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Post #7022 Balls not making it to shooter lane from trough - Fix Posted by LTG (72 days ago)

Post #7126 Location of the latest software update/version Posted by mavantix (60 days ago)

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#4978 1 year ago

Man that is Terrible, I was lucky with my one and only NIB, and made a noob mistake of signing immediately. Now I now... never again best of luck!

3 months later
#5421 1 year ago

Need your input fellow WOZ owners. I have have gone back and forth about getting one for over a year and finally going to do it. I have 2 great options near me:
1) ECLE - 2015 older boards around 800 plays seller asking 8250
2) Ruby Red 2017 model, flawless 250 plays seller asking 9000.

Both seem high on price what would you guys recommend ? Both machine and price thank you!

#5423 1 year ago

Thanks pimp77 I’m leaning towards the RR, also single owner the ECLE is multiple. I was thinking fair price would be 8500.00 is that high?

#5425 1 year ago

Thanks pinballinreno this is very helpful knowledge. What mods would I need to basically make it match the RR edition?

I Think it’s the caste walls, Toto And tornado?

#5434 1 year ago

Thanks for all the input guys, so the lowest he will go on the ECLE is 7500. I’d be willing to do it for 7250

Question, where can I get a nib for 9k?? If I could find that price I’d be all about it... cheapest I have seen is 9500+shipping

#5462 1 year ago

Hey guys anyone have a recommendation on the best dealer to order a woz RR from? The best price I have found is 9500.00 + shipping from automated. But I keep hearing I can get one for 9k but where?

#5489 1 year ago

Finally got to put in some actual time on a woz... well 2 of them actually st the golden state pin all festival. Man! I love it what a great game. I just kept coming back for more.

That upper playfield is so challenging and fun, same with the House. The sounds and light show WOW. Seriously one of the best and most beautiful games out there

#5522 1 year ago

Hey guys, so I have a question for ya'll. I'm about to order a WOZ. But, I'm thinking of getting a standard, and powder coating all the trim green (LIke the ECLE) as I personally love the green, but want 2.0 system.

Other than some visual nick nacks (castle doors, toto, tornado etc..) is there any real difference between the RR and standard? thanks

#5525 1 year ago

I noticed that http://pinballs.com has some ECLE's in stock.. but don't appear to be the original ECLE's that JJP sold... rather some green version that they are claiming is ECLE??? I called and the sales rep said they were made specifically for them? ANyone have an input...

I'm a little hesitant to order from them as I have read countless posts of bad experiences ordering from pinballs.com

#5587 1 year ago

Maybe some light heat? Hair dryer

1 month later
#5717 11 months ago

Picking up a WOZ next week! Needless to say I’m very excited been wanting one for like a year and a half. Giving up my amazing T2 for it and I know I won’t regret it

#5724 11 months ago

I don’t even have my WOZ yet and I’m already ordering mods haha. Very excite!

#5736 11 months ago

Just picked up my ECLE WOZ! One of the last production models. Has 7.5 boards and only 24 plays!!

E062D519-EA25-4855-B08B-E4D0A44B4E9E (resized).jpeg
#5737 11 months ago

Well I got my WOZ in my house, fire up... and... bunch of lights out . I am new to JJP, so not sure really where to start... sadly I have a feeling its a lamp board or boards. This does have the 7.5v, and with such low plays kinda hard to believe it would be a board.

LED's 1-37 are not working

Any chance there is a fuse I can check or connections? Love any help thanks so much!
lights (resized).png

#5739 11 months ago

Sadly I did not get to, the seller assured me it was 100% working. At this point not sure the evidence is supporting that.

To “bypass” a board do I just go into the menu and start turning them off?

#5742 11 months ago

Thanks ltg it’s crazy the seller claims everything was 100% working yesterday... what if anything could have wiggled loose in transporting? Or can rough vibration toast a board?

#5746 11 months ago

Thanks for the help arcadenerd925 ltg out of curiosity I pulled up the sellers listing... sure enough even in the photos the lights are out. Super frustrating.

So that rules out transporting causing this. it’s gotta be a bad board and he just didn’t disclose it, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and believe he didn’t notice... but really

#5750 11 months ago

OK, found the culprit, the data connector going from 56 to 26, on the green end, the ground wire had backed itself out. shoved it back in and hot glued it until i can order a replacement. Speaking of replacement where do i order one? I Could not find it on the part page.

