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WOZ Red Smoke and Witch Mod (out of production)/Monkey Mod (List closed)

By gouveia

2 years ago

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#1778 6 months ago

If anyone has a smoke mod they would like to get rid of I would like to buy

2 weeks later
#1790 6 months ago
Quoted from clg:

I'm looking to sell my woz and may sell the witch/red smoke separately. Any interest or offers on it? Happy to ship wherever. PM me. Cheers

PM sent

#1809 6 months ago

That with the smoke mod looks awesome (especially on the RR)

#1814 6 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Not many. But I am definitely picking up the pace now that I have most of the kinks worked out.

Yeah! Get those done so we can get some more smoke

#1831 6 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

I finally finished making new molds for these parts last night so I can keep assembling parts. I’ll get between thirty-five to fifty pieces from these (if I’m lucky), and then eventually they’ll wear down or break somewhere and I’ll have to do it all over again. These molds happened to turn out great, plus they have all the changes I was doing by hand. So I’m pretty happy about that. See you at INDISC.
[quoted image]

Very cool to see the work!

#1839 6 months ago

Sure, add me to the list too

#1847 5 months ago
Quoted from Timl101:

Looking for the witch and red smoke mod. If anyone has one they would sell pm me please. Willing to pay full retail. Would also be interested in the monkey mod. Thanx Tim

Get in line

1 month later
#1908 4 months ago
Quoted from Gotfrogs:

I got my second hand red smoke witch mod today. Not only does it look great but I failed to realize how easy it is to install. You don’t even have to lift the playfield![quoted image]

Man! Been looking for one for a while, good for you!

1 month later
#2066 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Bummer. I was finally hoping for some drama on this boring thread.

money-witch-mod-now-or-the-dog-gets-it (resized).jpg
#2068 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Bummer. I was finally hoping for some drama on this boring thread.

monkey-and-witch-mods-now-or-the-dog-gets-it (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2101 3 months ago

When should I expect my Witch mod to arrive? I think I was number 5 on the list

#2103 3 months ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Really? You mean you didn't like that stock "wicked witch trapped inside a bong" look? Hmm. Interesting!

LOL. I am unsure what the plastic tube is really supposed to be.

#2108 3 months ago
Quoted from fnosm:

The tube is just a way to prevent the ball from being launched into the witch well, necessitating glass removal for retrieval. Then decorated to make it look like part of the forest for effect.

Seems so out of place. I've had mine off for a while and never had the ball stuck there. I ordered the Modfather witch walls and for some reason (even after two different sets) they won't fit on my game. Not sure if something changed in later games, but my early SE (#146 or something) doesn't have the same amount of room between the witch and the castle playfield. Everything is off by enough that the wall doesn't fit around the witch properly (it's off center) and the back wall doesn't have enough room to let the witch up.

Either way it looks much better with it off. I wish I could get my hands on a gouvea witch mod. Might just end up trying to make something myself.

#2114 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

And they settled on the “witch in a bong”?

Well, SOME of us would replace that if SOME of us would make more mods

#2116 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

I will do my best. I am currently pre-occupied with painting lots of tiny little uniforms.

Heh, yes.. all in jest. Many bows down to your fantastic product and witty repartee.

#2125 88 days ago

LOL... gouvea: "guys, no more monkeys or witches"

Pinside: "put me on the list!"

#2143 84 days ago
Quoted from calfdemon:

Ah, okay.. That makes sense. And I have recently greased my monkey (that doesn't sound right...) and it doesn't move as fast as the one in that video, but it moves smooth. And the word "settled" was probably not the correct word to use. The monkey itself is a work of art and amazing to see every time it comes out. The wings move enough, just not enough to look like they are flapping. But as you mentioned, the crazy flapping in the video could/would cause problems after time. I am completely happy with my little monkey (phrasing...) and was not complaining in any way. Just seeing it compared to the one in that video, I was pointing out that mine doesn't perform the same way (there we go again...). But Im sure my monkey performs just like everyone elses!

