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Super Chexx bubble hockey unofficial thread

By taylor34

8 years ago

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    #185 7 years ago
    Quoted from bleargh:

    Question... the sound on my Super Chexx is really scratchy/static-y. When I used to play this in a bar/arcade I don't remember the sound being that bad. I've tried cleaning and reconnecting the speakers, and have also tried hooking up a spare set of speakers I had out of an old TV, but neither of those seemed to help. I've also replaced the power cord with a properly grounded one, but that hasn't helped either.
    Is the sound really that bad on these? Or, do I have something else going on like a bad/dirty pot that needs replacing?

    Pull the Sound Board chip out and look for pins that are bent/not in proper slots. That was an issue with my game straight from the factory in 2001. I thought it was the speakers or speaker wires. ICE Support told me the same. Did the same things as you have so far. I played it that way for years until one day I decided to look at the boards closer. Bent pins on the sound chip. Let me know if thats the issue.

    1 week later
    #207 7 years ago
    Quoted from Shannyman:

    I have a chexx game thats giving me fits. Its a 1986 version and the score wont register. Ive sent the board and scoreboard into ice and they said there was nothing wrong with it. When i got it back it actually kept score on one side and puck ejected for 2 games then stopped scoring again. Any ideas on what it could be

    it could be the puck sensors under the ice surface near the goal mouths. Take the side that is working and switch them over to the other side that is not registering. Drop a few pucks through. If the scores now register on that side, then it is the sensors. Before switching them, make sure all the connections are secure. Could be a loose wire.

    2 years later
    #456 5 years ago
    Quoted from Lermods:

    Static noise is supposed to be mimicking crowd noise, it's normal. Maybe post a video of it.

    Ice will tell you it's static that's crowd noise....my game has the same issue since I bought New in box in 2002 or so. I do not think it's normal. I have bought, returned, sold a few of these in the past few years. I swapped a different board into mine and it sounded way better with no static. Now I am having an issue with my game that it will freeze during play or attract mode at various times. When I asked ice support about it, they told me to send on all the electronics and they would charge me for inspection. I may just buy a full replacement board at some point and do that. I think there is an easy fix to a known problem that they are keeping hush hush....(I'm into conspiracy theories!)

    Something you want to look at. Make sure all of the ROM chips are seated properly. I have seen them with one pin bent and not in properly. That was a fix in one of my games as well.

    #457 5 years ago
    Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

    Done. Take a listen:
    » YouTube video

    That's what mine sounds like, too. I agree. But ICE ignores. If it really is supposed to be their crowd noise, that crap programming.

    #461 5 years ago

    Yes. Super Chexx are extremely easy to maintain. And are a blast to play!

    1) don't clean the dome with windex. Use Novus 1.

    2) if you want the puck to slide like it's actually on ice, get some lemon pledge spray, and wipe it down once or twice with that. Super fast!

    #463 5 years ago
    Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

    I agree. I'm e-mailing my sound clip to Ice Support now. I'll share what they have to say.

    Keep us posted. It's bugged me ever since I got it, but hasn't been priority to look into very far

    #486 5 years ago

    I still do not think it's normal. I swapped boards between two games when I was shopping one out for sale....the static disappeared. I shoulda kept the good board in my permanent game, but couldn't bring myself to screw someone else over.

    #487 5 years ago

    I'm gonna post this here first before listing on eBay:

    Two custom painted teams:
    All Time NHL vs. All Time Penguins

    Used. Some chips in paint here and there. Will get some pics later and add here.

    $200 shipped obo

    1 week later
    #512 5 years ago
    Quoted from Beyndtstng:

    I know little to nothing about these things but my sister is wanting to purchase one for her husband. A couple of the places she has called have told her it will take a couple of weeks to order and another couple of weeks to ship. She is looking for the miracle on ice edition.
    My first question is, does anyone know a distributor that keeps these in stock? She is looking to get it delivered in the next couple of weeks. Second question is about price. She was quoted $2900 plus shipping. Is there a better deal out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Order a home edition direct from ICE for $2495 shipped to curb. Don't go through a local distributor

    Or you can get the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup Champions edition for $2995!!!


    #528 4 years ago
    Quoted from jasonp:

    Did the chexx also have 4 short stick players a 1 long stick player per team?....Mine has the opposite.
    If this is the case and I buy a new set is there any value to the original USA / Russa players?
    Are certain player #s in more demand?

    Yes. 4 short sticks and 1 long, the right winger

    Depending on condition, maybe get $5 a player for old ones. They are $15 new...so figure down from there. Big stick players are plentiful on the open used market.

    Not sure what you mean by certain players #s. Refer to the manual to see which positions get which numbers. I know the two defenseman are single digits and the offensive guys have double digit numbers. 14 is center , and 4 and 6 are the defenseman of memory serves me correct.

    #534 4 years ago
    Quoted from helicopter:

    Where's the dome light? I have one of these as well? Mine is pretty nice. Somebody was trying to sell one these for like $6k on ebay awhile back. Blitzburgh is very knowledgeable on these.

    That is a very nice Kixx! The decals and handles look amazing.

    $6000...they must have hit one too many zeros.

    #540 4 years ago
    Quoted from herg:

    LOL. I should have guessed.
    I think I remember reading free shipping if you order from ICE, so, I'd guess they wouldn't mind 2-for-1.
    Edit: Then again, maybe it could save us a bit. I went back and read previous posts, and they say "including shipping" and "shipped to curb", not "free shipping".

    $2495 for a brand new Super Chexx shipped to curb is a helluva good deal on a great game. ICE has effectively eliminated distributors. If one of the Pinball Companies did this, I wonder what effect it would have on pricing and sales.

    #551 4 years ago
    Quoted from herg:

    I ended up opting for a coin door and split base to bump the price $2795. Still, not bad.

    I have the coin door and split Base, too. Definitely worth the money. I use the coin box to store stuff. I would miss having that option with a home model. I do like the home option with the on/off and sound volume controls accessible on the exterior of the game, though.

    Enjoy! Please post pics when you get it setup

    #552 4 years ago
    Quoted from helicopter:

    Where's the dome light? I have one of these as well? Mine is pretty nice. Somebody was trying to sell one these for like $6k on ebay awhile back. Blitzburgh is very knowledgeable on these.

    If anyone runs across a Super Kixx Budweiser World Cup edition, I have a full set of NOS decals that needs a home. Also have a ball eject solenoid and extra players. All the items for a restoration. Let me know!

    #553 4 years ago

    Here's my Super Chexx. In spring of 2000, I ordered this direct from ICE. At that time, the black base had just been released as an option. I got the split base knowing tight corners or small doorways would never be an issue again.

