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6 years ago

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#46 6 years ago

Hello everyone.,,,

I suppose I am happy to see this thread as well. I am guessing there were issues with the rest of the community on this game. I have not had enough time to read all posts regarding other folks opinions... which is really what I like,,, the good, the bad, the ugly...... just like to hear it straight. But I am guessing there were too many opinions that bashed it out of proportion.

Anyhow, I really like this community of people that enjoy this hobby and share all of their thoughts and ideas and experiences with various pinballs that they own or have played or want to own.

So, here I am. I am really interested in this game. I got to play it a year ago at the Louisville Expo,,, it was really cool. Since then I have purchased a Tron and a AC/DC.... I am really brand new, but have got bit. Now I think I want a WOZ.... but want to hear everybody's honest opinion.

I played it again this year, and my first impression was 'wow' this is a little dark. All of the videos that I have seen and make me want this game, and then I see it again in person and thought that the whole gameplay was darker than I remember......... As for the 'gameplay' it is hard for me to give an opinion because who can do that playing only for a few minutes after waiting in line to play......

Anyhow, What do you all think?... I mean 'Overall'. And how about price?.... I have an opportunity to purchase a Standard for about 8K, in stock and ready to ship, no waiting, no deposits, etc......

I have read about people saying that there are LE's that people are trying to sell for 7K but I can't seem to find them, so ........ just don't know.

Lastly, what is the difference between and LE (that people are dumping, but I can't find.)... and a Standard... that JJP will accept my deposit, but I have a seller right now NIB for same price.

All help appreciated. Really like the game and want honest opinions on all of the above.

#53 6 years ago
Quoted from Hitch9:

I can't comment on a standard as I haven't seen one, but I really like the wood apron, the topper, the green powder coat, and the direct print cabinet, on the LE, which a standard doesn't have. The LE also has the shaker and invisiglass which are extra options on the standard. I personally would look for an LE if you can find one.

Well, herein lies my decision and question as well..... I can't seem to find one... but hear there are many. I am the same, like the wood apron, etc., etc.,, etc.... But only have the Standard available to me right now. This one comes with the shaker and invisiglass.... but not big deals to me anyways.... (but this one comes with it.)....

So what to do?... Hmmmmmm.... purchase the LE that I can't find, purchase the STD that can ship tomorrow, place a deposit on a 75er, or???

Just need some honest advice from those that know this machine WAY better than me....

#55 6 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

I was gonna say you can get STD's anytime but your Avatar made me keep it in.

HA, HA, HA,,,,,,,

Now that was funny right there..... Truly....!

But most of all I appreciate all of the honest advice. This is truly why I completely enjoy participating among'st the great people here.

#74 6 years ago
Quoted from dmj1977:

so - i've had my LE since Christmas Eve. Re the lighting - imho it is a bit dark (my games room is reasonably well lit but I like to play without lights on sometimes and even with lights on it felt a little dark. I bought the Illumination kit from pinball bulbs and for me it made a massive improvement.

Wow, Thank you so much. I really appreciate that it's just not me that thought the game was a bit dark. My experience only comes from playing it a few times at the Louisville Expo..... just comparing it to the other games it just didn't seem well lit. All of the 'videos' I see online scream to me 'What an Excellent Light Show!'... but seeing in person was just different. Keep in mind I play AC/DC and Tron and they seem much better lit to me,,, and I don't play in a dark 'Man' cave. My game room is very well lit. In fact I like it to be nicely lit so I don't trip over someone's beer cans, whiskey bottle, or other personal toys left laying around on the floor. (it get's pretty boring around here.)

I really do appreciate the information.... and the illumination kit that you speak of... I will have to look that up.

Oh, I forgot to ask... so your opinion: Buy the standard (that can ship today w/ invisiglass and shaker), wait for HUO LE, or put deposit on RR...

#81 6 years ago
Quoted from pindome:

^^^^^^ Geremy13 - this is excellent advise - word for word what I would recommend ^^^^^^^^

Unless you have to have it tomorrow : ))

I Thank you guys so much........ This is exactly why I like this forum so much.

