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WOZ Red Smoke Mod 2.0 (List is closed)

By gouveia

4 years ago

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Post #1253 Flying Monkey Video Posted by gouveia (2 years ago)

Post #1713 Monkey mod wait list Posted by gouveia (2 years ago)

Post #2400 Monkey mod install video. Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

Post #2776 Flying monkey pics Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

Post #2966 Monkey installation video Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

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#1088 2 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Guys, I’m starting an unofficial list of people waiting to get on the official pinside list of users wishing to be on the preorder list.
Here’s the list:

Heck yeah!! Please put me in line for your Next Amazing creation! You sir are the man behind the curtain And magic.

3 weeks later
#1108 2 years ago

Being sworn to secrecy and friendship all I can say is We are all in for a Huge surprise. Didn't seem possible that Steve could do something more impressive than his Red Witch masterpiece but Trust me he Has! It will be Way Worth the wait and know he is working his fingers off to make sure it is sheer perfection before release. Just Wow is all I would call this and stay tuned for his unveil. Awesome guy, and incredible talent.!

#1109 2 years ago

OK, if Steve minds I will remove this but as a means to be his court jester and entertain his fans while they wait for his next feat of Awesomeness I thought I would introduce our newest appointment to the completion of OZ castle. You'll need to See that Monkey right?!!

There are no bugles in a castle! lol The Mod Couple is proud to introduce our newest mod upgrade for one of our Favorite games Wizard of OZ! While there are Many really Awesome castle wall upgrades available it always bothered us seeing that odd megaphone bugle lamp in the castle? So this is our spin to rid the castles of OZ of bugles and introduce our custom WOZ Castle Lantern Spot Lamp Mod! Fully plug and play and designed to work with All WOZ models! Each lamp is hand painted for a more authentic witchy castle look! Player viewable sides have red lenses and true flame image for a premium accent look. As function is just as important, the front is still open and offers the same spot light brightness as originally designed! (Can't have a monkey sneak out on you!) Kit includes fully assembled lamp assembly with plug and play harness and both a screw mount flange and provided removable adhesive mount. Also includes full color step by step instructions for simple installation. Bulb is not included as you already have the correct one in your Bugle! Plus you have the option to change spot colors for that purple Paisley Park look.?! As always we offer and sell our products when they are Done! They are now in Stock and available to ship next day. PM for purchase and any questions! WOZ Castle Lantern Spot lamp kits are $39 plus 6.95 US shipping. Thank you as Always for your interest in our product creations!!

The Mod Couple!

IMG_0762 (resized).jpg

IMG_0755 (resized).jpg

IMG_0803 (resized).jpg

IMG_0804 (resized).jpg

IMG_0766 (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1111 2 years ago

As I know #Gouveia is getting close on his AMAZING new release we decided to improve the castle doors for what he has in store Behind them!!!! So Cool. The Mod Couple is please to announce our next WOZ castle home improvement Mod! The WOZ Custom authentic replacement door set!!! After completing our Castle lantern Mod we noticed quickly when lit how sad the castle doors now looked. You can't keep Dorothy captive with a door made of Stickers!! Plus Any thief can take out a screw and release her, duh! So we decided to finish the look of of this wonderful castle with some authentic wood grain 3D high impact doors. All Three! The door set was fine tuned to ensure play was not effected for aesthetics. Each door set is Hand painted and grained for a unique and Custom look fitting of the witches castle! The old door screw hardware is Hidden for a cleaner look! Also note, the Right monkey door has added length screws for a soon to be released #Gouveia (maker of the awesome red smoke witch mod) next release which will work perfectly with our door design! Castle Door set includes full color instructions, set of (3) doors, and all mounting hardware. Order a set and finish the room off right! Custom door set begins shipping Monday and we are accepting orders now. Kit is $42 plus $7.25 US shipping. Send a PM for inquiry or purchase at this time. Save Dorothy from Ugly sticker doors!!!