    List of mods:
    * Labatt Blue AHL Ice Surface
    * Jaegermeister ad at red line on the far boards
    * Pittsburgh Penguins patch on scoreboard
    * USA decals on blue team
    * Canada decals on red team
    * USA / Canada scoreboard decals
    * Canadian National Anthem
    * Split Base

    Not installed:
    Custom painted teams:
    Pittsburgh Penguins All Time Team in the black Pittsburgh diagonal block uniforms: Kehoe (with moustache), Lemieux(C), Jagr, Ulf Samuelson, Carlyle(A), Barasso. Backup goalie: Ken Wregget in the "pajama" sweater.
    NHL "Six Pack for the Ages" n respective teams white uniforms: Hull, Gretzky(C), Howe, Harvey, Orr, Roy(A)

    On the wall above it is my Wayne Gretzky Bubble Boys shadow box, with Gretzky's autograph. Prize received for winning the Bud Light Midwest Region Championship in 2002. My playing partner was Frank Dietz, who I consider to be one of the best bubble hockey players ever in his prime. Our team name was "Pittsburgh Pinballs." And I didn't start playing/collecting pinball until 3 years ago! Haha!

    I hope you enjoy my pics.

    IMG_6119 (resized).JPG

    IMG_6120 (resized).JPG

    IMG_6121 (resized).JPG

    IMG_6122 (resized).JPG

    IMG_6123 (resized).JPG

    IMG_6124 (resized).JPG

    #563 4 years ago

    I have these available if anyone looking for players. Just PM me with an offer.

    IMG_6131 (resized).JPG

    #577 4 years ago
    Quoted from albose:

    Anyone ever have success repairing a gear box? I have several players that could use a new gear box. I found a listing on eBay of someone selling just the gear box "clutch" for $5 claiming this is generally the part that goes and you can disassemble the box, replace the clutch and it'll work like new. Curious if anyone has tried this before. Definitely a lot cheaper than buying a whole new box for around $25. Might be worth just spending a few bucks to give it a try.

    Keep us posted on how that works. I'm curious as to how that would swap out. I'd just as soon change the whole gear box out. Should last quite a while in a home use environment.

    7 months later
    #783 4 years ago

    Well....this has me very interested ... anyone know anything about these? This was on the icechexx website. Might be good deal on the "older" models.

    IMG_8976 (resized).PNG

    #785 4 years ago

    Last time they announced "next generation coming soon" was 2010 and it ended up being the home edition that had no coin door with external volume control and on/off switch.

    My guess is new scoreboard, led lighting, and new soundtrack. Not sure how any of the rest could be improved upon. Retooling costs for any of the other components would seem expensive and unfeasible without big price increase.

    3 weeks later
    #851 4 years ago

    Question for those of you with ICE factory NHL Edition models:

    Does the paint of the teams chip and flake off a lot?

    I had a guy custom paint two teams and after a short while, they started chipping and leaving flakes on the ice surface. I put original blue vs red back in and added USA and CANADA decals.

    I am going to sell my game (pic attached) and upgrade to the new model, a Stanley Cup Penguins Edition. But before I do, just wanted to get feedback on the quality of the painted ICE players. I may need to order extra generic teams if there are known issues.

    577E7C5E-43D1-450F-B6DC-135F32988DAD (resized).jpeg

    5E3EEEAA-8582-4C94-93F5-16BB4433595C (resized).jpeg

    #852 4 years ago

    I hope the new edition has the ability to program the scoreboard by user. I like to change teams from time to time. Would just make different ptouch labels for the scoreboard. With screen, that won’t be possible.

    #870 4 years ago

    When a player starts slipping when taking a shot or making a pass, that’s when I know it’s time to change a gear box. It is usually Big Stick, the right winger. His stick is long and gets tied up in the left defensmans legs.

    PS. Chicks dig Big Stick! He’s a fan favorite of the ladies. Lots of women in the stands wearing #18 sweaters. Haha!

    #888 4 years ago

    1 week later
    #909 4 years ago

    Very curious to get some feedback from true Super Chexx aficianados on the new design....eagerly waiting everyone to get their new games too!

    #940 4 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Chris, first of all thanks for posting! If you wouldn't mind, would you post some pictures of the board inside the game? Would be interested to see what it looks like in comparison to the older version! Wondering if it would be possible to get a new board and scoreboard and swap them out in an existing game!

    I second that request. Previous replacement boards complete were $450 if I recall correctly.

    #941 4 years ago

    I hope the boo button can short circuit the national anthem, or there is a setting to just play a short portion of the beginning. That would get annoying listening to entire anthem every game. Starting to wonder if I should just keep what I’ve got....

    #944 4 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Chris, we're speaking of the board inside the game with the electronics (CPU) on it!

    I think we are all hoping that it’s just a different ROM chip and a new scoreboard to modify our older units....

    #960 4 years ago

    Love the bruins and black hawks logos in the front side boards. I would price it at $1700 and sell it for $1400-1500. Should sell quick.... nice job!

    #961 4 years ago

    It would be nice if one of the newcmodel owners could post a full game video to see how the game plays in its entirety. Would love to hear the call outs and soundtrack. I’m torn on selling and getting new as opposed to just ordering the Penguins Stanley Cup Champion upgrade package to my existing game.

    #967 4 years ago
    Quoted from Bing_Party:

    What I am not liking is the cccp and USA on the players, they are stickers. When did they start using stickers on the players???
    Otherwise this thing is awesome!!! Those stickers better not peel off

    They have always been stickers. They will stay on. Any pics or videos of gameplay?

    #978 4 years ago

    Thank you for posting those pics of the new boards. Is the same ribbon cable uses for the scoreboard? I’m with Mesz thinking a spare parts purchase of the scoreboard, the cable for it, the boards posted, and the goals with lights might be able to convert old games to new features. Thoughts?

    #989 4 years ago
    Quoted from Wildbill327:

    Man I wish you guys lived in my area

    I think your top needs turned around...the ribbon cable to the scoreboard should be on the other side. ???

    #994 4 years ago
    Quoted from lpeters82:

    Would be easier to flip up the glass with it that way though, since it's not against the wall.

    Hopefully, the owner still has the cable that came with it to prop the dome open. Otherwise, the dome will flip all the way back and will get damaged. Or the metal hinge will get bent. Having it up against the wall, without the cable, a guy could prop the dome against the wall if need be. Not recommended but an option.

