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#10 6 years ago
Quoted from WesleyCowan:

Bought my WOZ LE used in January and I really like the game play, the creative use of callouts both from and not included in the movie, the LCD screen, and much more. Was at the pinball show in Denver on Friday and Saturday and WOZ always had the longest line of people waiting to play it of any of the 140 pins at the show. This includes the new Sterns or "A" games by B/W. My hope is some how the Hobbit will be even better and that JJP will be a great maker of pins for a very long time.

I'm so bummed I missed the show this year - last year was the first time I ever saw WOZ and it's easily been my favorite ever since. One more toy to sell and I'm ordering the Hobbit!

#15 6 years ago

I don't have mine yet but still a huge fan and drop bills in the one across town whenever I can. WOZLE #650 will be here soon...... Can't wait

#20 6 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

I've been told by people that they think about the game when trying to sleep.

I'm pretty over the top passionate about Apple Inc, their products, and the whole Steve Jobs story. When I tell people about WOZ, I compare it to the first time I ever saw an IPhone. I was at a casino in Vegas, and a guy sat at our poker table with the new Iphone that just launched that day. He was playing with it, then passed it around the table for everyone to see. Such a revolutionary device compared to my Razor! So much cooler than just a phone, it was really amazing. WOZ reminds me of that day!

1 month later
#295 6 years ago
Quoted from Excalabur:

Keefer has said multiple, multiple times that he won't disable the upper playfield flippers due to the potential feel-bads from unexpected balls reaching the upper playfields.
So don't hold your breath.

So this has me wondering - does just dry-firing the flippers really wear them much, vs a flipper hitting a ball..... I would think allot more force works against the coil sleeve (and entire flipper mech) when a ball is actually hit.

2 weeks later
#330 5 years ago

Just spent part of Fathers Day with the family at Lyons classic pinball. Had a blast and the owner Kevin is a great guy. He said out of 37 pins, WOZ is his top earner. They have a LE, with themodfathers walls & cage - so cool!

3 weeks later
#386 5 years ago

Ok Guys - question for ya..... I like my games set up easy, and I've gotten to the final frontier plenty, battle for the kingdom 2x, lost in the zone once I think (most games were set up pretty generous with ballsaver, extra balls, and whatever else)..... I've seen how deep WOZ is playing it on location, but can it be set to hand out tons of extra balls, modes made easy, long ballsaves and whatever else to give a ok player a shot at SOTR? Or does it take a true pro to get there? Thanks!

1 week later
#410 5 years ago

Cool - I've never seen clear rubber before!

#413 5 years ago

Can't tell for sure but it looks like no sling protectors or washers???

#421 5 years ago

Hey Guys - I'm heading across town to see the inlaws & swing by Sideways Sports Bar to get my WOZ fix, but I'm seriously craving some new WOZ pics or Videos...... Bust out those phones and show off that beast.... Anything WOZ would be awesome! Happy Sunday!!!

#426 5 years ago

Wozle in the wild - tough game with no ball saver - did manage to rescue toto a few times... Got wizard extra ball lit but could not find it - where the heck?

6 months later
#612 5 years ago

I've owned my WOZLE for a week now, but had played it maybe 40 times at various locations prior to buying one. Playing on location was more flailing around trying to make my dollar last, but playing maybe 30 games at home & studying it has totally changed my gameplay. I'd say the play is most similar to tz but faster. There are moment of pause during play waiting for the vuk's to fire, but it's almost a second of pause to relax before the awesomeness starts again. Once you understand what's happening it's addictive and pure fun!

1 week later
#617 5 years ago
Quoted from surfinvet:

I currently have a Standard WOZ and have the top to bottom playfield angle at 6.5 degrees. I was wondering what everyone is using for their games? Have you noticed one pitch being better than another?

I have no idea my angle but my front legs are lowered to the bottom, and rear are around the middle which seems to work well.

#619 5 years ago

I hate her and want nothing more than to beat her!!!!!

