and some masking tape. It is the most low rent fix for a brand new pinball machine ever, but it's something.

#948 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

That is so weird. It has to be some kind of leveling issue, right? I know you confirmed the leveling, but is the trough fully screwed into the playfield and flush like it should be?
Maybe a zip tie across the back would be slightly less wonky...

One of the screws near the hole WAS not all the way when when I first got it. I have since tightened it but the issue is still there. I can't understand it either. The worst part is that it always seems to happen in the middle of a crazy mode or multiball and it just kills the momentum (not to mention the ball save).

I got a private message from a JJP employee after I posted my pictures and he said a fix was coming. I don't know more than that. Perhaps a few models had some faulty troughs? From the cross section posted here, it is clear that I'm not the only one with the issue. As you said, each machine is different...

#954 3 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

That's great to hear. My wife and I only have mediocre skills, so as we get better and progress through getting more golden tickets, this would reward us and give us something more to look forward too (strive for). Can't wait to get ours.

My wife absolutely loves this machine. We keep going back and forth trying to top each other’s scores and see who can take the worst picture.

Funny story: I came home from work and she was grinning ear to ear. Apparently she got the 3rd Wonkavator lock, and proceeded to beat most of the mode scores AND my GC. The best part was this: she confessed that when the 2nd ball drained, she actually went and did her hair and makeup real quick so that she would take a great picture, and then she proceeded to seal the deal! To think that this wasn’t even a thing just a few years ago...

#979 3 months ago
Quoted from Cigaretteman:

Got a shipment in today
First LE ready to go to the customer tomorrow. Is this the first LE in the world?[quoted image]

So do you have to box it back up before you ship it to him? Does the customer know you opened it up?

#987 3 months ago
Quoted from Greenandwhite:

That would depend on the value one assigns for the blue powder coating, invisiglass, shaker motor, blue wire forms, external sound, and different art package. I think the LE looks great!
Any rumors as to when the CE will be shown?

I think this will be the first JJP where the SE is actually the decent bet for the money.

#1008 3 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can install both a shaker and invisiglass for WAY less than $2K, unless I'm missing something?

I’m going to add a shaker to my SE, which will cost about $130. I don’t care about invisiglass at this time. The Wonkavator rules still work on the SE (just ask my GC wife...) and I like the black power coating - the game is still beautiful. To each their own, but the upgrades were not worth it to me (or maybe I just have less disposable income than some people). With the exception of a few mechanical issues, I am extremely thrilled with my SE purchase.

#1050 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I had it installed briefly. If you have a rubber on it, the ball gets stuck. If you put it in without rubber, the help it offers is dubious.

I haven't installed mine yet, but I have heard similar. Would a smaller thickness of rubber than what they provide be a good sweet spot?

#1062 3 months ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

so got my new ball trough today. Both because of my trough gap and because of an opto (have to send old one back)... UPS apparently hates pinball because they kicked the crap out of the box.
[quoted image]
Fortunately whoever packed it used some good bubble wrap, everything looks intact. Before installing it wanted to take a measurement so I put a battery along the top so I had a surface to measure. It looks like I'm at 26.3mm which means I probably won't have the stuck ball issue anymore either. If I had to guess, the part was probably modeled at 26.5mm nominal with a plus or minus .5mm. This likely means some people will have zero issues, some will have issues only sometimes (if ball wedges itself), and a select few may have a gap big enough so the balls may drain right into the cabinet. I still don't get why this was increased 2.5mm from the original williams trough design? Make it your own fine, but make sure your tolerance stackup works.
[quoted image]

Thanks for posting these pics and explanation. I am firmly in the latter group. You could pass a small child out of the back of my ball trough (or several pinball sized objects in the middle of a game).

#1096 3 months ago

Anyone else have this thing where as SOON as you start Wonkatania mode you promptly drain? They said on the SWL/FlipNOut stream the other day that this mode will occasionally (but not always) feature Wonka's amazing scream that, in the movie, comes before "STOP THE BOAT!"

I am never going to hear that scream in game at this rate.

#1105 3 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Please don't rain..... please don't rain..... please don't rain.....
[quoted image]

Drive like the wind!

When mine arrived it was cloudy and thundering. Wonka had to make it up more than a few steps up to the deck and to safety and I was worried about getting it upstairs in time. After calling a neighbor for help, we managed to get it safely inside the house. I joked later that if it had started to rain, I would have become like one of those mothers who lifts a car off of their child and pulled the machine up the steps by myself.

#1149 3 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I got an email that my LE shipped today (Friday) or will on Monday. At least I hope that it meant that. If not, then next week. So, yes ... the LEs are shipping out to home owners.