IMG_0888 (resized).jpg

IMG_0905 (resized).jpg

IMG_0908 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1151 2 years ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Honeymoon must be over... right?

Its Never over if you marry the right wife! He found one that accepts this Nutty hobby and as I understand actually Helps him with it! Thats a honeymoon! Trust he will be back and the wait will be MORE than worth it! His next creation is absolutely Brilliant!

#1162 2 years ago
Quoted from gouveia:

It meant Maui is beautiful this time of year.
But enjoy the snow, mofos is pretty good too. Hahaha.

I tried surfing for the first time last month in Maui. NOT as easy as it looks on TV!! I think I drank half the ocean before retiring to the bar. Watch out for the sea urchins. My daughter stepped on one and lets just say the trip was not fun after that... Enjoy your R&R, you are going to be Very busy once these WOZers see your next amazing release!

1 month later
#1212 2 years ago

I will NOT ruin his Amazing surprises but Trust that as awesome as it looks you guy/gals are going to be even More impressed by what it does and how it works. I'll say it again, I didn't think he could top the red smoke mod but this one is just darn Cool! Will be worth the wait and considering he's newly married he may have less Free time on his hands. lol When I see this post top 100 hits in a day I will Know Steve dropped a video of his amazing creation! An artist with an Amazing talent. Bravo!

#1215 2 years ago

I call First Dibbs on his Third Mod! Put me on that list to!

#1222 2 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Put me down for mod 3 as well.
The Wizard behind the Green curtain mod is an amazing idea!
( see how pinside rumors start?)

Nope you said it on the internet so it Must be true!

#1244 2 years ago

Ok just an observation that hopefully Steve is proud of in his accomplishments. He has yet to fully disclose what or when he is making let alone a price but fan's like myself are lined up with wallets out. lol That says allot about the individual, their commitment, and his craftsmanship. One little classy detail I noticed was the small artists signature on the back of my Smoke witch mod. That is an artist touch that you can be certain put as much effort into Each creation as if it was his final masterpiece. Heck, anyone that can sit in a dusty garage/laundry room staring at plastic Monkeys Must be an artist or one of the munchkins....

#1303 2 years ago

Well, as I suspected Steve dropped the video. Easy to see when this thread exploded justifiably so. Way cool and yet another Amazing work of art.

1 week later
#1341 2 years ago
Quoted from gatordad:

Is the witch mod everyone speaks of, the red bubbly smoke mod or was there a separate witch mod that I missed?

Yes, go back a few pages. Steve release yet another amazing product for WOZ that is worth the wait!

1 year later
#2836 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Steve makes them. That...says it all.

Also, odd to say about a mod toy but I view Steves work as individual pieces of Art. Hand signed and you know he remembers each and every one he painted. In my view your more so buying a piece of Steve then a toy. I admire his work and more so the great guy making it.

1 month later
#2970 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Brand new high quality screwdriver that tightly holds the door screws.
Hold the screwdriver at a 22 degree angle that barely engages 2 1/2 of the slots in the screw.
Press the screwdriver onto the screw with way more force than seems necessary. Push hard, try to bend the
The screw will crack loose.
Put new screws in afterwards.
I using hardened black ones.
If it strips out.
This is the tool to use.
No scratching, no slipping. link »
Home depot sell them.

That must be the problem I always had the screwdriver at a 23.5 degree angle. All fixed now! lol Just playing.

1 month later
#2998 11 months ago

In No way rubbing it for those that didn't get in on the last batch but I must say this is Flying Monkey is by far still one of my favorite creative mods. Steve, you need to quit your day job and just make Monkeys!! lol

1 month later
#3116 9 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

[quoted image]

So thats the official Gouveia announcement!!! I'm in!

1 Yelobird


#3123 9 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

Please stop with the fake lists. It’s getting old checking into this thread multiple times per day for fake list updates just to make sure one of those posts isn’t Steve making an official announcement with list sign up instructions.

