Wrath of Olympus - Original / Custom Pinball Development

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Wrath of Olympus - Original / Custom Pinball Development

By T-800

6 years ago

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#33 5 years ago

Just an idea here...in the bg you have Zeus with lightning coming out of his hand zigzaging all over it, so you put your money in and the game goes dark, the lightning flashes accompanied by a lightning crack and rolling thunder then the Zeus picture fades on and a thunderous voice says something like "YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE ME ZEUS KING OF THE GODS... PREPARE TO DO BATTLE" and the pf and bg lights come on. The lightning could be done with el wire or paper? Good idea or stupid idea...I can take it.

#36 5 years ago

How many games have you seen that go from lighted attract mode to completely dark as soon as you put your money in then a few seconds later "WAM" your hit with the lightning and thunder and the god like voice of Zeus thundering his challenge. I think it would be a really great way to start a game. I know I've never seen anything like it before.

#72 5 years ago

Just don't skimp on the audio, it has to be god like not wimpy, especially when Zeus speaks and it has to have GREAT speakers and amp.

#75 5 years ago

I hope the lighting behind the backglass lives up to the title.

1 month later
#121 5 years ago

Looks like those ramps are just BEGGING for some el wire.

#130 5 years ago

No more and no less then needed.....sorry I just had to say that.

1 week later
#156 5 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

So, I think I may have hit a new pinball record last night playing WOOLY... I can't think of any other pinball machine out there that has this many unique shots (i.e. not hitting the same shot twice) all done on the fly without ever stopping the ball or having to do a flipper pass -
Here's my nine shot, on the fly combo finishing to a VUK drop to start a mode -
1. Right oribt via lower left flipper
2. Pandora orbit via middle left flipper
3. Left ramp via lower right flipper
4. Right ramp via lower left flipper
5. Left orbit via lower right flipper
6. Middle orbit via lower right flipper
7. Upper oribt via middle right flipper
8. Upper ramp via middle right flipper
9. Center VUK shot via lower left flipper.
Anyone know of any existing pinball machines with this many unique shots without a single shot being duplicated with each one bringing the ball back to a controlled position on the flipper?? ( I think LOTR comes close - but is broken up with VUKs - right orbit, right ramp, left ramp, center ramp, gandalf orbit, left orbit into tower kicker... maybe The Shadow?

1 week later
#197 5 years ago

I'm in the area too. If you ever want to have an Open House for us local guys let us know. I know I won't get bored if you talk & talk & talk about the game.

4 months later
#284 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Any chance I can convince you to drive down for MadRollinPinball in Madison in Sept

OH..this reminds me, are you coming to Steve's Pinball BBQ this year, you don't have to bring the game.

1 year later
#1235 3 years ago

I gotta make it over one of these days to see these.

#1240 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

brass #6 3/8 hex heads...
bummer they are all gone

Funny. I got a crap ton of um.

#1251 3 years ago
Quoted from extraballingtmc:

This is awesome!!! Means there's still hope stern might buy the license.

But you have to remember that if Stern were to buy the license that doesn't mean they HAVE to make it, they could just sit on it for years and maybe not even produce a single game. They could do something like that to keep it out of the hands of the compatition.

#1390 3 years ago
Quoted from Volte6:

Dude chill, you're very emotional over this. I didn't mean to hit so many buttons.

Yeah you hit his buttons all right.

#1400 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballnut3:

Everyone's chances of playing this game just went up a little bit.

In France anyway.

#1402 3 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

You know you're welcome! Got a spare bedroom! Now Check for cheap flights

Oh don't tempt me like that. If I came over I'd also have to visit friends in Belgem, Sweden and Germany so I could be over there for months...which I can't afford right now.

#1405 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I put my balls on the lockdown of #3 and #4 when scott was not looking I just like to leave my mark

and then you licked the bars, right.

1 month later
#1472 3 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

Sorry, Kris. Just poking fun at how seriously confidential and silly it was to make 4 games.. tell people it was because there were only 4 parts left... and then get mad when someone asks what part it was.

Ya gotta remember they take this VERT seriously and to them it's not "silly". They know what they're doing and have good reason for why they are doing things the way they are. We just sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

3 weeks later
#1518 3 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

What realistically needs to happen to get this game to production?

Probably at least 100k for start up.

#1530 3 years ago

All you guys will have a chance to talk Scotts ear off at Expo but I have a feeling he'll tell you that he's not interested in producing a kit form of the game.

#1535 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Well it's Scott's game, he can obviously do anything he pleases! But I think it's going to be increasingly hard to sell a game with a traditional DMD now, at least at that price point. Color would be a great way to help generate interest IMHO. Assuming the original assets are in color already and it's not a huge project.

Talk to Scott about it at Expo and let us know what he has to say.

#1552 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

If they can get this out the door for $6500ish.

Aint gonna happen. I'll put $50 on it.

#1556 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

If they could get near the price of a shipped GOT LE, and use a color screen, it could work.

How near is near? Your near or my near?

#1566 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I suggest instead of this constant conjecture and jumping to conclusions that all people interested in WOOLY spend some time with Scott and Frank and play the game at Expo. Talk with them in person and ASK them what they want to do going forward. Maybe they already have a plan? Maybe they have no desire to ever build more? Maybe they have 10 of them already built and sitting in a trailer to be sold at expo?
I own a game and I have no clue what team RIOT has planned for the future of WOOLY, so I will definately be asking lots of questions! I will also do anything in my power/ability to help get more of these made so others can enjoy them.

About time someone stated this. I think poor Scott and Frank are gonna loose their voices.

#1580 3 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Feedback anyone?
Now is the time to play that game before it leaves the US for la douce France. Forever

Geeee I wonder where it's going. Probably some rich dude bought it and it'll just sit in his 200 game collection and never get played.

1 month later
#1630 3 years ago

I talked to Scott and no one wants to make it, until a company steps up it's dead.

#1632 3 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

why don't they sell it as a parts in a box game. (lots of assembly required). I bet they would get a bunch of sales anyway.

Scott has a life and doesn't want it to turn out to be a full time job.

#1636 3 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Not sure why another manufacturer would build it. Another "love of pinball" thought that doesn't make much business sense for the manufacturer. They'd have to have pre order dollars locked for it to work.

Probably a couple mil gamble.

#1646 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

you have no idea what you are talking about. Looking at mine right now and super crisp and clean keyline and sharp images look just like the original amazing art.