#623 5 years ago

Let me start off this by saying I'm a huge JJP / WOZ fan. I got my WOZLE 2 weeks ago and it's like Christmas when I was a kid all over again - I absolutely love it. I also got one of the signed WOZ translites, and decided to get it framed by either Michaels or Hobby Lobby - whoever was cheaper. OMG - Michaels price was $358 after a 50% plus 30% coupon - beautiful green & red mat, nice frame & masterpiece treated glass, but heck no. I drove to Hobby Lobby & they got the price down to $212.80 but still too much for my cheap butt. The problem is the translite is not a "standard" size, so you can't just buy a off the shelf pre-made $50 frame - nothing fits. I then had an idea - buy a frame that's too tall or wide, take it home, shorten it, take it back to Hobby Lobby, have them cut the glass to fit the shrunk frame, put the fancy mat in it, and save some $$$. I described my idea to the sales lady and she figured it would end up costing around $100 total. Here's some pics so far:
I broke the glass trying to get it out of the frame - add $25 to project
Little off the side & we're all set!
The frame is held together surprisingly well with metal anchors that were a pain to remove without tearing up the frame
I cracked both sides of the end piece getting the anchors out, so I gorilla glued & clamped back together
Done - hopefully with the protective film off, nice mat and new glass should look nice - Ill post the final pic when I get it back.

#626 5 years ago

Got the translite framed - $103 total - now on a mission to beat the witch!!!

#629 5 years ago
Quoted from coasterguy:

Beating the witch is a blast. The first time I got to her I beat her and don't even recall everything. It just happened. Now I have trouble getting to her again. I've been there 5 times at this point. I'm switching to 5 ball! I said it!

I'll admit it - my WOZ is on 5 ball, 4 extra balls up to 300k, nice long ball saver, and outlanes squeezed shut. Even then it seems like I usually have maybe one or two good balls. Those outlanes are still killer! I can almost always get to the witch (thank you 5 ball), but damn if I can beat her!

#630 5 years ago

Wow Dave ~ that's 30% beating the witch - nice!!!

#641 5 years ago

Thanks nosro - I'm good with the signed translite I got with the pin - guess you missed the point it would have been over $325 getting it done, but ended up costing around $100..... I do love my WOZ though!

#653 5 years ago

Heck yea - beat her finally & a new high score!!!
Only collected 2 jewels and still haven't got to flipper frenzy but what a game!

#655 5 years ago

Has anyone tried using laminate as Mylar? I picked up this stuff today at Walmart - thinking I might put it between the pops, in front of the Winkie, and tnplh. I'm gonna wax first but still a little nervous of how this will come off down the road. image-665.jpg

#670 5 years ago

Nice game nosro!

#672 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Yep, except you need ALL the red letters to light the super, right? And the doors OPEN on a loop shot and you combo into the saucer behind the doors.

That's nuts - SOTR needs a easy, normal, hard setting in game settings for hacks like me

3 weeks later
#681 5 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Any one ever have their center lock insert act up? I had a weird issue after a few games last night. The insert locked on, and all the roll overs would do nothing. Every time I shot a ball up there, the gate popped up and let the ball fly through. After the game ended, the insert stayed locked on no matter if I had the roll over completed or not in my next game. I had to do a reboot to make this go away. All good after that. I really need to start recording all my sessions I think.

I think I remember that happening & a reboot fixed it - it was around the same time my lock bar would not release balls intermittently so I reseated everything and never happened again.

1 year later
#2714 3 years ago

That's normal - a steel ball vs a wood playfield..... eventually the playfield evens out when all the dimples blend together - keep playing & congrats on the great pin!

#2715 3 years ago

Hi fellas - I was gonna flip through here for a answer but maybe it's better to ask what owners think. I owned a wozle a few years ago - it was a 5v system. We sold it, and now I've got sellers remorse. I'm debating between getting a new 75th straight from jack, or a used 75th anniv. The only thing that concerns me is the light boards. My question is: are the led boards truly fixed? I understand that anything can happen and a board or led will eventually fail, but at least buying a new game takes some of the worry out of it. I'm considering a Ruby Red built in late 2015 - anyone know if it's the same exact boards & electronics as one rolling off the line today? i just remember replacing a few boards with upgraded 7v boards with daughter boards on them & a few of them still blew. Help me decide guys - WOZ ruined it for me and nothing I play compares to it or fills the void. Thanks!

#2719 3 years ago

Right on - the hunt begins.... thanks!

#2782 3 years ago

These were on my ECLE - standard blades but they really popped. They fit snug but you just have to be careful raising the playfield. When I get a RR I will definitely put blades on it.

