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TRON (un)limited edition WIP

By ecurtz

8 years ago

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#399 7 years ago

Are these ever going to be sold?

#401 7 years ago

Is there a firm price now?

1 week later
#458 7 years ago

What happens if Stern updates the Tron code?

#461 7 years ago

...It will still work fine.

That's not too convincing. I'd like some details.

#462 7 years ago

Are software updates included in the price that has not been disclosed?

3 weeks later
#526 7 years ago

What do the lights do if you earn an extra ball?

3 weeks later
#570 7 years ago

You've got this game. It plays pinball today for the most part.

The balls roll over things and it goes "ding" when it should. The score goes up too.

But that's not enough...

You think it needs something.

You want pretty little strings of lights. You even want it to go on and off and change color...

You think that will make your machine "special".

You've been waiting like a good little boy for eight months hoping somone will help you...

You don't even know what it will cost, but you are "in".

$500+ for lights. LOL

#595 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Since there was never any "list", it would probably make sense for Eli to create some sort of order page, and post a link to it, and first come first served. Any of us that watch this thread would probably get in quick.

I guess YOU think YOU are the mastermind of this project and feel that YOU can tell them what they should be doing?

3 weeks later
#607 7 years ago

This thing in WIP forever?

#610 7 years ago
Quoted from 6S3NC3:

I hope the new code does not slow down this project.

It will. Everyone knows that, except the naive.

Don't worry, he said you can code it yourself...

#613 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

the changes should be minor...

Yeah right.

It's going to take a ton of analysis of the new Stern code.

It's likely going to be a MAJOR re-code of your MOD.

Yeah, you are lucky the users didn't have to deal with this on their own. That would have been a real problem for them and their machines. Everyone would have had a real problem then.

Give these people an update ASAP. They have been waiting for nearly a year.

2 weeks later
#615 7 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I will update my game this weekend

Its been two weeks

#618 7 years ago

Anybody getting tired of waiting and using other alternatives? Love to hear these.

It is time for these guys to DELIVER. People might move on to other solutions...

One of the reasons I passed on Tron Pro was because I would not put my experience and enjoyment in the hands of a third party who's product might not perform or be delivered as expected.

Glad I didn't do it. I am genuinely sorry for the rest of you who have been waiting.

#620 7 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

I'm sorry your enjoyment of the game relies solely on this mod.

Not totally. Finally, the Stern software was updated to fix the extra ball issue, that's a plus.

But this lighted ramps issue is still unresolved. Tron needs this to be "right". The LE was right. The pro is missing this and other things.

These poor Tron owners who didn't get the LE that had the lighted ramps and features where hoping that this would solve their problem. Well after almost a year of waiting, it has not been delivered.

#624 7 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

Please, don't feed the trolls. That guy got ignored months ago. And I don't use that button lightly.

Example of a personal attack, bypassing the ignore feature, defeating the design of the website creator. BIG thumbs down.

2 weeks later
#689 7 years ago

It's not really an exclusive thing anymore: Many other machines can have these lights.


#691 7 years ago
Quoted from b_koenig:

Seriously getting anxious here. I have an entire box full of mods that I refuse to put on my machine until I get this one mod.

I understand. Maybe you should try other games?

1 week later
#699 7 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

you sure do seem to do a ton of lurking in all of the TRON specific threads

A "lurker" is someone who does not post. I post here, so that would mean you clearly don't understand what a lurker is. Thanks for showing your ignorance of the term though!

11 months of waiting now?

#703 7 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

you do help keep this site "entertaining."

Thanks. Hope you enjoy your new Tron.

#705 7 years ago

Oh, it's Mr. LE coming into the thread of Tron Pro underlings who aren't as "brilliant" and "gifted" as himself. He obvioulsy has no use for the mod, so must be coming in to see if it's time to dump this artifically inflated by number reduction title before the less fortunate low lifes have the main difference. Of course he'll say he's never selling, because then his ego would have to deal with being average.

Quoted from fattrain:

lame ass troll with no life

#739 7 years ago

What a surprise...

ReDelaySm.jpg 283461-What_a_cap_astrophe_image.gif

1 week later
#765 7 years ago



#769 7 years ago



1 week later
#856 7 years ago

Happy one year WIP birthday!


3 months later
#1160 6 years ago



#1168 6 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Cool post, bro.

Thanks bro! My favorite is when people talk about this mod elsewhere as if it already exists in actual product form. They show all these pictures and videos and stuff!

Can you imagine how many Tron's were purchased over the last YEAR believing (assuming) this would actually be made!

But, I guess pinball people are sort of like gamblers. They like to make a bet (like buy a high dollar toy) based on the gamble that some mod will come out that will solve their pro lighting problems.

Or maybe they are not that smart. Maybe they are just naïve and follow the herd because everyone else is in line. Sign me up!

Or maybe they believe that past performance guarantees future results.

Anyhow, it has been a long time bro!

1 week later
#1213 6 years ago

Timing is everything...

4 weeks later
#1344 6 years ago

What a clusterflip.


1 month later
#1588 6 years ago

Now that everyone has these, you'll need to mod yours if you have it. That's because, it is just like everyone else's. Nothing could be more un-special than being the same as everyone else or having a stock version of an item.

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