Be sure to post some pics. You're going to love this machine!

#1150 3 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Just played my Dialed In I think it’s Lawlor’s best!If You already have DI is it wise to get Wonka?

My other pin is a Twilight Zone (man, I need to make that into a bumper sticker!). I would have called it Lawlor's best. Wonka is an excellent companion to it. Even though the designer is the same, the games play completely different. I didn't realize how much I missed pinball mainstays like captive balls and spinners because all of the marquee toys on TZ were the focal points.

As for getting it when you already own DI, I guess it comes down to theme. Wonka was a dream theme for me, and I felt like they really delivered.

#1192 87 days ago

I encountered a weird bug/ crash last night. My wife and I were playing a 2 player game and she was up. She hit the 2nd Super Lock (Wonkavator) and as soon as the screen came up, the audio got slow and choppy, then cut. The screen remained frozen and then the playfield started to follow suit. The light show slowed down and the Gobstopper slowly stopped spinning until eventually everything was frozen (the flippers were still working but no target hits were registering).

Rebooting the game cleared it, but this is the first time I've had the pinball equivalent of a BSOD. Anyone ever seen something similar? This is 1.09SE by the way.

EDIT/Update: I submitted the bug report to JJP Support on this.

#1194 87 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

My ball trough opto is malfunctioning. Switch test shows the "stuck ball switch" intermittently showing closed/open/closed/open. This is causing the game to trigger the coil at the end of the trough, pushing a ball into the shooter lane. Then the launcher shoots it into play. This is happening pretty much continuously now, until all 6 balls are launched out of the trough.
Speaking with tech support, I'm told that this is/was a known issue. Apparently to meet production demands for the timeframe from announcement to launch, JJP had to use an extra pcb builder to manufacture the opto boards because their current manufacturer wasn't capable of the increased production needed. The bad boards are supposedly coming from that builder. The malfunctioning opto boards were being fished out of the line (and replaced) as they failed, but some lasted long enough to make it out of the factory. Mine is one of those.
I'm being told that a replacement part is on the way. Here's hoping they send a good one?

Out of curiosity, what is the born-on date for your Wonka?

#1197 87 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I had a bug yesterday where the saucer just kept registering over and over, and did not eject the ball. Nothing was wrong with the ejector, as it kicked it out with ball search after I forced a tilt, and behaved properly thereafter.
I caught it on video and tweeted it to @JJPSoftware.

I downloaded the logs from the machine and sent them to JJP per their request.

Full Menu -> Utilities -> Dump Logs

#1198 87 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

6/27/19. 105th game off the line.

Same date as mine. I haven't had any issues with the trough optos (yet) thankfully. Trough itself used to throw balls down into the cabinet on drains until I fixed it with masking tape and a piece of packing material (yep). Waiting on word of an official fix on that one.

#1209 86 days ago
Quoted from Weedlum:

Those pics are stunning. Looks like they added a clear plastic protector on the right wire form to keep the ball from flying out. I've seen that happen a few times on zaphx stream. Glad to see they've already added a fix.

Yeah, I hope they get this out to existing owners. I get a lot of air balls off of that ramp and it is just a matter of time. I even dialed down the flipper strength by 2, which is not an ideal long term fix (or a reliable solution).

#1233 85 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I've got a couple hundred games in already on my SE, and I don't miss it one bit.
I'll be purchasing a shaker, volume control & headphone jack, and some kind of wonkavator replacement toy for the upper left corner. The other $1500? I'll pocket it towards my next JJP pin

My shaker motor is on the way now. The price of the SE fit my budget and I am very happy with it. One interesting thing about Super Lock and Wonkavator multiball on the SE is that not having the game wait for a physical lock actually makes for better/ faster flow. The game registers the lock and keeps right on going. I have had multiple games where I actually managed all 3 Wonkavator locks in a single game, and I am not particularly great at this (or any other) pin.

I am watching what the modders come up with and maybe one day I will add something to the back corner where the LE/CE physical lock is. Nothing currently out there is doing it for me and I am in no rush.

#1238 85 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Not likely. I'd be happy with an "out-of-the-field" toy that eats up the empty space.

That huge flat piece of plastic is just begging for something interesting.

#1245 85 days ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Woooohoooo!! Joined the club today. Lots to talk about. Will upload photos first, then come back and edit/describe some stuff. Revisit this post until this sentence is deleted as I will add as I go. I've played the standard several times at locations … I really like the extra bling and wonkavator. But … when I got a 5 ball kid multiball, it stole one ball from the wonkavator, then I had to re-lock the second ball again. Does that happen with a standard.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]


Also, that new metal piece on the back of the ball trough is the sexiest pic I've seen in this thread yet.