    1 week later
    #1002 4 years ago

    Any new thoughts/comments on the new Pro models? Everyone too busy playing? Lol

    #1004 4 years ago
    Quoted from taylor34:

    I keep debating on whether it would be worth it to upgrade since it's a long term keeper item for me.


    #1007 4 years ago

    Eye candy!

    #1050 4 years ago
    Quoted from Dexter:

    I just received my Super Chexx Pro. The lights and sound are absolutely stunning! Great updates. Lots of fun!

    Videos of full game played or it’s not true! LOL!!!

    2 weeks later
    #1066 4 years ago

    Suggestion before pulling all the players, make sure all Connectors are seated properly in the board in the base.

    To pull players:

    Put your hand flat down on the ice surface with player in between your thumb and index finger. Apply pressure. Take other hand and pull player up. It will take some force. You won’t break it. Lol

    You will need take goalies off too.

    #1074 4 years ago
    Quoted from cherryandblue:

    Blitz anyway you can FaceTime me?
    I’ll onky trouble you for five mins. Just want to be sure about electrical board

    Sorry...just saw this. Did you get fixed or need some help?

    #1081 4 years ago
    Quoted from Wildbill327:

    I have a superchexx and when you use the goalie the ice bounces the puck like a earthquake just hit, is this normal behavior?

    Yes. The “professional” players hate it when goalie is jiggled to make ice surface bounce the puck. If you think there is too much slack, you could open the day me and make sure it’s as flat as possible. Sometime the ice surface gets installed and has a little buckle to it if not fully flat.

    Me, personally, believe that it should be ok to jiggle the goalie if someone has the puck with the center and they are sloooowly lining up a shot and eating up the clock. In real hockey, no one can stand in the crease and take their time...they get checked! Lol.

    But the guys who played in the Bud Light Tournaments, the IBHF events, and the current Labatt AHL Tournament HATE getting jiggled....

    #1085 4 years ago

    Super Chexx really shines when 3 players of equal skill get together. My favorite format is the

    * Rock, scissors, paper with odd man out sitting the first game
    * winner stays on. Loser sits. 3rd person rotates in
    * first player to win 7 games, wins the match
    * each player gets one “timeout” to be used in between games, to slow the start of the next game or take a break in action (often used to try and stop a players hot streak)

    Usually last about 30-45 minutes. Max playing time is about 75 minutes.

    What I’ve seen is when you get 4-5-6 or more players and only one bubble hockey table, people sit around alot waiting for the next game. Double elimination tournaments are best for larger groups. With a consolation prize given to the winner of the loser bracket to help keep folks interested. But in my book, the 3 man race is best...

    #1088 4 years ago

    My apology for poor description. Timeout..just to clarify. It is not during game play. It’s called in between games to delay start of the next game. Games are meant to go one right after the other, in succession. The timeout would be called to take a pause BETWEEN games to “ice” the hot handed player. Often times, we would use a timeout if one player had 5 or 6 wins and the other two had only 2-3. Hopefully to get the player on a streak off the table and get them off their game before resuming play. I edited original post above to clarify. Thank you for pointing out.

    #1090 4 years ago
    Quoted from Jackontherocks:

    Also just curious if people play once time has expanded the last puck until someone scores or stop once time has ended with current score. We always play it out for any delays if puck does not pop open immediately,etc for make up time.

    When there was three of us playing a lot in KC, we kept scores of all games. One guy kept stats on his work computer: w-l, win%, gf, ga, sho.

    We kept score where we noted score at end of regulation and score at end of game. We tracked come from behind wins and “blown wins”. For example, if Dan was winning 4-3 at end of regulation to Frank, but ended up losing the game 5-4, this was noted in the stats we tracked . Then we could see who was tougher in OT.

    Because we kept stats, everyone fought hard to the end to get the last goal as it padded our numbers. I believe that helped us develop a stronger competitive mindset and made us all better players.

    We also kept track of some other off the wall stuff....we were pretty into Bubble Hockey for a good 5 years or so.... maybe I’ll dig up some old stuff to share with everyone if anyone has interest.

    #1093 4 years ago
    Quoted from bent98:

    Is there a super chexx forum where people post their modded files?

    Chexxfan.com is the only forum dedicated to Super Chexx. It is very unsophisticated. The people who run the site also think the bubble hockey world revolves around them in Boston.

    1 week later
    #1125 4 years ago

    I’m still on the fence about selling my current Super Chexx and upgrading to the Pro....The jury is still out....

    To new Pro version models, is it true that the BOO button no longer functions to BOO like past models?

    Can anyone with a new Pro version post a video of a complete game?

    #1139 4 years ago

    The BOO button is a critical piece, and really the only option, to try and distract, or rattle, an opponent who is playing slow. Like when they get the puck on the center iceman stick and then take forever to take a shot. Slowly lining things up and burning valuable game action time. Neither defenseman can reach the puck. Jiggling the goalie is taboo in bubble hockey circles. The BOO button has to be be quick and loud!

    #1140 4 years ago

    Foosball or Pinball?

    Super Chexx is two person pinball. I have been a hard core Bubble Hockey guy and won numerous events back in the Bud Light promotion days. I backed into pinball because I moved to Houston and lost my two best playing buddies. My kids are too young yet to be competitive enough with me. I picked up a Road Kings to diversify the game room that had arcades, electronic darts, and super Chexx. The Road Kings gave me the bubble hockey thrill of fast, kinetic skill shooting play....without the need for a second player. I’ve been hooked on pinball ever since.

    Kids flock to Bubble Hockey! From a playing standpoint, foosball is much more difficult to master and get good games going for the casual players. My wife always comments that the Bubble Hockey got played the most when neighbor kids are over.

    Plus...you’ll lose balls from foosball but will never lose a Super Chexx puck! Tell her Foosball is too dangersous if the ball flies off the table....will never happen with Super Chexx...”you’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

    Prologue: I am proud to say that the Road Kings eventually made its way to RotorDave’s collection as one of the last System 11 games he needed to finish his collection of all of them

    #1142 4 years ago
    Quoted from Blacksun:

    I'm gonna pull the trigger and order a new Supper Chexx Pro NHL Licensed.
    Wanted your opinions....
    I am going to get it Chicago Black Hawks themed. Do you think it would be weird to get both the home and visitors Black Hawks? Red vs White??? Or should I pick a different NHL team as visitors?

    You could number them as all time blackhawks vs current black hawks! Not weird at all..... if you ask when you order, they might still have the Stanley Cup Blackhawks Edition...it’s not listed on the site, you have to ask

    #1157 4 years ago
    Quoted from Requis:

    I think the good news is I may be on too something to replace the video,clips!! My son and I are working on it and looks completely doable... and there are amazing clips for all respective teams....I even found goal specific clips for the leafs scoring on the CDNS from a bUnch of you tube high light reels and vice versa....I’m joust not good at video editing and we’re trying to keep the. The same size and format stay tuned...will be sure to post back how...

