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6 years ago

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#282 6 years ago

The countdown is on....distributor says these should ship end of summer....cant wait to get this in our office. Going to the office to work will be WAY less painful.


7 months later
#529 5 years ago

Finally getting the hang of this machine. We've put about 300 games on it between my x-mas party and me playing it with a few friends, etc.

Ive got ECMB and Munchkin land locked down. My primary focus (and what I tell people who play for the first time) is to go after the rainbow targets, and while doing so, youll hit all the characters to lock up your balls for ECMB. This strategy seems to work well. I get twister to light or I lock up my balls for ECMB on a regular basis.

I am still working on rescue (seems as though I have a switch error on "e", but that doesnt hurt too much since I can hit that loop to spell it). I am thinking about moving the post on the rescue playfield...the ball doesnt like to stay up there very long. Its the only post that I really think needs to be moved. The out lanes are fine, although TNPLH is still a drain monster if you arent careful.

I tell everyone: "This machine was BUILT to be nudged". I find myself bumping the crap out of it just to keep the ball out of the out lanes especially.

#537 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Rescue is the toughest to start...I always drain off the castle field just after opening the door or accidentally hit the search loop to add a ball. It's very difficult to start for me.

Dont you HAVE to add all 3 balls to start the rescue? I think I am confused on how to start it....Ill be down there after work today to figure it out!

#541 5 years ago

GOTCHA! Perfect....its on now.

#546 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

You get TWO rescue letters for a saucer hit behind the doors.

No shit.....well, my strategy up there is going to change.

Words to the wise for people getting new machines. I have had to adjust the following items on my machine so far.

Tighten all screws on coil stops of all flippers

Make sure witch optos are aligned properly, the "screw" that the witch is on was grinding on one of mine and I noticed out of the blue yesterday. Had to bend it around to get it to align properly.

Make sure your house is calibrated properly. The feet on mine werent coming out at the proper 90 degree angle.

Im also having some issues with my sound. The little 1/8" mini plug that comes out of the chassis in the bottom of the cabinet seems to be loose or something. I had to kind of wiggle it during test to get the speech to sound right. It was sounding like it was really far away before. I need to open the chassis really...I just havent felt like digging that far.

Honestly, I love this game, but I cant believe how much I have had to do to a $10,000 machine out of the box.

#548 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

$10000?? as great as WOZ is, no machine is worth that much!
I'll second tightening all flipper coil stops...my left flipper coil just fell off one day.

I was rounding....but it was $9749 with invisiglass for our RRWOZ....

#551 5 years ago

I guess I paid too much? LOL, whoops.

#553 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

That's less than we pay over here in Australia, and that's when our dollar was worth more than US! Try $11500 now. Don't worry how much you paid- the game is worth it. And ALL machines need adjustments out of the box - and as you play them for that matter. All part of the fun.

Wowza! Like I said, I love the machine, no regrets.

1 week later
#565 5 years ago

OK, I need help. What goals give you emeralds and where do they show up on the screen to show me how many I have?

#567 5 years ago

I guess Ive just never noticed them...weird.

#569 5 years ago

Any tips on getting the witch to sense hits better? I feel like my skill shot doesnt register 3/4 of the time now, and I am having trouble with the hurry ups as well. Ill hit it flush, and itll make a loud "knock" sound, but it doesnt seem to register the hits...killing me right now. Ive been trying to at least GET to the main witch battle and I cant do it.

#570 5 years ago

nobody? did i miss something some where else?

#572 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Look at post #11 in this thread:
The position of the switches can be moved a little (and thus changing the sensitivity) by sliding the bracket holding the switches.

Thanks! Ill try this.

#574 5 years ago
Quoted from Bartzenegger:

My complaints are
Not enough lightning
The buttons for the characters (effects ball movement)
The left drain.
Some weird cpu issues (I will get light lock ups and have to reboot)
Other than that ... One of the greatest Gms of all time.

Lighting...I guess, I dont understand this complaint. I play in the dark and I have no issue seeing the ball.

The buttons dont bother me, they only effect the ball when they are rolling slowly.

YES...THE LEFT DRAIN IS A BASTARD. I am considering moving the post and lane guide in.