Also, my WOZ head led seems to be out... this common, and should i order another from JJP? or can i use a 12 one I have from comet? Thanks

woz (resized).png
#5752 11 months ago

I guess this LED is notorious for going out ya?

ALso my machine has 06.61 is that the latest or should i update? thanks

One last thing... im getting some SUPER annoying vibration between the glass and side rails, cause the sub and music. I noticed the side rails on this game are not using doubled sided tape, and thus are kinda loose allowing little movement thus vibration

#5754 11 months ago

Thanks arcadenerd925 and idea where to buy this “special tape” also loving your fun house restoration!

Nevermind found it! Flipper fidelity sells it

#5757 11 months ago

Ok guys im going to order some mods for my WOZ but had some questions. Mainly the castle walls. I was thinking of going with the modfather one with the witches well. Any reason not to get the modfather one over the back alley creations one? thanks

#5760 11 months ago

Right that’s why I asked which casket walls as I know he’s not making that mod right now

#5762 11 months ago

So I also want to put an led in the state fair balloon... and I’m use to Williams, the wiring harnesses in this game is nuts, where / how do I tap into a gi circuit? Or power? Thank you

#5764 11 months ago

Thanks ltg so any leds added need to be 12v essentially?

#5771 11 months ago

well just ordered a ton of goodies from Back Alley. Got the combo and added the emerald city.

I'm thinking about getting Pin Stadium, I don't have them on any of my machines. Though I think it's an amazing product I have always been concerned that it may detract from the intended presentation of the games, as they have are pretty dramatic effect.

Combo_set_all_3_woz_mods_480x480 (resized).jpgTop_city_wizard_of_oz_480x480 (resized).jpg
#5784 11 months ago

Winkie target in! Such a must for this game.

23DA051C-4847-4278-85B1-9FD9C2276A75 (resized).jpeg
#5788 11 months ago

Hey guys about to order some cliffy’s for my woz but good lord... there is like a massive amount of options. I was thinking vuks, drop target and shooter lane... any suggestions? Cheers

#5792 11 months ago

arcadenerd925 messes with the ball I bet?

1 week later
#5846 10 months ago

Have you guys had good support from JJP with issues? I keep hearing they are the best in the industry, but I'm yet to see that. I called about 2 weeks ago, about 3 times, and always went to VM. I left a message and have heard nothing? Maybe there is a secret I am missing?

1 week later
#5871 10 months ago

nepi23 i just got a piece of paper, and trimmed it a bit and put it in that area then drew out roughly the shape needed to protect the area in front of the drop target and then cut some mylar and boom.

#5879 10 months ago

Ohh nepi23 my bad I just realized your covering some damage right? Duh... sorry my post was probably useless

#5902 10 months ago

Been nodding away on my new woz. Got a whole bunch o goodies on! The hardest part was the cliffy for the castle VUK. Here is what she has now

• All new color matched total rubbers
• Cliffy’s on shooter lane, all VUK’s, drop target and munchkin playfield.
• Molded castle walls (waiting on the lantern)
• Tornado mod
• Molded emerald city
• Toto
• Target decals
• Mylar installed in front of Winkie target

06222605-011D-4D86-A753-4CFC6AFC9F08 (resized).jpeg35E436C0-3BEC-4275-8026-E04197F5AE77 (resized).jpeg5033C21E-EF6E-423F-943F-7827E02EC6B7 (resized).jpeg5223468B-6038-4407-A5B4-5137D87B67C4 (resized).jpegA4722373-A09D-4E59-9D46-AFB5BCD3CF2A (resized).jpegB8FBBE33-9F27-4362-8601-A86993062449 (resized).jpeg
#5913 10 months ago

I just did the munchkin playfield cliffy... I don’t know why folks think is so painful. I actually found it to be really straight forward... now the castle VUK that’s a doozie

#5918 10 months ago

+1 Go for it! it’s my favorite game in my collection. It’s just amazing

#5923 10 months ago

utesichiban well... right now yes, BUT Indy will never leave my collection it’s one of my grail pins. Right now woz is still “new” and so much to keep me busy . Indy is one of the best games ever.

#5927 10 months ago


Quoted from Utesichiban:

I know there are some cool things about it but have to admit the board thing makes me a bit nervous.

I was nervous too, but the majority of the heaistation came from issues I’d heard... but low and behold where much more prominent on the 5v boards. I have had zero issues with mine.

Quoted from Utesichiban:

What do ECLE's typically go for? I'm guessing those with the more reliable 7.5v boards go for a bit more, right?

