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New Star Gazer & Seawitch Playfield Production

By greatwichjohn

7 years ago

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#1001 2 years ago

No word from my contractors so far this week. Standby!

#1002 2 years ago

I contacted both contractors this morning. No news today, should see stuff on playfields towards the end of next week. I'm away this weekend for tournament play in P.E.I. Have a good weekend!

#1003 2 years ago

Prince Edward Island. Beautiful place, I lived there for 6 months.

Quoted from greatwichjohn:

I contacted both contractors this morning. No news today, should see stuff on playfields towards the end of next week. I'm away this weekend for tournament play in P.E.I. Have a good weekend!

#1004 2 years ago

I take it you weren't there for a winter season.

#1005 2 years ago

lol! Nope. Spring Summer.

Although I lived in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick during two winters. The other spring/summer was on Newfoundland.

Quoted from greatwichjohn:

I take it you weren't there for a winter season.

#1006 2 years ago

New Clear Coat Contractor for playfields starting October 2017. I wasn't happy with some of the playfields done previously, & that contractor is no longer working on my playfields. The new contractor does not use 2 part Omni. It is a $400 a can pro auto clear coat. They apply 2 coats in one day, air dried in a booth. It costs me double what I paid previously, & looks like it's about 50% less clear. This playfield done is the last of the pre paid Star Gazer playfields. Roughly 3 at a time will go to the contractor this fall. I will contact the new guys waiting for one. Star Gazer pricing is $600 US shipped to USA, & if any discount ones I will let people know.I hope to see the Seawitch tests later this week.

IMG_1151 (resized).JPG

IMG_1152 (resized).JPG

IMG_1153 (resized).JPG

#1007 2 years ago

Can you please add me to the list for a Seawitch playfield?

#1008 2 years ago

Sure. The above Star Gazer is going to Sweden.

#1009 2 years ago

Add me to seawitch also, if there's one that's isn't up to par on the clear I'll take that one if need be.

#1010 2 years ago

also if people want to clear themselves. $100 US discount

#1011 2 years ago

Mark me down for a uncleared seawitch then. Thanks

#1013 2 years ago

John, I will also like my Seawitch uncleared, as well.

#1014 2 years ago

I will take an uncleared Seawitch also.

#1015 2 years ago

I’d love a cleared stargazer if there is still time to join the list.

#1016 2 years ago

You know I'm down for an Uncleared Sea Witch.

#1017 2 years ago

How does cleared versus uncleared SeaWitch pricing work for us who prepaid, John?

Quoted from greatwichjohn:

& looks like it's about 50% less clear.

What does this mean? That the clear is not as thick? That it's foggy?

Thanks for clarifying. Hoping that we see these materialize soon.

#1018 2 years ago

I would be happy to take my Seawitch uncleared too.


#1019 2 years ago

If it means getting my seawitch playfield faster, then I'll take it uncleared as well.

#1020 2 years ago

The new clear coat contractor applies 2 coats of high end clear coat in one day. $400 a can, & its sprayed in a non heated (baked) booth. Like I have previously said it looks like 50% less clear than Omni. The 2 coats aren't sanded so you don't lose any clear applied. The benefit is its a hard clear coat, & not soft like previously. I'm paying almost double for clear, as per compared to the CPR contractor I used for years. CPR has a new contractor, & I decided to go to another (closer) shop. I had decent clear earlier on with the CPR contractor. Then his work got questionable, & I still had to pay the same price for shit work. Previously I had poor results at times with other shops. So we will see if high standards are maintained with the new contractor.

If people are interested in a non clear coated playfields, they will be discounted $100 US. If you can't or don't have a person to do pro clear. I would buy a cleared playfield. Ron is being asked if he wants to do a superior clear, & I'm more than happy to send your playfield direct to him. The clear is crystal clear, not foggy. I do the inserts, & glue with 2 part epoxy for lenses. The lenses then get build up epoxy to fill in any gap between the wood & lenses. I sand by hand using a orbital sander, & apply 2 coats of varethane waterbourne crystal clear gloss to each playfield before going to the printer. The big problems with the CPR contractor was his sanding after first coat. He left residue in switch, G.I. holes, etc. that got blown into the finish clear coat. Then he blamed me or my printer for this shit.

#1021 2 years ago

John thanks for the updates, I will hold tight and wait for a cleared one.

#1022 2 years ago

The clear coat contractor will likely be way quicker than previously done. I expect a turn a round in days, at most 1-2 weeks. Plus they can ship quickly compared to needing time to cure further. That was a problem with using CPR contractor with back log of endless playfields to do.

#1023 2 years ago

Polyurethane clear paints used to take a long time to cure and shrink into position. Auto body shops can't deal with that; Your fender bender needs finished tomorrow so you can get your car back. Some of the clears out there are ready to sand and polish the next day.

#1024 2 years ago

Put me down for a seawitch cleared playfield please.

#1025 2 years ago

John, I have been prepaid on this project since 2013, so I am patient enough to wait for the best possible option. Personally, I would prefer to receive a cleared field from you.