Never had any CPU issues...not one lockup in over 500 games.

I agree, I really enjoy mine too, even though it kicks my ass sooo bad.

#576 5 years ago

Well, I did it. I moved all the posts in. Wow, what a difference on the outlane drains. Night and day. Also I get SO much more action in the castle playfield, its nuts. I recommend it if you were getting brutalized by this pin.

#577 5 years ago

YES! Finally got a rescue multiball last night...what a neat light show. Still working on my witch...I think im going to adjust the plate as mentioned. It seems to only register shots on the right side of the pad under her.

This club doesnt talk much....whats every ones high scores so far? I havent cracked the 223 I set with my original post settings....soon though, soon.

#580 5 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

just over a mill. 5 ball. 10 second ball saver. posts moved in.
You get Rescue MB more often now that you've gotten accustimed to what it takes. For me, first plunge on ball 1 i always try to make it to the pop bumpers so i can light the monkey, then while doing other stuff eventually i'll make it back up there to capture Dorothy. Once i get up to the castle i dont bother trying to hit the targets, i just hit the search loop or bash through doors.

I can agree with this. My new strategy is to get dorothy captured, light the rainbow targets, and then smash the doors over and over to get the rescue MB. Then during rescue I try to spin the house while holding the other ball...quite a challenge. I got up to 3 gems last night...last one is for melting the witch right?

#587 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

There are two types of "gems". Emeralds and Diamonds. Once you collect the 4 emeralds (Start Rescue, ECMB, a Munchkin mod, and Fireball), and that will let you battle the witch. All 4 only need to be started to get to the battle.
Diamonds are the tougher ones. You have to beat the witch. You have to beat ECMB. You have to beat Rescue (yeah, right). Travel 50 times on YBR. Get to Munchkin Multiball. Get to Haunted Multiball. Play all the crystal ball modes to get to Flipper Frenzy.
I'm going by memory on those, so I might have missed one. Oh, get all the diamonds and you get to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Every journey starts with the first step


#593 5 years ago

Well, so I did it last night, I finally melted that bitch! I mean..witch! Took me only 10 games after moving my out lane posts in. I havent adjusted my witch switch plate yet, but I found her sweet spot on her right side, so I just aimed for that.

I really prefer the action around the out lanes now that they are moved in. A nudge can actually save your ball, where as before, it was almost futile. So many less bounces that go right down the out lanes.

A couple pics during my elation.
Video was neat
Ding dong!
New High score!

OK, also one more thing. I need some one to confirm this so I know Im not totally tripping.
Last night, as I am finishing my last game, I get a text. I usually rest my phone above the lock down bar. I pick it up, start to read my text, and as the machine changes to its "all lights on" or "every crazy color it can make" attract mode, I begin to see the playfield rise and fall like the waves in the ocean. TOTALLY TRIPPY. It must be some kind of optical illusion when you look at something close and its going on in the background. Basically, hold your phone (or whatever I guess) in front of your face like normal, but over the machine as you stand in front of it. Wait for it to go to this attract mode, and BLAM, crazy motion behind your phone.

PLEASE some one confirm....it really had me like WOAH.

Now to work on SWOTR....seems like its going to be a long while.

#595 5 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

it didn't the other night. really strange.

mine does...always.

#611 5 years ago
Quoted from neurokinetik:

It has nothing to do with looking at something else, that "3d" visual effect happens whenever the game does that rapid color-cycling during the attract mode.

Its not as intense for me unless I'm not looking directly at it.

2 weeks later
#638 5 years ago

lol, 5 ball. you guys.....

1 week later
#662 5 years ago
Quoted from TaylorVA:

Clear coat failure with art separation has been documented on several HUO WOZ.

Have you ever played the WOZ at Modern Pinball in NYC? Have you SEEN the pop area? Good lord.

4 weeks later
#680 5 years ago

Any one ever have their center lock insert act up? I had a weird issue after a few games last night. The insert locked on, and all the roll overs would do nothing. Every time I shot a ball up there, the gate popped up and let the ball fly through. After the game ended, the insert stayed locked on no matter if I had the roll over completed or not in my next game. I had to do a reboot to make this go away. All good after that. I really need to start recording all my sessions I think.

