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New Star Gazer & Seawitch Playfield Production

By greatwichjohn

7 years ago

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#701 4 years ago

I love reading your updates on PF restores. You do amazing work.

#702 4 years ago

Star Gazer #22 has arrived and looks magnificent, Thank you John for all your effort and dedication to try and bring these and other machines back to life, without you these and other machines would be inevitably scrapped. Keep up the great work.






#703 4 years ago

Well I'm slowly making my way through the finished ones. There are a few that I'm a little annoyed at the CPR contractor work on the last group. So if you are interested in getting one for $500 US shipped to USA to fix your worn out Star Gazer please let me know. The price is $600 for nice ones for new orders, & likely will go up again next year. There are a couple with buff marks top area, under the finish top coat or in it (can't tell).

#704 4 years ago

Can i get on a list for a Seawitch playfield?

1 week later
#705 4 years ago


#706 4 years ago

There are 6 Star Gazer playfields ready from the initial group of 40. These have mostly minor clear coat issues that are mostly hidden, GI holes, target banks, & sling router hole. Not much has been going on with summer weather & my regular 6 day job in the heat, + OT. My City employer that I have worked the last 19 years, doesn't give me AC in my truck. I have been in contact over the summer with the sign shop that does the cnc work. Either September or early Fall to start up Seawitch production. I'm still going through the list to see if I can get these Star Gazer playfields out, or to sell them. There are about 6 guys looking hopefully for near perfection in the 14 extra playfields already cut. Marco Specialties will be waiting until these guys are done. They had 2 playfields missing the white, which they sold for $699 US, + shipping. So if your on the list of prepaid guys for Star Gazer, & I haven't contacted you yet, please email or message me. Don't use the Hotmail account! johngreatwich@outlook.com or john@greatpinball.com

Out of the Star Gazer group I have refunded one that the pin was stolen, & another multiple playfield buyer (2nd playfield canceled). I will continue to refund prepaid guys if requested, as things change over the years. Hopefully I get the Seawitch playfields all finished before the 3 year mark.

#707 4 years ago

Keep on truckin' John, you are doing great work. Much appreciated!

#708 4 years ago

I received my star gazer playfield a couple weeks ago and I can say it is absolutely beautiful! You have done great work John, well worth the wait. I appreciate the sacrifices and hard work you took to get these playfields finished.


#709 4 years ago
Quoted from vster23:

I received my star gazer playfield a couple weeks ago and I can say it is absolutely beautiful! You have done great work John, well worth the wait. I appreciate the sacrifices and hard work you took to get these playfields finished.

Totally agree.. Thank you. I look forward to Seawitch as well.

#710 4 years ago

Thanks guys, appreciate the comments & people's patience!

1 week later
#711 4 years ago

Well worth the patience and the wait guy's, the man is THE MASTER at what he does.

#712 4 years ago

Would love to be added to the list for Seawitch!

#713 4 years ago

I really like my stargazer pf also. great work JOHN!!

#714 4 years ago

Any idea when the rest will ship?

#715 4 years ago

There are a few left with minor registration issues near the top 1" white inserts. The next 14 should go out late Fall. So if you want to look at those ready to go, let me know. I will get out pictures & explain what I see. #19, #32, #36, #39 available.






#716 4 years ago

Well from those pictures the only thing I can see wrong with out a close up picture is the lighter blue is the not quite the original turquoise, and the darker blue is a bit lighter. Upload the pictures of the inserts when you get a chance.


4 weeks later
#717 4 years ago

any update for the next 14 going out in the fall?

#718 4 years ago

Still getting started on the 14, & still aiming to finish this Fall. Weather has cooled down here, & I do my sanding outdoors.

#719 4 years ago


Any update on Seawitch playfields?

#720 4 years ago

These look beautiful. John, PM!

#721 4 years ago

I picked up the best 2 of John's first batch of Stargazer playfields - #5 and #6. Both without the white under the slings (and I have to say that bare wood there looks gorgeous by the way). My plans for use of the second playfield may not happen, so I'm interested in offering one for sale which I could take to Chicago Expo for delivery next week. Buyer can inspect in person at Expo, much better than pictures although you can see pictures of the first 6 earlier in this thread. I'm really not interested in shipping the playfield so this would be a cash and carry sale.

I'm posting here with John's permission in case those following the thread know of anyone wanting a Stargazer playfield that didn't get in on the order. I don't want to hijack this thread with replies though, so if anyone is interested PM me please and we'll discuss offline.

#722 4 years ago

Playfield is spoken for. Thanks all.

#723 4 years ago

Is anyone bringing their Stargazer to Expo this week with one of John's new playfields installed?

1 week later
#724 4 years ago

Any update on the Seawitch playfields?
Thanks John.

#725 4 years ago

I remember reading about your attempts on rgp what seems like 10+ years ago. Wow is all I can say. I'm the really impressed by the look of these.

#726 4 years ago

I'm looking forward to Seawitch. My playfield is so crappy on this one.

#727 4 years ago

I'm all in for a Seawitch playfield

#728 4 years ago

Quick update: Cold season is here, & i'm fighting one. Slowly trying to get through all the stuff I have on the go. I hope to finally finish off the guys waiting on their Star Gazer playfields this Fall. There is about 8 guys waiting on very nice ones. 14 still starting the process of prep for inserts. Seawitch i'm still waiting on a time line to start this Fall. The backlog of restorations are being done this Fall. Back glass production has been going on the last 8 weeks for Stern glass. Here are pictures of Lightning, ready for sale. You will see the ebay stuff going up later this month. Also have my local big Hal-Con Show the end of the month for pinball arcade.

Stern glass: Seawitch, Star Gazer, Catacomb, Lightning, Nine Ball, & Iron Maiden (set or individual).