Can your contractor confirm that laying Omni/PPG on top of his product will adhere and that there will not be any cloudiness issues? I get concerned about laying one product on top of another one that is different. I typically reclear all of my CPR decks myself, but this new process is an unkown to me.

Are the playfields going to Ron cleared or uncleared?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but after waiting such a long time, want to make sure I make the best decision.


#1026 2 years ago

Seawitch Update: Printer tested to paper, found right special lense had color. Printer doing final smoothing of black inside key line rings for lenses. So when this is done, should see printed playfield tests next week.

Questions on doing more clear with another product. I will ask the shop next week what product they are using, & people can research themselves. For playfields going to Ron not cleared, haven't heard back from people asking.

CPR new contractor may also being using a different product. You should ask them also!

#1027 2 years ago
Quoted from greatwichjohn:

The benefit is its a hard clear coat, & not soft like previously. I'm paying almost double for clear, as per compared to the CPR contractor I used for years.

This statement definitely makes me want mine uncleared. The clear needs to be on the softer side, so that it can form and adhere better and stay adhered. Since a hard clear is more rigid, it can cause separation from the wood and bubble underneath the clear when screwing in posts. I've seen it happen with several playfields that other people I know had done with harder clear applied, one of which was a seawitch. I'd rather have someone I know do it, rather than take my chances.

#1028 2 years ago

given all of the questions with the new clear, when is the cut off to let you know whether or not those of us that pre-ordered need to let you know if we want our playfields clearcoated or not?

#1029 2 years ago

There is no cut off time for asking for no clear, & taking $100 off. All my playfield production is done in small batches.

#1030 2 years ago

I am in for a Seawitch playfield with clear coat.


#1031 2 years ago

I will take my Seawitch without the clear coat. Thanks John.

#1032 2 years ago

Hi John, fellow Canuck here from Waterloo ON

I will take a Seawitch PF WITH clear coat. Lord knows I'm not going to venture into that myself LOL...freaking nightmare that would be...


#1033 2 years ago

I will take a Seawitch with clear coat - thanks

#1034 2 years ago

Stargazer with clear if Im far enough up in line.

#1035 2 years ago

I will take my seawitch playfield with clear coat John.

Richard Strunks

#1036 2 years ago

ok guys, no new news so far this week.

#1037 2 years ago

I just checked, no news this week. Have a good weekend!

#1038 2 years ago

Thanks John, the frequent updates are much appreciated.

#1039 2 years ago

Seawitch #1 test was done, not ready for pick up. Just found out when I picked up some printed glass a few minutes ago. This project is finally getting close to production after years of Star Gazer production. What I didn't know is the files for Seawitch needed many hours of fixing. The woman doing all the file corrections had to touch up all the insert black rings on both sides. Adjust the alignment of the art. She is in the process of adjusting some inserts for better fit. The donor used playfield for cnc, is off compared to the scan of one used for files many years ago. She took a quick picture for me to display since the playfield remains for her to use for adjustments. If they are ready you will see the #2 test next week. Masking film is used on the bottom side for printing, & still there which I remove. I'm very happy with the results of the first test. Hate to think of the bill I will be paying to get the art file done. That is why most people don't want to do playfields. Too much risk & costs involved with each project. Pinball production is very hard, & playfields are part of the big problem.

20171103_153837_resized (resized).jpg

#1040 2 years ago

That's a thing of beauty, John! Thanks for your resolve and regular updates!

#1042 2 years ago

Hot damn does that look great! Seawitch really is a gorgeous game.

Thank you for making these playfields and backglasses! Awesome stuff, and much needed seeing how popular these games were (and still are!)

#1043 2 years ago

Bump for the weekend for Seawitch #1 test print to playfield. People have been patiently awaiting them going out.

20171103_153837_resized (resized).jpg

#1044 2 years ago

Very nice John! Looking forward to these becoming available.

#1045 2 years ago

Can't wait for mine!!!

#1046 2 years ago
Quoted from greatwichjohn:

Bump for the weekend for Seawitch #1 test print to playfield. People have been patiently awaiting them going out.

How come the wooden area that surrounds the pop bumpers holes is not centered? Is this some of the art work your contact is adjusting?

EDIT: Also, the large blue area in the upper play field looks purple on my computer. Is that just on my computer that it looks like purple?

#1047 2 years ago

It looks blue to me. I will have a look at the pop bumper areas next time i'm at the printer. Same as the white is way more white in person. This was a quick picture from 5-6 feet away from a chair.

#1048 2 years ago

I think his concern is the centering maybe?

Screenshot_20171104-220511 (resized).png

#1049 2 years ago
Quoted from tdiddy:

I think his concern is the centering maybe?

Exactly. However, in looking at the Witch pics on IPDB I see it is not exactly centered, as well. When I get home in about 5-6 days I'll take a closer look at mine.

#1050 2 years ago

I will be looking at the donor original playfield when I go to the printer (pop bumpers). Any input is appreciated before the playfields start going through cnc for production.

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