#1268 84 days ago
Quoted from psexton:

Will currently SE owners that already have their machine be shipped this replacement ball trough? There is a real issue with the ball trough in the SE models.

Everything JJP has told me leads me to believe that this is the case. They are also aware of the air ball issue (the plastic Factory Ramp “roof”) and the more fragile Oompa Loompas, which should be getting an upgrade as well. I expect us SE owners who just COULDN’T WAIT TO HAVE IT will have an option for these soon.

On that note, everyone please make sure you have registered your game with JJP as soon as possible, and if you have crashes or mechanical issues, contact customer service and make them known. This information will make everyone’s life easier (especially yours if an issue is related to a bad board or other item) and is ultimately a lot more productive than airing out every issue on the forums first.

#1318 82 days ago

I installed a JJP shaker motor on my Wonka SE yesterday. Installation was super easy: the posts are already in place and the hardware is included. You just need a screwdriver and about 5-10 spare minutes.

The effect is subtle and not overused, as has been noted by others. It shakes when the Gobstopper target is hit and during certain modes. The most fun surprise was when Wonkatania Mania (Stop the Boat!) mode activated. The game starts to "pulse" in a rhythm that makes it feel like you are in a rowing boat! Very cool and a must-have addition for SE owners.

As has been stated, you can order them from Pinball Life, and I have heard (but not confirmed) that you can order them directly from JJP as well.

#1323 82 days ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

How much did that run you with shipping?

Yeah about $160 sounds right. I of course can not order just one thing. I also got some misc parts I need for my other machine and I replaced the flipper rubbers this game came with (which started to flake and wear VERY quickly...) with some silicone ones.

#1384 80 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

Excited to be in the club! Now to figure out what the hell I'm shooting for.[quoted image]

Welcome to the club! This game is quite something.

#1394 80 days ago
Quoted from Greenandwhite:

Anybody else find it hard to believe that most of the 500 of the CE models have been sold? Final package has yet to be unveiled and it goes for $12,500.
Game is great but I don’t have FOMO and think interested pin heads will be able to buy one from distributors for a long time.

So buy one then? Why do you care?

#1471 78 days ago
Quoted from adamross:

Anyone know where to get side blades for Wonka?


These are the only ones I have seen so far. I am interested to see what the official JJP ones are, as well as what other companies may come up with. Overall, not very many of the mods I have seen early on for this game seem like must haves at this point. I hope we will see more options as time passes.

#1488 77 days ago
Quoted from Chippewa-Pin:

I bought 4 or 5 mods from the ModCouple. I think the factory is my favorite and looks 100x better than the stock one on the pin.

Anything would be an improvement over the butter box! I agree that the Factory is well done, though I would like to see one in person because it looks like it crowds the Gobstopper a bit.

Mezel has an alternate version in progress per this thread:


#1538 76 days ago
Quoted from RhinoPins:

The black rubber tip on the shooter rod broke today. I have around 650 plays. doh!

Mine broke at about 275 games and the flipper rubbers were also flaking bad. Cheap rubbers on these. I also keep a few on hand so I didn’t miss a beat. Put silicon (purple!) on all the flippers.

#1539 76 days ago
Quoted from fusion:

Any of you new LE owners have any problems with the clearcoat on the playfields? Ive got an LE preordered but have been waiting to see if JJP have sorted out the issue they had with POTC.

There are still issues with this on the SEs. I would advise people to apply neoprene washers ASAP if you see bubbling. Mine looked like they screwed the star posts down with an impact wrench.

D02C0FAC-C917-4CCD-BFA0-C1C7EFCA0BE5 (resized).jpegF09B3CD2-FDE1-40C8-9837-D2110C690132 (resized).jpeg
#1545 76 days ago

Another reminder to all new owners: register your Wonkas with JJP immediately and report any and all issues with customer service.

#1553 76 days ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Where do you suggest getting neoprene washers? I don’t notice any rippling on mine but would like to avoid the issue if possible.

You can buy them from Lowe’s (see the POTC thread for links) or you can contact JJP and they will send you the same kit they sent to POTC owners who had the same issue.

#1579 74 days ago
Quoted from Blackzarak:

I adjusted the post from factory settings and it makes the game very forgiving. Added the extra right post and lower the left post and it gives you a fighting chance might just leave it. Also added mirror blades, some modes and oompah loops, and white flippers its starting to look good.[quoted image]
[quoted image][quoted image]

I've been really considering moving that right post down as well. Did you have to remove those plastics to get to it? I JUST got done taking the slings apart to install washers. Guess I'll be opening the patient up again this week...