2 to 1....I think he needs glasses. Knowing Scott he would never settle for what fantasygoat saw.

#1649 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Colors were done in RGB not CYMK. CYMK is old technology and 300 dpi is more than enough for the playfield.
I dont know what your agenda is or why you are so desparate to dump in my thread; but can you go shit in some one else's bowl of cheerios for a while?
Edit - just checked my original files and they were actually at 400 dpi.

NEVER argue with the designer.

#1652 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

And here we go.....
Yes, vectors themselves have no resolution, they are mathematical expressions. However, in order to actually print them you have to export them at a specific resolution and physical size.

How big was the file size for the pf, 2 gig?

#1655 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Depends on how it was layered. My Alien playfield file is 4 gigs, but only because of all the layering. If it was done as vectors it wouldn't be anywhere near that big, and when you export them for printing they're likely flattened, so again not too huge. These are good things, I had to upgrade my machine to 32 gigs of RAM because of how my playfield file was ballooning.
300 dpi is more than sufficient to print a great image too. The printing method starts to matter a lot more than the resolution.
Scott, you gave Spooky an RGB file? How was it printed? Is it a direct ink jet that uses more than CMYK?
This is the 3rd year in a row I've seen WOOLY at Expo. Every single year it's looked better and better. And this year it wasn't just that it looked better, it's that it sounded better. The original music really elevated the whole package up.

I would imagine every image of the pf had to be on it's own layer so they could be moved around, enlarged or made smaller etc. When I did my dvd box inserts each image was on it's own layer so that was only about 40 layers tops and a 30meg file. I got all the images and text to fit like a glove so it printed out perfect.



#1657 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

What I discovered after upgrading my RAM was that it wasn't the file size that was causing a lot of the problems, but Photoshop was starting to choke on the number of smart objects I'm using. All of the inserts are done with smart object vector bases and rendering them all was making Photoshop an unhappy camper.

I only used PS 7 for my work so I didn't have all the new options you have now and I was only scratching the surface of the program too. I think my Mac at the time had the max ram...4gig.

#1662 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Agreed to both. I thought the voices weren't bad, but they sound a little homebrew still. I think it's harder than people think to sell a character through voice acting. Especially someone like Hades, if you could find the right baritone to really boom out some of those callouts? Something with more bass, with the Two Steps From Hell style music? Would be bad ass.
I've looked into paying for voicework, for pinball stuff it's really not that expensive. Even a game with a lot of callouts still isn't a whole lot of material. It would be a cool indie game topic actually.
The music is so kick ass now, I'd work on getting the vocals up to the same standard. I don't remember the rest of the sound package, hard to hear in a noisy expo hall. But sounds are so important. We're working on a plan right now to up the sound game on Alien, and I'm really happy about that, I think it will go a long way towards getting the atmosphere right. I also really can't wait to hear Hobbit in a home setting, I suspect it's going to be amazing sounding.
And now that there are RGB LEDs on the playfield, if there was a color display it would add up to a package that would go a long way towards justifying the price more in people's minds I think. The DMD is just toast now, we're just waiting for Stern to kick it to the curb too.
Obviously this all easy for me to say! But with all the time and money and work you've put into this, would just be awesome to see you take the whole thing to the next level.
What kind of PC is powering it? Do you have the horsepower to push full rez graphics to an LCD screen if you wanted to do all that work or redoing it in high rez color?

That's what I said 2 years ago but about Zeus's voice. How does his voice sound?

3 weeks later
#1678 3 years ago
Quoted from gregh43:

Is Wrath available to play on Virtual? that would be cool to play on VP till it becomes a reality.

I don't think so and don't hold your breath for a real game.

#1681 3 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

Maybe pitch Wooly lay out as a "gods of Egypt."
I was in and got my refund but would love to see this layout come to life.

Well win the BIG one in a few hours and fund it. That's what I'd do with 700 mil after taxes.

#1685 3 years ago
Quoted from gregh43:

Thanks Capt. Neo. if I win big. you all get a Stern Kiss with a boatload of cash inside the coinbox. and will give Scott the cash to start up his own company to produce his awesome game and buy you each one too

1 week later
#1691 3 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Hey everyone! Doing a little fund raising. First person to contact me gets first dibs. Selling my original drawing for the WOOLY translite.
Artwork is done on bristol board and is 28"x22".
Own a piece of pinball history! This is the original, one-of-a-kind, hand drawn pen and ink artwork for the Wrath of Olympus pinball machine translite. The first ever pinball machine developed virtually and made real. See the incredible detail in the line work first hand.
Item is ready for custom framing. $750 purchase price includes free shipping in the United States. Also includes a free translite of the finished colored work.
First come first served. PM or email me at scott@riotpinball.com


Damn that's nice.

4 weeks later
#1693 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballnut3:

NICE! is this still available?

You mean you don't have one.

9 months later
#1726 2 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

No offense intended, but all these people who are saying "just build it!", did you commit to a deposit when they asked for people to step up?
It's easy to armchair quarterback, but the reality is that they put together a business plan to make it happen, and people didn't support it. The community could have had it if they really wanted it.
Congrats to Frank and Scott, color really brings things to life.

But ya gotta remember a lot of those people weren't around when that happened.

#1749 2 years ago

Wasn't there some problem with getting a few parts, they couldn't find any more?

#1768 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

yes, but that's because they were buying existing inventory vs a manufacturing run where you'd be sourcing things differently.

I see.

#1769 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Bingo. I don't understand why it's so hard for some people to understand this...

I just thought they weren't gonna make any more of those parts is, but I do understand they would make more if you wanted 150 or so.

#1797 2 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Logistical nightmare for support IMO. Only way it could be done is to sell a prepackaged blank pf, list of all the needed parts, and the code for X amount. EAch person has to sign off that there is zero support expected or given and good luck in your build. When you screw it up, don't contact riot. Aside from that it would be a mess, esp with the expectations combined with lack of skill of so many people that think they are capable.

Yup and if it were a kit it would probably dramaticly cut the number of people who would want it.

#1828 2 years ago

Scott you gotta come here more often to squash all the rumor bugs.

#1831 2 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Lol, the trolls just find a way no matter what you post and then it multiplies.

