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Worst pin of all time (Poll)

By Arcadefan

2 years ago

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Topic poll

“Worst pin of all time (Poll)”

  • Shrek 24 votes
  • Freddy 31 votes
  • class of 1812 19 votes
  • Gilligan's island 50 votes
  • Xs and Os 35 votes
  • RoadShow 15 votes
  • POTC 15 votes
  • Big buck hunter 40 votes

(229 votes)

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#101 2 years ago
Quoted from fisherdaman:

Hercules cant be that bad.

You are right.... I know a guy who bought two of them. Unfortunately I "volunteered" to help move them.

Hercules (resized).jpg
#102 2 years ago

El Toro and Big Ben are the two that come to mind. Big Ben is just barren but El Toro has an actively bad layout. El Toro wins I think. Hi-Score Pool is more fun than those IMO.

Gimmick games like Big Flipper and Orbitor 1 wouldn't be far behind. "All pinball is good pinball" so when games try to not be pinball they can break that rule.

#103 2 years ago

Hey, I own that turkey! Shopped it out then put it back in storage. Thought about removing that spinner thing and replacing it with a pop bumper. Might make it a better machine.

#104 2 years ago

Gimmicks like Orbitor can't count. they tried something weird, that didnt catch on. Some of my personal least favorite machines that other people like are:

Black Hole
Creature from the Black lagoon

There's a bunch of lesser known terrible machines out there. but either no one would know them if you named em, or they are from the 50's. when all machines were bad.

#105 2 years ago
Quoted from jake35:

I like mine because its hated and rare with a cool theme! Haha
[quoted image]

Quoted from mbaumle:

I've never played one, but the game intrigues me since it's so elusive. Does it have multiball, or is it a single ball game?

No it's just a single ball game but it holds two balls in the trough. It's a bit peculiar, not a lot to shoot at and the scoring is unbalanced with a 50 million point shot randomly illuminated on your last ball. All that said, for some reason it's super rare especially in good shape. People hate on it but yet they are never for sale. Maybe they've all been thrown out lol.

I bought mine from a local delta pilot who posted it for sale online. He told me he had recently bought a house as an investment rental property, from someone that was filing bankruptcy and desperate to sell the house. The homeowner said it was in his basement and he said he could have it because he didnt want to bother moving it. He said he bought it new and hadn't turned it on the early 90s. Boards were perfect and somehow batteries were dead but hadn't leaked. Still had the paperwork in the coin door with the bugs bunny red coin box and manual. Not a scratch anywhere. I bought it super cheap (half of what to you would expect even for a beat one).

Rarity and my 10 yr old daughter keep me from selling it. It's not the best game in my lineup.

20180307_092137 (resized).jpg20180307_092220 (resized).jpg20180309_081217 (resized).jpg20180309_081256 (resized).jpg20180309_081344 (resized).jpg
#106 2 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNeo:

you are missing the worst of the worst.

Couldn’t disagree more.

#107 2 years ago
Quoted from mrossman5:

Couldn’t disagree more.

X-Files is hideous but has great flow. Like a poor man’s ToM.

#108 2 years ago

It’s a scientific fact that Goatdusters is the worst game ever created in the history of humanity. It’s so bad I can’t even bring myself to properly name it lest I sully the name of the phenomenal movie it’s based on.

As for this stupid list - Freddy’s the worst.

#109 2 years ago

The WORST pinball game ever, Ready, Aim, Expire.

This boat anchor is closely followed by Goldball. Not only does the game suck rotten easter eggs, it is the harbringer of doom for a company that used to make great pinball games. This pinbomination was the defining moment that rang in the end of the Golden age of Bally.

Then... Algard, Beeeeeg Flipper, Force II (because Force I wasn't bad enough), El Boro, Roy Clark the Enterdrainer, Hootenanny'd finishing up with Austin UnderPowered and finally the game that gets you to jump rope... Champion Schlub.

My Flop 10. There ya have it!

#110 2 years ago
Quoted from gmkalos:

I'm going to go for the gold and say Disco Fever!
[quoted image]

Banana flippers Rock!

#111 2 years ago

Troll thread. You list POTC, but which one? And no "Other" or "none of the above " choices for your loaded poll?
There are pins much worse than your picks, and many that are better, but these are far from the worst pins ever. A few of them are even very good pins.

In before the lock.

#112 2 years ago

Rob zombie....the over sized zizzle....

#113 2 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Oh man I could play me some XFiles all day.

because you would fall asleep and sleep the entire day away?

#114 2 years ago

carrot flippers, great graphics, but so disappointing. i too vote bugs bunny.

