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WTB: Jurassic Park (Data East) - 1993

No one calls this topic a favorite.

By mrclean

3 years ago


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#1 3 years ago

looking to purchase a 1993 Data East Jurassic Park, Please PM me with price and condition. I'm willing to ship the game (I'm located in NY).

This I'm looking for in the game:

relatively clean cosmetic shape doesn't need to be HUO
Working 100% with no errors, no dmd issues, i.e. t-rex, switches etc..
Preferably recently shopped out - rubbers,waxed,bulbs,glass, balls etc
No missing parts, no broken plastics / parts
No major cabinet damage
Topper not required
LED's not required
no playfield ware/issues
Cliffy's a plus
not a rats nest or a shit box basically.

#3 3 years ago

Love JP. GL sir.

#4 3 years ago


sixsixtie said:
Love JP. GL sir.

Thanks, not only do I love the pin..But HUGE fan of the movie.. (this is in my house a replica east dock sign life size 1:1) I saw someone else on pinside has one and is likely a member of rpf.. any ways I want this game bad...

I'm new here on pinside, However I've been a KLOV member since 2006, and on BYOAC for just as long. My website is (all vids) on my site as of now. Any ways I keep having this game slip through my fingers ! I just want it already. I'm not going to pay retail prices on it because I know what it's worth obviously I know condition is king etc..


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