#1635 73 days ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

It can be added directly from jjp. I asked about it last week and here is the email from JJP:
“Hello Dan,
Part number 99-030009-00 Headphone Jack Assy-Price-$43.99
Part number 19-003115-01-Headphone Jack Harness-Price- $39.99
Plus shipping and handling”

Beware their shipping and handling fees. Apparently they ONLY use UPS. I got quoted $22 in shipping fees when I tried to buy a $20 ball cap from them.

#1648 73 days ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

USPS Priority is available also

I was not given that option by sales:

"I had your address in our UPS history, shipping a 0.2-1 pound package would be $19.05 plus a 3$ handling fee."

If I go through the website, I have these options:

UPS® Ground: $23.07
USPS Priority International: $39.00

Keep in mind, I am within the continental United States.

I love the game and would like to get some JJP merch (if most of it ever gets restocked), but those prices are ridiculous for something like a ball cap.

#1649 73 days ago


#1650 73 days ago
Quoted from HEAD_boss_HOG:

so, i finally got the new coil from JJP for the left lane magnet. it works great!
while i was bummed to have a technical issue on my first JJP, as many others appear to have been with other issues, i still can say this game is the best JJP yet. i cant stop playing it. even while my magnet was busted, i played until i couldn't see straight. its that addictive. this game makes me smile, and that's what pinball is for. if a game does not make you smile, sell it.
i love that there's a BUNCH of paths the player can take to accomplish myriad goals in the game. i still can't believe the lightshow is so awesome, and beautifully colorful. the game is truly a masterpiece, like TZ or TAF. It is absolutely the best shooting game i've ever played. i actually am enjoying the music and sounds more with each game. i feel like they really crammed so many sounds into this game; I appreciate the effort. I don't miss the movie audio, but it would make the game better.
I highly recommend this game. get the games fixed and then enjoy. our patience needs to be extended sometimes, and even tested, but that shouldn't wreck a game's merits. lets appreciate it for what it is, pure FUN!!

While the game has a different flow to it, I am often reminded of TZ in the way that you can stack up a bunch of modes at one time and just rack up points. Some issues here and there aside, I have had an amazing time with this game, and so has my wife. I think some of the "patience testing" comes from knowing this is an almost perfect-feeling game, and anything tarnishing that is magnified as a result.

I remember going out to a location and playing a few recently released titles by another company and having a pretty good time with them. This was a day or two before Wonka arrived (which I was buying having not flipped it, crazy I know) and I was craving some new pinball. When I got my WW finally unboxed and set up, flipping it felt like playing in an entirely different league. The smoothness of shots, the quality of lights, sounds, and animations, and the just overall build quality of the game made the others feel (to me) like jalopies.

#1676 72 days ago
Quoted from RhinoPins:

I did (seeing others posted doing so) and still had hangs. Tested just resting the ball up against the left posts with all rubber ring swaps I could and still no joy.
Running without a ring on the left post, which I do not like at all. Thinking of shaving a mm or so of the right swap ring to see if it will travel.

The tolerances on space in the outlanes are really tight on this game. Maybe too tight. I tried putting a different rubber on the left slingshot and suddenly the ball would not even pass through the immediate left lane anymore. It gets caught between the rubber on the center post and the slightshot rubber and just stays there. I had to put the old white rubber back on and even then it now seems to have to wiggle through the space. I have not tried putting that left post in yet, even with a smaller rubber, but I suspect the same may happen. Not everyone is having the issue. Is it possible that these holes are not consistent between tables?

It seems like we need an even smaller diameter rubber for that center post on the left outlanes, but I don't believe one exists. I like to minimize the amount of bare metal the ball is striking if possible, so that my pinballs don't chip and start marking up the soft playfield.

#1680 72 days ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

So feeling the way you do about Wonka and looking back now should you have got the CE?
Which mod is you Favorite?
I'm putting Mirror blades because they make Wonka look more Candyful

No. If I had CE money I would use that money to buy another pin to sit beside my SE.

#1697 72 days ago

EDIT: DISREGARD, I found it.

#1713 72 days ago
Quoted from HEAD_boss_HOG:

this is the cap i used on left inlane posts and out lane post[quoted image]

This sounds like exactly what I was looking for. I installed the left post today and I am really pleased with it. The game is still quite tough, but that left outlane at least now gives you what someone else here called "a fighting chance," and sometimes that makes all the difference.