1 week later
#691 5 years ago

You can hit the witch to move the shot to an easier shot too.

#696 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:


You might be confusing with Fireball Frenzy which WILL let the witch move the shot(s).

Thats the one

#701 5 years ago

I have to agree...it is very fulfilling to stack the modes. I have been getting better, but my scores have not.

#709 5 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Yea, even with that massive stack, my score was only 450k, but good enough for the 8th spot on my top scores. I've gotta improve on completing the modes, not just getting them started. but still, massive fun.

That 500k default score has been driving me nuts. I only have a month or two left with my woz, I really hope to crack it.

2 weeks later
#711 5 years ago



Let me tell any one frustrated with their scores on woz. Stacking is key. I had multiple emerald city mb stacked on a crystal ball stacked on fireball frenzy on this particular game. Im set on 3 ball and i had 2 eb during this game. Felt SO GOOD.

#715 5 years ago
Quoted from indybru:

I see it mentioned a Haunted Forest MB, if so how do you achieve it?
I'm beyond pitiful at this game the best was 3 emeralds and that was just once.
If I ever get to melting the witch I'm sure I have no idea what to do next. Papa tutorial would sure be nice.

No idea on the HMB but i did activate it on my recent epic game some how.

#753 5 years ago

My lane lights stopped working suddenly. Going to trouble shoot when I get some time. My JP is acting up with a switch issue as well which is more maddening at the moment. Hopefully its just a loose connector.

1 week later
#800 5 years ago

How do you get on the TNPLH champion or whatever high score? I finally completed a sequence, and got my ball back, but I wasnt put as the new TNPLH leader. Is there some other way to score points in that mode that I am missing? Or am I thinking of SWOTRB? I am pretty sure there is a TNPLH score that comes up with the high scores.....

#803 5 years ago

Gotcha...thought so. With how hard TNPLH is, there should be a last completed initials spot for that too! HAHA!

1 week later
#846 5 years ago

There was an ECLE for sale on here for $7500...I dont know if its still available.

2 months later
#878 4 years ago

Gotta say, my second time melting the which was much more clear. That whole lock one ball in the castle VUK hole and shoot the ramp that drops into munchkin house to upper right flipper for the kill shot move is pretty sweat.

6 months later
#1047 4 years ago
Quoted from TZBen:

This game (my best) took about 20min


5 balls right?

#1050 4 years ago
Quoted from TZBen:

I probably did earn 2 extra balls

So set to 3? Wow, champion. Nothing other than factory and 3 balls? Thats pretty impressive man.

2 months later
#1396 4 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

BTW, ill pay someone to figure out how to put some different music in this thing. Like with the NUCORE for pin2k, turn this baby into a jukebox!

Seriously...would be awesome to load some rock covers of the wizard songs or something...

2 months later
#1736 3 years ago
Quoted from Jakers:

So there's no more "might be joining" this club. My RRWOZ is being delivered tomorrow. I have a question about moving it. I'd like to be able to keep it in the box while moving it downstairs for protection. Is it ok to turn the machine onto it's side while moving it down the stairs? I would assume it's ok as long as the machine doesn't go upside down? From my research of the box size, it's 31x30x57.5 and that should be able to fit into my basement.

I think you can only truck it from one side if I am not mistaken.

Why dont you take it out and then remove the backbox? Its super easy. I had a basement that I HAD to remove any wide body games' backbox.

3 months later
#2745 3 years ago

Woz might be making another winter long appearance at my house. Cant wait to update it to the newest code and give it a fresh coat of wax!

1 year later
#4621 2 years ago

RRWOZ is back in the gameroom baby! Woot! Upgraded to 6.11....Ill have to look if thats the newest hottest shit. Cant wait to put some games on this sucker. It was still way back on 4.01 code.

#4624 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

LTG : )

Ill double check what I put on, but you cant argue with this guy. Hes got all the facts.

#4709 2 years ago
Quoted from GrimDog:

It doesn’t seem to be hitting anything.
Auto plunge shoots it right through to the pops. It’s just when I manual plunge it has issues getting through sometimes.

I agree, sounds like your spring needs adjustmwnt or replacement.