#1858 2 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

ok, let's add a little fun to this today. Let's see some gameplay with the latest software and ColorDMD.
While I don't have the proper equipment for a nice video, I snagged the 1080p camcorder, mounted the tripod and recorded a 6 minute play session.
As you watch, here are some highlights to understand what's going on while I played. This is just an unrehearsed walk up to the game and play, so lots more to see and hear another time. Audio is not great since the camera/mic was 15 feet from me, but you should be able to hear the soundtrack and call outs.
What are we seeing (timecode in the video):
0:35 Hydra battle (one of the 8 main random battles) - color change to green
1:33 collected a titan (these are worth 1 million each at the end of the ball - 31 in all to collect)
1:37 collected a titan
2:04 completed the (5) firelamps for 2x playfield values
2:16 Cerberus battle (one of the 8 main random battles) - color change to yellow
3:04 end of ball color changes showing (2) battles fought so far and their color
3:13 Freaky skillshot (lower right loop). One of the (3) skillshots
3:41 end of ball color changes showing (2) battles fought so far and their color
3:52 Medusa battle (one of the 8 main random battles) - color change to red
4:14 collected a titan
4:23 Medusa defeated - 4 ball multiball begins
5:08 Add a ball during Medusa multiball
5:46 end of ball color changes showing (3) battles fought so far and their color
5:54 Cerberus match animation (one of 2 random match animations in the game)
6:02 end of game lightshow to attract mode
6:19 Quick fly-by of the playfield and display
» YouTube video

Wow talk about long ball times.

3 months later
#1907 1 year ago
Quoted from chadderack:

One thing I missed at TPF was running in to Scott. Would have been cool to network

Scott had the family there so no telling where they were at.

