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#6447 5 months ago

I know I am extremly late to the party but I just ordered my first pinball machine. I ordered a new Wizard of Oz-75th Anniversary LE fromMike at Automated. I am slowly working may way through this thread (currently on page 38 of 129) and hope to make it to the end before I take delivery. I have never seen this machine in person but have fallen in love with it based on videos and reviews I have seen online. I can't wait to play it!!!

#6457 5 months ago

Hello everyone, I hope your weekend is off to a good start. I am completly new to pin ownership and am greatful that I found this thread. My RR WOZ machine shipped today and I can't wait to get it. I just finished reading this entire thread and based on feeback have already ordered my Munchkinland edge protector and am thinking about ordering these accessories from mezelmods. Is there any reason not to order them? Are there better versions of the same type of mod available? I am also considering ordering some additional GI but want to see how the stock lights look before doing so.

WOZ acc (resized).PNG
#6460 5 months ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

What about a $15 surge protector for good measure?

That was one of my other questions. I have not searched all of Pinside, but did not see any mentuon of people using a specific UPS backup. It might be a good idea to protect my $10K purchase. What is the peak wattage pull of the machine?

#6462 5 months ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

Have you tinkered with pinball machines before? For being "new to pinball ownership", you sure do know a lot about them! Shoot, when I bought my first machine, I didn't even know there were batteries in the back box!
Welcome to the hobby.

Nope, I have never touched the inside of one before! My main hobby has always been saltwater reef keeping and poison dart frogs. I am looking forward to taking on something new that I don't have to worry about feeding while on vacation! Back to my question above, are those good mods or are there better versions of the? I am specifically curious about the Winkie and the plastic protector. I read somewhere that some of the light up Winkies were 3D printed and would break rather easily. I assume that this is no linger the case from Mezelmod. Is there any downside in adding the slingshot plastic protectors? Or there any other plastic protectors that are strongly recomended? Thanks!

#6467 5 months ago
Quoted from avspin:

I have all 3 on mine, and more, and they work great. I will say that the winkie target is the new one that is solid.

Thanks! I am going to go ahead and place my order tonight! I appreciate your feedback.

#6486 5 months ago
Quoted from chalkup8:

Nice pick up.I missed out on the Emerald city version and have the 75th.
Grab a Munchkin playfield protector edge for it.

I just ordered a RR 75th last week and get it tomorrow. There are still sone NIB out there.

#6489 5 months ago

I thought of this group when I saw this posted online.

brain (resized).jpg
#6493 5 months ago

I got my machine today and I don’t think there are any major issues with it!

89B50E5F-F27E-4ECE-B590-B8333BEF09FA (resized).jpegCD1F6716-1ABC-4015-8CED-0F16EBC2D56C (resized).jpeg
#6494 5 months ago

Sorry for the dumb question but should I be able to control the munchkin flipper throughout the game or do you have to unlock a mode for it? I have yet to be able to trigger it. The machine does move it (puts it in the up position before each new ball) so I know the coil is not broken. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Also I found this screw inside the cabinet? Are there many locations for thumb screws in the machine? I would like to put it back where it goes.

B2E6B25A-0FE9-40D1-B5FE-339BE1DB64B7 (resized).jpeg
#6502 5 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Check the gap on the leaf switches that control the Munchkin flipper. It should be that the first blade controls the left flipper and the second controls the Munchkin. It may not be making contact with the second. If so, it is an easy adjustment.

There is something up with that switch behind the house for sure. It functions when I press it but looks to be deformed (pressed up against the cut out in the play field). I will work on it tonight. So if it does not trigger you can not use the munchkin flipper?
60C5C57D-D129-4450-A642-7270D3CF956A (resized).jpeg

#6508 5 months ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

Screw goes to coin mech or side computer housing

You know your stuff! It was missing on the coin mechanism. It is now back where it belongs.