    If this is possible and a dummy like me can be taught how to do this, then a Penguins Edition with Mike Lange goal calls will be here faster than Arnold Slick from Turtle Crick!

    2 weeks later
    #1174 3 years ago
    Quoted from dung:

    Hey guys, think i am going to sell my super chexx. I just have too many projects (3 pins, 1 ramp mold, 4 driving games, and redoing my entire basement) to mess with it. What do you think one is worth that plays blind? IE displays show random numbers but the digits light, and no sound? Thinking 1200ish?

    Kinda depends on which model it is. And , of course, condition...Can you post a pic or two?

    2 weeks later
    #1185 3 years ago
    Quoted from chefbenito:

    2) For those of you who've painted your players, how did you strip the old paint from the players?

    My advice...either paint over existing paint or just buy new players direct from ICE. The plastic used on the players can be a little sensitive when it comes to stripping. I had some players where the plastic started to peel off, and once it started it couldn’t be stopped.

    If you paint, make sure you clear coat them somehow. I had a guy in Canada custom paint me teams and I think he used testors model paint. Looked great! But the paint started chipping and flaking in no time. Players started looking bad and a PITA to clean the flakes off the ice surface.

    Bottom line...just buy new from ICE and move on to other mods for your game.

    2 weeks later
    #1201 3 years ago
    Quoted from Quarterear:

    I am in the process of customizing my Superchexx audio completely overriding the original sounds and adding my own. I am adding goal horns, commentary when scoring and saving, end of game horns, organ music, lights, etc. This is will be customized to the team so for example, I will have the TV commentators, horns, etc all custom to my team. I'm considering making these as a kit for all teams. Anyone interested in purchasing something like this and how much would you pay for it?

    Which generation? If it’s Super Chexx Pro, I would be in, as I am going to order a Penguins Edition soon

    #1212 3 years ago
    Quoted from Bing_Party:

    Not sure if this was mentioned before, gotta gripe on the new PRO. Volume doubles when you get to about 30 sec left in game and then into overtime. I asked for the fix on this, the result was getting a new board. That did not fix the problem. What they did was they fixed it so when the volume is muted the sound does not come on as the game approaches overtime. Ok so mute didn't work due to the volume doubling as you approach overtime. Why not create an option in the SW to not have the volume double as the game progresses. This is a home used machine not an arcade unit. HOME USED. I have it in the basement and still when volume is set for 2 (pretty low) it doubles to 4 and then you can hear it 2 floors up in the kids rooms. That is ridiculous lazy sw engineering at its finest. I asked for a fix and they decided to just fix the mute button so that the sound does not come on when muted which i get that is a pretty serous one as well but just make an option to turn that feature off. The feature is there to make it more exciting in an arcade. With home use, it sucks. I guess i gotta keep it at volume #1 now so that when it goes to OT its at the max volume i want it at. Still great game with LCD boards but man love to talk to the engineer that green lighted this feature with no way to control it.

    Between this and the news about the Boo button not being as responsive...I’m starting to feel some regret parting with my Super Chexx in a deal for a Twilight Zone...was planning on getting a pro. Ugh

    #1216 3 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Give it time....like everything else in this hobby it's only time before someone has hacked the game and is fixing issues and adding to it!

    I hope so...someone mentioned finding the goal score sound files and was working on changing them out. Would love a Pens game with Mike Lange goal calls on goal scores! “She wants to sell my monkey!”

    1 week later
    #1227 3 years ago
    Quoted from lpeters82:

    Thanks, I think it's like anything you work on personally...you see all the flaws. I remember that happening when I tiled the floor in my basement bathroom. As I was laying it all I could see where the areas that weren't perfect. It was really bothering me, but then I went upstairs and looked at the tile in my upstairs bathroom it was much worse. Because I didn't do the work myself, I never noticed all the imperfections. Hopefully this is the same.

    I do the same stuff....and when someone else does work for me, I get ticked cause I look at it and think I could have done it better, and what did I pay them all that money for?!!?

    2 weeks later
    #1248 3 years ago
    Quoted from WannabeWizard:

    Wanted to buy a Super Chexx Pro $1700 for nice used or $2700 for new Pro, or $3300 for new Pro with custom players.

    Not sure I understand correctly .. but if you are saying you can get a nice, used Super Chexx Pro for $1700, that’s the deal to get. You can buy the custom upgrade kits for $450. That’s $2150 for a used custom Pro model.

    #1250 3 years ago
    Quoted from bowz:

    Where can you get custom players from?

    ICE direct

    1 week later
    #1264 3 years ago
    Quoted from pacman11:

    Anyone know where I can buy a new dome glass for my bubble hockey at? I have an older 1990’s USA vs Canada bubble hockey

    ICE direct.

    #1275 3 years ago
    Quoted from pacman11:

    Anyone have an older dome that is crack free they want to send my way, don't really mind scratches? I picked up a project game that I am trying to fix up. PM me for details.. Thanks

    I do not think you are gonna find a used dome that’s any good-very quick. And if you do, shipping gonna be hefty price tag. Just do right by your uncle and the game...get the new dome and don’t look back. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

    #1284 3 years ago
    Quoted from pacman11:

    Yeah home depot has several size boxes and with some bubble wrap should be good to go.. lol

    Until you take it to UPS or FedEx and they say “that’s oversized box. Gonna cost you $200 to ship”. Lol

    1 week later
    #1295 3 years ago
    Quoted from Evil-Dingo:

    Well after planning it out, opted for a used table. Picked a "competition ice hockey" table up for 50.00. Total in it to date is 200.00. Its no Superchexx but it works well. » YouTube video


    #1298 3 years ago
    Quoted from Evil-Dingo:

    ROFL!! I cannot confirm nor deny that my wifes opinion had anything to do with the cheap version or amount of time I wanted to invest into building or rehabing an affordable Chexx. lol

    I watched your clip and I have to admit you did a nice job with it.

    #1309 3 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Guy I know (Pittsburgh) is selling one for $1350 ... it was on route but he replaced the dome, gearboxes and ribbon cable to the scoreboard!

    That’s a great price! Does it include a Kris Letang Bobblehead too?

    2 months later
    #1375 3 years ago
    Quoted from thall17:

    I have one in Michigan

    Hey, now! I called dibs....just waiting on word from labnip if he can fit it in his truck. Haha!