Also, fyi, most of the time you want to soft plunge to get the witch shot. Maybe some one modded it to make that easier. My wife still doesnt quite get it yet...

#4721 2 years ago

My rrwoz still has an odd lighting issue on start up at times. Only the upper playfield inserts will light. I used to have to open the machine and jiggle the wire loom up the middle of the playfield, but now i found i can just nudge the machine a bit until it pops back on. Ive never been able to track down any loose connectors. Very odd.

Im also still having issues with the sound. The rca/mini jack issue seems to be whats going on. I lose callouts and low end and I have to mess with the rca jacks and mini jack to get it back.

Any tips on either of these issues?

#4732 2 years ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

I just had an issue with losing callouts and the low end of sound. Also, the total volume was much quieter. I'm not sure what you mean by the rca / mini jack, but I had reseated all the audio cables, and it didn't help. I contacted JJP, and they gave me spot on advice. First, on the sound board, which is in the middle right of the metal box in the cabinet, reseat the pink cable. If that doesn't work, see if you have a noise filter that will be attached to the right of the board, cable tied on the right side. It looks like a black box, and one jack goes in and another comes out before going to the board. Bypass the noise filter. If that fixes it, just keep the noise filter bypassed. They told me it was not necessary and was removed from later models.
By the way, this is just another example of excellent JJP support. I thought something major was wrong with my sound. Playing around with things myself didn't fix it. A quick ticket in to JJP, and I received the exact answer within half a day. Awesome as always!

Thanks man, I will try all of this on Friday night.

#4737 2 years ago


#4747 2 years ago

I think my invisiglass was scratched by the door....ugh.

Is there any way to get it out or is it effed? Ill clean the glass front and back tomorrow night but I was wondering if there were any tricks. Im not totally sure its scratched, it may be a scuff.

#4804 2 years ago

Think I need to lube my rod?

IMG_6268 (resized).JPG

#4806 2 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

If it makes noise, doesn't move good. Yes. The flat bar the thing rides on too.
LTG : )

None of that. Games about 4? Years old...just wondering what I should keep an eye out for over time other than clean/wax.

#4822 2 years ago

Guys with the red smoke witch mod, does it still use the metal half moon shaped plate from the bottom of the witch "tube"? I get a lot of high shots from the upper right flipper that seem to ricochet off that metal plate at the bottom of her tube and dont register. This happens like 50% if not more of the time, ESPECIALLY off the skill shot. Im thinking maybe I should get the mod to stop this, but if that plate is still involved, probably wont make a difference.

#4824 2 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Yes the plate is still there. It shouldn’t hit it though unless you are getting airballs off your upper right flipper. Try adjusting your rubber up a smidge.

Copy that. Ill adjust the rubber tonight, thanks.

Had ECMB, FF, and 2x lights on scoring last night all stacked. 4 ball multiball, squandered. Im getting there. Really want to break 1M before the new year. Cant get over 200k at the moment...witch rejects costing me for sure.

1 week later
#4863 2 years ago

Almost to 1m before new years. When I get things stacked nice, I always think my score will be huge. When I miss my shits though, doesnt matter that i have stacks going. This is my best so far.

Question: What is the best stack you can make for the most points? Right now I get a lot of ECMB/MELT WITCH combined with a 2x crystal ball multiplier. Sprinkle in a munchkin mode as well, and some times escape. Still...not getting the TRIPLE jackpot enough to make it all count.

I think my highest after ball bonus was around 170k. Not bad.

IMG_6461 (resized).JPG

1 week later
#4928 2 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Coincidence, you can potentially see that wear on any WOZ without that cliffy (2.0 or not)

I know....I really gotta get that protector and put it on our RRWOZ....ugh.

#4931 2 years ago
Quoted from arcadenerd925:

Meh, I dont have it on mine. Yes there is some wear there. I have an alternative idea on how to protect the spot that I am going to try (and will share once complete).

Quoted from bobukcat:

I've seen people use mylar strips to protect it effectively, doesn't have to be the actual Cliffy.

Well this is all good news. I have a big ass sheet of mylar sitting around. Id like to see what people are doing. Any pics or links?