I went to tackel installing my munchkin cliffy and noticed that the munchkin flipper is overheating and has melted the plastic cover. As I stated above, the game toggles the flipper at the start of each ball and at some times during game play but I am never able to trigger it with the game play buttons. Here is a video of what it does (note that I am unable to control the flipper during this entire video but it does changes position on its own at certain points).

I will open a ticket with JJP.

IMG_9540 (resized).jpgIMG_9541 (resized).jpg
#6515 5 months ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

The flipper is stuck in the up position (likely always energized from the looks of your coil). It could be a shorted transistor or the flipper button switch is always closed.
Edit: I noticed on second look that the flipper went back down and then came back up again. I am not sure if you are pressing the flipper button to make that happen (need more info).

I was not pushing buttons in the video.

#6518 5 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

See if someone can post a picture of the coil wiring in their game to be sure your coil is wired right.
LTG : )

This is what mine looks like. Two pink wires to the left terminal, pink with red stripe in the middle and pink with orange stripe on the left. I will prbably just wait until Monday when I can get a hold of JJP.
IMG_9555 (resized).PNG

I ran into another issue when trying to install my cliffy. One of the connectors they used is way to big to pass through the small hole in the playfield. I expected better quality from JJP. I really don't want to cut the wires or try and remove the pins from the connector but I don't really think I have a choice.
IMG_9557 (resized).PNG

Quoted from merccat:

Can you post a picture of the back of your flipper button?

I can't right now because my munchkin platform is sitting on my playfield until I figure out how to free the last cord.

UPDATE: I ended up detaching the other end of the cable from the RAINBOW light board. I had to use tweezers but was able to get it off without removing the light board.

#6521 5 months ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I really think we need to eliminate the simple first. We still haven’t heard whether the leaf switches on the left flipper button are gapped properly and whether those switches are registering in test mode when the button is pressed, and not registering when the button is not pressed. gotfrogs can you please do that and report back? There should be two switches associated with the left flipper button — one for the left flipper and one for the Munchkin flipper.

Quoted from merccat:

Can you post a picture of the back of your flipper button?

You guys are right on the money! I did't even know there were two contact for the switches. Sure enough the two inner contacts were pressed together which is what was causing the problem! After bending the right contact out, I can now control the flipper on the munchkin platform with my cliffy installed! This also explains to me why it was so dam difficult to enter my initials when I got a high score. The machine would keep cycling through letters unless I pushed the left or right button. I kept thinking to myself why in the world did they set this up this way? With the switch not stuck close it works as expected!

I really cant thank everyone enough! I was really bummed about not being able to play with my machine the first weekend that I owned it. Do you think the life of the coil has been compromised with it getting so hot and melting the outer plastic? It works today but who knows how much life was pulled from it being powerd on continually for several hours.

Again thanks a million!

IMG_9563 (resized).jpg
#6531 5 months ago

Hey guys. I am having an issue with my right single castle door not opening. I created a new thread to prevent too much discussion in this 131 page thread. If you have dealt with this issue before, please check out my post.



#6545 4 months ago
Quoted from imagamejunky:

I'm in!
Very late to the party I know, but super happy to finally be in this club!
Loving this beautiful pin.
Man what a light show!!
[quoted image]

Welcome! I just joined last week as well. Not sure if you have played the game before your purchase (I had not), but I think you will love it. It is a beautiful machine.

#6568 4 months ago

Omg, I feel so luck for buying a WOZ! I went to a barcadia today and realized how many bad machines are out there (personal preference). Houdini was in my top 5 before seeing it in person. I did not like it at all. I am not a fan of the dialed in or PotCB theme but really enjoyed playing diale.

#6570 4 months ago

My WOZ is only ~2 weeks old and the green LED under the wizard is already toast. JJP sent me a replacement under warranty today but I am shocked that this was not already resolved before my late model RR 75th edition was shipped.