IMG_1366 (resized).JPG

IMG_1365 (resized).JPG

IMG_1367 (resized).JPG

4 months later
#3647 3 years ago

Hi All - true WOZ addict here..... I let my WOZLE go about two years ago and have missed that game ever since. I swear my 14yr old has said at least 100 times "when are we getting another WOZ?", and so have friends and family. This game has kinda ruined pinball for me as everything now gets compared to it, and nothing really (maybe MMr)comes close.
Yesterday I said the hell with it and called and ordered a 75th from Jen to get my fix! Can't wait

1 week later
#3707 3 years ago

HECK YEA!!! I'm officially back Fellas - thanks for the feedback! It got delivered yesterday & I spent a few hours last night putting on cliffys. Born on date is 3/31/2017 - radcals look truly awesome - I've never seen them before and they are crazy thick and super shiny and beautiful. I'm on the list for the witch smoke mod, need to get a lit up winkie, pingulp, light up the flipper buttons and life is great. I'm off to beat the witch!!!!

IMG_1521 (resized).JPG

#3712 3 years ago

Hi lermods - anythings possible, and stuff is eventually gonna break or burn out. I decided to go brand new with the 2.0 board design to worry less about it, but paid the nib price.

#3741 3 years ago

I agree WOZ is beautiful! If you find one on location, bring some headphones as almost all have a headphone jack on the coin door - noise canceling headphones work great! If you wait you might find a good deal but plan on easily paying $7500+ for a RR.

#3742 3 years ago

On that thought - it's a bargain compared to anything else around that price point.

#3754 3 years ago
Quoted from Radius118:

I am thinking of getting one of the green city mods for my WoZ.
Problem is I can't decide between the Mezelmods one or the Back Alley Creations one.
Any thoughts/advice on this? Anyone seen them both in person? Is the BAC one worth the extra dough?

Great question - I'm looking and trying to decide on those too. Also - the lit Winkie target is made by Mezel and Indypinhead... what are the differences it's those? I had a Winkie from mezelmods years ago and it broke, but I remember them sending me another one for free and now their website says improved design... I'm wondering how the two hold up now - has anyone compared Winkies?

#3756 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Love the new addition.

Too bad we can't prepay and "jump the line" for these haha

#3759 3 years ago

I figured from your Kiss thread you would do some cool things to WOZ - friggen sweet Capguntrooper

1 week later
#3769 3 years ago

Congrats lermods & klr2014 - All I can say having WOZ back in the house a few weeks is WOW! We have put up 139 games so far, and it's been a joy to play. STELLAR build quality - absolutely zero issues out of the box. I went cheap on the emerald city backboard - $10 on eBay - it doesn't completely cover the picture but you don't notice unless your looking for it.
My high score was 998k, 3 ball with extra balls awarded at 30, 100, 200, 600, 1.5 million & special - battled the witch 3 times but flailed every time Yesterday I moved the outlane posts down, and my daughter had about a hour long game - 2 million plus.... we still haven't beaten the witch but I grab my phone when anyone gets close. I think I may need to look at the switch or monkey sensor as last night I noticed my daughter had the monkey capture dorthy lit, shot the right orbit but the magnet didn't grab the ball & monkey didn't come down....... next time around it worked so not too concerned. It's crazy how solid this game feels - moving from woz to anything else makes the other game feel weird and fragile initially.
Question - does beating the witch then show the sotr / jewels progress in the status screen?

IMG_1545 (resized).JPG

IMG_1546 (resized).JPG

#3770 3 years ago

And make sure your on 6.11 firmware - balls in reserve is a cool feature!

#3783 3 years ago

You can't continue the same game, but you can hit start and join back at zero points and stay in the rotation playing

#3812 3 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

who has a screen shot of their startup resolution stats running 6.11 with 2.0 boards?

Here u go

IMG_1570 (resized).JPG

IMG_1574 (resized).JPG

#3858 3 years ago

I don't think the spots are supposed to be crazy bright - the photo might just look that way as capturing lights is tough.... should be able to just meter your spots socket & should be around 12v I believe, since I remember someone saying they smoked 6v leds trying to swap to them.

#3859 3 years ago

I remember seeing a mod or tweak to the haunted sign a while ago, where it somehow gets rotated to the right slightly, so it's more visible to the players perspective - anyone know how it's done or have any pics?

IMG_1580 (resized).JPG

image (resized).jpg

#3883 3 years ago

My high score is 989k - my daughter Taylor made it her mission to knock me off the leaderboard - brat!!!

