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WPT - hardest game ever made?

By Atomicboy

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

For the longest time I believed TSPP was the deepest, most difficult machine ever made, and LOTR second. After getting WPT, I started to think this was harder and deeper than LOTR, and second to TSPP. After beating LOTR multiple times, and TSPP finally, I really concentrated on WPT.

Holy cow… the best, and VERY long games I have had on WPT, best being 429m, still do not get me close to the KI…. The best game I have had still had 4 things to qualify, one being a substantial amount of points for hurry ups I believe, something that really told me I still had a long way to go.

I’m starting to feel that WPT is the hardest game, deepest game ever made to date. The amount of strategy, and how not just getting something, but accumulating point totals for it, means so much.

Last night I had another plus 300m game, go all the mini wizard modes, WPT MB again, but still when I checked how close I was to the KI… it was deflating…

I know Keefer has said he believed TSPP is the deepest, with WPT being next, not LOTR. TSPP may be slightly deeper, but I often feel I’m close to beating that again, where with WPT… I feel miles away.

I don’t know, what do those that know both think? Has anyone actually got to the KI?

#2 4 years ago

Hardest and Deepest game goes to Raven! There is a guy on this forum that took the plunger out and replaced it with a fleshlight! Yup.

#3 4 years ago

WPT may be the most underrated pin in all of pinball.
It is a terrific game, and I miss mine.

Just completing the 6 Poker Room mini modes is near impossible, never mind finishing the game.
And there are tremendous option settings, and over 100 mystery awards.

Glad to see the appreciation for a great underrated title..

#4 4 years ago

It's a deceiving machine for outlane drains as well. You think it’s open and you should have ample time to react to balls going to sides. I don’t think there is another game I’m aware of that has so many power inlane and outlane drains, where the ball doesn’t hang up bouncing around the top allowing you to conveniently nudge it out. On mine, so many times, especially on the left side, it falls right into one or the other.

I always get caught up trying to store balls in the AITH MB, and get that stacked with other MB’s, but man, you can get so distracted with that, that you lose your balls, and have nothing going, which is why I’m getting so hurt with the point totals for the MBs in the end for the KI.

Just getting to the WPT MB takes an amazing amount of ramp shots and concentration to just stick to doing that… and that’s not even the main wizard mode…!

Yeah, it’s a crazy deep/hard machine.

#5 4 years ago

I love my WPT, I bought it a few months ago, and have it shopped out completely. I love the risk, raising the pot using the spinners, getting the 3x multiplier and then going for the shot and hoping to get a full house or something like that. Last time it was giving me all the best cards one could imagine. Had a single shot of more then 10M!
Not a bad player but I need to get to wpt championship and certainly KI. Also haven't been able to complete the 6 mini modes.
I play it on 3 balls with dflt settings. Outlanes are sure hard on this one!

Best say a long quote from the game.." position - position - position"

#6 4 years ago

As usual, long ball times depends on how you set the machine up, get those outlanes set as wide as a hookers legs and it'll be a much more difficult game, even at their easiest mine are drain monsters from the slingshots.

Don't forget to disable the flop and turn posts to give the game a fair bit of flow too.

Love WPT, such an underrated gem, I think you need to own one and spend a good amount of time with it before you can really appreciate it for its depth and just how much fun it is to play.

Never forget the importance of the x3 multiplier shots too, combine it with a decent hand value completion, city completion plus anything else (e.g. AITH Mball jackpot) at the same time for mega scores off a single shot.

And anyone who has managed to get to Keefer deserves the upmost of respect, would take a heck of a long time to reach even with the glass off!

#7 4 years ago

I played mine a bunch last night. I agree, awesome game. I'm a poker player so I like the theme and the game play but what I really love is the sound of the drop targets. They sound like your at a poker table ruffling chips. I racked up a whopping 32m score


#8 4 years ago

Clearly you've never played a game of Target Pool

#9 4 years ago

Hardest and deepest? Maybe, maybe not.

