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WOZ - Winged Monkey No Workie Right


5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

My winged monkey sux. I have owned my standard WOW since Feb. Initially it worked great, a few months ago my winged monkey stopped picking up the ball. It usually stops 3/4" from the magnet therefore not picking up the ball. I've posted this question before and LG was gracious enough to answer telling me to bend the limit switches. Today I bent the lower switch (I thought too much). I went on to play a game and when the ball stuck to the upper magnet, the monkey started his slow and labored trek down ( it really seems to labor up and down). At the bottom it was still 3/4" from the ball. The monkey started back up without the ball and stopped half way up. I had to manually move him up at the end of my game.

I don't know if it is just my monkey that stinks, is anyone else having a similar problem? I love my WOZ and my wife and kids do to, I just want my Winged Monkey to work

Thanks for any help or ideas..


#2 5 years ago

Does your monkey move up and down smoothly in test ? If not then clean the old grease off of the threaded rod and put on new.

Make sure your ball sense switch behind the back wall is plugged in and working.

LTG : )™

#3 5 years ago

Thanks for the quick response LTG. I did check the connections and the monkey does move freely in the test, although slows towards the bottom. I did check the grease and he seems greased. He's still struggling.

#4 5 years ago
Quoted from JTSIV:

I did check the grease and he seems greased.

But is the grease old and gunky ? Seems greased isn't good enough.

LTG : )™

#5 5 years ago

You sure the screws for the mechanism didn't get moved or bumped - my bet is its on the alignment of the mechanism. Make damn sure your monkey isn't rubbing on anything..

#6 5 years ago
Quoted from Spudgunman:

Make damn sure your monkey isn't rubbing on anything..

That's good advice in a number of forums... )

Steve (in Escalon, CA)

#8 5 years ago

My friend with a WOZ having the same problem this is an excerpt from his email to me. "There's a sensor that literally tells the monkey when a ball is on the magnet, and if it goes out of adjustment, then the first couple times you take that shot, it doesn't let the monkey come all the way down. After about three failed shots, it defaults the machine into thinking the ball is on the magnet if the magnet energizes. It's supposed to keep the pin from registering a false virtual lock. Without it, if the shot registers both orbit switches in either direction, and ball is not stuck on the magnet, the machine gives a virtual lock. With the sensor, it registers whether the ball is actually on the magnet. So when it works, on a dribble shot that may roll through the orbit switches, but not hit the magnet, the pin knows the ball is not there. It's a tough one. Most owners have had to re-position the switch, and you only get about five chances to adjust it before the magnet heats up. As the magnet heats, it responds differently, and then goes out on thermal overload."~I hope this helps.

2 weeks later
#9 5 years ago

I have had issues with the Winged Monkey too but a different problem.
When he releases the ball at the top, it falls back down on the playfield.
I have already checked for the two rubber strips. They are there, double stacked, in position as they should be
which is pushed up against the metal wall behind the door. There was a 1/8" gap there before I moved them.
At first 1 out of 5 balls might stay up top, now it's never!

2 weeks later
#10 5 years ago

Hey Guys Its been a while since I had a chance to workie on my flying monkey... My WOZ has not been played because I don't want to do any damage. I spent quite a while today working on the monkey. So far, I have:
tightened the 4 Allen screws
bent the switches
greased the screw (monkey track)
Still like before, monkey seems to struggle going down. Today it stuck at the bottom. I noticed the motor was spinning but not the screws. I made sure the 4 Allen screws were tight. But the screw still just was not spinning with the motor. I took a few pictures of the motor / screw area.

I just want my monkey to workie properly.

Thanks Again - I hate to be a bother.

#11 5 years ago

That coupling doesn't look right. Please PM me.

LTG : )

2 weeks later
#12 5 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Before I put my question/problem, I wanted to than LTG for helping me get the coupling. I really appreciate your help. I was able to spend some time today figuring out how to get the coupling off. After doing that and removing the old one, I noticed a few things:

First, I noticed when I began a dry fit of everything with the coupling inserted into the screwshaft on one side and into the motor on the other that if I were to do it evenly on both sides each side may only have 1/16th of an inch.

I don't see a way to lengthen the screw shaft side or the motor side to give a tighter fit. If I push the coupling all the way into the screw side then the motor side barely touches the shaft and visa versa..

it seems to me that if I could lenghten both the motor side and screw side the coupling would fit more tightly.

Or, if the coupling was 1/4" longer..

My thought now is to try and tighten the coupling equally on the motor side and shaft side and tighten as best I can. Another thought was to place a drop of Gorilla or super glue on each side of the coupling to help keep it tight..

Does anyone have any thoughts? I really could use them. I appreciate you taking time to read this..


1 week later
#13 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

Does your monkey move up and down smoothly in test ? If not then clean the old grease off of the threaded rod and put on new.
Make sure your ball sense switch behind the back wall is plugged in and working.
LTG : )™


What is the recommended grease that is to be used on WOZ?

I have also emailed support about the witch gear rod and sensors, it looks like they are rubbing. Maybe I'll start a separate post about that.


#14 5 years ago

Yikes, that looks like a lot of metal shavings.

#15 5 years ago

Just as a side thought. I had problems with my monkey starting to make a lot of noise when going up and down. I didn't grease the threaded shaft, I used synthetic grease to lube the straight shiny shaft it rides on, (without threads). Problem solved. Before, my monkey would try and drop the ball on the upper play field , but it would be short and then the ball would drop down to the lower play field about every third time. After the lubrication of the straight shaft, no more noise, and the ball drops up top without problems, and it stays on the upper play field.
Good luck.

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