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WOZ Castle Walls Mod

By modfather

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Wizard of OZ castle walls are now available! Each piece is hand carved and hand painted individually. The exterior is a latex coating and applied for better durability. Easy to install with custom brackets and hardware (provided). Each section is heavily textured for a 3-dimensional look of stone. Material is very light weight. The set includes all 5 pieces (as shown). Set price $115.00 includes shipping nation wide.
wall area view.jpg
wall multi.jpg
walls purple.jpg

#4 5 years ago

The cage is also available. It really helps you see the witch a lot better than the acrylic tube , that reflects some glare from the inside. The custom cage seems to be more fitting, than the tube and gives much better visibility of the details in the witch inside. The neat thing also , is that you can see the moving mechanism of the upper playfield flipper. These are also available in sparkle emerald green or gloss black with custom brackets and hardware , easy installation. available for 30 dollars including shipping nationwide

#9 5 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

I like it how about a package deal?

Sorry, I can not do a package deal as these are very time consuming to produce. Considering that each piece is individually hand carved, hand painted and comes with custom brackets and hardware, including shipping, the price has been accordingly set.

#12 5 years ago
Quoted from Spencer:

Tell me where to send my money!

Payments can be paypal'd to rockermc@bellsouth.net
Please specify the cage color if ordering both items

#13 5 years ago
Quoted from modfather:

Payments can be paypal'd to rockermc@bellsout.net
Please specify the cage color if ordering both items

CORRECTION for paypal email: rockermc@bellsouth.net

#27 5 years ago

Yes , the extension of the stone corbel on the right covers the area where the winged monkey parks at the top , its a nice touch. The top edge of the walls protrude out to give a nice 3 dimensional feel for the castle. It is a enhancement for the existing plastics

#28 5 years ago
Quoted from LTG:

LTG : )™

No they are not. At least I don't think they will....

#31 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

west coast sorry late i Know can you put more grey in the walls with the black and get them a tad closer to doors? Sounds like you do individually? Cheers.

yes, I can custom finish each set...

#37 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Can you post a pic of the green cage too for comparison? Thanks

Here is the green cage. I do not have an LE version of WOZ, the color is emerald green with gold metallic and is pretty close to the ramps on the LE...
green cage 2.jpg
green cage.jpg
green cage3.jpg

#55 5 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

What material is this made of? ('lightweight' and 'latex coating' has me a bit concerned about durability.) It's hand-carved and not molded? Do the walls install over the original or replace it?
Anybody know the price of the official castle walls? I like the cage, btw!

The material is very durable against ball strikes (the pinball does not even touch the walls on that upper playfield). You will have to remove the existing walls and replace them with the new ones with the provided brackets and hardware. Installation time should take approx 30 minutes. All sets are hand carved and not molded. Each wall piece is hand painted with a faux finish, using a combination of black, shades of gray and white paints, than clear coated.
The witch's cage is installed by removing the two existing screws, lift the metal bracket and remove the clear tube.
Position the new cage over the metal bracket with provided hardware. Installation time is 10 minutes.

Now back to the carving station...will post the progress pics later.
The Modfather

#58 5 years ago
Quoted from redmamanora:

Does the castle playfield have to be removed to install the castle walls?

No, you do not have to remove the upper playfield. Pull the entire playfield up in a resting position, remove the two existing wall plastics with the wood screws, then remove the existing walls over the doors by pulling plastic rivets with your fingertips. Attach my custom brackets to the existing brackets then screw my walls to them. Phillips head screw driver is all you really need for the walls installation. All the hardware and instructions are included with the order.

back to carving....