IMG_1589 (resized).JPG

#3885 3 years ago

Thanks man - I'm so happy that the kids are into pinball - I've moved in the outlanes, set to 3 ball with 4 extra balls possible and special awards extra ball too. She keeps getting all but the rescue multiball jackpot for sotr but she will get it soon!

#3887 3 years ago

Crazy 6.8 million and no sotr? I just fast forwarded to the end of the video but didn't see the jewels - did you get rescue mega jackpot? How many witch battles & how many times did you beat her?

2 weeks later
#3913 2 years ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

I'm working on modding my haunted forest trees and am wondering where I should grab power for the LED eyes? I noticed the wozmods version comes with its own power source. I'm guessing I can just tap into the 7.5v GI/LED via one of the nearby boards. I probably just answered my own question but if anyone has any other advice/experience let me know.

I'm not sure but I believe most mods stay away from the rgb's and pick up power from the coin door, spotlight, or topper power.

#3915 2 years ago

The trees do look fantastic but I can't decide on a kit or going the diy route. How did you do those?

1 month later
#4016 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

pending new owner RR with Rad Cals

Hi Rai - got your cliffy set ordered or on hand i hope.... at a minimum the upper munchkin playfield really needs to be protected.

#4041 2 years ago

Rai - if a light board dies on a pre 2.0 system, you can disable the board in programming and jumper around it. Doing this makes the game completely normal again besides the one board you jumpered around is now the only board out of service - the game is playable again and Woz knows that board is disabled, so everything “downstream” in the chain works correctly again.

1 week later
#4106 2 years ago

That is amazing! You Sir are a Wizard

1 week later
#4151 2 years ago

Love my Ruby Red but the wood apron on the ECLE's is soooo nice. Cool mod upgrade idea JJP!

#4153 2 years ago

Cool stuff! I'm going to Vegas next week - where'd you pick those up? Are there slots graveyards? Would love to find stuff like that myself

1 month later
#4241 2 years ago

The witch has been kicking my butt lately.... here’s a cute video for inspiration

#4244 2 years ago

That WOZECLE was 4 years ago..... man time flys

#4258 2 years ago

Left or right

2 weeks later
#4365 2 years ago

I think I’m gonna give Britemods a try for woz... I did a diy red transparent flipper button mod on MMr and bought red 1 smd flexible red leds thinking red led’s wouldn’t show/ bleed through as much on the side of the apron, but the red leds don’t light up the red buttons as bright as I would want. Has anyone made or designed a cool guard to hide the light bleed through?

93317E2F-4355-45D6-B793-AC4F27C3BAF3 (resized).jpeg

#4384 2 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Officially in the club.

Nice pickup & congrats!!!

#4401 2 years ago

Is “clear locks on game over” set to yes in game settings? That should release your locked balls - and maybe check the switch behind the single castle door - it may be a opto I don’t remember. I go for rescue multiball first since it can be the toughest on your way to the witch - drain early then go for multiballs and yellow brick road to build extra balls. My tilt warnings are 4 per ball but I try not to nudge too hard to often
My state fair thplh pop bumper is set sensitive so the best chance of bouncing back out top or raise the left flipper and out off the center post - doesn’t happen often but great when it does!

3 months later
#4922 2 years ago
Quoted from woody76:

Well, I had walk away from the ruby red today. Less than 200 plays and had the upper playfield chipping. All the 2.0 games I have looked at have had this issue. I have friends with 2013 run games with no chipping. This appears to be a issue at this point. I have passed on 3 now with the chipping issue. I guess I will look for NIB and add cliffy and protection immediately

Well I’m on my 2nd WOZ so I’m hoping for some clarity with what your talking about. You sound like 2.0 games have “the upper playfield chipping” - are you referring to ball strikes hitting the side of the munchkin pf without a cliffy? If so any WOZ without a cliffy there gets banged up not just 2.0. Your just not clear with your assertion since when asked by delt if your talking about the outhole being the issue, you say yes to the left of the triangle insert.... makes no sense.... which is it?

814392E6-51BC-413E-8665-BAA0953E9768 (resized).jpeg
13F3D5DC-981E-4AAE-AE9A-10C0C4DD7B32 (resized).jpeg
07E56E60-1213-4FF3-A550-637A7FAC349C (resized).jpeg

10 months later
#6269 1 year ago

Yep - JJPs always been fantastic to customers. Jumper around and disable your bad board, and enjoy the amazing game!