It does look to be an excellent game... something that might fit nicely into our home. But most of all I respect the opinions of those that know. And I simply don't know of these things. But learn from you guys everyday. I will continue to learn. Thank you again. I will own this..... should probably offer up my interest in the game to others to let them know,,, yes, I am a buyer, If they are a seller.....

#85 6 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Ok I cant really explain it!

I think you've explained it well.............

I am simply on the fence on which version to purchase. Just posted in the 'Buying' portion of this site... So I will see what happens.

#133 6 years ago
Quoted from pindome:

There is a new WOZLE on ebay at $10,000 OBO, pretty spendy but if money is no object it can be yours.

Thanks for the tip on the ebay sale. Herein lies the problem. My wife tells me not to look at her like an 'object', don't 'objectify' her,,, (she's pretty cute you know)...

So I just pulled a dollar out of my pocket and asked the dollar if it was an 'object'. And it replied " Hell Yeah!"...

And so I thought,... well I ain't got to many of you, so I suppose I should take care of you, wine you, dine you, and tell you how much I appreciate you.

... and then my wife took the dollar. So I have one less dollar to put toward this project.

#137 6 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Well, I've got 3 girls to go with the wife and you should be thrilled all she grabbed was a dolla bill. I'm like a broken ATM machine......

Yes, I completely understand. However, I have 4 girls and 4 boys to go with the wife. Maybe that's why she makes the 'objectify' comment. I just can't seem to keep in under wraps. (or gloved, covered, or whatever they might call it.)

The broken ATM machine is something that I can relate to. My problem was that the 4 girls + the wife is like living on a roller coaster that never gets to the top, it simply goes 'round and 'round.

But of course I love them all. Just the 'spinning' makes me dizzy from time to time.

#171 6 years ago

I am interested in this game and need a sort of 'What to Look For' chart. When I say that I mean, I am interested in an ECLE, STD, Ruby Red.... just simply interested.

It looks like the Standard is available NIB which is cool, and I like that a lot unless I can actually purchase from a neighbor and see it in person and pick it up. Which doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

So... I need a chart that would go something like: 2012: 1st release of WOZ (any edition), Issues were: xxxx, 06-2012 Issue resolved. 2013 Issue arose with: xxxxxx... 06-2013 Issue resolved. Mid-2013: Light (thing that you all are talking about) Issue arose with: xxxxx.... Late-2013: Issue resolved....

I'm kinda looking for this so that I know which to purchase. I have read some things about 5V vs 7.5V and stuff but have missed some things. Read something about adjusting something behind the upper doors (simple) but really want to know these things. And most importantly... Buy this date: and NOT that date:

Always appreciate every piece of information that this forum offers. Just missed this one. Thanks in Advance.

#189 6 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Pretty much what taylor said. Things like minor adjustments wern't specific to build dates that i noticed. If you're buying a NIB, then its going to at the very least have newer light boards. and if you buy a used one, I would just ask if they have had any light board lockup/blowout issues, and if so, have they gotten the new replacement boards from JJP to fix it. JJP support is top notch.

Thank you for the information. I can buy a NIB standard that was invoiced in October.... so either distributor has been sitting on since then, can't sell them, or?... I don't know.

But this was part of the reason for the question of issues and build dates. As for the lockups and lightboards that seems to be a pretty big one.... and so NIB could mean still has issues depending on build date. I don't know, thus the question.

You never know. I saw a LOTR NIB on sale on ebay for like 100K awhile back.. (haha), but I suppose some folks buy them to speculate pricing in the future, Anyways, appreciate everyone's help. Seems like a game I should buy.

#191 6 years ago

Sounds like a winner....

My wife want's one pretty bad. I think we should get one and just go from there....

#204 6 years ago

Well, it's official. I am not just a 'Fan Member' on the outside looking in.

I am now a 'Card Carrying Member!'........ New Owner!.... Happy Camper!.... Deliriously Ecstatic!..... Unbelievably Impressed!..... Uncontrollably Expressing Emotions that.... (i never knew i had).