9 months later
#1946 12 months ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Here is the code journey ... thanks for your interest. Its in reverse chronological order (current to past).Sorry I couldn't figure out how to include a text file.
Version 1.40C January 2018
* Add - music ducking (music is volume reduced 50% when callouts are playing)
* Add - separate voice processing for call outs
* Add - priority voice processing for Jackpots, MYC, Skillshots, To War and a few others
* Bug Fix - added a small delay to starting sirens after completing all 4 monsters to dis-allow running sirens more than once a game
* Bug Fix - prevent double call to end ball under certain condition when failing demigod wizard mode
* Bug Fix - Don't allow the Titan Award callout during Pandora Multiball
* Bug Fix - Turn off the right scoop lamp if lightning monster qualified and monster/god mode/pandoramb running
* Change - Re sequence Attract mode animations at end of game
* Change - elevate Move Your Chariot voice call to always play when starting the hurryup
* Change - suppress combo calls during Athena hurryup
Version 1.39C December 2017
* Change: Added more score choices in timing Skillshot 1
* Bug Fix - extinguish inlane lamps if lit during end of ball bonus
* Bug Fix - corrected condition in Medusa where kickback ballsave would fire 3 balls
* Bug Fix - Played DEMIGOD and failed, 4th monster played after demigod would prevent you from continuing.
* Bug Fix - Fail in HADES battle and right TRI lamp under the helmet was incorrectly lit
* Bug Fix - Lightning targets were not getting reset at the end of all monster/god battles
* Change: Medusa and Minotaur Jackpots are now progressive
* SIRENS - 4 shots add 3sec of time(pandoraloop,bumper,upperramp,upperentry)
- Bonus is unlimited now in SIRENS
Version 1.38C December 2017
* enable chase lamps for each random shot in SIRENS
* extend bonus shots available in SIRENS to 20 from 14
* Add more helper shots to extend SIRENS (lightning targets, upperramp, pandorareward, bumper)
* more ballsave improvements in Medusa and Minotaur
* Allow Skill Shot Master to be awarded for an additional completion of skillshots
* Improved skill shot logic
* Add tiers for BB multiball/Cyclops hurryup (increase jackpots/values after each BB multiball/cyclops hurryup)
* improve scoring of ball buster multiball (2x scoring in pandora and firelamps/fates scoring added to base scoring)
* reduce ball buster multiball ball save from 15s to 10s
* Main ball save reduced from 20s to 10s.
* Add additional STAT for Standlone mode to ensure proper trough handling in wizard mode
* Titan War - ensure drop target is up at all times to change sides
* remove 7 second ballsave for monster/god mode starts
* Escape from Hades(kickback) available in all monster/god modes
* Extend time for Hades hurryup to 20s, extend time for MYC to 30s
* Triple MYC value during PandoraMultiball
* Bug Fix - fixed a very rare condition in SIRENS where the lock would not disengage
* Bug Fix - fixed condition where SIRENS could be started twice
* Bug fix - debounce added to captive ball to prevent double hits
* Bug Fix - Medusa Add Time/strength/health changed from multiball to qualifying
* Bug Fix - end of game music would cut out early on next game if startbutton was pressed at the end of match display
* Bug Fix - prometheus hurryup running stacked with either Hades hurryup or aphrodite hurryup, don't reset music when prometheus ends
* Bug Fix - CyclopsHurryup prevent multiple starts
* Bug Fix - restore captive ball hit sound after BB multiball
* Bug Fix - Don't reset Cyclops hits if monster/god running
* Bug Fix - Turn off VUK Ball Save at end of monster modes.
* Bug Fix - ballsave adjusted to prevent additive ballsaves
* Bug Fix - Delay Sirens to ensure Monster battles complete. Hit the vuk again to start Sirens
* Bug Fix - Qualifying Wizard mode last god to beat second time around error fix
* Bug Fix - EXTRA BALL was not giving a replay if REPLAY = EXTRA BALL in the service menu
Version 1.37C June 2017
* ADD - Left and Right spinner flasher effects
* ADD - SKILL SHOT MASTER screen and award for completing all 3 skill shots in a game
* ADD - Press right flipper during Attract mode to display last scores (helps for league play)
* ADD - Additional attract mode quest text added detailing game features
* ADD - ColorDMD attract mode quest text added detailing game features
* Change - ARES jackpots are now additive based on how many ramps you hit. Higher scoring.
* Change - ColorDMD corrections to match and some other minor screens.
* Change - Increment DIVINE JACKPOT for subsequent Z-E-U-S completions during Zeus Letter MB
* Change - Turn off UpperFlipper timer display. It's not necessary.
* Bug Fix - After playing DEMIGOD and failing, replaying incomplete battles could only be done once.
Now you can replay them until you complete them all and start the CHALLENGES OF THE GODS wizard mode.
* Bug Fix - Monster/god battles doubled bonus under certain conditions (corrected)
* Bug Fix - Don't reset the lightning lamps after any hurryup
* Bug Fix - MEDUSA multiball did not end under certain conditions (corrected)
* Bug Fix - MINOTAUR multiball did not end under certain conditions (corrected)
* Bug Fix - CRONUS 00 MATCH BUG fixed
Version 1.36C April 2017
* Bug Fix - HADES Hurryup GI lighting will now stay RED after lightshow/hits
* Bug Fix - Don't allow demigod mode to be replayed (if you fail demigod the first time you have to beat the unfinished battles to start the wizard mode)
* Bug Fix - Don't start a titan war if any other battles are running
* Bug fix - Cerberus running with locked balls & Zeus letter MB running battle didn't end when ball drained
* Bug fix - Don't allow battles to start if Prometheus Fast Scoring is running
* Bug fix - Turn off god mode lamp as soon as ball save timer expires(off during short grace period)
* Bug fix - completing HADES battle after demigod mode
* Bug fix - completing LAST monster battle after demigod mode
* ADD - Prometheus fast scoring BLUE/PURPLE lighting
* ADD - Aphrodite hurryup LIME GREEN lighting (restore GREEN if running pandoraMB when finished)
* ADD - Cyclops hurryup CRIMSON lighting (restore GREEN if running pandoraMB when finished)
* ADD - Achilles hurryup LIGHT BLUE lighting (restore GREEN if running pandoraMB when finished)
* ADD - Move your chariot ORANGE lighting (restore GREEN if running pandoraMB when finished)
* ADD - Hades quick popup for CHARON hurryup RED lighting
* ADD - Hades quick popup for spelling 'OLYMPUS' RED lighting
* CHANGE - Restore Move your chariot ORANGE lighting if Ball Buster stacked/ends
* CHANGE - Restore Hades hurryup RED lighting if Ball Buster stacked/ends
* CHANGE - Hades hurryup RED lighting (restore GREEN if running pandoraMB when finished)
* CHANGE - if Pandora MB is running and HADES hurryup, resume Pandora multiball music/lighting when HADES hurryup ends
* CHANGE - if Pandora MB is running and Achilles hurryup, resume Pandora multiball music when Achilles ends
* CHANGE - if Pandora MB is running and Zeus letter MB, resume Pandora multiball lighting when Zeus MB is finished
* CHANGE - if Pandora MB is running and move your chariot, resume Pandora multiball music when MYC ends
* CHANGE - if Pandora MB is running and ball breaker MB, resume Pandora multiball music when BB ends
* CHANGE - if Pandora MB is running and Cyclops hurryup, resume Pandora multiball music/lighting when Cyclops is finished
* CHANGE - Zeus letter multiball remove additional BALL SAVE
* CHANGE - Charon hurryup will only allow a single hit to HADES before he drops to prevent scoring exploit
* CHANGE - Removed unnecessary drop target resets if target is already up