#1724 71 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Good grief I'm only 3 weeks of play into my SE and my right lower flipper rubber is nearly split open already. Anyone have any recommendations on what to use?

Same happened with mine, and my shooter rubber split. Not uncommon. I put PerfectPlay silicone rubbers from PinballLife (in purple, because I thought they looked good with the theme). I mostly chose those because I was buying a shaker motor from them anyway and figured I’d combine shipping. Titans and the silicone rubbers that Marco sells are also good choices.

#1734 70 days ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

Hi guys. First off, I have been a Jersey Jack pinball owner for only two weeks, so I’m new. However my experience with their technical support so far is nothing short of outstanding. I’ve spoken with both Frank and Steve and Steve has even helped me on his day off on weekends. They have been very responsive and their service really couldn’t be any better. I feel I should probably say more about the star post issue and what washers to use. It may be that the neoprene are worse and that the plastic ones sent by JJ are better. My initial impression could have been totally wrong on that. They are checking on a few things to see what is best, but they are definitely on the problem. I’m very satisfied they will take care of me. As soon as they figure out the playfield issues, which apparently other manufacturers are also experiencing now, I will definitely buy another one. Nobody makes cooler pins than JJ IMHO. They didn’t realize that Micro’s playfields were having such issues so I don’t blame them. As long as they fix it, what else can we expect?

They have been very helpful to me as well. I have not seen the point in venting every issue here so long as they are taking care of us. Stephen has been most helpful, as have the programming team. I too am using the plastic washers provided. Wonka is playing like a dream and I am thrilled with it.

#1738 70 days ago
Quoted from psexton:

No diverter issues? Where the ball sometimes does not get dropped down to the upper left flipper.

I am not having those issues so far, at least not with regularity. Maybe once in a blue moon it doesn't quite catch it. I have had other issues though, and ones that are not the same for all owners. As has been said before, every machine is just a little bit different.

#1778 68 days ago

“Big Points” is a random computer award, which you get from the Wonkavision shot. Doesn’t make sense to have it there anymore.

#1787 67 days ago
Quoted from Parzival:

Uffff - WONKA fell to 46 on the top 100 in the latest update

You have one guy seemingly raving about the game, and then he gives it a 6.3. I suspect a lot of people rating this are either doing so without playing it, or they've encountered mechanical issues in the field (which I can imagine are common with SE's at this stage until JJP fixes a few issues). It is still early and fluctuations are going to happen until more people get time with it.

That said, any list that manages to keep AC/DC in the top 10 has zero credibility with me to begin with.

#1828 66 days ago

I assume the next step would then be to, what, email Jen and ask for an invitation then? How might one do that? Or is this like a Fight Club kind of thing.

#1884 64 days ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

On their own, maybe.
But add them all (diverter, trough, bad video screens, play field quality, etc.) and at ~$8,000+ it’s not minor.

Do you own other pins that can entertain you in the meantime at least?

#1904 64 days ago

=== Game Code
+ Added a ramp diverter test.
* Added a cooldown to the upper left magnet so it doesn't fire too much and
get too hot.
* Updated custom message page in attract mode.
+ Added support for SE and CE toppers.
* Improved TV VUK eject handling.
* Added/updated music, sound, speech, graphics, and lamp effects.

=== Core Code

* Trough settle time reduced to 1/2 second.
* Autoplunger settle time reduced to 1/4 second on close, kept at 1 second on open.
* Added "Player Addable" adjustment. Can be set to BEFORE LAST BALL or ALWAYS.
This controls when you may add a player to the current game in progress in a
game set to "BALLS IN RESERVE." The default is BEFORE LAST BALL, which means
as soon as someone starts a ball and has none left, no more players may be
added to the game.
* Fixed sensing of headphones plugged in at power up.


My personal favorite is the "player addable" adjustment. I can't tell you how many times I've hip-checked the giant Start button on ball 3 and added 2-3 more players...

#1949 63 days ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

Obviously no Twilight Zone owners here.... LOL!

This is why I haven’t spoken up. Pat Lawlor and suicide bumpers are like peas and carrots.

#1961 62 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Later TZ's didn't have the holes.
LTG : )

I’d heard that story but didn’t know exactly where they were talking about until I saw those pictures. My TZ does not have those holes. Interesting!

#1963 62 days ago
Quoted from psexton:

I believe you are supposed to be able to remove the black plug and install the post there. Anyone have any luck removing the black plug and if so how without damaging anything?

If I’m stating the (maybe not so) obvious, forgive me, but I believe the black “plug” is a threaded screw. You would need to unscrew it to remove it instead of just pulling it out.