So are you in or out then? lol

#3129 9 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

People are anxious and fooling around to pass the time.
Its all in good fun. Lol

Pinball can be fun.... Odd thought. Agreed, its all in fun and honestly is a deserving praise to Steve for his love of creation. All out of respect and something I am sure he is proud of. No matter what list or where on the list you end up you Know it will be an amazing piece of Original work. Now where were we on the list

#3147 9 months ago

Oh hell yeah that looks amazing (though not surprised). Perfect fitting detail the way it should be done. Love it! I’m in no matter how long it takes. Dam this man is good.

#3157 9 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Good thing we got that list!

Did someone say List! Lol

#3160 9 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

We should create a list of people that like lists

Lol. Or just give Gouveia our CC#’s and he can just ship us whatever inspires him whenever.

#3189 9 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Here's a little more info on the angle. It looks like the original focal point of the ball was the centerpost between the flippers (in red). Unfortunately, to really see the images you have to move over to the right and down a bit. I changed the focus to the center of the lockdown bar. This way the images hit you straight on when you're playing the game. I'm roughly 5'9" and it looks great. But I've had friends who are 6'1" say it looks good, all the way down to my wife Tricia who is 5'6". The trick is using washers on the back post or the front. You can even raise the back post by unscrewing it a bit and get it even lower than that. So that's a pretty big spread.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Love the amazing attention to detail and improvement. Shooting rainbows at the player is over the top cool lol. Your going to make us love this game all over again. You sure your not on Jacks payroll???

#3202 9 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, bitches!”[quoted image]

That would be a more modern witch approach lol. Definitely some techno LED effects.

#3204 9 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

Actually, I think it would be more cool if Dorothy were shooting a laser at that crazy flapping wing monkey!

Crap your right I meant Dorthy lol. Just the thought of OZ with laser lights would be a funny spin.

#3219 9 months ago

I’ll take your bricks if you don’t want them. Looks awesome to me.

#3233 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Shhhh. If they think they're on a list, they'll stop checking. Less competition next week...

What mod. He said everyone should come back in April. Nothing to see here!

#3241 9 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

What about monkeys?

They taste like chicken also.

#3247 9 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Here's a quick little video of what the mod is...

Wow. Beautiful can’t wait.

#3254 9 months ago

24 hours, get your wallets ready. lol

#3257 9 months ago
Quoted from Toucanf16:

My $$$ is ready. Problem is sign up time is 4am here in Hong King. I’m gonna have to set an alarm!

Don't worry, with this interest by morning there won't be more then 900 people on the list by then! lol Best to set that alarm.

#3325 9 months ago

Monkey balls, and witches. Such a fun life you have Steve lol.

#3399 9 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I'm in! (Am I too late?)

Sorry you missed it. Steve's now on to the dancing chicken mod. JK

#3429 9 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

This might be one of my favorite new things to see. I shoot for the yellow brick road all the time, and not once did I pay attention to this screen. The ball sits a little higher in the game as well, so the images look like they're floating. I think you guys are going to love it. [quoted image]

Stop playing the game get to ball making!! lol Looks awesome.

#3462 9 months ago

At 12:01 will you be announcing the Next creation.......? lol

#3471 9 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Add me in for only the pumpkin mod please.

Pumpkin #2

2 weeks later
#3493 8 months ago

Never been this excited to get a "Balance Due" email lol.

#3503 8 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

And to answer your question about safety, both Tricia and I are doing our best. My lovely wife has MS, so keeping her safe is my first priority. I generally only go to my small local UPS with a s***load of boxes at one time (much to the dismay of the poor guy who has to type all of the addresses, I'm sure), and keep my distance, wash my hands, etc.
We should all take this seriously, but not so serious that we can't have fun and keep clogging this thread with stupid chicken pictures.

At least now wearing the resin grinding mask all day has a life saving value! Glass half full!

