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WOZ Red Smoke Mod 2.0 (List is closed)

By gouveia

4 years ago

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Post #1253 Flying Monkey Video Posted by gouveia (2 years ago)

Post #1713 Monkey mod wait list Posted by gouveia (2 years ago)

Post #2400 Monkey mod install video. Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

Post #2776 Flying monkey pics Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

Post #2966 Monkey installation video Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

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#1362 2 years ago

I'm in. Just bought a WOZ and was looking for some mods to add. I am floored by how fantastic that monkey looks!

3 months later
#1594 2 years ago

Hi Steve - Looks like I replied before the list started. (Post #1362) Please add me down for one of those wonderful monkeys.

4 months later
#1954 1 year ago

Yes Steve - not sure if this counts as an official list yet - but I would very much like your fantastic-looking witch also. (If possible I actually would prefer just the witch though, minus the red smoke because I'm very happy right now with my witch's well mod.) Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones.

1 month later
#2173 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

SSSHHHHHH... it's peeling away in a small section.

Hmmm... mine is doing the exact same thing in that same spot.

4 months later
#2624 1 year ago

Hi Steve. As was mentioned, I'm not sure if this is an official list yet. But if it is, please add me in behind everyone else so far. Thank you.

2 weeks later
#2816 1 year ago

My daughter's favorite historical figure just happens to be Harry Houdini. Her least favorite is Thomas Edison because he stole so many other people's ideas. I think the "new witch guy" picked the wrong username.

2 weeks later
2 weeks later
#2957 1 year ago

My beautiful new monkey has taken flight, but now I seem to be having some odd monkey shenanigans that I can't quite figure out.

Sometimes he flies down to pick up the ball and then just stays there. The ball eventually rolls away and he doesn't fly back up to the castle. Even if the ball drains, he just sits there at the magnet pickup spot. He's not stuck on anything; he moves fine in test mode. But I'll have to power off the machine and turn it back on for him to reset and work normal again.

Then there's the other weird scenario if he does successfully pick up the ball. Every time he takes it up to the castle, the door opens to release it and registers a virtual lock. The switch behind the door works and the game does not go into search mode after the monkey drops the ball off up there. But the door always immediately opens now to release it.

Anyone else having these issues?

#2960 1 year ago
Quoted from hawkmoon77:

Have you done a switch test in the service menu?

I have. The switch is working, but maybe it's something like Steve said where the ball isn't landing right on the switch now that I've moved the door slightly. (Although that wouldn't explain why he sometimes seems stuck at the "Capture Dorothy" spot.) I'll look at it some more today.

I was kind of curious by the way about the placement of the light. As best I could tell from the install video, there's a strip of wood underneath the backbox (right at the front edge) about the same depth as the light where it goes. If it's placed further back, it would actually go behind this strip and you really wouldn't see it anymore if you try to look for it. (All you could do is feel for it.) So mine is situated as close to the front of the backbox as possible, like so...

1 (resized).JPG

Is that where everyone is putting there's?

#2962 1 year ago

Yep, I was thinking the same thing. I'll go ahead and do that. Thanks Steve.

#2979 1 year ago

I felt like the video could benefit from some close-up shots from time to time (and I got a little confused at first with the placement of the light as the video is using an older prototype), but I just followed it along, pausing it and doing exactly what was shown with no installment issues - and I'm the worst repairman you would ever want to hire. I did encounter some monkey issues a few days ago, but I think that has more to do with maybe the monkey magnet sensor and isn't really related to the monkey mod itself. I certainly couldn't have installed it so easily without the video by my side.

3 months later
#3227 11 months ago

Looks great Steve. You have a wonderful creative mind!

#3274 11 months ago

I'm in Steve! Thank you!

#3389 10 months ago

By my calculations there's one more spot left.

#3390 10 months ago

Sorry - I mean 2 spots left.

2 months later
#3803 7 months ago

Oh man. I'm afraid I've really botched this crystal ball installation. The black plastic base did not come off for me. Every piece I tried to grab with my crescent wrench just broke off until I was left with nothing more to grab onto. So I used a dremel tool to take off the rest. It left me with an ugly black spot underneath, but I thought it would still work.

1 rvsd (resized).jpg

But then, when I placed it in the new base I realized I had a problem. I'll admit I'm a little confused about the proper placement of the ball because if I place the flat end up against the little display screen, there's a huge gap between the front of the base and the ball. (That can't be right.)

2 rvsd (resized).jpg

Furthermore, that means the ugly black spot is on full display.

3 rvsd (resized).jpg

The best I can do is reposition the ball so it's on the base, but then the screen is not 100% covered by the ball. Either way, the ugly black spot is still visible.

4 rvsd (resized).jpg

I'm thinking I'm pretty much screwed.

#3805 7 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I would have suggested adhesive remover as someone pointed out in this thread over grinding. Still looks repairable just need to take your time.

Yeah, not my best moment. I was thinking it wouldn't matter if I didn't get all of it off because I thought the ball sits back on the same spot as before. I've removed dealership logos off cars with a hairdryer and dental floss, so maybe I should have tried that. This thing was unbelievably welded on though. I'm thinking the employee of the month glued it.

#3808 7 months ago

OK - I'll see what I can do. I know it's my own dumb fault by rushing while using gorilla strength. This isn't the first time I've screwed something up in my machine and it won't be the last I'm sure. I did call JJP and they're in the process of moving, but worst-case scenario, they can ship me a new one when they're all situated.

#3809 7 months ago

The good news is I was able to bend my little TV bracket so it is now properly positioned behind the ball resting on the base. Now that the display is at the correct angle, it does help reduce the visibility of the messed up botttom.

1 month later
#3888 6 months ago

I'm at a loss here guys. I tried to install the crystal ball today and I can't even get the glass back in place now over the machine. It's just too high.

I've experimented for hours. At one point I even tried placing the base under the wireform (which I know is the opposite of what the directions say). The glass will just barely clear over it in that position, but then a ball can't move around it.

And while trying that approach, the wireform pressing against the left side of the crystal ball popped it off its base so I'm back to square one. Here are some photos of what it looked like with the supposed correct installation method...
0627202225 (resized).jpg0627202225a (resized).jpg

1 month later
#4393 5 months ago

I'm in! Thanks Steve.

#4472 5 months ago

My pounding heart doesn't think it's going to be able to handle too many more of these mod releases.

#4569 5 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

This list is pretty clean. The previous list had a dupe and a few spelling and capitalization errors:
Let me know if I missed something. Total WCTD (Witch Count To Date) 104.

#12 is "rennervision" in case that makes any difference. Thanks.

2 months later
#4814 69 days ago

Well I just installed mine, and the very first time I saw it light up my jaw dropped. In fact, I may need to see a doctor about how to close my mouth again. Steve - I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. It's like my machine is brand new once more. God bless you sir - you saved 2020!

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