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TRON (un)limited edition WIP

By ecurtz

8 years ago

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#55 8 years ago

This is looking really promising for Pro owners and financially detrimental for the LE owners.

Sorry for the bump, 6S3NC3.

3 months later
#230 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

While we wait, here is a video I shot of the intelligent board for the beta testers and Eli. I've been playing it for 3 weeks and its really cool even in this basic form. Looking forward to the next version with much greater capabilities. Have a peek!
ยป YouTube video

Thanks for the new vid. I'm not gonna pretend I know what the heck Eli has to do to make this work. Still looks a bit chaotic, but getting better. I could not tell if certain switches or game states were making the ramps do anything. One of the coolest things about the LE ramps is the bonus music and ramp light show being in sync. If Eli can get that down on this upgrade, that will seal the deal. Very promising.

#234 7 years ago

So, how dangerous is it to drill the ramps for zip ties? I don't really want to spend another 200 plus on LE ramps.

#236 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

I drilled mine as long as you take your time it is not too bad. It is better than buying new ramps.

I assume you removed them from the game first?

1 week later
#248 7 years ago

Any news from testers on the new board revision? Has Eli set a price on this sweet mod, yet?

1 week later
#255 7 years ago

If there is a list, throw me on there, too. Any beta testers get the updated board and have feedback?

#265 7 years ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

This mod played heavily into my decision to order a Tron from the new batch. Looking forward to the progress.....

Me too. And Gem and Quorra are hot.

#279 7 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

Eli's kit is fully programmable and customizable by the user.
Currently we have programming that allows each mode to have it's own color scheme. I also love the orange/blue combo during the lightcycle multi-ball mode, but it is so cool to have the ramps go all white during ZUSE or all yellow during CLU. Frank has even tried to create an attract mode that mimics the LE.
Once this is done and functioning properly, I think it will work better and likely be more integrated with gameplay than the ramps on the LE.

Looking forward to it. Do you think the user could program the colors to cycle with the music at the bonus count like the LE does? I love that part.

#290 7 years ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

I'm not sure any other mod available can actually increase the desire/value of a machine, but I think this may be the one.
Keep it up!

I am generally not a fan of mods, but this just seems right. Tron should be here in a couple weeks.

1 week later
#312 7 years ago

I keep seeing new posts thinking there is a new vid from one of the testers and it's another add me to the list post.

#321 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

This weekend we began testing the new board (version 3) and the great news - IT WORKS!
Right now we are trying out some different lamp/solenoid combinations. I have a video from Friday, but will wait to take another one since we have a new version of the software now that we are testing. Its very cool to be able to change the effects yourself just by hooking up a laptop to a USB cable, running the program and updating the board.
I'll tell you a few things Eli has added and this will change as we continue to test:
- during light cycle multiball, when you score a light cycle, both ramps alternate their yellow and blue ramp lights- recognizer targets fire both ramps orange/red for a second when hit- when the recognizer wall drops, the ramps start pulsing orange/red and when disc multiball starts, each disc collected flashes the ramps BLUE.- bumpers flash the ramps a pink/white flash when hit- attract mode has pulsing orange/red lamp lights- end of game mode alternates the ramp lights with the flasher effects going from dark to light
Since we can use PWM with this board, you are not tied to the 7 colors that the original LE could produce. You can use a much larger palette of hundreds or thousands of colors.
Again, the code is a shell at this point with just the beginning of modes/effects now that we can test for any lamp and solenoid. Expect an update in a few days as Eli continues to add modes/effects based on gameplay.

Excellent news. I look forward to the new vids and eventually, the kit.

1 month later
#395 7 years ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

I want to see how many people are just like me. Wanting, waiting...

With Christmas fast approaching, I won't be able to buy this til the new year. So even though I want it NOW, I'm OK with waiting.

#404 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

Are you buying a Tron to put them in? I thought you were against mods?

You know better than to feed the troll.

2 weeks later
#487 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

All the advance features were stripped out to get the core features working.Now they are being added back in.I want light cycle to at least have two colors. It was made to have orange and blue.The rest of them are not a big deal.

I don't know if this is an option, but I was thinking about something. What if you have 2 modes running, say quorra and zuse. What if one ramp was green and the other white to indicate those modes are running together rather than the alternating colors. Could look cool. I guess the issue would be if you had 3 or more modes going at the same time, though.

3 weeks later
#533 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Heh, and I was replying with a serious question. Well, I can add some ramp effects for extra ball or special, if necessary. Maybe some kind of alternating ramp flash since it rarely happens in a color thats rarely used

The extra ball insert is orange. That would be cool.

