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New Star Gazer & Seawitch Playfield Production

By greatwichjohn

7 years ago

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#651 5 years ago

First 40 should be fine. The latest 14 new ones missed drilled through holes for posts. I will see why they weren't done for about 50%.

#652 5 years ago

did you ever find out "why" these new playfields were missing holes?

do we any update where you are on [the list] and approximate dates for those of us still waiting for playfields?

#653 4 years ago

Hang in there for those on Star Gazer list. I will let people know when the next finished clear ones come back, & contact people. 8 playfields went to the printer today, & the last 3 of 40 go next week. It's hockey playoff's so I slow down, & enjoy the action. I'm also still trying to get restorations done also (more Sorcerer's are being back logged). They were drill through holes that were missed, & they will look at the cut file. Another tech has taken over doing cnc work.

#654 4 years ago

Who are you rooting for?

1 week later
#655 4 years ago

Update: Last playfield from initial run of 40 needs 2 coats of clear to seal wood before printing, & you can see the other 2 finished for sealing. So the majority should see their Star Gazer playfields June & July. Since I sold some initial ones missing white in areas, & some with problems. I have another 14 to do before Pintastic Show for printing, & will drill through 5 holes done at the bottom side but not finished. Seawitch test sample goes back next week. Looks like its very close, they need to drill holes mostly. All light lenses look ok. I still need to try & get the arrows done this summer. I will also order more plywood this summer for Seawitch.

002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG 005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG
#656 4 years ago

I can feel mine getting closer!
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
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#657 4 years ago


#658 4 years ago

John, speaking of plywood, what type are you using? How many layers will there be? Also is it too late to get in on a SG pf?

1 week later
#659 4 years ago
Quoted from Lovef2k:

John, speaking of plywood, what type are you using? How many layers will there be? Also is it too late to get in on a SG pf?

Baltic Birch with hard maple veener, same initial order 2 years ago. New Star Gazer playfields are $600 US shipped to USA, or you can wait for one with some issues for $500 US.

The last 3 playfields to get sealed are at the printers, along with previous 4. 4 came back & ready to go for finish clear coats. Still waiting on the previous 11 out for finish clear coats. For Seawitch I still need to go back & verify the test playfield for cnc. Looks like some things are off compared to a worn out donor. So I don't want these cut wrong for production.

So as for today the final initial playfields 7 of 40 are waiting for printing which may go this week. 14 new Star Gazers are cut & waiting to get started to fill in gaps with the initial order guys. Here are pictures of the last 4 printed. I'm still going through the back log of playfields in for restoration. Here is a picture of Eight Ball Deluxe done earlier this year. Ink looks very nice but there were alignment problems on some lenses.

001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG
1 week later
#660 4 years ago

Update: Last of the 40 Star Gazer playfields have been printed. So 11 out for finish might come back end of this week. Last 11 get picked up for finish.

#661 4 years ago

Very excited!

#662 4 years ago

Counting down and can't wait.

#663 4 years ago

I am supposed to be getting Seawitch scans over the weekend so I WILL have beautiful stencils kits available for this title... hopefully in the next few weeks.



#664 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballPimp:

I am supposed to be getting Seawitch scans over the weekend so I WILL have beautiful stencils kits available for this title... hopefully in the next few weeks.

Sweet! My cabinet looks like it's been through a few storms on the high seas.

#665 4 years ago

Any update on the Sea Witch PFs will be ready?

#666 4 years ago

I still want to look over the Seawitch test cut playfield with a real good eye. Got to compare the art alignment to donor playfield.

#667 4 years ago

Just had to upvote the previous post due to the number.

#668 4 years ago

Still in a holding pattern, waiting on the 11 finished cleared playfields, & last 11 of 40 initial playfields to go for finish clear coats. The ones here are ready for finish clear coats. They pass the stink (smell) test, if you can smell the uv ink. Then they should air dry longer. I face the printed sides together with a plastic spacer at the top.


#669 4 years ago

I received the Seawitch scans the other night and they are nice. I will have stencils available for STAR GAZER and SEAWITCH by first of July for all you guys who want to PIMP your machine, now that you have beautiful playfields!

