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New Star Gazer & Seawitch Playfield Production

By greatwichjohn

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

I have all the things lined up to do this project this year, except for a reserve of cash. New 1/2" hard maple A1 grade 4' x 8' sheet using Baltic Birch core. The printer that is doing my glass work will be doing the cnc & uv ink printing for playfields. I will be doing the insert glueing & Waterbourne Varethane clear coats, & grey paint under playfields. CPR contractor will be doing the finish clear coats. Marco Specialties will most likely be the source of inserts for 3/4" & 1" circle inserts. I might have to use Pinball Resource arrows which you could choose a alternate color. Bay Area amusements for rollovers, might be different color.

Seawitch donor playfield is here & Star Gazer should be here early May. The regular price is $600 US which includes shipping. If you are willing to prepay & help out on my next venture in pinball parts production. Please contact me. The $500 US includes shipping to USA/Canada. Looking for payment in the form of a cheque or money order. I think paypal doesn't like deposits for future sales of products. Those people helping out will be able to purchase Stern Backglass that I make @ $175 US each, & I will pick up the shipping USA/Canada. Seawitch, Star Gazer, Nine Ball, & Catacomb.

Post edited by greatwichjohn : Easier to follow production schedule & provide info.

#2 10 years ago

There are 6 owners of Stargazer that our club in DFW knows of. I would say 4 or 5 of those owners would want a new playfield. You would get some people buying the Stargazer playfield for a future project. Most of the Seawitch's I run across have horrible playfields. I am happy that you are doing this John because it is always nice to go to TPF every year and see new NOS playfields in games and have them play like they did out of the box.

#4 10 years ago

Thanks to the first 2 guys willing to get this project rolling. Here is my info to send a cheque or money order.

Great Pinball Limited
3389 St. Andrews Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3L 3Y2

For the few that help out, I will do the glass offer for 1 year. So if other Stern titles come out, you can be further rewarded on savings.

The Star Gazer donor playfield should be here early May.

#5 10 years ago

PM Sent

#6 10 years ago

Money Order is the preferred choice, if not the bank can hold the cheque. I'm looking for 5 - 10 total preorders. Big thanks to those stepping forward. The goal is the preorder guys get playfields shipped by the end of July. Seawitch & Star Gazer.

#7 10 years ago

I would strongly consider doing so for Dragonfist...

#8 10 years ago


You can paypal also if its easier! I believe it should be getting close to 10 preorders from around the world by the end of the month. Most likely I'm going to set April 30 as a cut off time for $500 a playfield preorder group. Payment can come after this date, but I need a email confirmation.

#9 10 years ago

Anyone else fighting the urge to build a Star Gazer from parts?

#11 10 years ago
Quoted from ecurtz:

Anyone else fighting the urge to build a Star Gazer from parts?

I don't fight anymore...


#12 10 years ago

I would if I still had my Sea Witches. Both needed a new playfield.

#13 10 years ago

Hi John. As we discussed at Chicago Expo, I'd like to be in on the Stargazer playfield repro. I'll prepay for one Stargazer playfield.

You mentioned above that PayPal can now be used. Can you specify please what email address you would like used when sending funds via PayPal?

#14 10 years ago

Make a Lightning playfield ... 1st in line. If you need another seawitch playfield... got one from a machine I tore apart.

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#15 10 years ago

PM Sent...

#16 10 years ago

Paypal info: [email protected]

The cut off is April 30, I'm flexible on payment coming in May. But I need a email history to lock in the pre order price. Should be just over 10 playfields pre ordered, which helps me get the project going. Thanks to those helping out.

#17 10 years ago


I picked up the Stagazer & Nineball glass from you at Expo. I will gladly join in on the Stargazer playfields. Check your Paypal in about 10 minutes and thanks again for taking on this project.

#18 10 years ago

Payment sent for a Seawitch playfield.

#19 10 years ago

The production cue & your position as money received:
Star Gazer #1 R.V. Corona, CA, #2 M.M. Maryland Heights, MO, #3 B.B. St Charles, MO
Seawitch #1 J.S. Gibsonia,PA, #2 B.B. St Charles, MO

#20 10 years ago

Payment sent for a Star Gazer and Seawitch playfield. Now I just need to track down the games.

#21 10 years ago

Custom Maple A1 veneer both sides plywood, with Baltic Birch core ordered. 4' x 8' x 1/2" sheets
Minimum order is 20 sheets, no real savings at 60 sheets (lift). So first order of 20 sheets should be here the end of May.

Here is some info on the Canadian Wholesaler, & the plywood is Made in Canada. Baltic Birch is most likely Russian or European sources. Maple veneer i'm guessing is Canada, but it might be USA.


#22 10 years ago

Hey John, count me in. I'll PP the finds today/tomorrow.
Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
http://www.PinWiki.com - The Place to go for Pinball Repair Info

#23 10 years ago

Paypal funds sent yesterday for 1 Stargazer playfield!

Quick question - will there be any issue using the standard hardware with the slightly thinner playfield thickness? Such as screw length for those screws that go in from the bottom of the playfield?

#24 10 years ago

The playfield should finish at the same thickness or slightly more because of all the clear coats.

Don't let the cue throw you off. All the early order playfields will go out together.

1 week later
#25 10 years ago

The deadline for the preorder special will end Sunday at Midnight. This is it for those that haven't paid for it or have it in the works.

I will update the list of guys who prepaid next week. More likely around 20, looks like 4 to 1 ratio, Star Gazer to Seawitch.