#3528 8 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Hey everyone,
The Golden State of California has officially been told to stay at home--so that's what we're going to do.
I'll make one last big drop at UPS with the remaining Crystal Ball mods that I have, and then it's back to molding, sanding, painting, designing, pinball playing and anything else I can do to stay at home.
46 Gotfrogs
47 Yelobird
48 Pinbear
49 knightgdg
50 Pball
51 PinBackpacker
52 Scarpie
53 jedimastermatt
54 masterfx
55 Gomer1969
56 dluth
57 taz16
58 ulmpharmd (2)
59 Sijcolo
60 Manimal
61 fuseholder
62 Vyzer2
63 rzgrip
64 adborto
65 Ramzr1
66 BigT
67 billyboy
68 FalconDriver
69 Chambo
71 wizard1
72 gatordad
73 rai
74 vaporos
75 paragon07
All of you above have been PM'd, and I'll be working hard to get the rest of them made.
But please remember, I’m making a toy. That's it. In the general scheme of things, it's really not that important. So for those of you who have been affected in any way by this virus, please don't feel bad or apologize if you have to drop out or postpone your purchase.
It's a toy.
And I’m not going anywhere.
Steve[quoted image]

And the same for You Steve. Take care of your wife and stay safe as your Primary Focus. There is No rush when it comes to a toy over loved ones. While little is really good about this new global event I have been blessed with extra time and love caring for my 3 year old granddaughter with CP. Having this extra time with her has given my wife and I a stronger appreciation of priorities and family. I wish you the same. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us.

#3535 8 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Yes. But only if you keep it unopened.

Well That wouldn’t be any fun! Really impressed at how fast you tore through this highly detailed mod. Or your wife is making you live in the

#3541 8 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

I'm not bored.

So for all those stranded at home doing honey do lists you could break protocol and batch another run of crystal ball beauties. Lol. Help us Steve it’s up to you to keep us all sane!

#3543 8 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

Installed and blown away. Really makes a huge difference.
One thing to note is my crystal ball touched the glass when I went to replace it. I do have plastic protectors installed which may be what caused this issue.
Once I remove the washers from below the mod it now just barely clears the glass. Another happy customer.[quoted image][quoted image]

Not mod related but do you have some type of Blue mod lighting? My game looks very different in color. Not bad just curious.

#3565 8 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I made one, but Uncle Steve left it on the cutting room floor.

He sent out a video how to. Could post it if he wishes.

#3570 8 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

We decided to go in a different direction, Boob.
Plus, I didn't want people bleeding out.

Hold on, now I am thinking I just might want to see his video now...

#3580 8 months ago

Just returned from vacation and Bam the amazing crystal ball mod has arrived! My quarantine is now complete! It is absolutely beautiful in every way. Thanks so much Steve for sharing your time in the work shop to get these out so fast for us captive souls.

#3610 8 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Back to the grind(er).[quoted image]

Yikes! Virus or not I hope you have a good mask! At first I thought you were casting yourself for the next mod.

#3613 8 months ago

Nothing like some Rush bobble heads to keep you motivated. lol.

2 weeks later
#3636 7 months ago

Heck yeah fake or not I’m in for the next dance. Let the witch fly!

1. The Boob
2. rai
3. Jorant
4. HarryReimer
5. ViperJelly
6. wcbu64
7. wesman
8. LukyDuck
9. Smiley
10 Yelobird

#3658 7 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

He does not even have a product to show and people are already lining up online. Soon he will have tents pop up outside his house with people waiting to be the first one to have a witch.
Who said witches are not loved?
His witches are like iPhones...people cannot wait to buy the next version.
You know, I have one simple request and that is to have Witches with freakin laser beams attached to their heads!

Already on the west lawn. Hey Steve, can I use the washroom please?

#3695 7 months ago
Quoted from AFM95:

Hi Guys,
Does anyone have a new crystal ball that you don't need and would sell? Unfortunately I need a new one, and JJP told me they wouldn't be able to address it at the moment until the move was complete in June (and that's at the earliest if things go well).
I really don't want to wait that long as I have Steve's crystal ball mod mocking me that I can't install it.
Thanks in advance.