I'm sure your little monkey is just as good as everyone else's monkey no matter how little you flap it or how greased up it is. Enjoy the gentle motion, sit back and relax while your monkey does the work.

1 week later
#2148 77 days ago

He can top it by making more for the poor souls who missed out. Nothing has confirmed my FOMO than this dang thread! I had to buy a whole other WOZ to get a witch mod! (No, I'm not kidding. I think I win most spent on the mod)

#2153 75 days ago
Quoted from wcbu64:

Another poor soul here . . . I won’t buy a WOZ unless I can get both the witch and monkey mod.

If I run across it again I'll let you know, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in the US there is one on CL (a RR) with both mods OR actually I think he has the smoke mod and a place in line for the monkey. Use searchtempest.com and do the whole US and you can find it, if it's still out there.

#2156 75 days ago

Well, up for anyone else. RR with both mods, get it while you can: denver.craigslist.org link

#2161 72 days ago

Well... the seller of the RR that has both mods will part them out for $1k total. LOL. Steve, you're doing god's work.

1 week later
#2165 63 days ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Finally got my WOZ out of storage... got the monkey installed. Looks great! As steve pointed out, the wings move less than the original video... but awesome none the less.
My request: Steve can you make a mod that replaces the thatched hut that covers the ball lock mech in the upper right playfield? Something molded that’s similar but hand crafted. First dibs called... happy to be a prototype tester!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Someone was working on that and/or made them at some point. I think it was backalleycreations (the guy from JJP who made the RR mods) but I could be wrong. I know I saw a molded version somewhere. A little flap that goes on the ball lock/release that matches could be cool too.

#2166 63 days ago

I wasn't kidding when I said I bought another WOZ just to get the smoke mod.

WOZ #2

0516191219 (resized).jpg
#2168 63 days ago
Quoted from J_Striker:

whats up with the right side of cabinet decal?

SSSHHHHHH... it's peeling away in a small section. I've been debating what adhesive to use. Someone suggested a hair dryer might activate the adhesive again. I am thinking 2-part epoxy. I don't think any sort of cyanoacrylate will be "thick" enough to make a good seal on surfaces that aren't a perfect mate. Someone also said wood glue, but that seems too basic. Suggestions?

#2171 63 days ago
Quoted from RTS:

Shouldn't it go to the person next in line on the waiting list?

We breached this topic before. I suppose it is entirely up to Steve but I don't see why a person wouldn't be able to give their spot away. It'd be akin to just buying the mod and then selling it, same result. I would expect the waiting list to be something that would be fulfilled if Steve decides to produce more than he said originally. My $.02.

#2174 63 days ago
Quoted from rennervision:

Hmmm... mine is doing the exact same thing in that same spot.

Ahhhhhh jjp.

#2177 62 days ago
Quoted from ronaldvg:

I have used spray glue for this. With the stuff I use you can spray both sides, wait ten minutes and then apply and it will hold forever.

I don't see how I'd get the glue in there. It's a "ripple" that isn't extending to the end so I don't want to pull it back if I don't have to. I'll investigate and see if it will easily yield.

#2179 62 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Remove button and siderail.
Slowly and Carefully peel back the loose area with a thin putty knife.
Mask everything off. Top, bottom, sides, outside. All of it.
3m 77 spray adhesive sprayed lightly.
Wait for it to dry a bit roll the area back down with a brayer.
Clean off excess with naptha
Retape on the siderail

The issue seemed to be the side rail pushing the radcal down. I tucked it back under and it's flush. If it comes out again I'll do that. Thanks.

#2181 59 days ago

Has anyone made their own additional lighting for the red flame? I saw some sellers but I am wiring up my own lighting mods now and wondered what others had done. I have some RGB strip lighting that I can easily stuff in there if that is what is used commonly, I wasn't sure where the hookup was made. I know the tiny LED lights in there have flat black ribbon cables so it's not a basic splice. Are those lights 12v like the spots?