#4933 2 years ago

Opinions wanted.

Leave it alone and just play (and replace the whole mini pf at a later date)

Put mylar down in that area and play

Put mylar down and get the cliffy

Other: please specify

IMG_6582 (resized).JPG

#4935 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Curl up in the fetal position and cry for a few hours, then regroup and come up with a plan.

That was not an option in my survey pal!

I will take you up on your offer though.

#4937 2 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Yes it was! Other: please specify

But you gotta state "Other" and THEN your option.

#4949 2 years ago

Closer to 1m every day....

IMG_6585 (resized).JPG

#4956 2 years ago

As I play this more and more I realize I have no idea how the multiball and jackpot scoring work. I had a bad ass ball 1 last night where I got munchkin, crystal ball, and rescue multball, and then stacked emerald city on top of that. With the lights off, Im never sure exactly what to hit. I usually go for the ramp, witch, and winkie. I heard a lot of "JACKPOT!" "DOUBLE JACKPOT!" "TRIPLE JACKPOT!" and then I actually finally heard a "SUPER JACKPOT!" callout. I look up, Ive only for 300k. WHAT THE HELL!!! I feel like I score better with just 2 modes going...what is the deal here.

5 modes stacked, multiple jackpots, a SUPER jackpot...and I only had 515k by the end of ball 1. I really expected to be in the high 800's at least.

This game make it really hard to score big.

#4959 2 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

As I play this more and more I realize I have no idea how the multiball and jackpot scoring work. I had a bad ass ball 1 last night where I got munchkin, crystal ball, and rescue multball, and then stacked emerald city on top of that. With the lights off, Im never sure exactly what to hit. I usually go for the ramp, witch, and winkie. I heard a lot of "JACKPOT!" "DOUBLE JACKPOT!" "TRIPLE JACKPOT!" and then I actually finally heard a "SUPER JACKPOT!" callout. I look up, Ive only for 300k. WHAT THE HELL!!! I feel like I score better with just 2 modes going...what is the deal here.
5 modes stacked, multiple jackpots, a SUPER jackpot...and I only had 515k by the end of ball 1. I really expected to be in the high 800's at least.
This game make it really hard to score big.

Also regarding Glinda re-light. It says "the rubber between the spinner and the bumpers" to re-light glinda. Is there a switch there? What rubber are they talking about? The post? I need to look closer tonight...I never noticed this.

#4966 2 years ago
Quoted from merccat:

Best ball I ever had on the game was completing two munchkin modes (one of them frenzy), at one point haunted was on and I was in at least one multiball for most of the time. It was intense and a ton of fun. After the HODC multiplier ended up with a bonus just over 1m

A BONUS of 1m? DAMN! I think my best after ball bonus has been close to 200k......wow.

#4972 2 years ago

Is there a PAPA/Bowen video for this game yet? I see the pre-release one,but I cant find an updated one.

#4975 2 years ago

I thight that was the boom go pinball video at first. I was going to be like "not this guy" lol.

Ill check it out, thanks.

#4981 2 years ago

891,550 last night....inching closer.

Ive just been avoiding rescue now unless I have everything else going already. Im still not sure how the bonus works/doesnt work with that multiball so I just assume avoid it so it doesnt hurt my score.

7 months later
#6046 1 year ago
Quoted from adol75:

The more it goes the more I wish Dorothy was actually singing SOTR especially because I love this song. I understand there's a story with rights to get the song, but I'm wondering if there's a way to replace the sound file with its equivalent but home made with the song. I'm not looking at messing anymore with the code, but this would be a really cool mod.


1 week later
#6057 1 year ago
Quoted from Lilpro66:

My RR WOZ came with the printed manual. Build date on my machine was 12/14/17.

Mine did not.

1 year later
#9943 80 days ago

Ive had a RRWOZ in and out of my collection since it was built. Im lucky enough to have a family member with one who will share from time to time. Its been a while since Ive had it back. Im starting to miss it. When you look at how PACKED his game is (minus the monkey-less yellow abominations) you really start to appreciate it. The upper playfields....TWO OF THEM...the bash target witch.....all the targets. Its just damn impressive. Im starting to get the WOZ fever again...she may come back for a while.

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