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5 years ago

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Post #7022 Balls not making it to shooter lane from trough - Fix Posted by LTG (10 months ago)

Post #7126 Location of the latest software update/version Posted by mavantix (10 months ago)

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#776 4 years ago

Is there a thread with a map to all the modes?

2 months later
#873 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Ruby Red IS the 75th version. It has red armor, habitrails, cab hardware. It also has the extra castle walls, tornado, toto, lollipop targets, and 75th topper featuring the characters (all these can be bought separately for other versions). The cabinet is decaled. It's unlimited.
The ECLE has green armor, habitrails, and cab hardware. It also has the wood apron signed by the designers and a dual color LED lit plexiglass topper of the wizard head w/flames. The cabinet for it is direct print clearcoated and is spectacular. It's limited to 1000 games.
Both have shaker. I think only the ECLE comes with Invisiglass but that can be added to Ruby Red.
I think the ECLE is easily the best version, but it's only one opinion. I just don't like the red look.

I have a ruby 75th, it's #339 of 1000... So, they're not unlimited

3 months later
#963 4 years ago

Does anyone know the adjustment option to keep the extra ball score minimum from rising?

#966 4 years ago

My family sucks at pinball, and they get upset that I achieve eb and they can't reach it after I play a few games, lol

3 months later
#1065 4 years ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I wasn't going to install the protectors on the rollovers but being the owner of a CV that has a chip out of the clear by one of the rollovers changed my mind. Completely agree about the Munchkinland one.

I have the throne room cliffy installed, and it keeps lifting up the Mylar. I may be removing it... I have all of them installed, including shooter lane and Inlane switches... I don't have the roll overs though, and my cv's look fine too, but anything is possible

1 month later
#1225 3 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Just making sure, but did you remove the two pieces of packing foam at the back end of the playfield? The first time I took it out, I couldn't get it back in until I realized there was packing foam glued on back there.

I had to remove the packing foam too, so bizarre , but then maybe not?

#1233 3 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I have a couple more questions:
1. How easy is it for you to collect on the HOADC shot? I keep thinking I hit it, but the ball keeps bouncing back without going in. I didn't expect to have such a hard time. I own a Star Trek Pro which has a similar under the upper flipper shot, and I can hit it relatively consistently. Looking at that shot and comparing it to WoZ, the two shots are different in the sense that in WoZ, the ball hits the wire ball guide at nearly a 90 degree angle, whereas in Star Trek, the angle of the area where the ball hits is much different, seemingly making it more conducive to falling back into the shooter lane. Anyway, do others have a hard time with this shot, and are there any tips?
2. My ruby slipper on the right flipper broke in half and fell off again. I put in a ticket request yesterday, and Lloyd responded today saying he would forward it to parts to take care of. Kudos for the great customer service! I never expected a response on a Sunday. Now that I have to take the flipper bat out, I'm thinking of putting super bands on. I don't have them on my other games, but I'm having a really difficult time getting the ball under control on WoZ. The flipper angle is a bit more shallow, I think. What is the consensus of super bands with this game? Also, what colors do you think would look good?

2. Try pinball life's new rubber for the flippers, the super bands are too stiff for Woz in my opinion, the flippers are already strong enough without having the extra spring from tough rubber

#1253 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I really dislike the way the ball bounces with Superbands and the way they grip the ball as it transitions from the in lane. I like the Titan silicone bands better. They are easier to put on, can also be cleaned and have a truer bounce.

I have all 4 types on various games, some games have a mix of different bands. I think it's mostly preference.

But... I'm leaning toward pinball life's bands more now, they feel so much better than Titans, and not so rock hard as super bands, easy to clean, easy to install

#1256 3 years ago

I can't weigh in on everything, but I wander if there is some residual magnetism in the ball getting stuck issue when you soft plunge

#1275 3 years ago

Need a little help on gameplay too

I've been getting to fireball frenzy and have no idea where to shoot, it seems I shoot for the blinking lights and I complete the shot, but nothing happens to award the shot??

How do I complete FF?

#1280 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

Also, if you don't like where the blue shot is, hit the witch to move it to an easier shot.

Thanks guys... I'm off to see the wizard!

(Groaning from the onlookers)

#1287 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I have never had that ball stuck spot. Sorry.