* ADD - New Service Menu Option: Enable kickback at the start of each new ball
Version 1.35C Mar 2017
* Add - Errant balls stuck in Pandoras box will be released when you attempt to start a game
* Add - New Service menu function - EXPORT LOG (this will export the gameplay log and configs to USB)
* Change - console commands removed and messages logged to system log improving loop rate
* Bugfix - Unable to start battles after Pandora Multiball
* Bugfix - ZEUS mode storyline missing phrases added
* Bugfix - HADES mode storyline missing phrases added
* Bugfix - CERBERUS mode storyline missing phrase added
* Bugfix - MEDUSA mode storyline missing phrases added
* Bugfix - HYDRA mode storyline missing phrases added
* System - Remove all console output and replace with log output
* Add - Save Mode progress. Progress is saved in Monster and god battles that were not completed
* Add - Load Mode progress. Monster and god battles progress for incompleted battles is loaded in
DEMIGOD mode to make it easier to get to the wizard mode.
* Bugfix - DEMIGOD mode hades - drop hades after defeating him
* Bugfix - DEMIGOD modes trough handling adjusted to sense quicker. Latent Timer code removed.
* CHANGE - WIZARD MODE logic changes
* Bugfix - WIZARD MODE level selector incorrect trough call. This made the wizard mode quit early!
* Bugfix - HADES counter got reset under certain conditions so last shot was not possible
* CHANGE - extend left ramp animation so you see hits remaining after other animations
* Add - (5) New hit sounds for HADES bash modes
* CHANGE - HIT sound when you defeat HADES
* CHANGE - Dont show status when HADES is last shot. Allow HADES to remain onscreen animating
* CHANGE - Don't change Move Your Chariot music back to title music if MYC is running during pandora multiball
* CHANGE - Move Your Chariot sound is now a spinner sound instead of random horsey clippety clops
* CHANGE - Move Your Chariot start sound higher priority now
* CHANGE - Move Your Chariot hits allowable every 2 seconds instead of 3.5 seconds to allow higher scores for repeated shots to the spinner
* CHANGE - Move Your Chariot end of mode status screen stays onscreen 3 seconds.
* CHANGE - Move Your Chariot scoring display font adjustable.
* CHANGE - Move Your Chariot level 1 1,000,000 countdown
level 2 2,500,000 countdown
level 3 and greater 5,000,000 countdown
* CHANGE - Hide FOOL CHARON timer (it was conflicting with other screen refresh elements)
Version 1.34C Jan 2017
*Bugfix - Wizard Mode return to New Journey when failed a level
*Bugfix - Demigod Mode play incomplete levels again
*Bugfix - Wizard Mode Initiator - don't empty pandoras box for multiplayer
*Bugfix - Wizard Mode Challenges - Allow locked balls in pandoras box
*Bugfix - Correction to changing music when draining during certain hurryups
*Add - 6th Lightning Monster Scylla (previously hidden)
*Add - ColorDMD screen during attract mode, colorized assets version 1.0-requires colordmd hardware install
Version 1.34 Dec 2016
*Bugfix - Move your chariot running during pandoras box MB music change fix when 1 ball remains.
*Bugfix - monster battle ended and music kept playing.
*Bugfix - one ball locked minotaur music changed as soon as ball drained during stats
*Bugfix - 4 monsters played .. minotaur no timer?
*Bugfix - match 40/30 for 2 player and screen said 00/00?
*Bugfix - Ball saved but no ball save animation
*Bugfix - blinking vuk and 2 triangle lamps signifying start battle but ball kicked from vuk(mode runaway)
*CHANGE - Score balancing/refinement in monster/god battles, 5K fail scores removed
*CHANGE - Add screen directions during Ares Jackpots, extend animation,remove floating timer
*CHANGE - Zeus Letter MB superjackpots doubled. 5 additional seconds upper playfield flipper time
*CHANGE - Add additional screen message for FIRELAMPS, Lightning Targets, some hurry ups
*CHANGE - SUPER SKILLSHOT and FREAKY SKILLSHOT were reversed. Now the right ramp is the most valuable skill shot
*CHANGE - Three lightning targets are now required to start battles (instead of 2).
Version 1.33 August 2016
During DEMIGOD, if you fail, you retain completed and incomplete modes and are taken back to normal
play.During normal play you can battle any incomplete battles again, but this time without time
restriction. If you complete the remaining battles the second time around you go directly to the
wizard mode.
During the wizard mode if you fail, all monsters/gods are reset and you start a new journey.
During wizard mode if you complete all 5 challenges (levels) and attain immortality, you get
1 billion points, leader board for immortals and are taken back to normal gameplay, monster/gods
are reset and you start a new journey. This works too for multiplayer where one or more players
may have locked balls in pandoras box. Their locks are retained.
* Zeus - animated lightning/clouds(like the beginning animation) for
each hit and static lighnting/clouds for incorrect hits
* Wizard mode 4 - Status during each hit to show how many shots remaining, failed shot messages,
shot counter, refreshed path lighting after each fail, shots still have to be hit in order, but
you can continue the shot path where you left off after a failed shot.
* Bugfix - pandoraloop lamp, upper loop lamp, right ramp lamp issues due to skill shot during battles
* Bugfix - Skillshots disabled during Wizard Modes
* Bugfix - POSEIDON - right ramp TRI light corrected (previously it would blink during the required
shot for 2 seconds and extinguish)
* Bugfix - Hades hurryup shows EXTRA BALL IS LIT instead of 0 HITS for EXTRA BALL when hit 15 times
* Bugfix - flasher show after wizard mode 5 doesn't turn off
* Bugfix - failed demigod and could not start hades (remaining incomplete battle)
* Bugfix - ares jackpot right ramp turns off right ramp tri
* Bugfix - left inlane turns off poseidon right ramp!
* Bugfix - L44 upper loop doesnt light in hades
* Bugfix - medusa 1 point score bug
* Bugfix - Ares Jackpots display cut short by cerberus bonus ramps
* Bugfix - Failing wizard mode now correctly starts a new game for each player
* Bugfix - Failing demigod mode retains battles played and blinks battles started for each player
* Bugfix - static aphrodite hurryup screen after ball drain
* Bugfix - static Hades hurryup screen after ball drain
* Change - ares jackpots take precendent over cerberus bonus ramps in display
* Change - Sirens 15 million Additional bonus for steering ship to safety
* Change - SIRENS is blocked from running more than once and 15 million Additional bonus for
steering ship to safety before times up, and unlimited shots during timed mode.
* Change - remove timers from DEMIGOD wizard mode
* Change - Sirens mode kick out ball 4 seconds sooner to begin
* Change - Add zeus target values during SIRENS mode
* Change - Increased shot values for god battles, Ares Jackpots
* Change - Demigod/Wizard mode starts immediately at ball drain after battling Zeus
* Change - (Logic) Fail demigod mode and return to normal play, incomplete modes will be
reset, you have to complete them again to get to wizard mode.
Fail again and after battling Zeus you get DEMIGOD wizard
mode again. Fail again and incomplete modes will be reset,
Version 1.32 July 2016
* fixed a bug in Medusa bonus scoring where it was showing XXX,999 instead of XXX, 000
* TITAN WAR exit if collected all characters
* COMBOS revisited with a few easier paths
* Removed ball save timer on Sirens, added sirens timer to main routine to prevent accidental early mode ending.
* Cerberus timer bugfix and restart disabled at vuk
* All battles White GI restore if all monsters played
