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WOZ Red Smoke Mod 2.0 (List is closed)

By gouveia

4 years ago

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Post #1253 Flying Monkey Video Posted by gouveia (2 years ago)

Post #1713 Monkey mod wait list Posted by gouveia (2 years ago)

Post #2400 Monkey mod install video. Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

Post #2776 Flying monkey pics Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

Post #2966 Monkey installation video Posted by gouveia (1 year ago)

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#680 3 years ago

Ok... I'm sold, put me on the list please...
How much are these again?

Thank you!

11 months later
#1112 2 years ago

I’ve been on hiatus for a while building my gameroom , all my moolah has gone in to it, so now I can afford a witch mod... am I correct in seeing all the witches are gone?

If not I’d like one please if possible, or maybe someone who no longer wants theirs??

#1116 2 years ago

Congrats! You’re in for a great time!

Put me on the back order list, the Woz is bolted to the floor here.

Go ahead and put me on the list for the next mod as well, I’m sure it will be great!

#1141 2 years ago

I bet those Witches paid for the honeymoon! Or better!

1 month later
#1176 2 years ago
Quoted from Mistwalker:

I'm late to the party and would love to get one of the smoke/witch mods. Anyone have one to get rid of?

Same here, posted the same a while back

#1196 2 years ago

I’m in, put me down for one! Great job!

2 months later
#1374 2 years ago

is there link for the monkey mod yet?

1 month later
#1391 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinball-Pat:

Ummmm, ^^^ This is amazing !!!!


3 weeks later
#1553 2 years ago

I’m in, put me on the list... how much is this thing?

4 months later
#1919 1 year ago

My wife says our woz is bolted to the floor on her side of the bed

All I can say is “of course baby!”

I show her new mods and she picks what goes in... (hello flying monkey!)

She’s played the machine maybe 20 times
She’s also the girl that buys shoes to look at because they’re pretty

Thank goodness there’s not a forum (that she knows of). She’d be worse than me and my time here!

1 month later
#2089 1 year ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Don't get nervous. I've been pretty busy with work and other things, but I've got my team working on them.
[quoted image]

This means they’re going to be $5 by Christmas! Lol, unless you’re taking apples approach to their iPhones, then they won’t change price but only get more expensive, ha!

#2091 1 year ago
Quoted from RPZ:

If there was a list I reckon I’m probably #1530 on the list for the monkey... until now I thought I had to wait years, but now... I expect it next week!!! Lol!

Yeah! Especially since all of China is working on them!

$h!1, shipping from China takes longer than a week

#2093 1 year ago
Quoted from gouveia:

I’m using Homepin’s factory. The assembly line was empty.

Ooooooooooooo... that was a slow burnnnnnn.

Best comment on the entire pinside

1 month later
#2207 1 year ago

Dangit! I’m almost there me thinks

1 month later
#2405 1 year ago
Quoted from gouveia:

If all we talk about is chicken on this thread while I make these, I will be extremely happy.

Great post, haha

3 weeks later
#2460 1 year ago

This is the best fried chicken commercial I have seen

1 week later
#2472 1 year ago

I really want to dance around my gameroom like Taylor Swift hopped up on pop rocks and Mountain Dew

1 month later
#2843 1 year ago

I want on the list for the new witch please
I will do my best to look out for the official announcement.

3 months later
#3093 9 months ago

1. 27dnast
2. LukyDuck
4. titanpenguin
5. Manimal
6. Jedimastermatt
7. fnosm (2 please)
8. Fizz
9. jtaudio
10. rrosenhouse
11. Ericpinballfan (you’re welcome!!!)
12. paynemic
13. Dashmonster
14. mavantix
15. PinBackpacker (I know he's buying whatever it is)
16. Chosen_S

(I almost put myself to the top of the list for giggles)

#3191 9 months ago

I want on every list; I like lists list, I don’t like lists list, crystal ball list, witch 2.0 list.

Great Job Steve, I’m glad you’re still having fun with all of us and our lists

At least I got chicken

#3216 9 months ago
Quoted from Rager170:

I just dont like how that one part sticks down pretty far from the rest of it. Just seems out of place to me.
Not trying to be rude of course. Just asking questions and being honest..

This sounds like a case for .... Mod the mod bro

#3365 9 months ago

I’m in

#3427 9 months ago

My uncle got a tattoo the same way, same place.... Jacob

When he puts his arm up behind his head and his tattoo is revealed , his shirt covers up “b”

Everyone who see it says “Taco?”

#3472 9 months ago

Can we please get back to fried chicken?