#2053 58 days ago
Quoted from jlatko:

Finally a little progress on my 2nd day of ownership. Got Wonkavator Multi going for the first time, but did nothing with it. Still pretty clueless on the rules. Realized that my short plunge to center ramp skill shot is awarding the skill prizes, just doesn't call it out like the saucer plunge skill shot always does. That had me confused, but the Wonka-vision does show skill shot after shooting the center ramp. I don't think the main display does, but maybe I missed it. Game has huge potential, especially when the code advances over the next year.[quoted image]

You can also hold down the left flipper as you plunge and that will give the option for a Super Skill Shot. It requires first hitting the upper right flipper skill shot, then following up with a Wonkavision shot off the bottom flippers. I think I've made this work once, maybe twice so far, but it is a nice feature.

#2077 57 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Somebody help please,
When I start a game I get the locating balls notice ,and this is the error report that comes up[quoted image]

I had a few such errors once after an update. What fixed them was taking the glass off and manually hitting each switch noted. The errors went away. YMMV though. Good luck.

#2101 56 days ago
Quoted from jlatko:

Did you guys install the optional left post? The outlanes are such brutal ball drainers, I'm tempted.
This is my first JJP machine. I looked for a tilt sensitivity setting, or a way to turn the tilt off entirely, but couldn't find it. I was only able to find the number of warnings per ball/game setting. I must be missing it somewhere? Thanks.

I installed it. You will need to move the center lane rubber (or use a similar small rubber) to that post though in order to allow the ball to properly drain (which is kinda BS if you think about it). It makes the game play better though. Still tough, still relatively short ball times, but you have an actual fighting chance if the ball goes anywhere near the left outlane. I recommend it.

#2128 54 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

I dont think it is regarded as standard issue..
Like myself , If you bought one you have to deal with it any bunching of clear for now, getting wound up about it every day wont make life easier. ( no I dont like it and it isnt right.)
If you havent bought one yet , you still have the choice to wait it out and all the info needed to make that choice.
But... The game itself though is fun as, ) Ive never seen my friends and family so excited to play pinball in years , and Ive had almost every new game out over the last few years

This, exactly.

#2138 54 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

To that end...anyone manage to get 3 golden tickets yet?
This game is pretty extreme in terms of difficulty to me. The new firmware that fixes the diverter screws the player with the autoplunge into the pops!

I still haven't gotten to Wonka's Office! That said, I've been a bit busy lately, so I need a good rainy day to just take a deep dive and knock some more of this game loose.

#2170 53 days ago
Quoted from jlatko:

Pretty sure in settings there are score awards that can be enabled. You can probably set those to extra ball. I changed my special award to extra ball. Can use all the help I can get.

This is correct. Set your Replay score to Extra Ball instead. It starts around 220,000 and goes up and down depending on how you're doing (like any other Replay score does).

#2208 49 days ago
Quoted from Russell:

Confirmed. It still says it. I was mistaken.

What a lot of people who don't play WW very much (or only watch streams) do not realize is just how often this game mixes things up to avoid being repetitive. Sound clips and callouts differ from time to time. The Wonkatania Mania mode apparently has the bloodcurling scream that Wonka does in the movie, but only some of the time (and I almost always drain immediately on that mode so I may never hear it). Wonka Wash mode sometimes plays the clip of him saying it backwards, and then shows the words "Hsaw Aknow" on the screen at mode start. There are many other examples and the game feels different every single time I play it.

1 week later
#2332 42 days ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

I love the game but the callout actor you used is really bad. He sounds like he is dying most of the time. One of the jackpot callouts in particular sounds like the guy's last dying breath. His laid back voice style really dampens the excitement level. Replace him with someone that has excitement in their voice like one of the kids. I suspect it would be tough to get a Gene Wilder impersonator but that would be better too.
Agree with the others but everything seems to happen randomly. It is tough for the casual player to know what to hit other than "the TV" (which seems like the only shot the game calls you out to shoot). Maybe this is just learning the rules of the game...

I have to admit, that one Jackpot call sounds like he just accidentally swallowed his Werther’s Original and it went down the wrong pipe.

#2368 38 days ago
Quoted from knockerlover:

Installed the update today and the game crashed a few times.. anyone else seeing this?

You might want to contact JJP support and notify them. I did this once and provided logs from the game. They were able to determine that I had an issue with the USB interface and replaced the appropriate parts. Your problem could be less severe, but reporting bugs and crashes helps everyone.