* All battles added health points to award higher champion scores for skilled play
* All battles added strength points to award higher champion scores for skilled play
(During battles: Pandorareward shot gives 10sec to the clock and DOUBLES the shot value to the qualifying shots that are LIT.
Do it again, its triple value, again quad value, etc.
Upper entry gives a gift of the gods and now it not only completes the qualifiers, but also Xs the LIT qualifiers based on the pandorareward shots.)
* pandoralock define rgb for end of mode
* change priority on skill shots so all are heard above other callouts
* Titan War character callouts
* PROMETHEUS FAST SCORING - allow up to 5X value during scoring and start with 15 million,allow stacking with Aphrodite and Hades hurryups. Allow stacked hurryup music to take precendence over FAST scoring music.
* Reset all hurryups after battles
* If a hurryup is running during pandora mb, let it continue to run, dont change lighting/music even if 1 ball is remaining on the table.
Version 1.31 Dec 2015
* Added Titan War running stat. DonÆt allow a monster/god battle to stack with Titan War, itÆs too confusing
* Bug fix: restore music and lightning targets if Titan War is completed
* Bug fix: DonÆt show Cerberus failed animation if you drain and are ending Cerberus battle
* Bug fix: Titan award EXTRA BALL will light the Live again lamp instead of the extra ball lit at the ramp since you were awarded the EB.
* Bug fix: award Skillshot values for extra balls
* Revision: Carry over extra ball lit for Athena loops if you donÆt collect it on current ball
* Revision: Carry over extra ball lit for HADES hurryup if you donÆt collect it on current ball
* Revision: Carry over extra ball lit for completing POSEIDON if you donÆt collect it on current ball
Version 1.30 Dec 2015
* Jackpots revised: Progressive jackpot added to Medusa/Minotaur during multiball. Increment value by hitting any ramp. added XX until
super jackpot message, adjusted jackpot values, added DMD screen showing jackpot increases and value.
* Jackpots revised: Progressive jackpot added to Zeus letter multiball. Increment value by hitting pandorareward loop. adjusted jackpot
values, added DMD screen showing jackpot increases and value
* Jackpots revised: Progressive jackpot added to Pandora's box multiball. Increment value by hitting pandorareward loop., adjusted jackpot
values, added DMD screen showing jackpot increases and value
* Combos revised: PROMETHEUS, HESTIA, HYPERION, COEUS and SIRENS are now single ball combos. 20 different single ball combos, 11
different multiball combos
* Jackpot Grows dmd screen for ramp shots during medusa/minotaur and pandorareward shots during zeus_letterMB, pandoraMB to inform the
player of jackpot values
* Bug fix: Left ramp during Zeus letter multiball wasn't awarding jackpots. Fixed.
* Volume update: Volume level changed to more closely resemble modern games. Adjustments are 9-95, default is 15. This allows finer
tuning of volume in a home environment.
* Start Button lamp changes. Previously during attract mode/game over the lamp was blinking and during game play the lamp was OFF.
Now during game play the lamp is ON and returns to blinking during attract mode/game over.
Version 1.29 Dec 2015
* 4 second ball save for VUK ejects during all battles. This eliminates a cheap shot from the VUK
* FREAKY SKILL SHOT was moved from the BUMPER to the PANDORAREWARD. Also the pandorareward triangle blinks during the skill shot timer.
* Added RED lighting under HADES when he rises when completing OLYMPUS, during the HADES hurryup and the final shot during the HADES battle.
* Added DMD screen for Ball Search 1,2 and 3
* Added end of ball RGB-GI lighting effect (if installed).
* Adjusted VUK flasher pulses to coincide better with the catapult sound/effect in regular gameplay and all battles
* Bug fix: Don't allow last second completion of monster/god battle if times up
* Bug fix: Don't stop Pandora's box multiball when first ball hits the trough
* Bug fix: Hades hurryup during Pandora multiball now returns green GI color and music back to Pandora multiball when finished
* Bug fix: Move your chariot hurryup during Pandora multiball now returns green GI color and music back to Pandora multiball when finished
* Bug fix: Air ball into Pandora's box bypassing the ramp logic. Ball will be released after the 3rd ball search.
* Bug fix: If for some reason a ball doesn't get released when a new game is started, there is a 3 redundancy check to release it.
* Bug fix: If Hades hurryup is running or OLYMPUS hurryup and Sirens starts, drop HADES.
* Addition: Five level wizard mode RGB GI lighting (if installed)
Version 1.28 - Nov 2015
* Bug fix: All monster/god modes prevent pandorareward ADD TIME during the FAIL and progress screens.
* Bug fix: Sirens premature end of mode, fixed crash if you drain during Sirens mode with 2 balls locked.
* Bug fix: Hades counter correction if completing HADES in demigod wizard mode
* Bug fix: Added missing pandorareward insert to attract mode
* Bug fix: Sirens - restore kickback lamps at end of mode.
* Bug fix: OLYMPUS hurryup - restore kickback function/lamps during hurryup.
* Bug fix: Poseidon/Zeus letter MB lamp logic revised for end of multiball.
* Bug fix: Extra Ball - restore kickback lamps and Pandora lamps when collected extra ball begins.
* Addition: Hades Mini Game RGB GI lighting (if installed)
* Addition: Poseidon Mini Game RGB GI lighting (if installed)
Version 1.26/1.27 - Sept 2015
* Score display alternates between ball in play free play/credits and score for extra ball/replay.
This works with all 4 built in options (free play extra ball/credit, coin play extra ball/credit)
* No replay/extra ball display if replay/extra ball has been reached for current player. One extra ball or credit for score per player.
Other modes will give the player ample opportunities for replay/extra ball (Athena, Poseidon, hades, etc.)
* Achilles hurry up values revisited. Now 10 bumper hits starts hurryup with 5 million as starting value counting down
* Hydra music loops adjusted for long play
* Leftoutlane ball save when ball save is blinking
* Rightoutlane ball save when ball save is blinking
* Remove delay in end of ball if all monsters played
* Wizard mode levels adjusted (turn off all other modes during wizard modes). Sequence adjusted.
* If Wizard mode is running allow Wizard mode rules to handle the trough. Addition stat added to mark the beginning of the main wizard mode.
* Attract mode lampshow adjusted
* Ball saves removed from BATTLE modes. Ball saves are re-enabled if you complete the mode that awards a multiball.
* All Battles start with an instruction screen
* Pandora instruction screen and ramp instruction screen for locked balls
* Zeus letter MB random jackpot callouts
* Zeus letter MB DIVINE JACKPOT awarded for completing ZEUS during multiball
* If Demigod multiball is running allow Demigod rules to handle the trough. Additional stat added to mark the beginning of this wizard mode.
* Autoplunger logic was removed from all other routines and consolidated into the main routine so itÆs easier to debug future issues.
* Ball saves removed from BATTLE modes. Ball saves are re-enabled if you complete the mode that awards a multiball.
* Bug fix: Sirens drop target eject when roving shot goes to the drop target
* Bug fix: demigod wizard mode bypass Sirens
* Bug fix: Turn off center triangle insert if you fail minotaur
* Bug fix: Drop target resets will only happen if the drop target is DOWN.
* Bug fix: Autoplunger duplicate calls were removed and autoplunger was adjusted to 0.8 seconds from trough pulse