Anyhow.... Read my post: http://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/woz-amazing-on-time-delivery-story

It pretty much sums it up. 'Amazing On-Time Delivery Story'.

Join me in this celebration and raise your glasses to a most incredibly designed machine and bathe yourselves in this wonderful story of how a small poor child born into poverty raised himself above the challenges set forth before him and his family, and brought to himself, his wife and his children, this incredible experience that brings happiness to all of those that have surrounded this poor young man and his family. (a touching story, you've got to read.)

HAHA, having fun here, Deliriously Happy... just wanting to share with my pinside buddies. (you've got to read the post)

#211 6 years ago

Comment: Is it just me or is this a 5 ball game?

I have played around with Tron and AC/DC just having fun and set them to 10 balls for 'learning' or testing new strategies. And then quickly put it back to 3 balls.

But, having played WOZ just a few games (80) in the last 24 hours. (I don't work on Sunday),,,, I had to put it on 5 right away. Well, remember that I am new. Can't wait to share with everybody when I get over 5,000 points!

#218 6 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

I set mine to 5, moved the two outlane posts in, and moved the castle field exit post in, heh. dont feel bad, lol.

Fantastic idea!... I have already changed the balls to 5 for this short time until I master the game (haha)... but changing the outlane posts will be something done soon, I am sure!

#246 6 years ago

WOZ Impression:

Well, after 1 week of ownership I feel the need to share my review. Now seeing as this is a 'Fan Club' thread I don't suppose I will get hammered for the opinion.

1.) This game is in a league of it's own. I've written about this and compared it to baseball and my other games, I like them all, and they all have there place in the sport I suppose. But, Damn, I really have to express that I feel this game is in a league of it's own.

2.) there is no 2.

I am just so impressed with all of the features, the technology, the game play, the 'light show'... LED's rockin' out all over the place... everything just seems so much in perfect harmony. NOTE: I am not a big 'Wizard of OZ' movie fan, and when I watched all of the youtube video's before I purchased it, I figured the sound/ music would get on my nerve's after a bit.... but it hasn't happened!

Now of course I am still learning the game, so can't provide any really good review of the game rules, etc... but I have to say that the game flow, and possibilities of hitting shots that I am actually trying to achieve is just perfect for my game style. And did I mention the 'light show'!..... Just Fantastic!... It is just something that I have never seen (other than the few times on location.)... It is something that doesn't even come close to my proudly installed 'Eli Mod' that I have installed on my Tron. (eli-mod I highly recommend by the way.)..... But the excitement that I had then, and the excitement that I have now do not even belong in the same conversation. It is just that impressive.

So my Tron is an excellent game (one that I enjoy playing when I feel like hitting fast balls), AC/DC is an excellent game when I feel like sitting in the bleachers drinking a cold one and complimenting the ladies. (a most excellent game!)...

And WOZ is simply the best ballpark I have ever been to. Regardless of the sport. I am in awe, just simply exploring my surroundings. What an awesome place this is!

I think JJP hit it OUT OF THE PARK on this one. (I am not a JJP, or Stern fan or otherwise... like them both).....

I also think it will be hard for JJP to match the performance of this product. I am a big 'Lord of the Rings' fan, and would love to see The Hobbit pull it off......... but I just don't see how. Just my take and my early review.

Can't wait for next week!

#248 6 years ago
Quoted from clg:

Glad you are enjoying it! I posted something like this a few weeks after I got mine but got the 'you are in a honeymoon phase' posts and it will change. Well over 5 months now and still love it plus I am much better at it now. Very curious about hobbit and I am sure they will do a good job on it i am not going to pre pay for one but expect it will be awesome and that I will pick one up.

Thank you. I know I am in the Honeymoon phase, and I'm OK with it. We shall see in the coming months but I feel the same as you and think that WOZ and my game room will still be together. I am like you and am hoping the best for the Hobbit... I wish them only the best. I will not pre-order. NOT because of all the other issues with pre-ordering, but I am skeptical that they can match this WOZ product. I will certainly want to see it first, play it first, and then determine if the finances will allow it to be justified.