#63 5 years ago

Check out these munchkin land playfield edge protectors. This flexible chrome edge really reflects the lights great and protects the exposed plywood edge that can be prone to pinball strikes and get damaged. This 2 piece set really accents an already beautiful game and adds that finishing touch that looks like it came from the factory.
The smaller chrome piece near the left wire form is designed to fit around the ramp without taking it off.
Set is available for $20.00 including shipping nationwide.
The Modfather

munchkin rev.jpg

#65 5 years ago

Just wanted to thank everyone for their positive feedback, and share the progress of the castle walls with those who placed their orders. These are some of the pieces that have been carved, a latex coating has been applied, once dried, some detail work will be performed and than the finishing process of hand painting the bricks using various shades of greys , black and white to get a realistic stone look. The overall color is more of a medium grey tones that match the mini playfield a little closer. I made a few adjustments in some of the wall details to have a more uniform look. Everything is coming out great , and orders will be shipping soon .
The Modfather....

castle production-490.jpg

#79 5 years ago

Just a quick update: the witch's cages are now completed.... I decided to dip the cages in a gloss polyurethane multiple times to produce a nice thick finish. The metallic flake sparkles just right when a light hits it. The castle walls are coming out great. I'm sanding down all the rough edges to smooth them out a bit for a more finished and uniformed look. I'll be starting the final painting process tomorrow, then custom brackets and prepare for shipping.
I'm trying to get this batch of walls and cages all done together and ship everyone's orders from this week at the same time, so not to have anyone waiting to long. The final product actually looks better than the prototype on my own game!
witch cage.jpg

#91 5 years ago

I am finishing up the painting today on the walls and will post some new pics of the progress

#93 5 years ago

Castle Walls have been completed, time for the brackets and then shipping....All orders from last week should be going out in a few days.
walls painted.jpg

#97 5 years ago

Yeah I did, I read a comment on another thread and picked up on it . I sanded down all the edges which looks smoother. There are some rough spots that gives it a natural stone look. There are 3 shades of grey all subtly blended with some color variation to give it a weathered look. I used a clear satin polyurethane on all sides including the back to bring out the colors. The overall color scheme leans towards the medium grey which matches the playfield more closely. I hope everyone likes them, it was a ton of work, and a labor of love....
now time to make a bunch of brackets.........
The Modfather

#99 5 years ago

The prototype set of walls I made for my machine is a little lighter. The new ones are darker and will put those on once I get a few things done and post up a pic to see everything a little better ...

#110 5 years ago
Quoted from Mato:

Hey mate where did you get the mirror blades from for your WOZ? Did you have these custom made?

You can get those on ebay for a standard Williams game. I think they are $85.00

#115 5 years ago

These are the castle walls from the current finished batch, shown in a bit of a darker tone... I'm now cutting all the brackets to custom fit each set for an easy installation.
The Modfather

wall area view.jpg

wall multi.jpg

wall blue.jpg

#122 5 years ago

yes, I bought the figurines online. I did make custom brackets for these to fit properly. The mayor has an interesting bracket on him, it looks as if he is floating just off the ground. If there is enough interest I could put together a package for them as a set (lion , tinman and scarecrow) including the brackets and hardware.

#137 5 years ago

All brackets have been made and each piece has been fitted to my machine to insure proper fit and easy installation. I installed the main bracket on the two arched doorway pieces to make it easier with less assembly when you get your walls. Finalizing all the details now, getting all the boxes and packing material together, figured I'll give everyone an update.
The Modfather
walls assembly.jpg
walls final.jpg

#146 5 years ago

Quick update: all orders that were placed up until May 25th have shipped! Thanks everyone who participated!

#152 5 years ago
Quoted from Geremy13:

Me too, Me too!
waiting for tracking info.........

PM sent with tracking number...

#154 5 years ago
Quoted from StevenP:

Should I ask for tracking info or just wait for arrival?

Just sent you a PM with tracking info, you should be getting your order tomorrow...