If you know the diameter there are Many options on Amazon for under $20 in photography. Good luck

#3711 7 months ago
Quoted from dnaman:

it would be nice to see something first

Thats what all the people that missed out on the crystal ball mod said. lol JK

#3722 7 months ago

Thinking about how we can manipulate the system..... If we were to get this Want list well past Steve's traditional 100 we could force him to make more! lol He's to kind to cut people off.

#3728 7 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

You guys haven't even seen what it is yet!
But it is cool.

If it has your signature on the bottom we don’t need to see it! Every time I go into the arcade with my granddaughter she now makes me play WOZ just to see the monkey fly. Lol

#3741 7 months ago
Quoted from thewool:

Is Witch 2.0 just another run to meet demand, or are there further refinements included? Honestly I love my Witch mod, hard to see how it can be bettered.

He will rebuild her, bigger, stronger, faster!

#3750 7 months ago
Quoted from skogen75:

Got my Crystal Ball mod last week (on my birthday! Thanks Steve). Had to wait until the weekend to install. Here’s where it gets crazy. So I got the ball off the old mount with the twist method, it was on there really good, when it finally came loose it took a chunk of the ball with it. Turns out the new mount covers it and it can’t be seen, avoided disaster there. Next, I was screwing on the screen and my screw driver rubbed on the PCB, I heard a crunch. Yep, sheered off the inductor. Searched for the manufacturer of the screen and luckily they publish their schematics. It was a 4.7 uH inductor; good news, I have those in my electronics inventory. Soldered on a new one, tested, it works, avoided disaster again. Sanded out some scuffs on the ball with some 5000 grit and polished it up using some car polish, looks perfect. Install in the pin and it looks great. Well, that’s my install story anyway.

Congrats, while it seems you had a few obstacles you completed the mission!

1 week later
#3780 6 months ago

I sense some UV lighting coming our way. Exciting stuff!

1 week later
#3804 6 months ago
Quoted from rennervision:

Oh man. I'm afraid I've really botched this crystal ball installation. The black plastic base did not come off for me. Every piece I tried to grab with my crescent wrench just broke off until I was left with nothing more to grab onto. So I used a dremel tool to take off the rest. It left me with an ugly black spot underneath, but I thought it would still work.
[quoted image]
But then, when I placed it in the new base I realized I had a problem. I'll admit I'm a little confused about the proper placement of the ball because if I place the flat end up against the little display screen, there's a huge gap between the front of the base and the ball. (That can't be right.)
[quoted image]
Furthermore, that means the ugly black spot is on full display.
[quoted image]
The best I can do is reposition the ball so it's on the base, but then the screen is not 100% covered by the ball. Either way, the ugly black spot is still visible.
[quoted image]
I'm thinking I'm pretty much screwed.

I would have suggested adhesive remover as someone pointed out in this thread over grinding. Still looks repairable just need to take your time.

#3818 6 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Haha. Not specifically you. I just don’t want to give people the wrong impression who are seeing this thread for the first time. I’m not a mod “company”. I can barely make one thing at a time. I just don’t have anymore. Nada. Nada monkeys.

Mmmm nada monkeys. Is that like an incredible burger? I’m in!!

2 weeks later
#3877 5 months ago

Was wondering which witch will we wrap up soon?

2 weeks later
#3896 5 months ago

Time for the witching hour!

New list “Game Changer Witch Mod”
1) 27dnast
2) Thot
3) Manimal
4) Yelobird

#3936 5 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

I think it would be cool if when the witch rises, smoke/fog come out with her.

Or Chicken!

1 week later
#3950 4 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

I was invited by yelobird Lmao thanks buddy

You found the right place for Awesome mods. The witch will be along shortly then the Crazy list race begins.