    2 months later
    #1409 3 years ago

    Im back in the club!!! Got a super deal on a project game. Will post pics with progress as it develops...

    77C2D4C3-63DF-40A0-AD43-157B55C5D477 (resized).jpeg
    #1410 3 years ago

    After knocking all the dirt off of it, this one has potential to end up really really nice. So stoked! Red base/red top is best generation of Chexx/Super Chexx for me!

    F73540CD-E24A-43E2-84D2-CCFCAC2B78C4 (resized).jpeg
    #1412 3 years ago
    Quoted from stef34:

    hi folks i have a question.
    i may have a super chexx but in spanish version.
    it was games imported from the US but it does not encounter success in europe.
    the game is spain against united state.
    do you think it s possible to change the board or the sound chip to make him speak like the traditionnal super chexx?

    Call ICE and ask them for the US Rom chip. Should easily swap out. Any pics?

    #1413 3 years ago

    Holy cow! Shopping for parts on ICE website...$82 on a ball eject solenoid for chexx/old super chexx??? Can someone look and confirm that I’m seeing that correctly? New super chexx $52???

    #1415 3 years ago

    That’s kind of crazy. Guess I’ll just have to factor that into pricing when I’m a buyer moving forward.

    #1419 3 years ago

    Ok....needs some troubleshooting help...I haven’t had this issue before.

    Scoreboard displays not working. One has some garbbled lights sometimes. Pretty sure it’s the last one in the daisy chain. I disconnected connectors and reseated. Disconnected and cleaned pins with scotchbrite pad. Still nothing. I haven’t got under the hood yet to look at the board. The light bulb works.

    Anyone else have trouble shooting ideas from similar issues on your game?

    Everything else works fine. Powers up. Plays attract mode. Coins up and goes into play mode. Puck activates all sensors under the playfield. It’s just the scoreboards not working. Game has been sitting in warehouse for about 6 years.

    #1423 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve got a Super Chexx. These are for the Chexx, and yes. Worth every penny.

    #1424 3 years ago
    Quoted from latenite04:

    I would start with swapping the board positions and see if the issue follows the board, maybe you have a bad wire in your daisy chain. If it follows the board I'd probably try re-flowing the solder on the MAX7219 chip which controls the segment displays. If that doesn't work I'd change out the ic. There are only two ic's on those boards, 74HC14 and MAX7219CNG, and both are cheap to replace.

    This is the kind of meaty stuff I need! My weekend “to-do” list

    #1425 3 years ago
    Quoted from latenite04:

    I would start with swapping the board positions and see if the issue follows the board, maybe you have a bad wire in your daisy chain. If it follows the board I'd probably try re-flowing the solder on the MAX7219 chip which controls the segment displays. If that doesn't work I'd change out the ic. There are only two ic's on those boards, 74HC14 and MAX7219CNG, and both are cheap to replace.

    None of the boards are working. One shows garbbled stuff and is affected on and off when wiggled the connector wires. I switched that board with the one across from it, and still have none of the 4 boards working. Light bulb is working, so there is power getting to the scoreboard

    1 week later
    #1431 3 years ago
    Quoted from wisemanbba:

    Sorry if this was already discussed. Can you upgrade a Super Chexx to a Super Chexx Pro? Is there an upgrade kit?

    Cannot upgrade. Would need to buy entire new system for it. I haven’t seen any individual parts for Pro model listed on their website. My guess is the cost would exceed what you could get if you sold your Super Chexx, then added the difference and bought a whole new game.

    #1432 3 years ago

    Waiting for parts to arrive....will update the project as I bring this one back to life.

    This is a Super Chexx “old” model. I believe it has the best soundtrack of them all. I like to leave the game on in the garage all the time just to hear the attract mode organ music play throughout the day. Music! Sweet music!

    88D1D738-E89F-42B0-9963-FF6A2A8ED475 (resized).jpegE5F9BA31-1196-46C1-ADB4-B071672C305E (resized).jpeg
    #1436 3 years ago

    These arrived today from a fellow Pinsider. Just got notification from ICE that the custom part of my order (2016 Penguins Stanley Cup Edition) has finally been completed and everything shipped. Estimated delivery 11-1-18.

    F110B0DF-D29D-4E91-9342-6AE05D4951D1 (resized).jpeg
    #1437 3 years ago
    Quoted from latenite04:

    blitzburgh99 - Did you clean the base? What did you use/how did you do it?

    It had lots of dirt on it. I used Windex (I know, its not good for plastics) and paper towels to knock all the big stuff off. Then followed up with Novus 1 wipedown.

    1 week later
    #1438 3 years ago
    C1015FFE-D466-470F-A7A5-4A686CAF37FB (resized).jpeg
    #1446 3 years ago

    What exactly is “theHeart” referenced above? Does the $795 replace, not only the scoreboard, but the main board mounted underneath the playfield in the base?

    Does it come with a keyboard to enter information?

    How does this work with the dome installed? Can if fit inside the bubble or does it sit on top? How does that affect playfield lighting?

    Lots of questions on this “mod”....

    #1447 3 years ago

    Custom coin box

    644C4930-79A0-4025-B27A-7FF9AF2BDF5B (resized).jpeg
    #1448 3 years ago

    Restore update:

    Ribbon cable swap didn’t get the scoreboard working. Looks like I’m gonna send it all to ICE and let them service it. They can fix it quickest with a little warranty.

    Going to go with USA vs. Canada. Restored back to original glory days. Test fitting placement for the cabinet bottom logos.

    3DA43F6A-ED62-42EB-9A3A-3BA6B1757EC1 (resized).jpeg
    #1449 3 years ago

    Since i was making a big order.....I added this for a future project before they became unavailable. Complete Penguins vs. Sharks 2016 Stanley Cup Champion Edition.

    547B76AE-99CD-4271-8BFB-6F5F4661E268 (resized).jpeg8F08806D-6C19-4843-958F-9E2DDF987C5E (resized).jpegE0837580-22DD-485A-BD2F-05F41BCE205D (resized).jpegE4CCCC82-E028-4F3B-9262-83B3905E28BE (resized).jpeg
    #1450 3 years ago

    Bud Light Bubble Boys memorabilia:

    My playing partner and I had lots of success in the old Bubble Boys tournaments. Here is some of my Bud Light collection items from that time period. Plan is to convert the Stars neon into a Penguins neon. If anyone has graphic art/decal making talents and is willing to help, shoot me a PM.