#26 10 years ago

Hi John,

PP sent for (1) StarGazer playfield.

Chris Hibler - CARGPB #31
http://www.PinWiki.com - The Place to go for Pinball Repair Info

1 week later
#27 10 years ago

Sent payment via paypal for seawitch playfield today.

#28 10 years ago


Here is the latest update: The special plywood maybe in this week or next. Still waiting on the arrival of Star Gazer playfield. Still waiting on Marco Specialties for lense order confirmation.

#29 10 years ago

Pm sent as well.

#30 10 years ago

Update: May 15 Pre - Order Pricing extended until August 31, 2013 $500 US Star Gazer or Seawitch. Looks like Fall Delivery 2013 for finished playfields.

Plywood should arrive before the end of May. I just checked & the order is running through the plant in Western Canada. Classic Playfield Reproductions is looking at this source also. Most likely my order is first & Mike Purcell will see what the product looks like when it arrives.

There has been a delay with Marco Specialties with ordering the lenses. I should have a firm order on what is in stock by the end of the week. Certain lenses are out of stock, so they are going to ask Foremost Plastics about production time.

The contractor doing my cnc & printing is slowly moving to the new building over the next number of weeks. Building is ready for the move & the plywood is going there.

Star Gazer donor playfield is on its way for the end of May.

Production should start on playfields in June. The plan is to start having the playfields cnc'd, & start glueing in lenses that are available (June - July). Wait on the others from Foremost.

I will start posting pictures of the progress as it happens.

#31 10 years ago

John - sent you a PM...sign me up for Seawitch!

#32 10 years ago

Got it & I can send out paypal invoices.

#34 10 years ago

The custom plywood came in this morning. It will go to the printer for storage next week (new building). They are still processing my lense order at Marco. Star Gazer donor playfield arrived on Thursday. So the playfields will be looked at for cnc info, to go with the art. The cnc still needs to be moved along with all the printers in June to their new building.

#35 10 years ago

Are the playfields going to be just dimpled or predrilled for the posts on the top side? I am guessing just dimpled on the back... Just curious... Having the small holes for the posts and stuff predrilled on the CNC would save a ton of time and reduce the chances of making a mistake when drilling or messing up the clear coat...


Looking forward to getting started on the Star Gazer playfield swap.

-- Shawn

#36 10 years ago

I will try my best to make it as easy as possible for changing out the playfields. Talked with both of my printers on Thursday. Art is with printer with the color span, he is sending it over to my other printer. The printer that does my glass work & new playfield work. This printer is still set up at the old building for inkjet printing & cnc. The new building has the paper printing business moved in. The plywood is stored there, & the cnc still needs to be moved. So it might be late June or July for cutting. CNC cut files to be done in June. 80% of light lense is picked at Marco Specialties, & 18% ordered from Foremost by them, 2% is the yellow arrows that I might have to sub on Seawitch.

#37 10 years ago

Pictures of the 19 sheets, I was shorted 1. Custom plywood, the top few are bowed, & when the straps are cut will be weighted down.

001.JPG001.JPG 002.JPG002.JPG

2 weeks later
#38 10 years ago

Update: Marco Specialties is shipping my lense order Friday. Will post pictures when they arrive, & see if everything is ready to go. Cnc & printing stuff has already been moved to the printers new location.

1 week later
#39 10 years ago

Update: The majority of the light lenses arrived today from Marco Specialties. The biggest one missing that I have to ask the status is 3/4" yellow opaque, & 3/4" orange clear missing. I have about 50% Red opaque 1" for Special from PBR. I need to see if they can supply more lenses.

Seawitch owners need to decide what sub for yellow arrow from PBR source ones: Red or White opaque, & Blue or Orange clear. Can someone tell me if 2X & 4X are 1" green clear?

I was at my printer picking up back glass. The cnc is now moved in & the wall installed. A tech is being brought in next week to tune up the cnc. Donor used playfields are going in for code Wednesday.


#40 10 years ago

Wow! That a lot of insert!

Are you affraid that you have to glue all of this? Can't wait to have my stargazer playfield!

Awesome John

#41 10 years ago

No I have done a few CPR playfields in the past (Eight Ball & Pinbot), & I check the lenses on my direct ink projects. This is nothing compared to CPR projects of 30 to 100, or more per run.

#42 10 years ago

Paypal Sent for Stargazer

#43 10 years ago

Thanks! Update the playfields donors for measuring are at the printers. Just talked with Marco Specialties to see how quickly Foremost Plastics can get the 3/4" yellow opaque inserts done. Also to see about 3/4" orange clear, & 1" red opaque (I have a few from PBR, might see if I can get a few more).

#44 10 years ago

Hey John

Don't want to put any pressure, but what is your time frame for delivery?


#45 10 years ago

Still trying for late summer if possible. It will come down to finish clear coats.

#47 10 years ago

I appreciate the updates as this project moves along. Thanks John!

#48 10 years ago

Yes thanks for the updates John!

#49 10 years ago

Marco Specialties will probably let me know about Foremost Plastic's production next week. The printer will work on the cnc code, & do some throw away testing on cheap wood this month. As soon as things look ok, playfields will start to be cut. I can always glue what inserts I have while I wait.

Also working on Dolly Parton conversions, might be 2 different playfield conversions to choose from. People will definitely be surprised how quickly this can be done. I hope to have each one available at the Ottawa Pinball Show in September, & Expo in October. Art already done on the artists version.

#50 10 years ago

2X is transparent blue and 4X is transparent green


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