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WOZ Enhanced Interactive Throne Room by PMC

By harryhoudini

3 months ago

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#1 3 months ago

I've wanted to post this for a while but we've been working on getting the details just right. This is a drop in replacement for the throne room adornment (wizard head)... as well as the spotlight behind it. WHAT!? YES.. calm down.

This is a custom designed in-house, USA developed and produced resin recreation of the Throne Room from the Wizard of Oz movie. Our concept was to recreate that scene in the kind of detail that matches other parts of the game (muchkinland, castle) and fit with our other mods (witch and munchkinland huts currently, more to show soon!). The curtains/posts and stage are created in a transparent green resin and the flames in one of 3 colors of your choice. The Wizard head is floating (magically!) in the middle, seemingly unattached to the rest of the platform. The head and 2 flames each have addressable WS2812 RGB LEDs embedded in them which allows us to create an interactive element on top of basic lighting.

During normal game play the lights will be dim and static. When a ball enters the throne room, and for as long as it is there, the flames and lighting will grow and go crazy. The plan, which is what I am working on now, is to also have a different light show when the extra ball light is illuminated. I need to do some more technical discovery on this part and see if my plan will work for detecting this.

Everything is controlled with a hidden microcontroller programmed specifically for this mod. The mod is completely plug and play, a few nuts and plugs and you're in business. As I noted you can choose from red, orange and clear flames. The lighting show will be the same no matter which color you select, but the overall look will be tempered by the color choice. Shown in the video are orange flames.

This is not the final design but aesthetics will not change much, a few tweaks here and there to better fit the space/layout. I'm picky.

In terms of the spotlight, also included with this mod is a double height, double density RGBW lighting array embedded in the back of the mod pointed in the same direction as the spotlight which was previously there. With the included wireless controls (remote provided, app on your phone or home assistant like Alexa) you can fine tune any RGB color combination you like as well as brightness of that color. Combined with that are discreet settings for the white lights (the "W" in RGBW) as those are completely independent white LEDs which have their own brightness controls. This gives you an almost unlimited number of options for saturation, brightness and tone. Since there are several LEDs spread out across the back of this mod the light is very evenly spread across the munckinland playfield.

Here's the little bonus that I've been working on. While the house is spinning the lighting array will introduce a small flickering effect which will mimic and add effect to the storm that is happening. So not only do you get a completely custom lighting option but two interactive game elements. It should be pretty trick.

The video below is showing overall look and lighting although this is simply a test pattern and nothing indicative of the lighting which will be in the finished product.

Since primary design is done and I have a working prototype I figured it was time to share. We'll need a few more weeks to work out the bugs and then we can open up orders. These take a decent amount of time to create, each mod needs about a day of printing time and then hand finishing and painting. All parts are clear coated to protect the resin and paint on the flame pots. We can ship a few of these each week so depending on the demand it could take a few months to get yours delivered. Each solder connection has to be made with the lighting in place due to the design, they take a lot of labor to produce We've spent about 50 hours so far in design and prototyping, testing and iterating. I hope others like the concept as well!

And a little Kacey Musgraves to go with it... hope that doesn't get DMCA'ed, just was playing on sonos at the time!

#4 3 months ago

Thanks! I'm jonesing for both to be on my game too. WOZ has so much going for it that these little touches I think will finish it off.

#18 3 months ago
Quoted from thewool:

Wow good work men!
Do you have a price in mind? Colour me interested!

Working that out now.

#20 3 months ago

I believe the last functional changes are done, printing some prototypes for finishing. We spent a lot of time routing wires, hiding everything, getting really good placement in the game, utilizing all existing hardware and wire routing as well as stock plugs. Install should be around 10-20 minutes if you take your time. I bullied it around and can do it in about 5 mins.

The only sticking point I found is that JJP built the wiring harnesses for the OZ Head light and spotlight on the game so there is no way to remove them without cutting or de-pinning from the connector. The holes in the plastic and playfield are too small to fit the connectors through. I can recommend an excellent de-pinning tool that takes all the hassle out of it but we will provide some very high quality splice connectors (they are like $1 each our cost) in case you do cut and ever want to reinstall the original (god forbid).

#21 3 months ago

I'm sure some would want to see this (still the old prototype but visually nothing should really change). Notice no more spotlight
pasted_image (resized).png

Weird, my rainbow plastic is missing..

#23 3 months ago

I hear ya. The "stage" is clear coated and the head is not, in the one you are seeing. I also took it with my phone so it looks crappier in that photo. I do have some other resins I am going to test for color differences, but I think I might try and make the head a bit more opaque to match the movie colors more. Need to do some mixing and testing, there isn't a lot of info on this kind of thing yet since it's all somewhat new technology. I'm thinking it might show off the features more if it wasn't so translucent. For the Emerald City mod I've been testing methods of creating internal sparkling effects which requires other additives to the resin, so been doing a lot of that testing recently. I'll post another pic when I have a test of the head done.