I have, it's really rare for me, but it does occur... I have to slap and almost tilt the machine to get it out

1 week later
#1329 3 years ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

Yeah, forgot to mention. MD5 matches (see below). I guess I will just try to redo again and see.
➜ Desktop md5 -r WizardOfOz-autobuild-v5.05.iso
8a4a45aa5e73bc6b6c0060228f88b41c WizardOfOz-autobuild-v5.05.iso

There's a 6.06 update... Why not upgrade to that?

#1373 3 years ago

The music is not repetitive IMO , yes, the invisiglass is really nice on reducing glare

#1390 3 years ago
Quoted from craigj:

Looked like in a recent code update there was separate volume adjustments? 4 sound mixing adjustments: Music, Speech, Fanfares, Effects. So correct me if I'm wrong but does that mean if you get tired of the repeating music it can be set to 0% and leave the speech, sound effects, etc on at 100%? Anyone try this? Might make the game feel a little "hollow" though If you are used to hearing the music.

Soooo, we can turn the music tracks volume all the way down?... Dark side of the moon anybody?

2 months later
#1617 3 years ago

I have around 1800 plays on mine, owned about a year and a half from NIB, still looks and smells and is clean as new... waxed a few times, Ill replace balls around 2500 plays, but they still look new, I wipe down the exterior every week. everyone gawks over it more than anything else, even Tron LE and MM and a fully restored MS Pac Arcade. Good times

#1619 3 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

I don't think anyone has replaced their pf in a woz yet, but has anyone had a pf they bought from jack clear coated?

talk to vid1900, I think he has replaced a woz pf

#1628 3 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

Keep track of which board(s) go bad and get with JJP support. It's not normal especially with Rubys. Maybe monitor the voltage at the wall past the surge protector.

Are the led boards only given power by the computer by USB?

Why would the voltage at the wall affect that? Doesn't the power supply in the computer supply clean voltage to the boards

3 weeks later
#1752 3 years ago
Quoted from paynemic:

Thanks guys. Drilling freaks me out. Heck, I don't even want to remove the mini-pf...

You can do it, the wire plugins aren't confusing, just go slow and let pin instinct take over. It was designed to be removed.

#1772 3 years ago
Quoted from nocreditdot:

Just installed the Cliffy set minus the magnet protectors. Quality stuff as always from him. I recommend installing the plastic protector set while doing the cliffys as well. It was just easier to do while it was apart. I performed the hat trick which was cliffys, plastic protectors, and white rubber with yellow post sleeves. Looks great!

Can you post pics of the post sleeves?

#1773 3 years ago

My cliffy at the throne room and behind winki at the VUK is popping up, anyone have a fix for that?

2 weeks later
#1842 3 years ago

Has anyone made a nice shot map of WoZ?... I'm looking for a nice print, or Image That I can Print and frame for the wall next to my WoZ.

#1844 3 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

I was looking for the same thing but couldnt find it, so i started playing around with building one but got side tracked. + I also got tired of trying to explain how to play WOZ to non-pinhead visitors and figured this would help.

How far did you get? I could help with photoshop if need be

#1849 3 years ago

All great resources! Thank you

Does anyone have a high Rez image of the playfield (preferably ruby red) that can be used for a shot map poster?

When I finish the poster, I'll post here for all to use

1 week later
#1861 3 years ago

Fantastic! thank you, I'll use them!

#1862 3 years ago

This is my preliminary Idea for a shot map of first time players who just need a quick crash course, suggestions?

"kirk" post is for conversation.. remove?

Background look ok?

Font ok?

RRWOZ_Shot Map 001 (resized).png

#1870 3 years ago

Another Try... please keep the Suggestions coming, I'd like to get this good for us all

RRWOZ_Shot Map 001 (resized).png

#1875 3 years ago

Third Try... Edit: I spelled Dorothy wrong, I corrected it already

RRWOZ_Shot Map 001 (resized).png

#1880 3 years ago

and again!... good call merccat

I think it's pretty close to finished... any other suggestions?

I can still change the size for a more "picture frame" friendly print

RRWOZ_Shot Map 001 (resized).png

#1886 3 years ago

Thanks guys! what sizes do y'all think are best to start with?