#155 5 years ago

WOZ Playfield Characters are now available. Each piece has been hand painted, modified and detailed to ensure proper fit in the playfield without obstructing the ball. Custom brackets have been created to allow these characters to fit just right, while maintaining clearances. The placement of these are situated with the corresponding artwork on the playfield. A few unique features are: the Tinman appears as he is floating between the two wire forms; the Scarecrow looks like he is jumping over the ball as it enters the right ramp; the right out lane drains under Toto; the spotlight behind the Wizard shines perfectly on the Lion, Mayor and/or Coroner.
Characters that are available are as follows:
Cowardly Lion
All characters with the exception of Toto are $38.00 each, Toto is $28.00
Please include $6.00 shipping Nationwide; combined shipping is available.
Payment can be sent via PayPal to rockermc@bellsouth.net
The ModFather

#157 5 years ago

Orders update: all orders placed this week have shipped today. Everyone should have received a tracking # via email...

#160 5 years ago

I will post it a little later tonight when I get home...

#162 5 years ago
Quoted from powerslave:

Can you PM sent my tracking info please

PM sent with tracking #

#163 5 years ago
Quoted from ChadH:

Looks nice.
Can you upload a picture of the entire playfield that shows all the characters in one shot?

I have the Coroner above the rainbow plastic currently installed, the Mayor also goes in that spot... I swap these two from time to time...

The ModFather

#173 5 years ago

Yes , they are Hallmark figures. It seems like a good product with good details. I have to order them
(and they are pretty pricey), pull the hooks from their heads, fill the holes, match paint to cover the hole, make custom brackets by hand cutting sheet metal , then drilling different sized holes, mount the brackets on the figures for easy installation. Each figure is tested in my machine to allow for ball clearances. The back of coroner has to be grinded down on my bench grinder with a stone wheel just to make it fit. This is all very time consuming and not as easy as you may think. I also have to invest a lot of money just to have stock in these items when people order. There is sheet metal sheers, drilling, bench grinders, and painting to do on these pieces.
In my previous post I stated I had to purchase these figures online, and would put these together if there was interest. I am just trying to make it easier for someone who doesn't have the time to do all of the details required to make them work. I hope you like them.

#179 5 years ago

Thank you Geremy13 for your last post, I guess everyone by now have received the first batch I made. If anyone has any technical questions please feel free to PM me. I believe in the instructions it also states that some "tweaking" may me required, but very easily done.
I also would like to thank everyone again, who participated and believed in my product! I do have few more MOD's coming for WOZ soon.

The ModFather

#196 5 years ago

I would think if one of the holes are not snug with the screw, you could break off a small piece of a wooden toothpick and put in the hole with a dab of glue to use as a shim. That will make it nice and tight with the screw against the bracket. I have used this technique many times in the past and it works well. Hope this helps, thx

#200 5 years ago

I have a few sets of walls in stock. They are ready to ship and be installed for anyone who missed out on the first run . These walls look beautiful and are a great enhancement to your WOZ. All brackets , hardware and instructions are included. Free shipping nationwide. Only 100 bucks

1 week later
#206 5 years ago

I have 2 sets left from the last batch ready to ship right away if anyone is interested. Otherwise it will be one week for production time for the next batch.
Thank you everyone for your interest and support!
The Modfather

#207 5 years ago

I have a new batch ready to go... Each set is hand carved and there is not one alike!
Has been a very popular mod among a lot of the WOZ owners, everyone seems to be very pleased. The price is $100 includes shipping in US.
wall area view.jpg
wall multi.jpg
walls purple.jpg

1 week later
#208 5 years ago

Any Woz owners not have their walls yet ??? I have a few sets left in stock . A huge improvement to an already beautiful machine. Only a 100 dollars shipped nationwide.

1 week later
#209 5 years ago

who needs walls ?? Get your walls here.....WOZ walls available.....who's gots walls..the Modfather does...!!

1 week later
2 weeks later
#211 5 years ago

bump for the people getting their WOZs delivered....woohoo !!

3 weeks later
#213 5 years ago

I have 2 sets left in stock from the last batch. The production time is about a week and I make around 10 sets each time... These walls have been popular world wide and everyone is very pleased with the way they look on their machine.

1 week later
#217 5 years ago

Now that people are getting their WOZs delivered, I have castle walls to replace the flat looking plastics with 3D heavilt textured 5 piece wall set, complete with brackets, hardware and instructions for installation. I hope you like them...thx The Modfather

1 week later
#219 4 years ago
Quoted from marspinball:

Will you be making an updated kit to include the wall around the witch?