#2186 54 days ago
Quoted from jrockne:

I finally got around to installing my witch mod... A long time coming for a five minute task.
Looking forward to the monkey mod!(I promise I'll install it quicker this time)
Your mods are top notch! It fits the look of the game so perfectly.

How... in... the...? How long have you been sitting on that?!

On another note, I got to messing with the RR that has the witch mod which I just bought and man, that is a QUALITY piece of kit. Really nice craftsmanship.

#2188 54 days ago

I get excited just looking at it.

0526191758a (resized).jpg
#2196 48 days ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I tired that for a while, but wasn’t getting any hits on the game. Then I lowered the price at a level I’d be willing to sell without the mods and got hits right away. So I think pulling them and letting someone who appreciates their beauty buy them is a better route.

Are you the guy I emailed off CL a while back who wouldn't sell them to me because I was not in CO? Still interested.

#2197 48 days ago
Quoted from merccat:

RapidTac is supposed to reactivate adhesive (just learned about it for wet applying decals). Not sure about a case where it didn’t properly adhere to start with tho.

RapidTac what? Looks like that is more of a brand than a product.

#2201 47 days ago
Quoted from merccat:

Application Fluid. Yeah, they have expanded into a brand but the application fluid is what got them started.

Ah cool, maybe I'll give that a shot first. I was contemplating cyanoacrylate but I don't think the bond would be flexible enough. I also have to figure out a way to clamp it, I don't have a bar clamp that wide I don't think.

#2203 46 days ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Rapid-tac is awesome stuff.
Brand name or not, I heavily recommend it.
I have used dish soap, windex, sparkle etc.
None have produced the results and ease of application that rapid-tac does.

Mirco said to use cyanoacrylate so I am going to give that a shot first.

1 week later
#2234 39 days ago

A bit more tempting than the "I'll buy your winged monkey mod" post... I am working on some mods for JJPOTC that I'd be interested in trading for an extra winged monkey, seeing as some folks have ordered more than one. I'll give you first dibs off the line on any of the mods and add in cash to make it worth your while.


#2236 39 days ago
Quoted from RTS:

Seems like you're just suggesting another way to cut in front of those on the waiting list.

Eh? I was offering up to trade/buy one of the mods that someone else has already or is already on the list for? Meaning, I'm not asking to get in line or get anything from Steve... just offering it up to anyone who is already on the list who may have multiple and want to trade.

#2257 33 days ago

Ok, where'd I misplace the monkey install instructions? I searched, I manually paged through the last 10 pages... can't find them. Google is no help. Anyone?

1 week later
#2315 22 days ago
Quoted from Gomer1969:

The door was a struggle for me as well. I started to strip the bolt and so stopped. Instead I use some black electrical tape cut into thin strips. Used those strips to build up a thin bump out on the back of the door where it hits the post. It only took about 5 layers. In my opinion you can't even tell the door is slightly open
I hesitate telling you all this because if installed correctly there is no need to jerry rig it but for me the bolt was a real issue.

Dremel a slot in it, remove with flat head. Had to do this on 3 different screws now on various castle doors, usually bottom right corner main door. Order new ones from JJP or generic #6 or whatever they are. Replace often, sadly... they get bashed to crap, especially on the main doors. I think some corrosion builds up between the screw threads and door post, unless it's some weird white thread locker. Worst case, channel lock pliers (vice grip) on the screw and turn, just enough to break it free. Plan to replace the door decal. I hate to dremel in my game (or even with the castle playfield removed) but sometimes there is no option. I've yet to cut into a playfield, fingers crossed.

#2318 22 days ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Good Lord..where do I begin? Sorry, but some of you are just WAY over the top.
Use a good screwdriver, people.

I'll find the pic and show you. There was nothing to screw.

#2320 22 days ago
Quoted from gouveia:

And it’s four in the morning. And I’ve worked all night. And I’m going to bed and who cares. Good night.

Commiserating over here. Siesta time.

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