Couple of reasons on my short list: The Hobbit would be a much more desired product for me and my preferences in themes. I truly enjoyed reading the books, and watching the movies thus far. But, WOZ has this incredible display of 'colors' that work perfectly for a 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' kind of theme.... all the colors, changing and moving in all directions... multiple color schemes that all 'fit' for the theme. The Hobbit, on the other hand will need to be 'dark' in color schemes compared to WOZ (rightly so), but I don't know how many shades of grey and brown will be attractive to me on the pinball machine, except for the one segment that might reference the 'shire' and display some 'green' LED's... just my take. Also the 'whitewood' looks cool thus far, but I can't see where they are going to pack as much fun into The Hobbit as WOZ... again,,,, just my take.

Quoted from JIM_Z:

I am about ready to go to 5. I think i may need to just put them all on 5

This comment is so much smarter than I gave it when I initially read it the first time. So, while I have changed the balls to 5 on the WOZ simply because it felt like a 5 ball game to me and the fact that It is new to me, it made me think hard about pinball and the reasons why I put it to 5.

I am simply old school. I grew up playing pinball machines and they were all set to 5 at the arcades.... it was what I looked forward to before going to work. Go to the Arcade, unwind a little bit, and then get yourself to work!.... Now it's exactly the opposite. I come home from crazy day's at work and play pinball.

So.... while I was pondering your message, I thought to myself. 'All of these machines should be on 5 balls!"..... and why not?... These exist for me to relax and unwind after work. I am in no competition to beat anybody's score but my own. So getting a score based on 5 balls vs 3 balls is meaningless to me. I am not going to boast my score to anybody,,,,,, but putting them on 5 balls makes my game more enjoyable. And that is truly why they exist!.... So, they are now ALL on 5 balls.... I truly appreciate your input... it made me think 'why not?'.... and of course the answer was YES!... put them all on 5.

#250 6 years ago
Quoted from JIM_Z:

I have not done it yet,but i like the way you think.

Thank you.....

I like the way I think too! It has been a blast since I put all the machines on 5 balls. In fact, sometimes I forget, and get to the third ball and think I'm done.....

But yes!.,,, I still have 2 more to go.

Such a great idea... and such an improvement in my game...

3 weeks later
#267 6 years ago

Just a Comment:

I have a ACDC and Tron sitting next to our WOZ.

Has anybody noticed how NICE the backbox 'framing' looks compared to these other great machines? I mean, I really like ACDC and I really like TRON, but that 'cheap' automotive chrome strip reminds me of what I would do to spruce up my cars in the 80's....... just looks cheap for a 'thousands' of dollar machine. Glad the WOZ doesn't look that way.

Just thinkin'

#268 6 years ago


I'm having too much fun now. (I know ... back to back posts),, but I just learned how to get 10 balls on WOZ just like I can do on ACDC and TRON....... (could only get WOZ to let me play 5 per game thus far).

What you do is accidentally hit the 'Start' button twice....... (your wife will be waiting for her turn, but there won't be one).... just keep playing the game,,,, and when you finish add the two scores up and you've got a FANTASTIC 10 ball pinball session.....

Hey, It was fun.

#291 6 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

PLEASE - let me get my ECLE before the excitement for the RR takes over and we get left in the dust. I want my WoZ! Surely that end of the summer for RR means the rest of the ECLE will be out soon. Hoping

I am so hoping for him as well. This WOZ is fantastic........ but I'm on the fence to do the Hobbit.... (just this close to pulling the trigger)... but would I hate to feel the way this fella does.... hell, i want to invite him over and let him play for as long as he wants.......

#293 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballHelp:

I am hoping Keith implements a config setting to disable the upper playfield flippers when the playfield is not activated. A lot of people want this fix.

This would be nice.

#301 5 years ago

Has anyone noticed that playing WOZ makes you a better pinball player?