    0DE43133-DA00-4A4F-86FC-BE2BE7A76A51 (resized).jpeg14B98DE6-111B-4E70-83DE-B86FCDDFD9DE (resized).jpegA7A25FED-A43B-4CA0-BDD2-1182C85A66E6 (resized).jpeg9A5F3C96-F9C9-4F88-91BE-88380DE9BBF1 (resized).jpeg9735AB8F-660C-43DD-8627-86957C57BE3B (resized).jpegC973EDF3-BE1D-4103-A74C-4F89FC3AC1C3 (resized).jpeg
    #1452 3 years ago

    Ordered these from ICE. Anyone else using/used these? How do they work? I don’t want to drill holes in the side of the game only to find out I don’t use them.

    What about strong two sided tape that could hold a beer? Any recommendations?

    42A491C2-1A43-4088-9060-BEB950F17400 (resized).jpegB06369AA-31D7-449E-A4A1-590B35855935 (resized).jpegC2186127-A0FB-4474-B847-F81CE1ED831C (resized).jpeg
    #1454 3 years ago

    Tape ordered. How tough is it to remove, if necessary?

    #1455 3 years ago
    Quoted from zimmer62:

    Is anyone willing to sell me and old set of players after they swapped out for new players?
    Knowing that painting them will take me quite a bit of time I don't want my Super Chexx out of commission while I'm doing that.

    Did you find a set yet? PM me if you still looking for old sets of players.

    1 month later
    #1463 3 years ago
    Quoted from latenite04:

    Did anyone else see that Kixx soccer is back in a pro version. Looks like fun.

    I just watched the promo video. Wow! I am impressed. I owned a Super Kixx and sold it for space.

    This is huge improvement. Originals had actual turf for the playing surface. And while it’s very cool, it plays slow. This appears to be a hard surface where the ball should move a little faster.

    Will be interested to see what pricing will be.

    1 week later
    #1465 3 years ago

    That’s a beautiful Super Chexx! I would say it’s the best generation/model they produced. Classic USA vs Canada model. Playfield artwork plain and simple. Best sound ROM of them all with hair-trigger boo button response. If I were closer, I’d pick it up for sure. Hard to find that generation in such mint condition. Keep it!

    1 month later
    #1502 2 years ago
    Quoted from PaddyLV:

    Just pulled the plug on the NHL Pro Model with the Knights vs. Red Wings (I live in Vegas but was born in Detroit). Should be a nice addition to the game room.

    Good man!

    2 weeks later
    #1512 2 years ago

    Reminder to self and others...DO NOT use goof off on a Super Chexx dome!

    . What was I thinking??!!

    8E7F0924-7B1A-4006-AD05-8B6ACF5CB5AB (resized).jpegB155CE1A-D24F-4410-9AB9-30D83C288483 (resized).jpeg

    #1515 2 years ago
    Quoted from ccbiggsoo7:

    wont novus 2 and a buffing pad take care of that?

    I dunno...I need to work on it some more, but its almost like it melted the plastic. I ran some novus 3, 2, and 1 on it, and it didn’t do much. It was a quick pass.

    #1521 2 years ago
    Quoted from shumard76:

    I just bought a blue base Chexx and was wondering if anyone has instructions on how to install a free play button? Thanks

    Just put a cup of quarters close by

    #1523 2 years ago

    For those who have owned original Chexx with the Moog boards and a first generation Super Chexx, how would you compare the sound quality?

    There was an interesting tidbit on pinrepair about Moog being a synthesizer company and their superior sound quality. Wondering if there’s an big audible difference


    55D6FC1B-9978-4DC0-879B-CB52D95EEF12 (resized).jpeg
    #1524 2 years ago

    Test fit of the ice surface while remaining parts are in transit

    40E9E609-A90C-42C0-9878-67C7F8676BFC (resized).jpeg
    #1525 2 years ago

    Coming soon......

    C91E7346-69EB-4AC1-9F40-063D324AB9F1 (resized).jpeg
    #1527 2 years ago

    Who gets the nod in net for the Pens?

    1DDD9541-12F1-4B12-85EE-440C0315D369 (resized).jpeg
    #1529 2 years ago
    Quoted from Oaken:

    I vote left guy.

    Wreggett over Barasso???!!? I like the cut of your jib!

    #1533 2 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Gotta go with the right just for the fact that the pigeon logo on the left was one of the worse logos in NHL history.

    If there were one uniform scheme that the pigeon logo looked good on, then that is it. The pajama uniforms.
    ... and the Vegas Gold we had to suffer with had to be the worst color too. Looked like sunbleached uniforms

    #1536 2 years ago

    I once owned, simultaneously, all three “bubble” games from ICE... Super Chexx, Super Kixx, and the ultra rare, super HUGE...Turbo Drive!


    4E46DD32-1EAC-400D-9E82-E633F35B1295 (resized).jpeg
    #1538 2 years ago
    Quoted from Ryanx0r:

    Wow that is awesome. I've never seen or heard of that before but I want it.
    I just got my Super Chexx Pro delivered a few days ago and I'm loving it.

    For those without a calculator...the Turbo Drive is 6.58 feet long and 3.5 feet deep.

    #1540 2 years ago

    Arrived today from ICE for the restoration....should be back to life and playing in the next week or so.

    Going with a penguins theme....

    8BEA6C44-7645-41D2-A3CE-4B06B9CF2CC4 (resized).jpeg02325787-458D-4694-BEB0-44DBFC1B23E4 (resized).jpegAAC0F075-973A-464D-B9E5-50F1588A273C (resized).jpeg
    #1542 2 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Looking at the ice surface .... I've seen people have their surface break leaning them like that.... be careful!
    In short.... come on Blitz you're better than that!

    Love it! What the heck are you doing in California? WTF!!

    Is this a little better for the ice surface? Test fitting my decal set and trying to decide if I should go with a penguins theme or restore to original with USA vs. Canada. I’ve got full decal/team sets for either direction. I’m an originality guy tried and true...but the red accents on the pens side decal is looking decent. What do you think?

    The game unit is a first generation Super Chexx. My favorite generation! Best game sounds and soundtrack IMO.

    2A338B76-4466-4E1E-9A41-D52FBE46DEFE (resized).jpegC6C8C1E9-6FB9-4038-8C0F-EB4DD62E882E (resized).jpeg
    #1543 2 years ago

    Here’s one I’ve never seen before....

    398FFF94-AF7E-4642-9D41-F4F9F1FDA14F (resized).jpegC2DBEF1E-85E9-49C9-BD79-E20527511719 (resized).jpeg
    #1545 2 years ago

    The red base is plastic. The game has been sitting in an operators warehouse for the past 8 years or so, according to him. Houston humidity is notorious. It’s cleaning up, slow but sure.