* Bug fix: DonÆt allow Add Time unless battle is underway.
* Bug fix: debounce added to kickback to prevent double kicks/double ball saves
* Bug fix: Ball Buster multiball wasnÆt incrementing properly. Now 5 hits start BB multiball, 5million award and each hit from 5-10 adds a million, 10 hits starts Cyclops Hurryup at the drop target.
* Bug fix: Turn off special flasher show at end of Titan War
Version 1.25 - August 2015
* Sample game image(s)
* Additional end of game lighting effect
* Adjustment: Drop Target settings added to SERVICE MENU
* Adjustment: Give extra time to the display for BEASTMASTER (award for defeating all monsters)
* Adjustment: Additional ball search conditions added for missing balls
* Bug fix: Pandoras box lock fix if game is started with 3 balls in trough
* Bug fix: Zeus center lamps should be OFF at mode start
* Bug fix: Hades center lamps should be OFF at mode start
* Bug fix: Don't turn off ramp lights at the end of Zeus letter MB if HADES is also running
* Bug fix: Unable to start SIRENS if a previous battle didnÆt unload
* Bug fix: Pandoras award for EXTRA ball should not turn on left ramp extra ball light
Version 1.24 - July 2015
* Wrath of Olympus licensed Soundtrack Added
* Additional hardware option coded (RGB GI replacement)
* Moved the music change to the end of the progress screen.
* Zeus modified to force demigod in case of a drain/fail. Previously it was possible to drain and miss demigod wizard mode.
* Fates blinking lamps were changed to solid ON.
* Lightning target flasher effects were toned down.
* Added flasher effects for jackpots/super jackpots: Minotaur, Medusa
* Added flasher effects for jackpots: Ares
* Replaced arduino driver with a new one to boost performance when using the RGB GI replacement
* ATHENA IS PLEASED flashers toned down and full show when EXTRA BALL is achieved
* MINOTAUR quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* CERBERUS quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* MEDUSA quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* HYDRA quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* ARES quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* HADES quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* POSEIDON quick flasher effect near each qualifying shot made
* ZEUS mini flasher show when each qualifying shot made
* FATES lamp turn off at end of ball
* COLOR WHEEL û at end of ball all lights go out for the bonus and each battle that has been won/played shows status
Clockwise beginning with Medusa on the 8 inserts in the center, the lamps flash or stay solid in sequence
Upper playfield LED boards show the color of the monster/god battled as progress is show on the insert
Attempting to sync the music with the lamps
* Demigod mode improvements to restarting a new journey when completed or failed
* Wizard mode improvements to restarting a new journey when completed or failed
* ZEUS Strikes and info messages added to the ZEUS mode
* Sirens timing improved and ending shortened
* Main routine updated to backup all configs and main routine at the end of each game
* Standalone Restore utility updated to restore all configs and main routine in case of disaster
* Increased sound sample volumes on Poseidon
* Converted missing music sample for Cyclops hurryup
* Adjusted Minotaur and Medusa end of ball music changes
* Tethys collected callout timing adjusted
* Adjusted timing on Shoot the center for titan award. If already getting awarded silence the callout.
* Added music for BB multiball
* Adjusted music in Ares Jackpots
* Adjust re-looping of Medusa mode music
* Adjust re-looping of Minotaur mode music
* Restore GI/upperplayfield GI if hades hurryup is running with Pandoras box multiball
* Missing ball logic improved
* Bug Fix: Hydra left ramp tri lighting if right ramp hit twice
* Bug Fix: upper playfield LED color when holding both flippers during bonus
* Bug fix: HADES - logic error in number of switches needed for final battle with HADES
* Bug fix: typo when the second set of stories ends (fixed)
* Bug fix: SHOOT CENTER TO START BATTLE when you were already in a battle (lightning target code modification)
Version 1.23 (June 2015)
* Prometheus fast scoring mode added
Version 1.22 (May 2015)
* Incorporated the Mini game TITAN WAR as a hidden mode in normal gameplay. Capture 7 Titans during a single ball play to qualify the
mode. Hit the scoop to start it. Values and slight changes from the mini game.
TITAN WAR - Titans vs. the Olympians in a battle for Olympus. 22 characters from the titan war battle on the field.
Change sides by hitting the center drop target. At the end of the 22 shots or drain, you get the results of the winning army.
Version 1.21 (May 2015)
* Added SIRENS qualifier to service menu EASY/HARD options
EASY = battle all monsters to qualify SIRENS as next mode
HARD = defeat all monsters to qualify SIRENS as next mode
Reworked SIRENS mode. At the end of the mode, progress/bonus values and normal gameplay commences
Removed timer on SIRENS and allow carryover of SIRENS qualifier if you drain before you started SIRENS
Version 1.2 (April 2015)
 Coin Play
Service menu driven coin play or free play
Extra ball or credits for replays
Various Coinage options
Version 1.1 (April 2015)
 Welcome back warrior callout when playing consecutive games
 Ballsearch reduced to 15 seconds
 Backup config files when updating service menu
 Restore config files when loading game
 HADES animation stays onscreen when HADES rises until timer expires/drain/completion
 BALLSAVE animation added 1 second.
 RGB lamp code in pandoras box (GREEN), lightning target hits, Zeus multiball,end of game flasher show.
These are active only when RGB LED option ENABLED in service menu
Version 1.08,1.09 (March-April 2015)
 HADES final shot is now the hades bash! After 6 qualifying shots, the final shot is HADES popping up out of the playfield.
 Zeus mode is unlimited time (no longer time limited)
 OLYM letters are spotted at start of each players game. OLYMPUS progress is saved ball to ball.
 ATHENA loops are now 10 loops for first EXTRA ball, 20 loops for second EXTRA BALL, 40 loops for third EXTRA BALL.
Progress saved ball to ball.
 Secret revealed text replaced with outline text in cauldron animation
 Skillshots enabled on extra balls
 Auto adjusting replays - play poorly replay level goes down, play better replay level goes up.
 Remaining text fonts with animation/still frames are now outlined
 Hades/Poseidon scoring decreased with the addition of the 2x fates and 2x firelamps
 Layered animations are now reset at end of ball to prevent overlay screens from showing up on occasion
 Sound memory increased to 3GB to prevent underruns
 RGB lamp code in all monster/god modes and Hades hurry up. These are active only when RGB LED option ENABLED in service menu
 Bug-fix: demigod wizard mode wasn't unloading if failed
 Bug Fix: Cerberus scoring was 0 under a certain fates condition, this was rectified
 Bug Fix: DEMIGOD and WIZARD modes link was added to the end of ZEUS mode. This was missing.
 Bug Fix: Extra ball (reanimate lamp) wasn't turning on in a couple of conditions and extra ball lit (ramp)was instead
Version 1.07 adds outline font masking.
Version 1.06 (Feb 2015)
* Added onscreen values to the jackpot/super jackpot screen in minotaur MB, medusa MB, zeus MB, pandoras box MB, and Ares.
* Alternate track music starting point
* Sound memory allocation increased to 1.5GB to prevent buffer underruns (for long songs).
* TITAN WAR mode added to the combos. Collect 10 characters during combos and start the Titan War mode! When the war is over
(all balls drain) regular gameplay continues. This ties the collecting of the characters with the start of an actual titan war,