#1902 3 years ago

Free to all, enjoy


If anyone wants a specific size please let me know

RRWOZ_Shot Map 001 8.5x11 (resized).jpg

#1903 3 years ago


RRWOZ_Shot Map 11x17 (resized).jpg

#1911 3 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Chosen_S could get some printed like Radcals and sell them at the Chicago Expo. I could bring some back with me to MI for locals. Sounds like a plan. Where you going to be at the Expo Chosen_S?

I dont plan to be at expo, nor do I plan to sell these, I'm sure JJP would not be too greatful, I was thinking I could do an 8x10 version, and you could find a frame and have wallgreens print it or something, I'll get the 8x10 done soon

#1923 3 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

Thanks for making this Chosen, but I have one constructive criticism for you before people go print this and hang it on their walls. You're not consistent with your capitalizations. I would suggest going through all your text and making it uniform.
Also, your use of parenthesis and hyphens are inconsistent. You might also have an extra space between Rescue and Switches in the TOTO explanation. I'm a graphic designer so this is stuff I cannot unsee. Haha. Good job though!

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback

1 week later
#2098 3 years ago

What on earth is pindemption, and why would I want it for parties???

3 weeks later
#2448 3 years ago
1 week later
#2507 3 years ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Some of the rubber is very easy to replace.
Others require removing assembles. Be patient and take your time.
Use new tools: Klein long magnetic nut drivers and screw drivers are worth every penny.
Get a small magnetic bowl to put small parts in and stick it to the lock-down bar receiver.
Get a small flexible magnetic retrieval tool to save hours of work getting dropped screws or washers.
Place a terrycloth shop rag or towel on the playfield area you are working on in case of a dropped tool or small part.
Be methodical. Work in sections. There is no quick way to do this.
Clean and wax uncovered areas when you get to them, your playfield will thank you later.
Take pictures and note the size of the rubber you removed, its molded into each ring. Use the exact replacement size when replacing.
If in doubt refer to the manual.

wish I would have read this 4 years ago =)

1 week later
#2544 3 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

At this point (Hobbit not complete yet), I'd say WOZ is better than TH...we'll see after TH gets polished up though.

Didn't hobbit receive its last code update at expo?

#2582 3 years ago

The playfield protector is polycarbonate. Poly scratches and dulls easily... EASILY, wiping poly down with a dry towel will scratch it. However it is almost impenetrable. So it does protect, but will dull from even light play. It will possibly trap dirt underneath. I agree to each his own.

#2625 3 years ago
Quoted from n2vsw:

That little square on the end next to pin 1 is not the clip. The clip is on the long side of the socket.

post some pics if you can, that will help us help you

1 week later
#2655 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

ADVISE NEEDED: Ok... here is the deal. I can get a used RRWOZ in great shape. Built December, 2015. But to do so, i have to trade these to items. NO CASH!! He wants my TZ (very nice condition) and my 20 anniversary galaga pacman. What should i do? Bad deal for me or great deal for me?

Tough decision. The ms PAC galaga is a great machine, I have an original ms PAC sitting in front of my woz. It's a favorite in the house.

I don't think it's a terrible deal either way, but the guys are right, you're trading 2 classics that are not easy to find in nice condition for a game you will be able to find nice for a while. Looking at your collection, possibly let go of eatpm for cash and save the rest up for woz ??? That's what I'd do. Guess it depends on how attached you are to your games

#2664 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

The 20 anniversary I have is not a multicade. You choose between 2 games that's it.

I have that too in my galaga machine.
Great combo

They're super difficult to find in my area. But I am in the desert

#2693 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I am in the CLUB.

It's a beaut, Clark!

Quoted from GotAQuestion:When did you order your machine? I ordered a Ruby Red on October 4th. Two weeks ago I emailed JJP and they said "it's coming off the line, should ship this Thursday or Friday (October 28th)". Nothing. So I emailed again November 8th and they said "it came off the line today, we'll contact you about it this Thursday or Friday". Well the factory just closed I believe and ... nothing.
I'm a bit afraid that something went wrong in the production at this point. Would be really sad to get a NIB broken machine.

I hate to say this, but for me this has been typical behavior, I don't think anything is wrong, they wouldn't ship a broken game. I'd get in touch with them Monday to see how things are.