Yea, for some reason that pic is really contrasty. I will take some with my DSLR as well with proper lighting.

#24 3 months ago

I mixed just a bit of opaque gray in with the green translucent resin and it looks good. Waiting for the main throne to finish printing with the regular green and I'll swap it out for the "head" green. I'll post a pic when it is done, I think it will make the head stand out and help disperse the light inside it better. We also modified the light mounting to make it more like a lens inside the head which should spread the light out as well. We've been playing with angles for the rear spotlight LED strips to get them pointing away from the right side of the cabinet and more towards the munchkinland playfield. I'm hoping this last version has everything set.

#25 3 months ago

I might toss a bit of blue in the head mix but otherwise I'm liking it. I may take a bit of the opaqueness out of it but I am glad you said something calfdemon as I like this much more.

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#28 3 months ago
Quoted from etien:

Hello, you may want to consider having the steps of the stairs in a slighlty different green as well, maybe more yellowish, again so that the structure is more visible once switched off. Cheers. Etienne

Humm... I'll think about this. I don't think it will be easy to separate out the stairs from the rest of it the way we currently have the wire chases running. I also have to look and see about colors for that as I don't have any yellow and I haven't seen yellow actually now that I think about it. They could be painted if you wanted a different look for the stairs. We were working off this scene and the stairs are actually darker (although I think it's just lighting) versus the curtains. My intent is to be as close to the movie theme/design/concept as much as can be translated to the game in most of these mods.

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1 month later
#33 59 days ago
Quoted from fnosm:

The throne room is amazing but the monocolor head makes it look very differrent from what is seen in the movie. It would really be a big improvement is you could somehow give the floating head a paint job that makes you focus on the facial features and kind of ignore the rest of the Qtip shaped head.

I don't know if I'd call it *very* different but I can certainly test a paint job on it. I was hoping maybe we'd have ONE mod that didn't need painting, lol.

#34 59 days ago

Some overall color, highlights and shadows. I suppose this could be an option, personally I think I like the other way but if you want it like this I can offer it.

**Shitty quick painting warning

pasted_image (resized).png
#37 59 days ago
Quoted from meSz:

Harry, curious if the flame LEDs are just flickering or are they the LEDs that alternate between yellow n orange to give off the appearance of fire? Hard to tell from the video. Off to a great start on this!

I haven't revealed much but all of the LEDs are full RGB addressable LEDs which can be set to any color. The controls will allow you to adjust the speed, effect, color and such. The flames are also available in red and orange (along with the clear) so you can mix and match based on what you want it to look like. I think the most common format will be low flickering flames and dim lighting when nothing is happening and when the ball is in the TR it will activate and flames will go crazy, head will light up and do stuff, etc.

We're wiring up another test right now (working on streamlining how we have to solder this thing together, it's a bear. I'll then show some videos of the different color flames, different color lighting, effects, etc.

Quoted from etien:

Much better imho

Cool, it will be an option then. I want to see how it looks when lit.

#39 55 days ago

Controller options, mostly so I can remember (we have several of these similar kinds of controllers)

1. Color (I am only doing flame color because head and rear lighting don't really matter)
2. Brightness (this would adjust the overall base brightness level which carries over to other modes)
3. Effect - 1) Normal, slight flame activity and then excited when ball enters, everything gets bright TR, 2) Flames off until ball enters TR, 3) Excited all the time, 4) Off all the time until ball enters, 5) No change when ball enters TR (but normal activity all the time)
4. Speed - Overall effect of flame activity

If you can think of anything else let me know. We're finishing programming hopefully this week and I'll post it installed.

#41 51 days ago

No list, no price. I've been testing further resin combinations and consistency with printing. I have one printing right now, hopefully that is a good combination. My first "production" run came out a lot lighter green than I wanted. I'm going to finish that one and offer it up at a discount for someone who doesn't care.

Gotta see how long it takes to wire once we make the harnesses. We were going to have to solder each wire from each light inside the model, it was like 20 solder joints inside the thing which was tedious. We came up with a better way to handle this but we need to time it and see how long each one will take.

I think we'll just let people order and pay and produce them in that order. I don't think we can make more than 3 or so a week with our other work. I think we can print ~1.5 a day but only have 2 SLA printers so can't run these as fast, especially with the other mods that are being produced on those right now. So it will be a slow rollout but I know people want to get a spot nailed down so I'll open ordering up shortly once we figure out the price.

I still haven't done a full "vanity" video of the witch mod, nagging at me so I want to do one of this installed before I toss it up so people can actually see it and all the functions. I haven't posted anything about the spotlight replacement on the back so I want to show that as well.

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