#4001 4 months ago
Quoted from Kkoss24:

Gotta love a wife that’s ok w buying 4 pins in a calendar year

She’s more then likely a saint she married You. JK lol

#4044 4 months ago

Absolutely love it and so worth the wait and lists.

A few artist questions of curiosity if your interested...

After the thousands of hours toiling over making all these beautiful mods:
1. Do you still enjoy playing WOZ? Often?
2. At this point how many times would you say you’ve watched TWOZ?
3. Does your new bride now see this as a passion or a partial obsession sickness? Lol
4. Not by revenue, which (Witch or Monkey) did you find the most enjoyable to create? As an achievement.

#4059 4 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Well this is a nice change of pace. Bring it on!

I still enjoy playing it because it's a great game. I love widebody pins, since Indiana Jones was the first pinball machine I bought and still own that got me into this whole pinball thing to begin with.
And I still haven't learned all the deep, DEEP rules of WOZ, so there are things that I still haven't seen.
But the glass is hardly ever on, so there's that.

I am second youngest of six kids. My dad was a commercial tuna fisherman and was gone most of the time at sea when I was younger, so my mom wrangled all of us by herself. One rule she had was that we all had very specific bedtimes, which were pretty much spaced thirty minutes apart.
So I remember when Wizard of Oz came on TV, I had to take a nap after school before watching it since my bedtime was 8:00. So I could watch the beginning, but I still ended up having to go to bed right around the time Dorothy meets the Scarecrow. Eventually, I just stopped watching it and never got around to seeing the rest of the movie.
So for years, whenever someone brought up the flying monkeys, I seriously had no f***ing idea what they were talking about. Not kidding.
About ten years ago I got to watch one of the remaining prints of it at the Eastman Kodak museum in Rochester. So I finally got to watch it all the way through.
In the last couple of years I have watched the witch and flying monkey scenes more times than I ever thought I would in a lifetime.

Best question! I would not have this thread if it weren't for Tricia. No bullshit. It would not have happened.
Tricia has MS, and she has far more important things to be concerned about besides pinball. When we met, I was working on the witch when I'd get home from work just for fun. But she encouraged me to put it out there. She gives me the space to keep creating, she helps me with lots of behind the scenes stuff, and she actually listens to me talk about pinball news that no one would give a shit about (or at least I think she's listening). hahaha.
On our honeymoon in Maui, we were in a souvenir shop when I got totally lost staring at this stupid little fish magnet with springs on it's fins. I was wondering how I could make that work for the monkey (it's on my workbench in some pictures on this thread). Tricia had no problem with that. She actually waited patiently as I kept staring at it. I eventually just bought it so I could stare at it later at home.
Plus, she agreed on this new house just so I'd have space in the garage to work and have a room to fit my pinball machines.
I mean, c'mon!!

The monkey was hands down, the hardest thing to figure out because there is absolutely no room to put a mod back there. But someone challenged me to do it, and that was all I needed to spend countless hours figuring it out. (and you helped a little. )
The enjoyment was getting it to work, the achievement was actually finishing all of them.
And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share your inspirations. As I see you as more of an artist I suspected you had a strong foundation of family, support and inspiration that brought you down this path apparently going back many years. To create is fun, to do so with inspiration and support is priceless joy. Do thank your wife for Sharing you and your talents with us. Time is precious and your creations are much appreciated.

1 week later
#4162 4 months ago
Quoted from Manimal:

None of us do
I really think the frequent customers should be given advance purchasing options....kind of like advance concert tickets for the fan club! Those that have all issued Gouveia mods have " Golden-Mod"

At the Very least possibly ask the people that don't actually Own the game to step to the back of the line..... ahhhmm Wesman... lol

#4163 4 months ago

1. Manimal
2. meSz
3. Wesman
4. Rager170
6. skogen75
7. LukyDuck
9. Kerry_Richard
10. Babnik13
12. Yelobird
13. Mavantix
16. calfdemon
17. paynemic
51. Gouveia

#4198 4 months ago
Quoted from Pinball69:

I’m in even though I bought another
2. meSz
3. Wesman
4. Rager170
6. skogen75
7. LukyDuck
9. Kerry_Richard
10. Babnik13
12. Yelobird
13. Mavantix
14. Soulrider911
15. Wharhed
16. calfdemon
17. paynemic
18. Ramjet
19. Bigd1979
20. 27dnast
21. Harry Reimer
22. RTS
23. wcbu64
24. Kboss24
25. Toucanf16
26. Pinheadpierre
27. Pinball69

Yeah, in a YBR addition,This is the Only one after you see it in person. Might want to check the return policy on the Other one. Lol

#4201 4 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Wow. You think you know your friends. Hats off to mavantix who was the only one who remembered his old pal Boob. I owe you a drink at the next pinball show after this virus has run its course. The rest of you suck and can go piss up a rope (especially yelobird who actually removed me from the list!).

Say what? Lol. I wouldn’t remove anyone even if Steve told me to do so.

#4208 4 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Tomorrow is a Full Moon Steve...
Great time for know....a....what's it called?
Oh ya , a real LIST! Honor of Wilford Brimley. He would of wanted a real list to. RIP.

Ahhh the Listing Hour! Bring it on Steve, pull the bandaid off and let us fill your paypal lol.

#4213 4 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Look at the list above yours. I was at position 0 (a made up position if ever there was one, admittedly!). Then you posted your list and I was gone. Poof. Just like that. Like I didn't exist. Like I never really mattered.

Ok looking at the list I apparently did knock you off the fake list my apology really not on purpose. Please revise the fake list and swap with my position I am willing to wait for this beautiful creation.

#4217 4 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

And yes, a lot of it is completely random...
...just like this thread.
RIP Wilford.[quoted image]

But we Love Chaos! lol I envision Laser beams of destruction and chicken hands!! For what its worth, after seeing your wife and hearing her story the last thing I would be doing is sanding witches.....

65432 (resized).jpg

#4241 4 months ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

So you’re saying you’ve got the itch to paint more monkeys? That’s awesome news Steve . . . I’m really looking forward to Monkey 2.0.

Can Monkey V2 have Iron Man red lasers shooting out of its hands! Please!!!! Start making 500 and I will get the list going for you.

#4299 3 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Oh yeah? Hut Mod? I see your hut mod and raise you:
Throne Room On Steroids Mod V 1
1) 27dnast

I'll take that bet and raise you:

I want a Flying Monkey wearing a witches hat holding a crystal ball in a straw hut Mod!

#4343 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

I send a link to an install video once I send the mod out.

Might I suggest the hand model do the

#4530 3 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Haha! I managed to post first, didn't order 50 of them, but actually do have a cleft lip/palette! (Figured that was a typo on your end.)

First and yet one of the only buyers that doesn’t Own a WOZ. Lol. I picking on you JK!!!

#4561 3 months ago

As a sign of support to the Many rightful fans of Steves amazing work I am prepared to make as Many new control boxes as he is willing to make witches for free to support (coax) him to make more. Amazing creation as always and an Honor to support his creation.