I'm currently working on a supplement to the standard castle wall package that I still currently fabricate. The supplement will include the curved back wall behind the witch and the curved well that sits in front of the witch. I still have to create the custom brackets and the fitting to mesh in together with the original sets that I made. Should have something by the end of the week.

2 weeks later
#226 4 years ago

it's finally here, the witches well has been designed. The well is made the same way as the classic WOZ walls I currently fabricate. The same color , texture and materials were used . Each well is hand carved with a latex outer covering, giving it strength and durability against any ball strikes. The back wall had to be strong, thin and hold its shape , so the witch doesn't rub against the back. I have the well sets available for 40 bucks plus 8 for shipping nationwide.

well down1.jpgwell far view.jpgwell up.jpgwell up1.jpg

#229 4 years ago
Quoted from TZBen:

Does the witch need additional lighting?

There is 2 led lights on either side of the witch. One white(activated on the way up ) and a red one ( activated on the way down). The lights reflect off the inside of the well and back wall "witch" is very cool. You can really see her "well" when she is not obstructed by things. The material is very durable against any ball strikes and will definitely hold up very "well".

#232 4 years ago
Quoted from redmamanora:

Can the witch itself take a direct hit from a ball w/o damage? Also, do you have a photo of the witch well by itself, prior to installation? Thanks.

The back wall has a layer of rubber latex on it , which can absorb energy from a ball strike . The witches hat is about an 1/8 of an inch clearance from the back wall. If the witch got struck by a ball , her hat would be braced against the back wall and wouldn't bend back due to the minimal clearance that is left behind her. There is some movement and flexibility of the witch itself, and I believe she would be fine . The plastic that the actual witch itself is made from, it seems hard enough and durable as any other plastic. I personally have never had an air ball hit the tube or the cage when I had them installed. My playfield characters have never been damaged either.

#237 4 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

doesn't this just beg now for a witch mod? I mean its about the only thing left for this to look awesome!

yeah , me too

1 week later
#243 4 years ago

I am sorry I can't reduce the price for both sets combined. Considering that each piece is individually carved , with multiple steps to create this look, they are very time consuming to make. If they were made from a mold , I could probably do that. If you were interested in any of my other WOZ mods, I am sure I could discount something for you. The walls have been very popular among owners, and I am glad JJP is shipping forward with their games.

Quoted from jsrfo:Any special combo deal for the walls and the well?

3 weeks later
#251 4 years ago
Quoted from jgmackay:

Modfather, can the Witch well be installed on the 75th and blend in with the factory walls that came stock with that machine?

I have sold this well set to other ruby red owners . My well back wall has a thin edge on the right side. My #5 wall piece (large one) from the original walls that I make, sits against the edge of the well wall on the right and finishes it off nicely. I included this wall with the ruby red owners as I thought it would look better integrated together as a set. The colors I use are medium grey tones and should match fairly well. When I make large batches of walls and wells , they are all hand painted to look like stone.

2 weeks later
#256 4 years ago

If you are in a tournament match, then you should automatically win !

I did have a ball hit the center target and make a "basket" through the witch's well. Only happened once.....2 points.

1 month later
#259 4 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Hey modfather. I've just installed the well on my EC WOZ. Are the tabs from the back wall supposed to sit under the castle pf, and under the plastic - or on top of them.
Also I've had to move the long wall forward, now it only matches up with one of the original holes in the side of my castle pf. Any ideas?
Last thing you should consider selling some fabric to cover the conection piece on the witch mech.
P.s. The fire decal for the witch target looks really good

The left tab sits on top of the playfield and is supported by the wood screw that is there. The right tab goes under that small piece of plastic (you will have to take it off and reinstall after the well wall is installed). The large wall piece does have to be located a bit forward and will require the original holes to be relocated in order for the two pieces (the well wall and the #5 piece) to connect together...
well wall bracket.jpg
both walls.jpg

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