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TRON (un)limited edition WIP

By ecurtz

8 years ago

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#254 7 years ago

sign me up as well.

#297 7 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

but my guess is still the $400 neighborhood. Not cheap, even if I can get it down some, but I guess still a huge savings off an LE

Your guess is correct Eli, the overall difference by the time I get a Tron Pro or LE in my basement up here in Canada is close to $4,000. What you've been working on looks amazing and to me it was an easy decision to go with one of the new Tron Pro 2Ds and then add in your ramp mod when it's ready to roll.

To me $400 is a bargain considering the time and effort everyone has put into it and what it's going to do. Sign me up!


1 month later
#430 7 years ago

Looks awesome, can't wait until it's finished and ready to roll!

1 week later
#476 7 years ago

Just installed the EL wire last week and I thought that looked amazing, really liking it so far.

From everything I've seen on this thread thus far the EL wire looks to be the appetizer and this bad boy is the main course. Can't wait for the finished product, looks downright awesome!

4 weeks later
#543 7 years ago

Nice update! Looks like things are coming along nicely. Looking forward to 2013 and installing this on our machine!

5 months later
#1053 6 years ago

Went to the NW Pinball / Arcade show and played a few games on the Tron with Eli's kit and it's simply awesome. I have the EL wire on mine right now and I that's pretty cool, but boy oh boy is Eli's kit a thing of beauty. Can't wait to get it!

3 weeks later
#1082 6 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

ETA is looking pretty good for sometime in July.

That's awesome Eli, nice to see this thing coming together and hit the final stages!

Been waiting patiently for this, looking forward to it (couldn't remember when I first posted in this thread, took a look back and it was way back on page 6!).

2 months later
#1311 6 years ago

I think your Flynn sign mod is pretty cool! I also think your PIG / PIG2 devices are pretty wild as well

As for Eli's mod, sure is nice to see it finally coming to fruition. Been waiting a long time for it!

2 weeks later
#1398 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

mine is shipped. Can't believe the wait is almost over!

Same for me, mine arrives tomorrow!

#1405 6 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

How long have the guys who are getting there now been on the list?
I'm just trying to get a feel for how quick these are going out?

I posted way back on page 6 and it was one year ago. Received a PM from Eli letting me know they were available and if I was still interested in one. Replied back that I was and he then sent a link to order a kit.

Whole thing seems to be coming together quite nicely!

#1438 6 years ago
Quoted from fridgejam:

Has anybody made a step-by-step video of how to install this kit yet?

Just got my kit today and did up some install videos, hope they help (thought I'd put the post in a separate thread so it's easy to find):


#1446 6 years ago

If anyone has EL wire installed on their machines and you're wondering what the overall brightness difference is between Eli's kit and the EL wire just click on the video below and you'll see both ramps side by side (EL wire is obviously on the right).

#1450 6 years ago
Quoted from QuarterGrabber:

Does anyone have tips on the drilling though? What size bit to use? Drill from top of ramp or bottom?

It's better to drill from the topside, what you'll find is that you'll most likely have a bit of a rough feeling once you drill the hole through (this would be on the bottom side of the ramp if you are drilling from the top). When the drill bit goes though it'll leave a bit of plastic on the hole that you just drilled through and what I would do is simply cut it off with a pair of small wire cutters.

You don't really want that on the top side, so I found it's easier to drill from the top. The pilot hole works out well when you drill from the bottom because you can get nice and close to the inside channel of the ramp, so that way all of your holes are nice and uniform all along the ramp. Using a small drill bit for a pilot hole also works out well because you'll find the larger drill bit will move around a little bit when you first start to drill it.

As for the drill bit size, just refer back to my thread with the video and you'll see I posted up a picture with an easy way to figure out what size drill bit will work work best.

#1462 6 years ago
Quoted from justjoe13:

The ONLY gripe that I have about this mod was the lack of instructions.. but thanks to Buckman for making videos.. made it super-clear. Thanks again Buckman.

No problem! Just thought it would be helpful to have some video instructions as to how to install the coolest mod ever designed onto our machines.

4 weeks later
#1567 6 years ago

My 10 year old son had to do a Glog for school and one of the things he had to do was a video. Shot a 4 minute video of him playing our Tron Pro (you'll see most of the modes started):

I've had Eli's kit installed for a few weeks now and it's awesome! Definitely worth the wait and the money!