#6583 4 months ago

I have had my NIB WOZ for about two weeks now and just had one of the rubbers break on me. It is #11 at the top of the playfield. Mine was white but the manual says it is a 2" black ring. I would guess these kinds of things are considered wear items and not covered by a warranty but is it normal for them to break so quckly? This is my first pin, where do you recomend purchasing a replacement? Are thre higher quality ones that I should use? Thansk!

pasted_image (resized).png
#6589 4 months ago

Thanks guys. I ordered replacement white silicone ones from titanpinball.com

1 week later
#6600 4 months ago

When you have your playfield up, is it normal for the state fair balloon to rest on your upper cabinet? I have been placing a folded towel on the other side to prevent it from resting on the baloon. Just curious if there is another trick for preventing this.

IMG_9728 (resized).jpg
#6607 4 months ago

One of my tree bumpers just came detached from the bumper. How does one go abought tightning item #5? Do you have to remove item #6 first to gain access to the screw heads? The nust seem gard to get ahold of without damaging the tree.

IMG_9745 (resized).jpgpasted_image (resized).png
#6609 4 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Look at #5 on the parts list.
It's a small flat head screw that holds the tree mounting plate onto the hex post.
It probably under or inside the rubber tree and just came loose.
If not you will have to chase it down.
Remove the tree from its mounting plate with a small nut driver. Long shafts work well here.
Just press down on the small black nut firmly. The rubber will move out of the way.
Dont lose the nut. Magnetic nut driver here if you got it.
If the screw has disappeared start looking around in the cabinet or all around the playfield for this small screw. Its black.
A magnet or magnetic pickup tool works wonders to find little unseen parts inside the cabinet or crevices and under lane guides or plastics.
If you can't find it get one from the hardware store 6-32 x 3/8" flat head machine screw with Phillip's head.
10 cent item.

Thanks, got it fixed. Thankfully the screw was still hanging from the base of the tree. The other screw inside of there was also really loose so I tightened it as well.

#6611 4 months ago

Thanks, I will order som for next time.

#6661 4 months ago

It is not my best score but I doubt I ever get that number again!

IMG_9763 (resized).jpg
#6702 4 months ago
Quoted from mtp78:

Anyone interested in a Smoke Witch Mod ? Had it on my machine for 6 months...I have all the hardware and original instructions and box... $350.00 plus shipping....pm me if interested

Yes, I will take it!

#6733 3 months ago

I have a metzel mod winki target that I bought a few weeks ago and it was injection molded not 3D printed. I would expect it to hold up well.

1 month later
#6850 88 days ago

Have you guys seen the yellow brick road pics online? $11.5k and no flying monkey!

#6867 88 days ago
Quoted from pinheadpierre:

I like the new backglass.

I agree! The backglass on the 75th RR is the only portion of that edition that I am not crazy about.

#6898 83 days ago

I am having some problems with my castle doors. I have a ticket open with JJP but have a party at the hose this saturday and really want to have my machine up and running. If you could take a look at my posts in this thread I would greatly appreciate it! https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/woz-castle-doors-not-closing-fully

2 weeks later
#7094 65 days ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

At what point do the witch's legs come out of house?

Spell RAINBOW and then launch a ball up the ramp and hit it around the house with the upper right flipper like 10 times.

#7117 64 days ago

mmuglia - I would be interested in hearing more details of how you moved the haunted forest sign. I hate how you can not really see it in a stock game.

thanhdlam1985 - I also bought my RR from automated services. It has the 2.0 lights but was packaged like it was NIB. I know on their webpage they were advertissing some open box machines that had a slight discount. Did you pay less than $9500? Also, you should give them a call and give them an opertunity to correct things before posting about issues on here. Good luck. I know you will really enjoy the machine. I sure have!

#7121 64 days ago

Correct, it was sealed. I don't recall for sure about styrofoam being inside but I think that was the case. Here is a picture of the box after I opened the top. Topper was in the box sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard.

WOZ BOX (resized).jpg
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