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Wonka Club - Golden Tickets Inside

By f3honda4me

2 years ago

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#7679 9 months ago

WWCE #102 in the house! Just picked up NIB yesterday and I think I have a few issues out of box...

1. Left loop switch is not responding
2. G from GUM switch is not responding
3. Wonkavator divertor is not working. I have noticed when ball search happens, the diverter will open/close. However, when super lock is lit and screen call outs, I hit the shot and the ball just rolls around to the bumpers. The best I can tell is it does not open during gameplay.
4. When I fire up my pin or open/close the coin door, the Wonkavator VUK clicks 5-6x like it’s trying to shoot a ball up - also notice it is active on the matrix switch pic.

#3 is the biggest downer out of box as this is a critical part of the game . I’ll reach out to JJP support Monday, just looking if there are any fixes or suggested actions I can try from the community over the weekend... Sorry if these items have been asked before!

8A6A2FEE-DB69-4C13-A4DB-0092AF3D65E7 (resized).jpeg9B8E8098-3C74-4187-84C3-100C3242A5A4 (resized).jpeg9F4B7338-9057-4B28-B7E6-B46C203CC4E5 (resized).jpegAF77B029-D042-4450-893D-2183658052F1 (resized).jpegB50265FA-5B37-48D8-99B4-43462AC4F784 (resized).jpeg
#7682 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Check connector J200 on the I O board (white wires) - my guess is that the harness got pulled a bit and pin 8 isn’t making good contact (connector is cocked) - monitor is held in place by magnets on the top corners. Pull it forward and check the three connectors on the right edge of the I O board. You’re missing that row on the matrix.

Thanks! I pushed in any of the connectors that looked loose, no more clicking on start up, thanks! Am I still missing something on the row?

Looks like those 2 switches are still bad?

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#7684 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinballomatic:

Now activate them if they work the errors will clear

I think we are looking good now ? If so, thank you so much! I can cancel my ticket! Lol

image (resized).jpg
#7744 8 months ago
Quoted from naf_llabnip:

I have two playfield related questions and gladly expose my lack of knowledge on the topic ... what say you wise experts?
Q1. These machines come with two half-circle Mylar clear protectors in the cash box. What are you guys doing with those (if anything)? My machine will realistically get 500 plays per year tops, and while I plan on owning it for good, I don't know if it is necessary or helpful to install these. Are they intended to go in front of the slingshots, and should I install them? Funny that some parts of the playfield have protectors, others don't (ex: outlane switches are bare, inlane switches protectors).
Q2. Especially when "booting up" my machine when ONLY the backglass is lit, I see a bunch of tiny pock marks or indentations in the reflection on the playfield. None of these seems to impact play nor can I feel them, but just wondering if this is common and considered normal wear (seems to be on other machines, but with how new my machine is I'm surprised to see these). In the photo you can barely see a few of these marks (they are probably 2mm wide, TINY). Playfield probably has a couple of hundred of these marks / "dents" total.
[quoted image]

I cut my Mylar and placed at the ball ejector (previous issues on another game here), and VUK in the right rear (protect edge from chipping).

I also have the smaller dimples on the playfield but chalk this up to normal game use.... maybe wrong here? I have the same on GNR.

#7922 8 months ago

Has anyone with a recent CE purchase checked their playfield for pooling? I have a few spots (lower slings both upper metal posts, and left lower rail on the outlane). Unlike GnR, the posts do not have any washer (star posts are ok).... the metal also looks like it is at a slight angle. Just curious if anyone else has this and if they have filed a claim w/ JJP?

00F668EA-E6A4-4E18-9BF6-F68CC6B42C93 (resized).jpeg1BD11DA6-85B8-4C9A-935F-B18811B9F5AF (resized).jpeg473045C9-C619-4D5D-ADEF-E670D506914B (resized).jpegB86AB409-EFA0-45B7-A4D5-6054F0F85DE5 (resized).jpegDFBDAA53-727B-4371-8B61-6BEA3E9B5022 (resized).jpeg

#7927 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinman502:

Just sent them a message waiting for a reply

Wow, is this CE? I have done the same... we’re your posts at any angle?