I am just curious. Once WOZ entered our home the ACDC and TRON got neglected, and not played as much. But I like them both, play them from time to time, but WOZ get's most of the attention.

Now the reason I make this comment is because I truly enjoy playing WOZ, but not for the total competition nature of the game, and the test of my game skills, but simply because I enjoy it. But when I play TRON (which completely requires my game skills) or ACDC,,,,,, that I play much better. Can't figure it out, but definitely have noticed it.

Tonight I just wanted to give ACDC a little love, and I SPANKED IT!... I mean I spanked it BAD!... #1 spot ..... and only one game.

Well, should go see how WOZ is doin' after that, and give Dorothy a little love as well.

Just wondering if anybody else has noticed it improving your gameplay. ......

#319 5 years ago
Quoted from Mato:

I am now a member of the WOZ club.........

WOW,,,, Fantastic!......... I would love to wish you the best in this wonderful experience of actually being in the possession of a Wizard of Oz pinball machine.

i know it sounds crazy but it is one hell of a machine..... i was one of the biggest skeptics until I did exactly what you did, and purchased one......... I was not, did not, become a member of this club until recently so I suppose I should let someone else more experienced than I welcome you to this most fanstastic club/ machine/ experience......

Wishing you the best....... (these folks here will help answer any questions you have)

2 weeks later
#341 5 years ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

Thought I'd share my first RGB LED mod I've done, I decided to do the speakers as well as the backbox, pretty pleased with the results!

DG... how did you do this........

........... please share..........

#344 5 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

I suspect not very easily.........

I would suspect that you are correct. But, I also suspect that I will have to find time to do it as well....... Once the 'Secret' is shared.......

#347 5 years ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

Not really all that complicated, used RGB led stripes that I bought off Ebay with a controller and 44 key remote, about 15 bucks. Tricky part was removing the speaker bar, then the speaker boxes, and finding a place to mount the strips. Luckily there was just enough room at the top to attach the strips and after that it's just simply wiring them into the other RGB strip I put above the factory white LED strip, and then connecting them to the 12V. Had to turn off the white strip, they overpowered and washed out the color.

Perfect!.. Yep!... I am going to have to do this. Funny thing is, I think I already have all this .... I purchased a roll sometime back for doing 'under cab' stuff... and have several of those 44 key remote things.

Now,, problem is.

I already have this stuff. So, WHY do I still have it?.... Ummmm.....

Need to get the wife involved... and have her put it on my 'Honey Do List'.....

#361 5 years ago

Hey, since this is a WOZ Fan club,,, I thought I'd shoot some info out there as well..... (since I just posted in the WOZ haters club)... but this is one that must be shared.

I own the game. It is good. I had a part that went out. This company replaced it within 3 days!,

I am sold.

I will definitely buy another game from this company.... whomever it is. Great Service!

This is why I purchased products from ANY company. Otherwise I would have just gone down to Wal-Mart and picked up my pinball machine. (not knockin' Wal-Mart)... well maybe... but you got to know their slogan is 'Great Prices' not 'Great Service'.....

This company has great service. For me at least. Very Happy!...

.... silly isn't it... I'm preaching to the choir... I should probably post this in the WOZ haters club.....

#372 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

I agree LTG and those at JJP in Jersey thanks for being behind and stepping up to the product (s) you produce. It really does speak volumes on the people you strive to be. Cheers

What He Said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I completely agree. Great company, Great Product.

#377 5 years ago
Quoted from danisme:

I bought the 75th Anniversary WOZ DVD box set and was watching the movie again and noticed that there is a difference in the video in the game from what was shown in the movie.

Very good observation.....

Now, for me, I just noticed that capturing a ball. (Ball Lock), that the video shows the 1st ball being locked, is different than the second,,, and even more different on the third.

I suppose I am a little slow..... but just noticed this the other day.

I am sure I don't pay attention as much as others, I will have to watch the movie again but when I downloaded it and tried to watch it on my TV,,, my TV freaked out about some 1939 copyright.... and would not display the show.

Whoops, I mean...

I just couldn't figure out the play button.

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