My ECLE was one of the last made and it only had 24 plays on it from the previous owner and I paid 7500.00 - it does have buffered boards. Personally I didn’t want a ruby red. The green fits the theme so much better imo. Additionally the direct print can which is gorgeous, and the wood apron. It’s special. For that I was willing to risk having 7.5 boards. But hey if one, or two goes I’ll just buy new ones . If you really want to go for it you can always upgrade to 2.0 boards but it’s about as involved as a playfield swap and you need to drill

#5966 9 months ago

So I was just checking to see if my ECLE had Mylar and it does, but not in the pop bumpers and not in the state fair pop area. Is this something I can order from JJP? I thought someone posted previously about this?

#5973 9 months ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Open up a ticket with support, they will probably send it to you for free (they have in the past).

Is there a spot On The website to open a ticket?

#5978 9 months ago

nepi23 I just installed full Titan rubbers on mine. It’s all about the right tools. To answer your question no you don’t have to remove the ramp or the castle playfield. The ones near the top rollovers are the toughest. I just loosened the right ramp so I could lift it slightly. Also you will probably need to remove the metal Spacers to allow more room. I used a combination of a long screw driver and an short 90 degree angled one. For the sling under the munchkin playfield here is a good video

1 week later
#5990 9 months ago

Hey guys had an odd thing happen today. My buddy was playing my WOZ and all of the sudden all playfield lights went out...? Spotlights and throne room lights where the only ones on. I lifted the playfield to look st connections, and everything looked fine. Turned the game off and back on again... and all lights worked ? Very odd

#6019 9 months ago

that is really odd? But drop targets typically are either up or down... The mechanics are NOT made to have a "half way" state. Which makes me think this is coincidence, id check the meck from under the playfield and make 100% sure there is no binding, its moving freely, and that the entire meck itself is positioned so that the drop target is not pressing on the playfield hole it sits within. my 2 cents

#6021 9 months ago

yup dcfan exactly, and ya that was a typo

#6028 9 months ago

I would remove the drop target meck so you can have it I. Your hand an ensure you can move it freely. If you can more it, then most likely it’s binding or rubbing on the playfield

#6038 9 months ago

So I filed a ticket on JJP site to get the WOZ mylar kit for my pin. I got a response pointing me where to but it on the site for 9.99, great! Add it to the cart... shipping is 16.75!?. Really ? I mean its a thin piece of film, maybe weighing a few grams

2 months later
#6299 7 months ago

Was working on my WOZ yesterday and noticed I think I have a bad LED board? IT is WAAY dimmer than the others and it flickers every now and then to brighter. Pretty sure its bad? How do I go about ordering a new one? Thanks guys

You can see it compared to another here:
LED (resized).png

Looks to be LED #116 Left Orbit High GI
IMG_7138 (resized).png

#6301 7 months ago

Thanks mountaingamer but this board is not listes there, I find the parts page to not very helpful in the past I needed a part that was not listed there either?

#6316 6 months ago
Quoted from avspin:

So my witch stopped going up. I see it trying to. I did a search and couldn't find much, just check alignment. Before I dive in does anyone have any suggestions?

Make sure the led ribbons didn't come loose and maybe get hooked on the which mech?

1 month later
#6450 5 months ago

Hi guys! So my monkey seems to have hard time picking the ball up from the playfield magnet. The behavior almost looks like
The playfield magnet is too strong or is not releasing the ball at the right time.

About 50-60% of the time the monkey comes down tries to crab the ball, the ball moves slightly but then does not get picked up by the monkey. I’ll try to post a video, but I think I remember someone else having the same issue.

I have dug around and scoured up quite a few articles on this topic but haven’t been able to find one for my particular issue.

Thank you

#6454 5 months ago

Thanks ltg so literally just flip the magnet?

2 months later
#6877 82 days ago

WOW No Monkey?? And it's more $... interesting

#6893 80 days ago

pinheadpierre I did vuks, munchkin, shooter lane and opted not to do rollovers as they tend to diverge the ball path more than normal. Munchkin is a must the ball hit that edge in front of the ramps a lot

2 weeks later
#7164 60 days ago

Man... I like the plunge sounds, is there a way to toggle it in settings?

#7166 60 days ago

Thats it!, im selling my WOZ... JK but man that kinda is a bummer.

#7213 58 days ago

apinballwiz I hear you on the taxes, rough year, best of luck!

1 month later
#7837 8 days ago
Quoted from adol75:

I haven't had any issue on my 7,5v buffered boards

Same here

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