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WOZ code update 6.5

By FalconPunch

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Available to download

Thought I would post the Changelog here. This is in addition to the BETA woz code that has been around for months that added more changes that was never released. I have pasted that Changelog as well.


=== Core Code

- On 27" monitors, loading text is being cut off. This is largely due to
rewriting the display system to be able to adjust the screen on-the-fly
in diagnostics.

== Version 6.50 June 20, 2017 ==

=== Game Code

* Fix lamp board disabling/jumpering.
* Fix Witch debounce times (core change made it very hard for her to
* Hopefully fixed the Winkie drop target coil lock-on issue.
* Fix 1-player choreography at ball start.
* Special display effect now only shows if set for points, otherwise it shows
Free Game or Extra Ball.
* Music no longer silenced at endball waiting for bonus to start.
* Custom high scores now come after normal and daily high scores.
* Fix music possibly going away after adjusting volume.
* Spinner now scores points based on BALL status and BALL difficulty.
+ Added "Hurryup Magnet Helper" adjustment. Can be set to On/Off, default
is ON. If Witch Hurryup is running and Dorothy isn't ready to be
captured, shots to the right orbit will be attempted to be caught by the
magnet for easy Witch shots. The magnet doesn't work the best in this
application, but when it works it's useful.

=== Core Code

* Fixed a very rare potential game-crashing race condition in 2 game systems.
* Console can fill the screen now.
* Added maintenance reboot event to the logger.
* Fixed game time audit (it would get messed up if a game was started again
before attract mode).
+ Start button will now allow restarting on ball 1 without adding players.
* To accomodate the above, players are now added when the start button is
released, not when it is pressed.
+ Courtesy kicks.
* Console now displays loading progress.
+ Added "Install Coin-Op" preset for easier setup for operators due to the
above change.
* HSTD Multiple Initials/Player now defaults to OFF.


== Version 6.11P ==

=== Game Code

+ Support for reserve ball play.
* Attract mode score display now shows remaining balls (including extra
balls) instead of completed balls for interrupted games. This is a more
accurate measure of what a player had left. The player who was active is
marked with an asterisk, but that currently-active player does not have
their current ball counted as part of balls remaining.

=== Core Code

+ Reserve ball play. This is a new paradigm for playing pinball games where
one does not have a concept of a ball-in-play (i.e. ball 1, ball 2, etc.),
but rather has balls remaining, such as lives in a video game.
- This gives us 2 main abilities:
- 1. Players can join in at any time now, even your last ball.
- 2. Extra balls are not played immediately. Rather, players continue to
cycle turns as long as a player has balls to play. This way, a player
doesn't monopolize a game with his co-players with 4 extra balls
stacked at once, rather they are basically played at the end of the
game. If multiple players get extra balls, they continue to switch
off as if the game were a longer game.
+ Ball Play Type adjustment. Can be set for "BALLS IN PLAY" or "BALLS IN
RESERVE". The default is currently BALLS IN PLAY (the traditional way of
playing pinball).
* Improved Dump Stats output.
+ Maintenance reboot. This will automatically reboot the machine if it has
been on for more than 24 hours, and the game has been idle for at least 1
hour. It will give a 10-second warning you can cancel by hitting both
flipper buttons, at which time it will wait at least another hour.
* Missing aux displays will no longer show their contents on the main
display. This caused some nasty issues in the OS for some reason.
* Fixed Euro presets specifying Pound pricing.
+ Added some "FEC" pricing presets to make it easier to set up token/swipe
etc. pricing.

=== OS

* Changes for maintenance reboot.
* Reboot/power cycle now required after an update.
* Manual version 3.5 (December 2016).

== Version 6.10 ==

=== Game Code

* Fixed display of extra-wide 11-character names after entering a HSTD name.
* Fixed extra shot light showing up in Melt the Witch.
* Fixed display of switch numbers in Trough Test.
* Fixed chase ball being flagged as a saved ball (speech and audit).
+ Today's High Scores added to attract mode and status report.
+ Sub-category in High Score settings for game-specific HSTDs.
* Fixed stale ECMB lamps that occurred when ECMB ended abnormally.
* ECMB lamps now go transparent to let other stuff show through.
* LED 2.0 lamp renumbering.
* Fixed TNPLH and TOTO ballsavers not resetting properly when consumed and
another multiball started.
* Bad switch count increased on upper playfields.
* Fixed a condition where game could get stuck in Game Over by hitting Start
just before match sequence.
* Coin-in no longer cancels entering initials (caused game to get stuck).
* Fixed test report typo with Monkey Mech.
+ Added fanfare for finishing TNPLH I somehow missed.
+ Floating Scores adjustment. Can be set to NEVER, WITH SCORES, or ALWAYS.
WITH SCORES will float the scores whenver the player scores are shown,
ALWAYS will show them on full-screen animations as well. Default is WITH
* Fix LOCK lamp blinking green during ECMB.
* Dorothy Captured can no longer be blown off since it didn't serve any
useful purpose and introduced a timer bug.
* Fix drop target not awarding Witch Melt Victory Lap points (broken in 6.04
trying to prevent bad Witch state advances).
* Drop target now comes up for one hit each visit to the Castle Playfield
during Rescue Multiball to prevent exploitability.
* SOTR Champ now shows actual SOTR total, not player's end-of-game score.
* Fixed a bug that prevented someone from getting SOTR champ if someone
played their first ball after a previous player got SOTR.
* Drop target now up when it is lit for yellow points in SOTR (prevents VUK->
'S' target exploit).
* Manual updated to v3.3.

=== Core Code

+ Game time histogram audits.
* Fixed ball time audit.
* New coin door open message.
* First-level menu of diag changed to reduce option overload.
* Overlaid a message on switch test preview to reduce confusion.
* Fix switch number shown for matrixed switches in Test Report.
* Rearranged audits to keep most important ones at the top.
* Hitting flipper buttons now resets ball search timer to 5 seconds (if it
was lower than that) instead of the full 15 seconds. Holding a flipper
button for 2+ seconds will reset the timer to the full amount.
+ Today's High Scores.
+ Ball search and chase ball audits.
* Sub-menus for "regular" high score and "today" high score settings.
+ Added a delay for adding players so it's not done by accident.
* Starting mode of Coil Test is now MANUAL and not RUNNING.
* Ball serve checks for logical balls in play to avoid improper ball save
* Start button with 0 credits will not interrupt match now.
* If Game Restart is set to SLOW, game can now be restarted on ball 1 if
max players are in the game.
* Match now awards credits if display effect is interrupted.
* HSTD enter initials now times out after 60 seconds of inactivity.
* Fixed an amazingly rare seemingly random crash bug. (r1159)
* Fixed ball roll tilt simulation.
* Fixed Match not really being off went set to off.
* Tilt can now occur during bonus.
* Tilt now enforces a minimum of 5 seconds before moving to next ball/
* Tilt now waits for ball search to finish before moving on.
* Fixed potential tilt deadlock.
* Standard standup target debounce open time is now much longer.
* Lamps designated as flashers now off in Diag so they show up in Coil Test.
* Prevent game restarting during HSTD award display.

=== Pindemption(R) Code

* Now a registered trademark of Jersey Jack Pinball.

=== OS

* Fix update image display program.

#83 3 years ago
Quoted from tp:

So I download unebooten, and new 650 code, combine them and all this stuff is now on USB stick.....is this correct?

No. Just unzip the file you downloaded onto a usb stick and update from the menu if you are already about 6.0 firmware

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