    #1551 2 years ago
    Quoted from taylor34:

    This is my original chexx repainted. I'd embed it but evidently I don't know how, lol.

    Looks good! Any other pics of the base? That NHL ice surface isn’t sold by ICE anymore....they said the puck blended in too well and couldn’t see it.

    #1553 2 years ago
    Quoted from catboxer:

    Blitz, I wonder if they hacked up that collar because it had a stripped set screw. I have that problem on one of my guys and its been that way for years because I haven't bought a screw extractor kit or JB welded on an alley key to back it out.

    Those square head screws strip easy if the screw is locked pretty tight. I have two other rod collars that I’m gonna have to replace because the screws are stripped out. I even soaked every screw/bolt down with PB Blaster, but not all broke free cleanly. Making ANOTHER order today for parts. Shipping costs are adding up! Haha! Stripping everything off and deep cleaning under playfield mechanics.

    3636F0DD-14B0-43CB-B616-B8AC8906E5AC (resized).jpegB6EEAFB1-FCEE-4B54-A0A6-F6E4C0F01EFF (resized).jpegEAC298D1-187B-47E3-93B9-A3499B556234 (resized).jpegF222FBFA-4AFB-4DDF-A97E-065CC9D111BD (resized).jpeg
    #1555 2 years ago
    Quoted from catboxer:

    How are you removing the stripped ones? Gotta say the dremel idea looks easy enough.

    Yes. Dremel cut in the middle.

    1 week later
    #1562 2 years ago

    If you are changing gear boxes, some of the “inner” players rods will need to have the rod collars removed to access the gear box. Getting those rod collars back to the same spot for the players can go forward and backward the to the same ending spots can be tricky. This may require the removal of players and ice surface multiple times to adjust where the rod collars set correctly.

    Before removing the rod collars, mark the player rod on both sides of the rod collar(s) with a sharpie marker. When reassembling, this will show you exactly where to put them so that the player advances forward and back to the correct spots on the ice.

    Also, makes sure you tighten the rod collar screws down very tight. Test the tightness by hitting the rod collar against the metal stop bracket very hard to make sure it doesn’t move from between the two sharpie lines, as mentioned above.

    Nothing is more annoying than having to pull the players and the ice surface off many times to adjust the rod collars that are out of factory spec positions. Less time fixing and more time playing!

    1DA5FF96-5737-4D80-B583-9FAD29F12A33 (resized).jpeg84EA0DA4-583A-4CF3-9EAA-FA5686A85FF8 (resized).jpeg
    1 week later
    #1589 2 years ago

    The newer pucks aren’t as solid as the older pucks. I’ve noticed the newer puck get burrs in them after a couple of years of hard play. But...I also play fast and furious.... Fire that puck around!

    2 months later
    #1633 2 years ago

    Dome is $325 plus shipping. Gear boxes are $15.95 each. Depending on the ice surface itself, new plastic ramps can be installed cheap. Bummer on the handle grip being ripped. Those red grips, believe it or not, are unobtanium. At least they have been for many years.

    If all the items you mentioned as bad were fixed and no other problems....I would say it’s a $1000-1200 game, depending on where you live maybe $1500. As it sits, $750 is what I’d be willing to pay.

    Some reasons why it’s considered a lower valued game than the Super Chexx are: 1) some of the parts are no longer supported by chexx. Mainly the scoreboard, but there is an aftermarket solution; 2) the soundtrack isn't as deep as newer models; 3) the players have plastic posts and can strip. Newer games and replacement players have metal posts.

    1 month later
    #1651 2 years ago

    Found these listed in the ICE website parts section....could we now modify original Super Chexx with the new scoreboard system?

    2847150C-3876-4BD0-A3C6-EC7D213855F9 (resized).jpeg80DEEB0B-E942-43FB-97C5-62C3FC6B4195 (resized).jpeg
    2 months later
    #1676 2 years ago

    That is a great idea for cupholder. Will you be offering those for sale?

    #1680 2 years ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    Im thinking real hard about joining this club. To all the people who own one of these i want you to please be be straight up, is bubble hockey really a lot of fun and do you recommend buying one? I wont lie, I’ve never played one but they are beautiful and they look like they could be lots of fun. Are they fun with two people? More fun with four people? Right now im sick of all the playfield issues in pinball and im thinking this might be a cool addition to my game room, but i only want it if its fun and if it will get played and enjoyed by me and my guest.

    You will not regret....best party game around

    #1692 2 years ago
    Quoted from Coz:

    It’s definitely for 4 players, really hard to play with 2 people. If you have a few friends over, it’s fun![quoted image]

    Only hard for two players if they both suck! 4 players makes it a blast as a “party” game. But serious competition players prefer the one-on-one action.

    Have you held any bubble hockey tournaments yet? Wednesday nights are national TV hockey nights...could be a good winter draw for the location?!

    #1700 2 years ago
    Quoted from pacman11:

    So is the Blue Super Chexx the rarest Bubble Hockey around? I had a collector tell me that just curious if this was true?

    The blue version is the original version and is just “Chexx”.

    I wouldn’t call any version “rare” outside of the 2005 Limited Editions they did. The Bud Light games have some collectibility but they are seen pretty often.

    The blue base is probably the least valued one of all of them.... only because of the old boards and the scoreboards being out of production.

    If it’s missing the red player rod grips, then that devalues it more, as they are unobtanium.

    The original “chexx” players had bases made of molded plastic, whereas newer players have the metal rod in them. The plastic base will strip out eventually. So factor in two new player sets in the pricing equation.

    Condition would make a difference....any pics/price they are asking?

    #1707 2 years ago

    Cup holder looks fantastic!

    #1711 2 years ago

    Has anyone installed one of these on their Super Chexx? How is it? Does the clear plastic cover fit over it? Any annoying glare on the ice surface?
    85B112BC-1CF4-44E2-95EB-F15336718D61 (resized).jpeg

    1 week later
    #1717 2 years ago
    Quoted from latenite04:

    These are the general price ranges I've seen over the last few years while looking for mine. I mainly looked in the North East and Midwest, I've heard they are cheaper down south. Almost anything can be fixed or replaced, they are tanks.
    Original Chexx (83-90) - $600 - 1600
    Super Chexx (91-2018) - $800 - 2200 (The super chexx from 2001 on have added audio from Rick Jeanneret and seem to cost a few hundred more, I'm not sure if that is because of the audio or that they are usually in better condition)
    Super Chexx Pro (2018-) - $2400 up to NIB from ICE (I've only seen a few of these come up used so far)
    Common replacement costs to consider.
    Dome - $327 plus a lot of shipping. (Pick it up in Buffalo if possible)
    Ice sheet - Plain/$115 NHL/$150
    Gear box - $16
    Net - $24
    Replacement players - $75 for a team
    Scoreboards and main boards are available but start to add up quickly.
    If you have one you are looking at describe it or post a few pictures and I'm sure people can give you a price range.