#2397 36 days ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

WTF? “QC Stuff” like this just reeks of carelessness. It seems everyday a new owner reports “QC Stuff”....don’t they realize after a prolonged period this tarnishes the brand? I know quite a few pinheads that are holding off purchasing due to these QC issues and they would prefer to wait and buy them 2nd hand...afterall, if you’re gonna be fixing issues on a brand new machine, why not fix them on a 2nd hand machine and save thousands?

Are you yourself holding off on purchasing?

Not just this, but any pin. Ever. I'm curious.

#2400 36 days ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

"any pin"? Even second hand machines that cost a quarter of what a brand new Wonka costs? Can't really compare the two. If it was one or two minor issues, I could understand. But these are major concerns here. And they want us to pay $7500-9500 to get on board? No thanks.

I'm not arguing that games are not overpriced, nor am I suggesting that issues with expensive games should be accepted or overlooked. On the contrary, as an owner I expect to get what I pay for and I expect the company to stand by their work.

I just think that a person (not you) that does not and will probably not EVER own a pinball machine who comes to the forum for owners and starts raving about how he and others are boycotting the game over issues as simple as a slightly bent wire just sound like an empty-headed little trolls. And these topics are lousy with them.

#2405 36 days ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

The title just says "Wonka Club", nothing about owners only.
And are you seriously saying the issues with this game can be described as "simple as a slightly bent wire"? Seriously?!?
Call me a troll all you want, but you are wrong. People who expect to get a quality product when they spend close to ten grand on a machine are not trolls. They are realists.

I didn't call YOU a troll. I called the person I was replying to (a member for only a few months who owns NO machines and has made about 25 mostly negative posts) a troll, and you jumped right on that grenade. Do you have a persecution complex or something?

When my Wonka arrived, the tilt bobber wire was a little bent. I bent it back. It works fine now. I didn't need a legion of people who don't own the machine to start throwing conniption fits on my behalf.

#2410 36 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

I hope you're not seriously implying that your bent bobber wire issue is anywhere close to the severity of the issue of blistered and chipping clear coat on the playfield.
-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

Nope. I have blistering too. Visible damage underneath the star posts when I installed the washer kit they provided. It might become chipping one day. I'm an owner. I have notified JJP.

My post is about people who don't and likely may never own the game jumping on every single thing, be it a bent wire or an incorrect LED light, and turning it into a crusade for reasons I can not fathom. There are tons of threads out there where you can bitch about that to like-minded people all day long. But coming here and raving about "the damage to the brand!" when you don't have a single dog in the fight is just... perplexing.

#2411 36 days ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

If you weren't replying to me, then why did you quote me? Why not quote the person you are calling a troll?
The internet can be hard sometimes. I get it.

It certainly can! You, for example, entirely missed the part where I clearly said "(Not you)" in that reply.


Or maybe I'm missing something. Is "freakyguy666" an alter-ego of "dirtbag66" and you just come here to post and then quote your other posts? Is that the confusion?

#2431 35 days ago

Has anyone heard "The Scream" at the end of Wonkatania Mania yet? It was confirmed to occur (albeit rarely) by the programmers during a stream, but I always either drain before getting to the end, or it just goes to "Stop the Boat!"

#2488 31 days ago
Quoted from mavantix:

I was playing wonkavator multiball when it did it to me yesterday. Whole game went dark and rebooted. Like someone hit the reset button on the power supply. Over current protection? Has JJP support been helpful knockerlover ?

It could be a bad BAG board or USB cable. I had crashes and resets. Downloaded my logs from the machine and sent them to JJP Support and they determined it was one or both of these. They sent replacements and I haven't had an issue since.

Call JJP Support, folks.

#2500 30 days ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

LOL, got delayed during set up. But now have game working at version 1.09 (as shipped). Things to do include
1. updating to 1.14,
2. fixing gobstopper Subway/VUK issue (i’m hoping to just make an easy bend as many have done),
3. diagnosing and fixing the Wonkavator VUK - it is firing randomly, and wonkavator would not lock any balls even though I worked all the way to Wonkavator multi-ball.
I agree with the majority of you on here that this game is super fun, super smooth shots, A ton of stuff to do and will be a long time until I even come close to figuring it out. I love the flavor of this game!
Pics are of my favorite things that match![quoted image][quoted image]

I seem to recall reading here that some (all?) LEs arrived with the Wonkavator lock function turned off in settings. Have you checked this?