I love my WPT ($2-3K for a WPT makes buying a NIB Stern seem insane at current NIB prices).

It certainly has some hard goals, such as the hurry ups that are easy to ignore, unless you are gunning for the 20Mil requirement (or whatever it is).

Like LoTR and SM, I don't play to get to the end, I play to play well. I don't time out modes or try to max out this or that with some endgame in mind. I just try my best to make use of x3 multipliers as well as stacking multiballs with the best modes.

I remember getting a triple-triple jackpot and seeing 20 mil+ on the lower playfield display, that was fun considering I was doing my best to actually collect that in the chaos of multiball.

WPT for me is a great game because it gives you so many chances to succeed or fail every minute. It is not one of those "stack everything perfectly or the game falls apart" style PINs with a single(ish) interesting goal (whitewater and MB would be decent examples of this).

#10 4 years ago

I enjoy playing my WPT even though it kicks my ass most of the time. Some of its long tight shots can be very frustrating at times, but very satisfying as well when you're in the groove. If I ever get close to the OP's high score, I'll be very happy!

LOVE the theme and mine is extra Vegas-like with mirror blades, LEDs, and poker chip stacks added. The just released colordmd will be a fantastic improvement to an already great game!

#11 4 years ago

WPT is a blast
I sold mine

#12 4 years ago

Anyone ever re-theme WPT? That would be cool

#13 4 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Anyone ever re-theme WPT? That would be cool

I like the look of WPT, even the translite doesn't bug me. It looks crappy on a laptop screen when I was looking the art up, but set up, that dress hugs those pillows oh so nice.... It's all I see... anyhooooo

On mine, the gate is removed, posts middle, post stops disabled until the river, everything else factory.

Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Like LoTR and SM, I don't play to get to the end, I play to play well. I don't time out modes or try to max out this or that with some endgame in mind. I just try my best to make use of x3 multipliers as well as stacking multiballs with the best modes.

Man, with these games, I do! SM is a boring ride for me, and of the ones we are talking about, the newest to me, but I keep it as I LOVE the wizard mode, Super Hero. I've got to it 5-6 times, but haven't beat it. It always feels like I'm playing the same game with SM. To each their own of course, some say that about every machine.

I'm trying for score as well, but reaching the final of anything usually means massive points. Most of all, it's addictive to me, and I need to beat every machine I have. I thought for a long time TSPP was a pipe dream, but I got it done, but I really think WPT is a pipe dream. You have to be maximizing every single thing you do, cashing every hurry up, jackpotting the hell out of each and every MB, each time you do each one....

It's funny when you really get to know all of Keefer's rulesets how different the deep rules and objectives are.

LOTR - beating the MBs, getting to TABA (essentially 7th mode), 7 gifts for beating objectives (modes, MBs), DTR.

TSPP - beat all 6 mini wizard modes, on to the SDMEWM

WPT - I believe do the mini wizard modes for the modes, hands, and WPT, and qualify with points for a billion other things.

All deep, all with tons of stuff going on concurrently, all different. Excellent!

#14 4 years ago

Only someone who never plays old games could make this claim.

#15 4 years ago

I have a very nice huo. I love the game but after reading comments about its depth find I'm not worthy! Lol. I'm more of a bash it around, keep the ball in play and hit what's lit kind of guy. I've learned some of the rules but am not a good enough player to even delude myself into thinking i can beat that thing!

#16 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Only someone who never plays old games could make this claim.

Most difficult i can see being argued against successfully. But how many older games (i.e. em's or ss or even sys 11 and wpc) have anything resembling this depth?

#17 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Only someone who never plays old games could make this claim.

Nice. Only I have bunch of EM's as well.

So an EM has more depth than a Keefer game huh? That was rhetorical by the way.

#18 4 years ago

It took like 40 mins by hand to get keefer invitational when I did the coloring for ColorDMD!!! I can't imagine really reaching it!

#19 4 years ago

So no one has ever got to the ki?

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