    Nice write-up. I would say he’s spot on with pricing in the Midwest and Texas area markets.

    #1723 2 years ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    I think I'd probably be ok with a regular base because my doors are considered to be 32" doors (I think?) but if you measure the inside of my door frames they are like 31" inches so that's what concerns me. What do you think?

    If you turn the base sideways and use the curved sides to your advantage, you would easily clear that 31” door frame measurement.

    That said, if you have a choice between solid and split base, I suggest the split base. One never knows where one might move, or which room it might need to go in.

    #1736 2 years ago

    Oooo....that red looks great!

    #1742 2 years ago

    Put Out to Pasture! The sun sets on another routed dome.

    42BF4A1F-A8DC-40B3-B024-074089FBFDB9 (resized).jpeg
    #1744 2 years ago
    Quoted from Spelly88:

    Hey all... I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on a new one of these and had a quick question. My basement doorway is 30" from door to inside frame. Will the standard base be able to be maneuvered through without taking off the basement door, or should I go with the split base to be safe? Just wondering if anyone has any experience with a similar measurement.

    Be safe. Split base. That way if you ever move and doorways are smaller, or tight turns up/down stairways, you never need to worry again.

    #1754 2 years ago
    Quoted from mkk629:

    You could always customize it so your favorite Pennsylvania team never loses. . .[quoted image]

    Number 13.....Bonino is your big stick? Are they the same numbers/players for both home and road?

    #1760 2 years ago

    I priced out an NHL version, with split base, coin door, LED light add-on.....I can’t believe how the price has gone up from the pre-Super Chexx Pro days. Then I priced out a Super Kixx Pro and fell out of my chair!

    #1764 2 years ago
    Quoted from YZRider926:

    Go and catch a game live if you can. Nothing like playoff hockey.

    I second that suggestion....until you watch a game in person, you still haven’t completely experienced what hockey is all about

    #1772 2 years ago

    Best period of hockey I ever watched was at a Houston Aeros AHL playoff game circa 2008....second period. There was end to end action with no whistles/stops in play from the 18:00 minute mark until there were 2:00 left in the period. 16 minutes straight of clean line changes, no offsides, no penalties, no pucks out of play, no goalie freezes. Nothing. Just good clean line changes and non stop hockey. It blew my mind!!!

    #1776 2 years ago

    A fresh, new dome really sets the restoration over the top!

    102F40A8-86FC-4E30-B777-0E8216E2D256 (resized).jpeg
    #1778 2 years ago
    Quoted from Wharhed:

    Very nice! Do the new domes come with the score board ribbon affixed? I need to get a new one, but am having trouble justifying the shipping cost lol

    You just have to pay for the cable and they will install it for you. Well worth it. It’s like a brand new game again!

    #1792 2 years ago
    Quoted from Spelly88:

    Finally pulled the trigger yesterday! NHL - Flyers (Home) vs. Penguins (White Away) with the Flyers logo. Went with a black split base just to be safe and also got the home version. Really thought about the LED but ultimately decided not to do it. If they interacted with the game, I would have splurged.
    Now the waiting...

    As a native Pittsburgher, and Penguins fan....I must give due props to the Philly guy who got his game with the Penguins as the visiting team. With a split black base. Well played!

    #1805 2 years ago
    Quoted from Heisenberg:

    hahaha, Man you jumped on that a lot quicker than I thought someone would. I don't give in into political correctness and what the masses say is right or wrong. Quite frankly I'm fed up with it all. I go by my own code of what is or what isn't. But to each his own. As long as you like Bubble Hockey you're ok in my book.

    Man...for a Philly guy, I’m liking Hesienberg more and more! Great response.

    #1806 2 years ago

    Is there anywhere on the World Wide Web that has sound clips of hockey arena organ music? Spotify? Apple Music?

    1 week later
    #1812 2 years ago

    Outside of moving the game from it’s original spot on the floor, everything inside the bubble should be legal. In the NHL, do guys get to stand in the crease and take as much time as they want to set the puck up on their stick and make the perfect shot?? NO! They get checked hard. This is why jiggling the goalie and “popcorning” must be allowed. Shoot the puck or get it jiggled off your stick.

    As for face offs going to the center iceman, why pass off? Shoot it. There are ways to redirect the puck if the game eject favors one team. That’s Life in the Bubble! Sometimes the puck bounces your way, and sometimes it doesn’t.

    For maximum enjoyment, play the game by keeping the puck moving.

    #1814 2 years ago
    Quoted from Oaken:

    Just don’t slap the dome. Smudges and scratches are not cool.


    #1816 2 years ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    I just read up on some of the rules and they are calling shaking the game popcorning lol. I can see a bunch of 50-60 year old drunks right now yelling at each other saying "HEY MF NO POPCORNING!!" lmao

    As for the “rules”....those same guys who are against shaking the goalie and/or spinning players, are the same guys who will hold the puck and burn off the clock after they get a goal or two lead in tournament play. Then they claim they are the best players in the world. The reality of the “expert” players is this: they are only about 5 or 10 guys who play among themselves in the Northeast area. But they think the Super Chexx world revolves around them and how they think the “rules” should be.

    Bottom line...bubble hockey is like politics. It’s all local. Make your rules the way you and your friends like to play best. Don’t just accept what the “experts” say.

    #1853 2 years ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    Yes that's what I was wondering, if the miracle on ice version was the first theme that they made? Or was it just a red team vs a Blue team?

    Chexx was the first version, blue base and blue top. USA vs Russia. Not labeled Miracle on Ice until the last generation of Super Chexx. Some Chexx also had Canada as a team.

    #1857 2 years ago
    Quoted from Who-Dey:

    When did they start doing the NHL teams? That was a great idea also.

    NHL was around same time as Miracle in Ice and the last generation of Super Chexx. They also offered AHL teams around 2012. Full base decal packages and teams, just like what comes with current NHL packages.

    #1868 2 years ago

    Don’t forget to get some lemon Pledge and wipe down the ice surface. The puck will glide like it’s on ice! That makes it faster and more fun.

    #1870 2 years ago

    They did!

    #1881 2 years ago

    The “playfield” will never chip. Nor will it dimple.