#6278 1 year ago

I’ve beat her a few times but usually flail - the music during battle the witch is just perfect but stresses me out and I usually drain where I normally wouldn’t. My daughter in the video has done it many times and made it to sotr

1 week later
#6300 1 year ago

You can order replacements directly from their site - 5 or 7.5v.

2 weeks later
#6364 1 year ago

Make sure the witch isn’t touching anything as she travels up and down, and the rod needs to be straight as a arrow - from what I remember you can remove the witch from the shaft with 2 screws... maybe try that to see if the rod works by itself

5 months later
#7410 1 year ago

Congrats LTG - you are a true asset to the community- wish you were closer

2 weeks later
#7692 1 year ago

Here’s a simple, cheap mod of the illuminated winkie target mod - what do you guys think? Going to bed but can post details tomorrow if there’s interest.

#7696 1 year ago

Ok WOZ fans - here’s a install video of my lighted Winkie mod mod. Again, the lighted Winkie target is awesome, but being lit up all the time - even when the target is down just doesn’t feel factory. It’s pretty simple if you can solder and shop a pin, and fully reversible back to stock.

#7698 1 year ago

Thanks Harry - you motivated me dude! Next up is attacking the starmap backboard on Pirates.

#7731 12 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Anyone have some mirror blade shots?

They can rub but haven’t scratched yet

3C27EE46-C96E-43B8-9D00-9B7058E32F7D (resized).jpegAE00F4FF-4C59-48F3-9284-8501A72D238C (resized).jpeg
#7739 12 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Nice, I was wondering what they looked like on WOZ. I like the other blades better

That was from my ECLE - they look way better on the RR

#7767 12 months ago

No way Harry - it’s simple to have an opinion on the old design vs the 2.0 system - my ECLE had lighting issues, but my RR 2.0, Dialed In, Hobbit, and Pirates had zero issues. I don’t get where 80% to 90% has to do with anything, and don’t know of any company putting out the kind of numbers (failure rates) your referring to. Mine have all been nib / huo games so probibaly don’t get near the plays your game has also. What was your RR manufacture date? I’m wondering if it was 2.0 off the line or upgraded.

#7776 12 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Since they are so cheap comparatively I wasn't so concerned but just surprised that the 2.0 system had issues on this game.

Was your 75th built 2.0 or upgraded? I believe 12/15/2016 was the day that WOZ converted to 2.0 on the line, anything built prior with 2.0 was upgraded.

#7799 12 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Maybe I was confused. So those boards were once perfect white and are now tinted, is that right? Then, I would agree that something happened. If they came slightly tinted to begin with, then it just seems like a bad batch. I just don’t want people to be concerned about the reliability of the 2.0 system if it is the latter.

Harry got it off route - who knows how long it was on and if the light intensity was set to high.... who knows

#7803 12 months ago

Well - just thinking out loud here since you have JJP stumped. I know my game is 7 days younger but has 21 thousand less starts on it. Maybe the battle of GI’s VS pinstadium weakened them?

A47AC676-0362-4EC5-8F0A-DE55A6F8EBDC (resized).jpeg
#7809 12 months ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Can someone tell me what is the proper screw / washer to secure the right side bottom castle wall? I lost my screw and need to order a new one.

I think this is what your needing - 21e in the pic?
11006B8E-B6A9-4A58-B143-63F83F44EED6 (resized).png

E022828A-96D4-4F0A-BBC9-BFC8E6D0AFC6 (resized).png
3 weeks later
#7980 11 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

I did just the CPU case fan and it was amazing. Btw, if you order any standard fan forget about splicing it in to the wiring. The mobo has headers for fans built in. My fan came with an extension that let it reach the mobo no problem.
Edit - here is the fan: amazon.com link »
Just remove the old one and force the plug from the new fan through the rubber grommet on the PC case. I lubed it up a bit with some water because it was tight. Then use the extension to make it to the motherboard.

I like amazing - ordering one for WOZ and Hobbit.

#7987 11 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

What are the "must-have" mods for WOZ??

Brightbuttons are cool, but the diy is pretty easy also, lighted balloon, and check out the Winkie mod-mod video

1158B72D-244B-415D-97FD-F78FBE963132 (resized).jpeg
#7992 11 months ago

Vid did a write-up on these that was super positive - I’ve had it for months and it’s been rock solid, and the price is excellent.

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 42.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
ModFather Pinball Mods
$ 13.00
Machine - Wanted
Radford, VA

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