#2538 28 days ago
Quoted from Seatmandan:

I added extra post to left outlane, LOWER position (the one not capped) and MOVED small rubber ring from inlane post over to it.
THis works amazing, ZERO ball hang-ups on inlane and outlane, even when kick-back fires
EDIT: ppl are afraid of the metal inlane post, but its really no different than games that have inlanes separated by wires like TZ's right outlane (see image)
[quoted image]

I did the same, and I love it. The game is still plenty hard, but it no longer feels cheap. You have to remember, that outlane was designed for location play, ie: draining your money. In a home use situation, they already got all the money up front so feel free to install the post and get more out of each session.

#2548 28 days ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Where is the kickback supposed to normally shoot the ball?

I have found it to be highly variable depending on the speed of the ball when it hits the switch. Once or twice I have had it strike just right and actually throw the ball all the way through the spinner!

#2555 28 days ago

I put both on ignore (no time for that nonsense), but it IS very sad that he had to create an alternate account to have someone agree with his hateful trolling.

#2558 28 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Got my factory mod from mezel today. Looks amazing, nice quality. Took about 15 mins to install without directions. Such a nice touch...and it fits and looks great with my mushroom field.
[quoted image][quoted image]

So it's more orange than red? I think the prototype pictures were more standard red.

#2565 28 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

It's red, it's my phone camera, I used Google night sight. Here's two more with flash on and off. I can assure you it's red in person, my phone is just not capturing it wll.[quoted image][quoted image]

Excellent! If it was that Clemson/Inmate Orange color it was going to be a hard pass.

1 week later
#2680 18 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

We do really need someone from JJP to chime in with a kit though.

Actually, that would be more on the backs of the suppliers like Marco, Pinball Life, or Titan to chime in. The money on the table is theirs to lose.

#2685 17 days ago
Quoted from dluth:

It really is great, and so many ways you can approach it. I got to Wonka’s Office last night for the first time, how friggin’ cool. It got me wondering, the code seems pretty complete to me, but do people think there’s a chance we’ll get mini wizard modes after golden ticket #3 and #4? At the moment we have special stuff happening after #1, #2 and #3.

Doesn't Most Secret Machine light after 4? (I've never made it to Wonka's Office even after owning the game for 3 months) I agree that something after the 3rd ticket would be nice. I also wouldn't mind seeing High Score listings for some of the modes that don't have them like Wonkatania Mania.

#2708 15 days ago
Quoted from Flipper_McGavin:

Maybe there isnt a screw hole between my flippers. But there is definitely one for the left outlane. The balls drops through there a lot without the post installed, but i feel like im handicapping myself too much if i put it on, so I'm not sure what to do as how it was designed and intended

It defaults without the post because it is designed to suck quarters/ dollars on location. The same designers and coders who talked about this being the intended setup also conceded that if you had the game for home use, installing the post was not a bad thing.

I installed my left hand post and have been very pleased with the results. The game is still tough but no longer feels cheap. Note: you will need to remove the smaller rubber from between the post between the two left outlanes and use it on the new post or else the ball will get stuck.

1 week later
#2808 5 days ago
Quoted from konghusker:

Curious on opinions of getting the Le vs standard? I'm usually an Le guy on jjp games but not sure on this one. I played a standard on location, but wonder if the wonkavator really adds to anything. Any thoughts? Thanks.

If price sensitivity is at all an issue (ie: you are a normal person), buy an SE and throw in a shaker motor for an extra $150. You will not regret it.

#2814 5 days ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Don't you have somewhere else you can go whine and cry..... I'm happy and love my wonka ....

I blocked him (and his other account that he made to agree with himself) awhile back and this thread has been way better since.

#2895 1 day ago
Quoted from arcadem:

Well, I must say that the release of the final details for the CE has left me feeling a bit 'underwhelmed' and, actually disappointed. For months JJP has told me that the "much more" promised for the CE was really going to make the wait worthwhile and that "I should hang in there on my CE purchase decision". Based on those assurances, I was really hoping for much more than what is being delivered. Maybe some new toy(s) and some greatly expanded call outs/animations for the CE only would have been great. But, the inclusion of under cabinet lighting (maybe a $100 item at best) and a lesser topper than previously shown just don't motivate me to spend the extra $3000 above what an LE goes for. And, don't get me started on how 'tacky' the signatures plate affixed to the apron looks. The CE should have really been special but I just don't think JJP has delivered on that promise. Maybe the accountants have taken over? Whatever the reason(s), I am officially 'out' on a CE. Today I told my distributor to downgrade my long standing CE order to an LE. Apparently, I am the second one today to do that with him. I will take the $3000 'saved' and bank it towards another machine, maybe TOY STORY or any of the many other machines that are now or will soon be available to choose from.

Enjoy your LE! It's a great pin.

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