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6 years ago

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Post #1 Key posted, but no summary given Posted by TigerLaw (6 years ago)

Post #2584 Fan Replacement details Posted by bhwolf (3 years ago)

Post #7017 How to tell if your WOZ has 2.0 boards Posted by f3honda4me (1 year ago)

Post #7022 Balls not making it to shooter lane from trough - Fix Posted by LTG (1 year ago)

Post #7126 Location of the latest software update/version Posted by mavantix (1 year ago)

Post #7128 Update 7.01 notes - released April 16, 2019 Posted by thewool (1 year ago)

Post #7752 Fan Replacement how to and links Posted by f3honda4me (1 year ago)

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#7338 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

There’s more than one option. :p
I’d buy an automated services emerald green WOZ before the YBR. Comes with most features the EC/RR had and has the monkey still and 2.0 boards. And costs $2k less. That’s the route I went after YBR came out.

I would take the same route. Just LOVE the Emerald Green.

I REALLY want this to be my 3rd pin...

#7362 1 year ago

Regardless, they are STILL churning out this table.

It must be special and I want one.

#7378 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

What’s a power wall ?

Tesla batteries for Solar Power solutions.

Looking to get these and a Tesla) down the road.

#7379 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Woz rr has arrived now to hope it’s mint and intact
[quoted image]


Do let us know!

#7382 1 year ago

Not to get off the topic too much from pinball/WOZ, but I have heard about the home charger.

I assume it costs more, but is easy enough to install/use?

#7384 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

U need a Tesla certified electric company to come and install it . And also don’t forget it’s tax deductible !

Wow! Nice!

Okay then...

#7388 1 year ago

I would MAYBE pay $11k for YBR, but that $500 just hurts. I know it's "only" $500, but still..

Still REALLy hard to choose YBR over RR or EC (Automated).

#7391 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Not even close for me. Automated exclusive Emerald Green 2.0 all the way.

Yea. I completely agree! =)

#7394 1 year ago
Quoted from homegameroom:

I would love a NIB RR! Are there still some out there?

Yep and they are making more!

#7395 1 year ago

6 years later and the game is still...AMAZING!? ...

Seems like it.

How about the code update last month? That's just impressive...

#7398 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Are they really making more RR? Have we had conclusive evidence?
And then, are the including the monkey and are they updating the castle doors to the new one? That would be important to know.

Based on the flyer in THIS thread, they are not modifying the machine other than to enhance it and of course put the new 2.0 light boards in.

I'm pretty sure as of now the YBR is the only one with the exclusion of the beloved monkey...

#7425 1 year ago

I just love how well this game continues to do and sell.

If I pick one up, I'll have 3 pins in my very new pinball collection.

2) AFMr LE
3) WOZ

I think that would be pretty cool!

And I'm VERY interested in TNA too -- especially for the price!

#7429 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

The best is multiball lights off scoring.

No doubt!

This only happened to me once on site and I didn’t even know it was a mode!

#7435 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

My first issue on my WOZ, the 3 light strip of LEDs under the Oz
acrylic are very dim. They are getting 12v ok by multimeter,
so I'm
guessing I need the strip replaced. Submitted a ticket to JJP
hopefully they get it replaced under warranty soon.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
On another note looks like I'll be selling my WOZ very soon.
Didn't have it very long but it's just not getting anywhere
near as
much play as my other pins.

Man..I would play it like crazy!

Pirates taking all your time or ??

#7439 1 year ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Yea I could have bought the RR or the emerald green and I really
love the green powdercoat. I also wanted invisiglass, shaker, and
the 2.0 boards etc. It's a beautiful pin, and we played it a ton at
a friend's house, but for whatever reason it just doesn't get much

POTC, IMDN, MBr, AFMr all get twice the plays our WOZ is
getting. It's not that we don't like it, we just like the others a
lot more I guess between me, wife, and 3 kids.

Sounds like a lot of positive energy with the 5 of you!
That's sweet!

Note: Had to look up IMDN. I figured it was Iron Maiden...but don't get the "DN" part...

#7440 1 year ago

I mean in fairness ... every other game you mentioned ranks fairly higher than WOZ so it's possible it's not coincidence.

#7442 1 year ago
Quoted from ktownhero:

All OSes use drivers, that doesn't mean it is hardware specific.
The only hardware specific mainstream OS is OSX, all flavors of
GNU/Linux, Windows are all non-hardware specific.
But of course that doesn't mean the OS can magically infer what
new or proprietary hardware is or is capable of doing. "Drivers" is
just an easy word for code that tells the OS what it can and can't
do with a device.


A driver "drives" the hardware with software/code.

#7443 1 year ago


The last time I played WOZ it did that "Lights Out" mode and... I didn't even know that was a thing and I have only done it once (and I don't know how I did it), but that was pretty sick!

#7457 1 year ago



That's a GREAT price! i don't think you'll have any issues selling it. It's "practically" NIB...very close!

#7533 1 year ago
Quoted from SDpinballer:

Negative Ghostrider. Just a 12” in a box left over from an auto.

Okay. That would take a pretty decent amp to power coming from someone who builds competition level sound systems.

#7585 1 year ago
Quoted from thanhdlam1985:

I installed my first mod on my WOZ RR. I added a second screen on the apron. No cutting or drilling. It was so easy![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Pirates has this by default. I didn't know it could be done on other machines.

#7643 1 year ago

I have to ask once since I keep hearing it ..

What exactly is "backhand" .. Does that mean if I'm using the left flipper and I use the upper portion of the flipper and the ball goes to the left that I'm backhanding the left flipper?

#7668 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Well this seems like it could be an issue soon.
Have new assemblies on order from Marco.[quoted image]

Good ‘ol flipper assembly.
Maybe, maybe not. They are supposed to be tight just not binding and even if they were it would still work for some time.

#7670 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

I think he is worried about where it is cracked.
LTG : )

I didn’t even notice lol

#7672 1 year ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Ayup. Didn't you know Joseph is a flipper assembly master now?

That's RIGHT! =P

4 months later
#9195 9 months ago

How many just have a standard and still love it?

What is the biggest omission?

#9198 9 months ago
Quoted from harryhoudini:

Standard is fine. Almost any of the things you can add on later. Biggest question is going to be 2.0 lighting and if you want the specific look of one of the editions. If you can find a SE with 2.0 lighting in good condition, go for it. But you can also get a green edition (from automated) new... so might be an option.
The RR toys are available from Backalley Creations. The ECLE has the cool green wood apron, on top of the color of the whole thing.

It doesn’t look like Automated has any of their “special” Emerald Cities left. However, they are listing the 2.0 light boards on their standards.

I think green is my favorite. YBR looks cool, but it’s a pretty steep price with other options out there.

#9223 9 months ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

It’s not like a Stern where different model levels actually affect gameplay.

Couldn't be more true with BK:SOR.

I seemed to have sparked this thread. I appreciate all the feedback and I'm glad the Standard plays great!

#9225 9 months ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Do the original light boards inevitably fail? Is there any date build that afterward has the more reliable light boards? If you have to replace the light boards how much work is it?

IIRC, it is a fair amount of work and I think it's about a 50/50 chance if they will fail or not. I would assume less likely in a HUO. harryhoudini can speak to this much more in depth than I can as I believe he has done it.

1 week later
#9243 9 months ago

I agree with the general 2.0 sentiment.

One of the "nice" things about YBR, is that it's 2.0.
I like it .. if it wasn't so much more expensive than others out there, I would be perfectly fine with owning.

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