#670 4 years ago

The 2 Star Gazer playfields missing white under the plastics were sold in the USA by Marco Specialties for $699 US each. So they are out of stock at this time, & the playfields went to customers in the USA.

#671 4 years ago

how many play fields of the original 40 still need to be completed to ship? (just trying to gauge where I am [now] in the list)

#672 4 years ago

I know who the next person on the StarGazer list is... )))
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
http://www.PinWiki.com - The Place to go for Pinball Repair Info

#673 4 years ago

Chris is next, & i'm guessing your this lot or the next. Still waiting for the playfield delivery/pickup from the clear coat contractor. Just over 50% of the production is either done or waiting on finish clear coats.

#674 4 years ago

The finished ones arrived today. Still need to breath a little, & get gray paint to bottom side. It will likely be mid July on before I start contacting people, & start to ship these ones. I have my road trip to Pintastic Show next week.






#675 4 years ago

I got the playfields painted on the bottom side. Might be able to ship a few before I leave on Tuesday. Stand by for a email if your in the next group.






#676 4 years ago

Nice, can't wait to get mine.

#677 4 years ago
Quoted from Talon2000:

Nice, can't wait to get mine.

....to make a perfect game even more perfect.

#678 4 years ago

Hello Everyone waiting on a Star Gazer playfield. With my regular 6 day a week job with my City. Before I go away on vacation. I do a lot of heavy lifting at work, so my co worker can hopefully get through ok. I got my left elbow irritated along with my lower left side. So pinball stuff is on hold for a little over a week. Also I lost my Hotmail Account along with everyone else.

#19 - #28 playfield have their sticker & grading. I will contact people after Pintastic Show the middle of July. The other 11 playfields might be ready for me at this time also, or later this month.




#679 4 years ago

Rest up John and hope you feel better soon, you don't want to aggravate injuries like those.

#680 4 years ago

STAR GAZER & METEOR stencils are finished and will be on my site next week for purchase.

SEAWITCH - LIGHTNING coming in a few weeks


1 week later
#681 4 years ago

STAR GAZER & SEAWITCH stencils are NOW AVAILABLE on my site for purchase. If you are going to swap your PF, you might as well paint the cabinet up nice and beautiful also!

Pinball Pimp STAR GAZER stencils.jpg
Pinball Pimp SEAWITCH stencils .jpg



#682 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballPimp:

STAR GAZER & SEAWITCH stencils are NOW AVAILABLE on my site for purchase. If you are going to swap your PF, you might as well paint the cabinet up nice and beautiful also!

Once the Seawitch playfields are done I'll scrape the barnacles off my cabinet and order a set!

#683 4 years ago

I just realized why the Seawitch cabinet always bugged me.

It feels unfinished. Uninspired.

The plastics and PF both have 4 color art representing the ocean: white,black,lt blue, dark blue (or green)

The cabinet is only 3 color: blue/black/green.

It is really missing WHITE to show the sea foam...

It would be "great" if an artist would take a shot at creating the sea foam on the edge of the wave crests... I'd buy that one for sure. Talk about an excellent highlight...


#684 4 years ago

Mof - I have thought the same thing many times...what would also be cool would possibly be the title in green along the sides, just to give it some kind of character. I love the title, but the cabinet art is just...weak. I might try airbrushing white crests before I do the full cabinet restore.

#685 4 years ago

I do agree it needing White highlights added. I will look for a hi-rez image of the backglass to get the word SEAWITCH. I can then create a CUSTOM 2nd version that has WHITE added and an optional 3rd version with SEAWITCH text down the side!

#686 4 years ago

I (personally) am not looking for a repeat of the name, imo that "can" weaken the game art (like when people repeat names/art in custom instruction cards).

When I have my games stacked side by side, there's not a LOT of side art to be seen, it's really (in my case) about a solid coin door view... and I could REALLY enjoy some white highlights there on the wave crests as well as on the sides. (just my view)


#687 4 years ago

I'll probably get the white added option, if and when it happens. Otherwise, I'll be happy with the original. Either way, Jeff, thanks for all the work and for producing a great product.

#688 4 years ago

I'm getting ready to ship out the 11 finished playfields. The other 11 should be back soon, & i'm working on the additional 14 Star Gazer playfields. Seawitch should finally get started cutting in August. Thanks for your patience!