#115 2 years ago

Poor flow, not the greatest cabinet art. Hard to find parts.

little orange pinball (resized).jpg
#116 2 years ago

This game didn’t need to be made.

#117 2 years ago

SF2 and Waterworld are terrible but Popeye just sucks. Sidenote: SF2 is bad mostly due to the DMD animation, sound and those rather big scoops, however the pf design on SF2 is pure genius though. The upper pf, the car smash, the corkscrew wireform, the lift ramp, spinning kick,...all good stuff.

#118 2 years ago

The answer is: Shaq Attack.

#119 2 years ago
Quoted from DirtyDeeds:

Poor flow, not the greatest cabinet art. Hard to find parts.
[quoted image]

b8e979f85d052a1458bca6450b9f553ec134a486 (resized).jpg
#120 2 years ago

Thank god for this thread. Since everyone agrees on pinball opinions, we can finally put this topic to bed once the poll has a clear leader.

Well played.

#121 2 years ago

Hercules for me.

1 week later
#122 2 years ago

Of these I've only played 1812 and POTC. Love them both.

The one pin I've owned that I truly hated was Black Hole, but only because I really sucked at it. Beautiful game though.

#123 2 years ago



#125 2 years ago

The poll is missing...

All of the above (except of course Big Buck Hunter)

#126 2 years ago

class of 1812 rules !!!

#127 2 years ago

On that list..of the ones Ive tried..big buck hunter. The worst dmd game in my opinion is cue ball wizard by gottlieb.

#128 2 years ago

Well looks like I just got one of the worst pins of all time . Pardon me while I go play another game on this terrible bbh.

#129 2 years ago
Quoted from dung:

Well looks like I just got one of the worst pins of all time . Pardon me while I go play another game on this terrible bbh.

I know right? Recockulus.... Your Avatar is much worse than your bbh.

#130 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I know right? Recockulus.... Your Avatar is much worse than your bbh.

You are right. Instead of letting the people over who have asked over the last week to come see the two I should break them up for firewood.

Funny thing is I bought avatar with bad memories of playing it on route when new. I had been told by several serious collectors over the years to buy it as it is a difficult yet rewarding game which is why I bought it. Thing is, I like it. Played it last night and it is indeed rewarding. Of all the machines I have gotten recently the Dr. Who sample is probably the one I like the least. So 24, Avatar LE, and BBH rate higher for me than Dr. Who and will probably throw it out as trade bait for a CSI, WOF, Transporter, Atlantis, etc. IE games that the op would probably put on this list lol.

#131 2 years ago
Quoted from dung:

Well looks like I just got one of the worst pins of all time . Pardon me while I go play another game on this terrible bbh.

How do I feel as I own both BBH and GI

#132 2 years ago

Maybe the op selected his list of worst pins and started this topic to make some Pinsiders feel bad about owning these machines, because he secretly really wants to buy some of these, and is hoping to be able to buy them at lower prices because they are supposedly so crappy.

#133 2 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

How do I feel as I own both BBH and GI

You feel dirty and strange for owning GI? JKing as I have never played Gilligan.

#134 2 years ago

Street fighter 2 TNA and x files are good games in my opinion

3 weeks later
#136 2 years ago

I kind of like Waterworld, actually

#137 2 years ago
Quoted from Russell:

I kind of like Waterworld, actually

There's so many eras of game, and each has some stinkers.

The premier system 3 games are almost all horrible, there's a few that are tolerable. I'd probably put Waterworld on that list but it didn't help me sell mine when I was trying in vain to get 900 bucks for a nice working one here.

Hook might be the least favorite game I've owned in recent memory, and I had a WWE for a couple weeks last year. It's just awful and you can't really pin down why.

It might be the layout, which consists of poorly designed ramp on the right, a ton of standups and beef areas in the middle, a clumsy eject that tosses ball down toward sling land, and that stupid ramp on the left you are supposed to repeat but the DE flippers can't handle and gets progressively harder to shoot even after a couple games.

It might be the rules, which are also terrible, consisting of a bunch of repeat shots and about 15 different hurry up modes.

It could be the sound, which will drive you pretty much insane, but at least has a nice dustin hoffman sound alike.

I do like the art, generally. Really nice cabinet art and the translite/playfield aren't bad.

I basically drove myself insane for a month trying to play this game and beat the ridiculously high DE factory high scores. It was like bashing my head against the wall. Glad it's gone and I hope it never comes back!!!

#138 2 years ago

Gottlieb timeline.
Had 2 ,made one. Once it was running I hated everything about it.
Sound sucked, big wide body playfield with nothing to hit. Random tic tac toe stuff.
Only game I can say was worst.
There are others that I would not own but only one I hate.

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