#4597 3 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

Hey guys, I'm okay with switching with good ole Boob! He's Steve's #1 Fan/Cheerleader on the forum, and this also gives me time for Yelobird and myself to actually find me a game to put these two awesome mods into!
1. beelzeboob
2. zutton1
3. audihere
4. paynemic
5. AliciaC
6. 1quartershort
7. Kkoss24
8. Homebru
9. avspin
10. Pinball-Lady
11. Fizz
12. rennervision
13. skogen75
14. Chosen_S
15. LukyDuck
16. 27dnast
17. mjfisher
18. wvpinball
19. mavantix
20. eharan
21. Ramjet
22. tat2ist(2)
23. txx3ddq442
24. HarryReimer
25. jeffr
26. mjs2
27. bigbadmiker
28. Frogman
29. adborto(2)
30. ViperJelly
31. calfdemon
32. fnosm
33. Pinball69
34. monte_
35. Hoss_Coog
36. jedimastermatt
37. ulmpharmd
38. wcbu64
39. generalgman
40. Toucanf16
41. jhagen
42. homegameroom
43. aslong132
44. Viperbsd
45. titanpenguin
46. bajm
47. meSz
48. rai
^^^ 50 units ^^^
49. Pinzap
50. pinheadpierre
51. thewool
52. waynetrane
53. Jenkins
54. Babnik13
55. scottr
56. ckpinball
57. RedLineMania
58. pballjunkie
59. SewerUrchin
60. Jvspin
61. Bmanpin
62. paragon07
63. Scottyboy369
64. Yelobird
65. AFM95
66. Ericpinballfan
67. RTS
68. Gooch
69. rzgrip
70. merccat
71. Parker09
72. yort
73. SLRage
74. bobukcat
75. PinBackpacker
76. Thot(2)
77. Oneangrymo
78. El_Tizzle
79. knightgdg
80. FalconDriver
81. Wesman
82. podolj
83. MGM2
84. ReadyPO
85. delt31
86. Kerry_Richard
87. Vyzer
88. Jackalwere
89. gatordad
90. wipinball
91. MrMikeman
92. BOB-G
93. etnfrd67
94. GreenWave
95. Pinbear
96. masterfx
97. fnosm (2nd one)
^^^ 100 Units ^^^
98. VegasAlleycat
99. LukyDuck (2nd one)
100. pcpskate
101. Whitenoise3000
102. Manimal
103. Allgood
104. bigd1979
105. Brady2Gronk

You are a Very kind person to do that. Hoping you didn't take my goofy poke for anything more then fun. Very kind bravo to you!!!!

#4613 3 months ago
Quoted from fnosm: start a fake list yourself.

Gouveia fan club list:

1 Yelobird

#4633 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Confirmed. The mod's lighting is self-contained and has nothing to do with the RGB lighting in the game, so it should work with all of the different systems.

Unless you live in Elk Grove Village! Lol JK

#4635 3 months ago
Quoted from Fizz:

LOL! Well, I'll move then!
Better start looking for a place in Wheaton.

Lol, no Steve makes more low key witch mods for my area..

012F65B9-C7E1-4B9D-AB16-0AE98A3E9D48 (resized).jpeg
#4644 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

It's very pretty on the workbench tonight.
[quoted image]

Yeah pretty. Till they rise up, march into your bedroom and kill you! Lol

1 week later
#4655 3 months ago

Not to say Steve has OCD but I would BET those witches are exactly spaced and orientated within .005"! lol

#4673 3 months ago
Quoted from mavantix:

Confirmation Steve is thinking about making more monkeys! Alert the podcasts!

Anyone ever imagine this is what Steve wears for his work attire....?

2B874A56-D586-4035-AD88-8AE9FACA912C (resized).jpeg
2 weeks later
#4690 73 days ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Where the hell is Steve?!?
No worries, I am still here and hard at work. The ramping up shall begin shortly...[quoted image]

So your making ramps Also!!!

Ramp list:

1 Yelobird

#4708 69 days ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Okay...I've been given permission to let you all know that I've beta-tested the new witch and she's absolutely phenomenal. When you see the level of detail and work put into this thing, you'll be happy you forked over $400 for it. It's an absolute masterpiece. I've told Steve that it works perfectly for me and his installation video was fantastic and easy to follow as well. I think he'll start shipping these out very soon now. For those of you lucky enough to get in on the list, be patient: this thing takes a ton of time to put together. (You'll see what I mean when you get it.) For those of you not lucky enough, I've listed my Witch 1.0 on the marketplace for one dollar less than that OTHER witch.
Bring on the munchkin huts, gouveia ! And a job VERY well done!
EDIT: Witch is sold. You snooze, you lose.

And I am offering my gen 1.0 still awesome witch like new for 1 Dollar under your listing. Lol PM for interest

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