3 weeks later
#729 4 years ago

any updates john?

#730 4 years ago

I'm trying to get through a bunch of restorations, the next 14 Star Gazer playfields. Going to try & get Seawitch playfields cut starting 2016. What might happen is that I will get the rest of the plywood cut as Star Gazer (12). Get new plywood for Seawitch run since it's been a couple of years. I would prefer to have the same plywood for each title.

The restorations have really slowed me up, some have to be done over & over. Expect to see some pictures of restorations & Star Gazer in December. I will have a update about new plywood & time line with the shop that cuts the playfields before xmas.

2 weeks later
#731 4 years ago

Hey John, think I can expect a Christmas delivery of my Star Gazer pf?


1 week later
#732 4 years ago

Question for you that now have a new Star Gazer playfield:

I'm thinking of buying a Seawitch one when it comes out but am a little concerned about how it will play differently due to the clearcoat (vs lacquer). I get it, if your playfield is blown out, who cares, but what if it's not that bad? Do you guys find that the CC'ed playfield plays/feels weird in your early 80s game?

#733 4 years ago
Quoted from seshpilot:

I'm thinking of buying a Seawitch one when it comes out but am a little concerned about how it will play differently due to the clearcoat (vs lacquer). I get it, if your playfield is blown out, who cares, but what if it's not that bad? Do you guys find that the CC'ed playfield plays/feels weird in your early 80s game?

There is a product called Rottenstone that can knock down the high gloss finish to a 70s EM or SS finish in just a few minutes.

You could do that if you felt that the new playfield played too fast.

The best part is that if the new owner of the game wants the mirror finish again, he can simply buff out the playfield with auto compound.

#734 4 years ago

I've now cleared three EM's from the 70's with the newest, shiniest, slipperiest, glossiest, prettiest, hardest automotive urethane I could get.

Verdict: Everyone loves it. Plays fast and beautiful... and there is no going back for me. If it works this well on the oldies, it'll work for Seawitch (which I also have and will clear).

#735 4 years ago

If I want a sea witch play field do I have to get on a preorder list or has that not happened yet ? I'm definitely interested in one !

#736 4 years ago

I'm finally shipping the last one of the 40 of 40 Star Gazer playfields on Monday. Still have close to 10 guys still to get a playfield, & 14 are cut. So it's going to be 2016 for Seawitch playfields. There is no rush to go on the Seawitch playfields list, anyone new will be $600 US.

#737 4 years ago

Any one wants to buy my stargazer playfield ?
No issues version
Sold the game
Drop me pm

#738 4 years ago

John any way of finding out how far down the list I am for my Seawitch playfield when they get done. I paid May of 2014. Thanks Pete.

#739 4 years ago

PM sent on Stargazer of to RVDV.

2 weeks later
#740 4 years ago

Seems I'm a bit late to the game here.

#741 4 years ago

Playfield is Sold to fellow pinsider

1 week later
#742 4 years ago

where do the sea witch play fields stand? i would like to order one when the ball gets rolling on these!

#743 4 years ago

john still has 10 star gazer playfields to ship out to people from his original list

I'm hoping for an update on these soon. I paid for both about 2 years ago and have been waiting (but not as long as others were). some people have been on the lists for 4+ years now

#744 4 years ago

It's been close to 3 years. I hope to get all the final Star Gazers finished this winter, & finally get Seawitch playfields done this year.

#745 4 years ago
Quoted from greatwichjohn:

Seawitch playfields done this year.

John ,
do you have a tentative start date for the switch play fields?

4 weeks later
#747 4 years ago

John can you give an approximate completion or ship date for the Seawitch playfields please?

#748 4 years ago

Yes guys we are long due for a update. Being a one man operation, & doing pinball stuff when I can. Things do drag along at a crawl. For those that don't know my regular day job is 6 days a week + OT. Along with doing some local repairs, & hosting pinball social & league play in my area. Throw in personal health problems, & being exhausted I do take some time off doing pinball stuff.

40 Star Gazer playfields were finished & shipped out last year. About 10 guys still waiting, & 16 are cut for hopefully Spring finishing. The few sheets of plywood left will likely be cut for a few more playfields to finish up Star Gazer playfields for good.

Seawitch playfields will be cutting this summer. New plywood will be sourced for this run. I will see later this year whether the same shop cuts the plywood (cnc), or I go with another vendor. I am not looking to do other new playfields maybe ever after these two are finally finished.

Other on going production of Stern Classic Backglass for sale by me or my vendors around the world is still being done. If for some reason I forgot to send you out a paid for glass, please let me know. There are now 30 restoration playfields here: Sorcerer, Space Shuttle, & Eight Ball Deluxe. The restorations have really slowed me down, & a few have been through the process numerous times for problems with my varethane clear coats. Also the quality of playfields coming in are way worse than in the past.

People selling off their Star Gazer, & Seawitch pinball machines who have asked for a refund have received it. So far about 6 over the last couple of years. For those that are waiting, this will likely be the only time to get a new playfield. New playfield production is very hard, & risky venture to undertake. Like I have said this might be the end of new playfield production, & restoration of used playfields by me in the next couple of years.

Please don't email my Hotmail account. Contact me here, or john@greatpinball.com, or johngreatwich@outlook.com.

Stern Classic Backglass titles available: Lightning, Iron Maiden (set or individual), Seawitch, Star Gazer, Nineball, & Catacomb.


#749 4 years ago

I, for one, am still eagerly awaiting both playfields.

based on the other people who have received theirs, they are definitely worth the wait. summer can't come soon enough to see the end of the SG playfields and the start of the SW playfields

#750 4 years ago

thanks for the update.

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