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Worst maitained game(s) you have seen

By snowy_owl

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    I suppose this is a bit of a morbid topic. I guess what triggered it was when I ventured down south to oregon to play some on-location pinball. I suppose I forgot how many neglected pinball machines are out there, rotting away in some dirty amusement facility. I was sad to find once beautiful machines in this state. So I decided to start this topic about some on-location horror stories. Here's one:
    Funland amusement: I had been here a couple years ago, and the games (AC/DC, Spiderman VE, TWD, GOT) were not too bad. Yes, they had somewhat dirty playfields, but were fine mechanically. Of course, they were relatively new new games then.
    I had hoped that they would have had some basic maintenance since my last visit, but I seemed to be mistaken. The first thing I noticed was that JP had replaced AC/DC. Alright, that was fine. Upon closer examination, JP was actually not bad. Just old code. But then, it's a new game. Next I played game of thrones. Dang, was that playfield dirty. It almost resembled mold. I didn't really want to know. Besides old code there was not much wrong with the game. The only other problem was the dragon shot, which did not register. This really caused a problem, making the game extremely messed up. Any mode including that shot could not be completed. One could not get an extra ball or start wall multiball. I'd had enough at that point. I didn't bother to play TWD or spiderman ve. Just from looking at spiderman, I could tell that the the sandman drop bank was either stuck with all the caked on grime on the playfield, or it was mechanically broken. I also noticed that several plastics were missing. TWD was very dirty, just like the others, but it almost fit the theme with this game It looked fine other than the dirty playfield, but I never played it.
    I wanted to ask the people there who even took care of these neglected games, and why they didn't care and/or were incompetent in taking care of pinball machines. I refrained.
    There we go, that's my rant of the day. Any other horror stories?

    #2 3 years ago


    #3 3 years ago

    Without pictures , it’s like posting about the worst repair or hack .... without pictures !!

    #4 3 years ago
    Quoted from NovaNut66:


    aaaaah yes. I figured this might come up, but I hoped it wouldn't. My camera does not work, and could not get anything into focus. Sorry

    #5 3 years ago

    Once put money into a dirty Creech with half GI out only to realize it had no sling rubbers. Zero.
    Right speaker out too - Just bad.

    Another was a Sopranos with a headless pole dancer, not necessarily bad maintenance, just hilarious.

    #6 3 years ago

    The worst one I restored was a Wms TURF CHAMP. A game I lusted over for many years.
    This game was on location for many years. Rather than cleaning the PF occasionally the owner
    slapped on layer after layer of varnish. Trapping all of the dirt and crud. It took months
    to remove the varnish, 1 sq-inch or so at a time and a layer at a time. Sorry no pics, use
    your imagination.

    #7 3 years ago

    While visiting Houston a few years ago I went looking for a place to play and came across a small bar with about 8 pins - Spider-Man, TSPP, POTC, Wheel of Fortune, Indy 500, CFTBL and two others I can’t recall. A great lineup, but play fields were all obscured by grime, All speakers were disconnected, half of the flippers worked and about 2/3 of the bulbs were burned out. Worst of all, every game had dull, rusty balls rolling around, Damaging the play fields even more. It was clear that these were not for playing and just for ambiance.

    #8 3 years ago

    This monster bash actually played alright but look how wore out that scoop hole is.

    797D5351-B2BB-4B68-8CC8-5C4C5A0C6518 (resized).jpeg797D5351-B2BB-4B68-8CC8-5C4C5A0C6518 (resized).jpeg
    #9 3 years ago

    Harvey’s in Tahoe a few years ago.F5182B15-2ADB-4296-853A-13E4982593E4.jpegF5182B15-2ADB-4296-853A-13E4982593E4.jpeg

    #10 3 years ago
    Quoted from trilogybeer:

    This monster bash actually played alright but look how wore out that scoop hole is.
    [quoted image]

    A cliffy should do the trick!

    #11 3 years ago

    5F7E6466-CC9A-4AA1-A414-5FF088A93773 (resized).jpeg5F7E6466-CC9A-4AA1-A414-5FF088A93773 (resized).jpeg

    #12 3 years ago

    Sorry, crappy flip phone pics, but I'd stopped at a place in Billings Mt. a couple years ago and found these.
    Unfortunately they 'played' worse than they looked.

    #13 3 years ago
    Quoted from PinZig:

    Sorry, crappy flip phone pics, but I'd stopped at a place in Billings Mt. a couple years ago and found these.
    Unfortunately they 'played' worse than they looked.
    [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

    Rotate left. Please.

    #14 3 years ago

    Here's another one. The game itself was maintained fine, but this flipper adjustment...wtf???

    Beatles gold wonky flipz (resized).jpgBeatles gold wonky flipz (resized).jpg
    #15 3 years ago

    Playfield and scoop wear don't count as poorly maintined IMO, just a lot of plays. Now the grime onemoresean shows is disgusting.


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