1 month later
#3005 3 years ago
Quoted from mrs_mezelmods:

We have a new version in testing now. We hope it resolves the breakage issues we've experienced with the most recent build.

I've had mine since week 2, had the game for a few years now, a few thousand plays, mezel winki target still going strong

2 weeks later
#3071 3 years ago

Does anyone have a spare unpopulated munchkin playfield they'd sell me? I have the other 2 , just need the munchkin one to complete the set, didn't really want to go grab a new one from JJP unless I just had to. Thanks guys!

#3081 3 years ago
Quoted from GotAQuestion:

You can go into the switch tests and "test" the main ball trough. Trough might actually be under coil tests, I'm not sure which set of tests precisely but regardless it's in the test menu. You'll have to catch them as they head for the drain, but it'll eject the balls.

and I think you have to have the cabinet power switch pulled to "on" at the coin door for the coils to activate???

edit: oh yeah... "interlock Switch"

#3123 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

This is sound advice. Nothing worse than having a big party and a bunch of people over to unveil your near $10,000 toy, and it not work

Quoted from Spg101:

Just bought my first pin a new WoZ 75th. Doesn't get delivered until tomorrow. Planning a family game night tomorrow and they have no idea, should be fun!
My son took me to an 80's arcade a couple of months ago and I was hooked again. Went to look at the WoZ and it blew me away. Guy said it left the factory on January 7th and is number 138. I asked about play field protectors and he said it didn't need it. Anything you think I should do immediately to help protect it?

Yup... took me 3 hours on my first New In Box, lots to do... setup, deal with box,; 1 hour. Wax, wait... clean off wax, 45 min, play a few games to look for issues 45 min... look on interweb for stuff to look out for on woz, 45 min... standing around thinking / looking at pretty box of lights; 30 min

2 weeks later
#3186 3 years ago

Someone's really loves Woz!

Random sighting...

IMG_3999 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#3290 3 years ago
Quoted from Radius118:

I seem to remember someone saying that JJP was backordered on munchkin mini playfields.
I called JJP to order some parts and it turns out they have all 3 of the playfields in stock. The mini's are $150 each and the main is $700.
That being said, I also found a source for NOS playfields for $300 each. The playfields were purchased directly from Jack at a show back in March of 2013.
So from what I have learned so far about WoZ playfields, they are almost certainly Bader playfields. I personally don't think this is a bad thing, but I suspect some people may be scared of a Bader playfield even though the failure rate is actually pretty low. Not a big deal to me as I am going to clear it anyways.
The person that has these is a well known pinsider but I don't want to publicly publish his name in this post. If anyone is interested in obtaining one of these $300 playfields PM me and I will let you know who to contact.

does he have the munchkin pf as well?
Id like to find a non populated one for a cheap price

#3294 3 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

I'm having a really annoying problem with the witch switch. It registers light hits but sometimes (maybe 50%) of the time if it's hit with a hard direct shot it doesn't register. Super annoying on skill shots when you nail her and expect a hurry up but it doesn't register. To top off my frustration, I was battling her the other night, locked my ball, shot the ramp and nailed her right in the middle....the shot didn't register and drained immediately down the center. I just about lost my mind.
The switches work fine in test mode and I've adjusted them twice now and cannot seem to fix this problem. Does anyone have any pro-tips on how to get her registering better?

I recently had a brand new switch that tested great in test mode, but in live play it wouldn't register 75% of the time

I did everything to that switch I could have thought of...

I hated to... but I took a very fine file and just barely scuffed it, it must have cleaned some impenetrable oil off or something, but now it works flawlessly

#3301 3 years ago
Quoted from capguntrooper:

A bit off topic but I just have to say, the new Emerald City series is AMAZEBALLS! A dark twist on the OZ realm where GRIM meets Once Upon A Time is the best way to describe it. Anyone else digging the Emerald City series?

Is it the cartoon? The one I saw was, there was only one episode on Amazon and it was really good, but it didn't look like there were plans to make another episode.

Edit: I see...

I'll have to check it out

2 months later
#3778 2 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Love the new addition.

Is that a different witch???

4 months later
#4335 2 years ago

Don't get any glue on the pf that shiz has acid in it

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