3 weeks later
#566 7 years ago
Quoted from Don1:

Sure hope it isn't anywhere close to 500... hate to have to sit this mod out

Gonna be 400 minimum from previous posts.

#583 7 years ago
Quoted from b_koenig:

I just picked up a NIB machine and now NEED a set. Please put me down for a set. These are A MUST!

So, that's what replaced your LOTR. Love me some Tron. Also patiently waiting for this kit.

#584 7 years ago

I almost choked laughing so hard.

1 month later
#674 7 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

I consider the arcade mod "mine" anyway, so I guess I'm safe for now.
(Not to short change Jeremy, who designed the cabinet and Mark who upgraded that, but I sourced the screen and wrote all the code.)

So, what was your paypal address again? Ready when you are.

2 weeks later
#707 7 years ago

Q1 has come and gone. Any new info on a wide release?

#712 7 years ago

As long as the early style boards have a good way to mount them, I'd do an early one.

2 weeks later
#811 7 years ago

I just paid for mine. Hopefully Saturday for me, as well.

#893 7 years ago

I did the same, and it worked out nicely except that one spot where the switch screws didn't allow enough space to fit between them and the wall of the ramp.

On this part, I loosened the screws and manhandled the tubing in there, then tightened them. Sits in between the nuts and the ramp on those areas.

#901 7 years ago

I'd like to see a flashing in purple when the ball is going to kick out of the scoop. If that is possible. And it could override any color on the ramp already.

#908 7 years ago
Quoted from Sc1f1:

I need to get the bar. I just used a tiny screw into the tall plastic stand offs included... not as secure as I'd like. I'll be going the bar route soon. I just spent the last 2 evenings removing me EL wire and moving over to the fiber.
Using the stand off method you really need more fiber Eli. If the engines are facing the PF using the bar you are probably good but if you have to find a spot and use the stand offs I was kind of short on fiber. Also if you mount them facing to the side using the stand offs you will need to make a blinder on the bottom of the engine to stop the light from bleeding up through the inserts.The bar method you would probably need the heat shrink tube.
They look unreal... now to update the code this evening

I used the standoff method. On the right I used an existing playfield post with a nut and installed there. Nice and secure. On the left I used an existing screw, but I mounted the standoff using a longer and larger (thicker) screw for a more secure fit/hold. They have both held up great, so far.

#910 7 years ago

Pictures please.

IMG_20130427_182644.jpg IMG_20130427_182708.jpg IMG_20130427_182654.jpg

#913 7 years ago
Quoted from pinballlooking:

Looks good. Thanks for sharing.

No problem. I'm going to have to use some black posterboard to make a shield. The disc insert in the pop area still picks up some light.

#919 7 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

From this picture posted by another tester it looks like a lot of light escapes from these emitters and not only from the wires.

That is actually how the light is getting to my disc insert since I mounted mine sideways with the standoffs. It is coming from the side of the pcb, not the tubes.

3 weeks later
#987 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

New version of the ramp code is available in the googledocs link. I would highly recommend updating to version R2E. Great stuff! BIG Thanks to herg and Eli for continued development of this awesome kit.

Is this new code going to need alteration like the last one did for me? I remember your settings were different than mine and you had sent me some commands to change because my colors were off after updating. Thanks.

#989 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Nope, all 11 kits are using the same pinout. Mine is different. You and the others won't have to do anything to r2e as it's for "your kit". I make pinout changes to mine in the software each time I test a new version.

Got it installed. Pretty cool. I like the alternating ramp flashes at key points. Unless mine is wonky, it looks like you guys put some other effects where each ramp is a different color outside of LCMB. I'm playing Tron way more than ACDC these days.

#993 7 years ago
Quoted from herg:

LCMB - blue/yellow pulsing
2X active - purple/black fast alternating in 1 second bursts
Disc hits - red/black fast alternating for a few seconds
SOS qualified - blue/white smooth alternating
I think that might be the only cases where both ramps aren't the same.

That is the other one I saw. Cool. These ramp lights are making me play better. I've been to portal 5 or 6 times this week. Still can't complete the dang thing.

2 weeks later
#1037 6 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

At this point there is nothing left to fix except chase down one extremely minor ZUSE bug.
All the modes work including full ladder effects for SOS and PORTAL. Herg put a ton of time on this in the past month. Great stuff that everyone will enjoy both now and when you get your kits.

Well, he had a great start with all your work, Frank. You guys have helped shape the mod into greatness. My non pinhead guests comment on how cool it is.

1 month later
#1141 6 years ago
Quoted from Nelly:

I must have missed it somewhere, but what is the pricing for this kit?


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$ 49.95
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Lighting - Under Cabinet
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$ 64.00
Lighting - Under Cabinet

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