#1569 6 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

Buckman, if you tighten the long bolt at the top of your shaker motor, you wont get that loud, annoying rattle.

Thanks for the tip! We had a big party on the weekend and the machines were running all night long. While watching that video I thought to myself that something doesn't sound right with that shaker. Did as you mentioned and it's all good again. Thanks! Also found that one of the pop bumpers was stuck, so fixed that while I was at it.

#1575 6 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Ok, stupid question maybe but I really dont want to do something MORE stupid. For the zip ties, the majority of the spots I see you can clearly drill at the top/edge of the ramp and wrap the zip tie around the edge of the plastic and hold the tubes.

But... what about the thicker areas such end of the right ramp where the ball drops? On the right side, no one seems to have a zip tie wrap around the edge as the plastic is like a 1/4" wide on top here - so do you drill a second hole in the side of the ramp?

Two holes are what you need to do, works great. In the thread I put together just check out one of the pictures where I'm pointing (initial post), in a place like that you'll need two holes:


#1600 6 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

Uh-oh. Mine stopped working. It played great for two sessions but they are not coming on this time. I was super careful during this install and have checked and reseated the connections but still no luck. I have not upgraded the code yet but that should not be the cause of this, I would not think. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thanks

Had this happen to me as well (3 times). Everything worked fine and then out of nowhere the ramps stopped working. In my case the code was corrupt on the board and all I had to do was put a new copy of the code onto the board and all worked out just fine and I was back in business. Just download the code from the Pinbits site, plug your board into the computer with a USB cable, and reload the code onto it.


You can check to make sure the board is functioning properly: when you turn the machine on you should see a purple looking light on that board that is always on. If you have the same problem I had you won't see a light on that board when your machine is turned on. Reload the code and chances are you'll see that light on the board and everything should work.

#1603 6 years ago
Quoted from herg:

Hmmm... The code on mine is still the beta code without the USB storage loader, so maybe there is an issue with that. If so, that would explain why I've never seen it

Well it sure was weird when it first happened to me. I swore that it must be a connection somewhere, so I checked and rechecked everything about 5 times over. I ended up sending my board back to Pinbits and Martin said the code was corrupted on it (and he was awesome to deal with I might add, helped me out right away). They had sent me a new board and all worked great, until it happened again a couple of days after I put the new board in. Once again the code was corrupt, and I did as I mentioned above and that fixed it. It's happened one other time this past month, simply reloaded up the code and all was good again. An odd thing, but luckily it's an easy fix if it happens.

#1608 6 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

Woo-hoo. Back in action. I was able to download the new file and all is well again. Big smile.

Good to hear you're back in business. Sounds like whatever happened on your machine was the same thing that happened on my machine.

#1611 6 years ago
Quoted from herg:

You guys are reporting when this happens, right? It could help Eli and Martin track down the issue.

You bet. I emailed all of the details I could to Eli and Martin in hopes that they could figure out what the issue might be and to figure out a solution. As I mentioned, both of them helped me out right away, top notch service!

2 weeks later
#1642 6 years ago

If anybody wants to see a comparison between Eli's kit on a Pro and the stock LE ramps, here are a couple pictures of each:


#1643 6 years ago
Quoted from jk2171:

Are you guys just eyeballing the drill holes? Looking at a few pics, it's hard to tell. Strategies and tips would be appreciated. Got my kit yesterday, but haven't tackled it yet.

I put up a thread about a month ago giving some step by step instructions. You'll see videos walking you through it and also a fly by of both ramps showing where I drilled the ramps. Hope it helps:


#1662 6 years ago
Quoted from Millz:

Awesome kit. Big thanks to Eli for making the kit, and big thanks to Buckman for his videos on installation. Here she is after the install:

Millz - You're machine looks awesome! Glad to hear that the vids in my installation thread helped out, it's cool to see some fellow Pinsiders comment on the thread and how it's helped them.

#1667 6 years ago

Thanks fellas! Definitely appreciate the comments and just makes me feel good that I'm able to help out and it's awesome to see all of these pimped out Trons!

3 weeks later
#1688 6 years ago

When you're installing your kit definitely consider picking up some smaller screws / nuts (6 in total to be exact). You'll find that you'll eliminate almost all of the dips on your cables if you use the shorter screws / nuts (they are still very small but you won't be able to notice them while playing):


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