#7941 8 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

Scorbit - so I’m connected, have my venue setup, game added, and now what? Played a game. What (if anything) is Scorbit doing in the background? If I set a high score is there anything I have to do to post or is it automatic?

Following this... I would think any pooling around the metal posts could be covered and protected with any star post? For me, I have concern if the thread is straight or at an angle in the playfield, maybe not a big issue?

#7942 8 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

The cliffy set covers the star posts (carbon fiber rings), but should we be changing out the narrow posts with star posts (as the repair kit for POTC had)?

Following this... I would think any pooling around the metal posts could be covered and protected with any star post? For me, I have concern if the thread is straight or at an angle in the playfield, maybe not a big issue?

2 weeks later
#8187 8 months ago

Sorry if this has been posted... Does anyone have a list of coil setting tweaks made to improve game play?

#8202 8 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

Curious what people have their flippers set to?

For reference -

Trough VUK 14
Left Flipper 20
Right Flipper 19
Upper Right Flipper 16
Upper Left Flipper 18
Left and Right Slingshot 35

Everything else is default. I wish the sling would go a little lower like GnR, although I guess I can also just play better

#8234 8 months ago
Quoted from knightgdg:

I used 5mm 12V LED's. On the Factory, I drilled a hole (the same size as the existing smoke/cotton mounting hole) down thru and out the bottom. The hole just needs to be big enough for the wire to go through but small enough that the LED stays at the top. I powered all the LED's from an existing 12V power feeding my Wonkavator Mod (from the Mod Couple). The smoke is just a piece of a cotton ball.

Is there another way to route the wire without drilling? Did you drill through the playfield?

#8310 8 months ago
Quoted from tem92:

I Finally ordered the Lermods one about three weeks ago. I have a CE and it looks great. The install was easy and its made very well. I highly recommend getting this one.

Can you share a pic of your CE with this mod? Interested, but would like to see in a CE before committing to purchase.

#8312 8 months ago
Quoted from tem92:

Here you go.[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

2 weeks later
#8386 7 months ago

Has anyone replaced this 04 piece yet? Found this up in the wonkavision stopping the multiball from coming down lol.... any other mods besides stock replacement?

E693038F-C10F-4824-BA11-AC2A9F0F6A43 (resized).jpegFCC9E93B-466B-46A4-83CB-5942589BFA33 (resized).jpeg
#8417 7 months ago
Quoted from Ocelot:

We're talking about two different things. The mod I linked to stops (or cuts down on) hot shots from destroying the fragile camera Oompa Loompa. It also covers up the channel over the captive ball where, on occasion, a ball would jump up there and get stuck.
What you're talking about -- the ball getting stuck somewhere under the Wonkavator -- is different and is in no way helped by this mod. My guess is that there's something back there that shouldn't be -- a screw, a rubber cap, a nut, etc. I've found bits of stuff during playfield deep cleans that make me go "Ohhhhhhh... *That's* what's causing the ball to act weird." If you don't have one already, I'd pick up a telescoping magnet (I got mine at an AutoZone) which pays for itself the first time you extract a wayward nut without having to take everything apart.

This is how I found my 04 piece was broken... Noticed the ball had trouble making it up the Wonkavator, and finally the ball and 04 piece came up together... lol

1 month later
#8740 6 months ago
Quoted from RobbyIRL5:

Did the latest update reduce VUK powers? All of a sudden my wonkavator VUK and post-go stopper lock VUK (that kicks into the shooter lane from up higher) are struggling (taking 2-3 attempts). Totally new issue never happened before (and happened at the same time so thinking update). Checked all hardware under the playfield and is tight.

Same here, I tried the beta version and noticed a random VUK knock during attract mode, so reinstalled the 1.37, problem solved. Now,
All of the VUK powers seem reduced, so increased each 1-2 until no more issue.

1 week later
#8791 5 months ago

Anyone know if you can update via WiFi from 1.38 to beta 4? Just tried and got an failed to verify error message.

#8806 5 months ago

I’ve tried a few times today to update to beta 4 from 1.38, via WiFi. Each time, the update downloads but fails to verify. Is there a work around for this via USB?

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