which makes the combos more meaningful and lucrative.
* Bonus countdown music changed to take advantage of the alternate soundtrack
* Cauldron animation for stygian witches mystery at upper entry
In normal play mystery awards are sword, shield, helmet, spear with point values awarded.
Upper entry (behind the helmet) enables the weapon for 2x DAMAGE to the gods (weapon is lost at the end of the battle). This helps
the player get further through the tough god battles.
* Uncover Weapon & animation
Hit shield bumper when battling a god for a random weapon. Get a weapon, then enable it at the upper entry for 2x damage.
When battling a god, weapons are Shield of Ajax, Armour of Achilles, Helm of darkness, Aegis shield, Aword of Peleus
Version 1.05 - the ALTERNATE SOUNDTRACK function.
Pick 20 of your favorite songs that you would like to hear in your Wrath of Olympus pinball
machine, save them to a specific folder on your usb stick, insert the stick in your pinball
machine, turn it on and through the service menu enable ALTERNATE SOUNDTRACK and select the
UPDATE option. In 10-15 seconds, all 20 songs will get incorporated in the pinball machine.
Reboot the game and press start. All 20 songs will be enabled in every mode and hurryup for your
ultimate pinball soundtrack.
So after a few months you want to try a different artist or genre, simply pick another 20 songs,
prepare them and pop them on the USB stick and update the game with these songs. The game will
grow with you as your music tastes change
Specifics: There is a map to help you decide what song will get mapped to what hurryup or mode.
The labels are track1 to track20. Simply name your tracks according to the map and whatever song
you want to play during MEDUSA for example, just name the audio file track12. No need to trim
the length of your song, the game will fade it when necessary. Also, all audio files need to be
44k stereo ogg format. You can use the free audacity audio tool to convert your file to the ogg
format. Looping is already built in the game, just ensure there isn't any leading space before
the music plays.
Version 1.04
Feb 13, 2015 - expand the Narrative option
In version 1.02 I introduced a simple narrative option and through the last 2 builds the option was expanded. Now I can explain
this new feature.
During regular gameplay you will hear a story about the characters you're seeing and battling. The first 2 stories are: OLYMPUS -
Home of the gods and The Titan War. As progress is made during gameplay, more of the story is revealed. As the next ball is delivered
to the shooter, the story picks up where it left off. When the first story ends, the second story begins. We will have more than 2
stories in regular gameplay.
In multiplayer mode, stories are selected randomly at the beginning of the game so player 1 might hear the first story while player
2 might hear a second story, etc. Or by chance all 4 players could hear the first story. Again as stated story progress is saved and
continues on subsequent balls and the next story loads up when the previous one ends.
During the 8 battle modes, a specific story related to the monster or god you are battling will be heard. As you progress though the
battle you hear more of the story. Its possible to defeat the monster/god and not hear the whole story, or run out of time trying to
beat the foe and hear the whole story but still not defeat the foe.
The goal is to have a bunch of stories told in typical greek fashion by your narrator
We also added more lighting effects to direct the player to jackpots or areas of big points:
Zeus letter multiball - chase lamp effect on ramps
achilles hurryup - center drop chase lamp effect
lightening targets and bumper hits - chase light effects with the center 8 mode lamps
Lightning monsters (6) were given end of hurryup screens so you can see which monster you defeated and how many more to defeat to lightning champ.
Coming soon. Version 1.05 and the ALTERNATE SOUNDTRACK function....
Version 1.03
New highscore champion categories were added. More opportunities to carve your initials! You'll see these in attract mode.
Its not only fun to beat the monsters and gods, but handle your multipliers and jackpots to score big and let everyone know
who's the champ!
 Minotaur Champion
 Cerberus Champion
 Medusa Champion
 Hydra Champion
 Ares Champion
 Poseidon Champion
 Hades Champion
 Zeus Champion
1.02 update:
 Narrative option added - more on this later.
Version 1.01
January 2015
Service Menu Changes
 Individual flipper power adjustments (10-40ms in 1ms inc.) for all 6 flippers
 Individual sling power adjustments (1-10ms in 1ms inc.)
 Individual bumper power adjustments (1-10ms in 1ms inc.)
 USB stick recognition when booting (needed for USB update menu change)
Gameplay changes
 New values for Hades bash (progressive scoring as opposed to fixed 5m hits):
First time HADES rises - 500k per hit (and subsequent hits during the timer)
Second time HADES rises - 1.0 million per hit
Third time HADES rises - 1.5 million per hit
Fourth time (or greater) HADES rises - 2 million per hit
Values are reset to 500k on the next ball/player.
Version 1.0 - All features, modes complete Dec 2014
* Tournament Mode
* DEMIGOD MODE û available when you play all monster/gods and have 1 or more that are incomplete
* DEMIGOD MODE trainer (available in the minigames)
* Main wizard mode - Challenge of the gods.
Complete all 8 monsters and gods = go to CHALLENGE OF THE GODS
Fail any of the 8 and replay those failed in DEMIGOD BATTLE
Complete the failed ones and go to CHALLENGE OF THE GODS
Complete CHALLENGE OF THE GODS - attain immortality, get the 1 billion point bonus and your name in the immortals.
DEMIGOD BATTLE is also on the minigames list so you can practice all 8 modes.
* Changes to the settings template in both the boot and config
* Flipper/sling/bumper custom adjustment code in the main routine
* HIGHSCORE reset in the new UTILITIES section of the service menu. There will be more utilities added in the near future.
The HIGHSCORE reset will default these values and initials:
Grand Champion : SDG, score: 50000000
High Score 1: FPG, score: 40000000
High Score 2: RJW, score: 30000000
High Score 3: RJW, score: 20000000
High Score 4: JPS, score: 10000000
This release is version 1.00 update 1-12-2015. The service menu now controls the fine adjustments of flippers, slings and bumper. Any values in the wooly_machine.yaml are ignored for THESE coils. Every other coil pulse value is still loaded from the wooly_machine yaml.
Version 0.99 Oct/Nov 2014:
* Balanced scoring.
* No extra balls (except for completing Poseidon/hades as these are completion awards)
* No pity extra ball
* 5 second ball saves for monster/god modes/Cyclops
* 5 second ball save for skillshot/plunge
* Athena is pleased loop awards 1 million for 9 loops
* Pandora mystery award is always 1 million
* Titan Awards are always 100k
Bug fixes:
* Drain during Aphrodite hurryup during ballsave wonÆt reset the music
* Skillshot sometimes doesnÆt give you the animation (timing issue on the autoplunger)
* Pandora rewards are now 1 million, 1.5 millon, 2 million, 2.5 million, 3 milllion, 4 million, 5 million, 10x bumpers, 30 second ballsave, extra ball (rare). During competitive play I made it 500k fixed.
* Medusa and Minotaur fixes for 2 balls locked during multiball sometimes didnÆt give you a progress at the end.
version 0.91 to 0.99 Fall 2014:
* random monster and god modes
* Mini Games!
* USB updater
Version 0 to 0.90 Base Code July 2013-Oct 2014

You typed all that out?

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