#690 4 years ago

They will be worth the wait John, will also be looking out for the email.

#691 4 years ago

Have you gotten the new playfields graded yet?

#692 4 years ago

So I will be emailing or contacting people over the next few weeks. 21 playfields getting ready to go out, of 22. 1 needs repairs.
10 playfields that just arrived from finish clear coats need to be painted gray on back, & graded next week. 1 Sorcerer here for over a year is going back (had to be redone from bad finish clear coats). 2 Sorcerer & High Speed restorations out for finish clear coats.

Working through another 14 Star Gazer playfields hopefully to finish up presales. August Start Seawitch production. There are more restorations to do this summer/fall also. Backglass production for Stern titles restarts early August.


#693 4 years ago

Will there be playfields to buy for people that weren't on a preorder? I'd like to purchase a Seawitch pf sometime in the near future.

#694 4 years ago

StarGazer repop PF #24 is in the house and it is spectacular. Well done John!
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
http://www.PinWiki.com - The new place for pinball repair info

#695 4 years ago

I'm still anxiously awaiting my stargazer playfield. I can't wait.

#696 4 years ago

Sorry guys about the delays. I still have to contact the group & make sure they are ok with the playfield available. Due to the long process the playfields lately are a little more warped or bowed/dipped. Could be do to further drying over the 2 years. That being said all the playfields should be ok when populated & have the wood rails attached. There are 20 playfields ready to go out. Which should get through a big part of the group. So for all the playfields to get inked, some were taped to the flat bed before printing. Most go flat on the table with a little finger pressure.

To speed things up if you have ordered a Star Gazer & paid. Please send me your info again. Name, address, phone, private email. I do have a master list, but this will speed things up. I did get my Hotmail back briefly, but all the history is permanently gone with the switch to Outlook.com

Chris got the first one in the next group of 22, 1 was damaged for a rollover after the first coat of finish clear. So the next 20 can go out. Working on another 14 to hopefully finish the run of pre orders. The Marco Specialties 2 playfields sold without the white under plastics, for $699 + shipping I think.

New Seawitch or Star Gazer orders are $600 US for a good one, or wait for one with problems. There are a number of guys waiting for a discount one. I'm waiting to see if Ron wants the damaged rollover one, to fix, correct, & finish clear coats.





#697 4 years ago

Please PM or email johngreatwich@outlook.com if you are still waiting on your paid Star Gazer playfield. Please give me your full name, address, & phone info. It will speed things up on my end. Thanks

There are 15 Star Gazer playfields ready to go out. 7 went out last week.

#698 4 years ago

#30 - #39 Star Gazer Playfields. Overall very nice, but I noticed a little more lax work from the CPR Clear Coat Contractor. Must of been a little tired doing all the CPR playfields. So the finish clear looks very nice for main ink work. There is residue of rubbing or buffing compound mostly up the left side GI holes, sling, targets, & possible pop bumper areas. Also maybe right sling, GI holes, targets etc.

So the next group being contacted I will see if this is ok, or they wait out the next further 14 playfields. This wasn't a total disaster like a group of Sorcerer's & High Speed restorations this year. Where I had to sand bare & start over, absorb the costs of printing, clear coats, & labour.

Picture examples of the worst one, others were minor compared to this one. Some ruff buffing to a few playfields top right area.




#699 4 years ago

Please continue to email johngreatwich@outlook.com or pm me if you haven't received your Star Gazer playfield, or still waiting on glass ordered in the past. Finally a new supply of tempered glass is arriving today, & I will get glass out in the coming weeks. 30 of 40 playfields are on their way to customers. Some people aren't in a rush & looking for the best playfield. If you want one now I will guide you through the minor issues with the last bunch. The pictures above is the worst by far example, & the others are very minor. Already 2 guys are moving ahead with one, out of 5 I showed them. If in doubt I will guide you through what is available now. If not the next bunch will be ready in the Fall.

Also one playfield here got a yellow insert instead of orange trans at the target bank. So errors do occur in production by everyone. I can see why there isn't many people into making new playfields. I appreciate everyone's forgiveness on the slow pace of my production.

#700 4 years ago

I received mine on Monday. Its looks amazing!! Great work.

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