B59E72A1-6A1C-4E7F-A348-54B826EA6F85 (resized).png
1 month later
#3641 7 months ago

1. The Boob
1. Chosen_S
2. rai
3. Jorant
4. HarryReimer
5. ViperJelly
6. wcbu64
7. wesman
8. LukyDuck
9. Smiley
10 Yelobird
11. Manimal
12. Fizz
13. ToucanF16

#3680 7 months ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

You cut the line, you go to the back of the line...and take the place of person who erased the name of the person who started the list.
1. The Boob
2. rai
3. Jorant
4. HarryReimer
5. ViperJelly
6. wcbu64
7. wesman
8. LukyDuck
9. Smiley
10. Yelobird
11. Manimal
12. Fizz
13. ToucanF16
14. Pinheadpierre
15. Pcpskate
16. Calfdemon
17. JediMasterMatt
18. edcianci
19. Chosen_S
20. etnfrd67

You know you chuckled a bit, all in good fun. It’s a fantasy list anyway.

1 month later
#3845 6 months ago

1. Boob.
2. rai
3. wesman
5. meSz
7. LukyDuck
8. ToucanF16
9. JediMasterMatt
19. Pinheadpierre
27. 27dnast
30. Chosen_S

3 weeks later
#3883 5 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

You should do a teaser video that is better than JJP’s!

This, but with fried chicken

1 week later
#3904 5 months ago

Time for the witching hour!
New list “Game Changer Witch Mod”
1) 27dnast
2) Thot
3) Manimal
4) Yelobird
5) titanpinball
6) bobukcat
7) bmanpin
8) Bruce Wayne
8.5) Wade Wilson
10) dirty sanchez
11) Chosen_s
12) LukyDuck
XIII) Jedimastermatt

#3907 5 months ago

Chicken list

1)home made fried chicken
6)Nashville hot chicken
7)bush’s chicken
8)robocop Korean fried chicken
9)chicken and waffles
10)beer butt fried chicken
11)deep fried chicken
12)4th of July fried chicken
13)chicken tempura
14)sweet and sour chicken
15)honey chicken
16)Tyson chicken

1 week later
#3944 4 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Or maybe just this.[quoted image]

This is the best update, I may just frame this

2 weeks later
#4209 4 months ago

I’m headed to sell a kidney, please post the new list at least by tomorrow afternoon at the earliest

#4238 3 months ago

Someone left me off this fake list!

I saw this today...

7E1AC58E-F1EA-46DC-A5DC-06FADB21090B (resized).jpeg
#4276 3 months ago

I’m not gonna let this pass...

I want on that donut chicken list, please make the donuts Krispy Kreme.

Gouveia; I think it would be best possibly if at least one of the witches were flipping the camera off, for no good reason.

#4278 3 months ago

COVID-19 witch, nice touch

#4312 3 months ago

Please tell me theres no zoom meeting, or FaceTime or google meet up, or facebook live party or any other crap.

Im getting a bucket of twice fried donuts and chicken and some 3d glasses and a 70" tv mounted vertically with Pinside live streaming and a lawn chair (may be a few extra lawn chairs) Ill be ready to go at 11:55a pacific outside my garage in the driveway.

I'll be watching closely for red smoke and an old green cackeling clear glass ball rubbing winch, oh and gouveia's GO speech.

Ill turn on the sprinklers for those of you that wanna stop by and watch the show, bring your bathing suit to run through the sprinklers, and a towel, I don't have any extra of those. oh and watch for the pot holes in my yard when you run through it.

#4395 3 months ago

I’m in

#4522 3 months ago
Quoted from gouveia:

Wow. I don't know what to say. I told Tricia we'd get about thirty in half an hour and she just laughed at me.
Thank you so much. I am humbled. I will definitely make more for all of you that signed up. It'll take a little time, but I'll do it.
You guys are the best.
Thank you.

Way to go! Your a top guy, I admire your spirit Steve, let’s go grab a chicken sandwich sometime!

#4553 3 months ago

I had my “I’m in” post ready about 30 seconds before noon (2 pm where I am). As soon as I saw the go post, I hit the “post” button And got in at 14, I was actually sweating a little. I missed out on witch 1.0. Funny thing is I’m selling an entire arcade game to fund just this mod. Kudos Steve

#4618 3 months ago

Some how boob never made the last official list.
Boobs number one on the list of official list of witch 2.0 of which boob gets the first witch of witch 2.0

1.) Beezelboob

1 month later
#4727 46 days ago
Quoted from smokinhos:

Late to the party.. lol. Im thinking about getting the modfather walls and well. Does the witch 2.0 mod work with that? Just want to be sure. Thanks

Not sure about the walls, but I think the 2.0 will replace the well if you already have it installed

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