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#10 5 years ago

I'm in! WPT is my favorite game (and I also own, among others, a CV, LOTR, WOZ). Why? It has a great combo of an open playfield with great flow, tons of drop targets, a challenging mini-pf, very deep rules with cool modes, and probably the best rule integration of any pin made to date. (Keefer himself has indicated that WPT is one of his best efforts.)

Some set-up tips for those who haven't seen them yet: remove the top left orbit gate (2 screws), and turn off the flop/turn posts in the settings to improve flow. (These are recommended by SR himself.) You can also turn off the flipper hint where the right mini-pf flipper flips to let you know the ball is coming there--it gets annoying after a while!

Strategy tips? Here's a bunch, in no particular order:

Lock the ball in the Ace in the Hole cage on the mini-pf, and then AVOID hitting the captured ball to start this mb. Why? This is the easiest mb to stack with another, because mb balls will launch to the upper pf with a ballsave. Too many people try to start this mb right away.

The 3x shot is critical. You get a 3x shot added every time you complete a drop target (draw poker) hand. If you have at least one 3x, then one (and only one) of the inlanes will light up. Rolling over the lit inlane (from the playfield or the ramp return) will give you triple scoring for about 5 seconds--basically one shot. So, it is best to AVOID rolling over the 3x light (by hitting a flipper button to switch the light to the opposite inlane) UNLESS you have a high-scoring shot. Examples of good 3x shots include a river shot to either ramp (just one card left on the 7-card holdem hand on the pf display), which will score the hand value multiplied by the pot value, or a single drop target to make a good draw poker hand. A good hand or draw to a good one (like 3-of-a-kind, straight, flush, etc.) is even better for the 3x. If you just have just 6 unrelated cards or a single pair, you may want to save the 3x for a better hand/draw. Also use the 3x if completing the hand will finish a city/tournament (values start at 1M, so triple this is good!). Remember, always keep an eye out for the inlane light and avoid it unless you have a single high-scoring shot available with that flipper. You can set up a 3x shot by getting a ramp return to the inlane.

Upper playfield: Always go for the far left opening to light the random award light on the pf below it, if it's not lit. A backhand from a ball trapped on the left mini-flipper is usually good. Lock the AitH ball and then avoid it until you start a different mb as noted above, then stack. Otherwise, hit the white standups and go for the hurryup (opening to the lower pf) when it flashes. If you have a double hurryup, a few quick target hits before scoring the hurryup can get a lot of points. Hurryups are the main scoring on the mini-pf.

Main pot value has a starting value based on difficulty setting, and increases from spinner (orbit) shots. If you have a good holdem hand (or draw to one), build up the pot before hitting the river. But if you drain, the main pot goes back to its starting value on the next ball. If you have 5-6 cards and nothing good in the hand, it's best to just finish the hand and hopefully get a better next one. BUT, if you build up enough points (depends on difficulty setting) in the main pot with spinner shots, you start an All-in multiball, which also finishes the holdem hand. (You can use a 3x with this orbit shot if you're almost at the main pot value needed to start it--value is shown in the status screens.)

Note that you can make it to the mini-pf WITHOUT increasing the holdem hand by hitting the left backwall opening just to the right of the left ramp. Or, you can get up there and increase the holdem hand progress by the right ramp. Which one you choose depends on your hand status, main pot value, etc. For example, if you're at the river with a good hand, you can set up a lucrative 3x shot by hitting the LEFT backwall shot to the upper pf and letting the ball drain to the right inlane, making sure the right inlane is lit, then hitting the left ramp right away to score 3x the holdem value (plus city value, if it's the final city hand). Hitting the right ramp to get to the mini-pf and feed the right inlane would finish the holdem hand without the 3x, which you don't want to do here!

Side pot value is increased with each pop bumper hit, and resets after each ball. You can increase how much each pop adds to the side pot by hitting all 4 standups above the pops (below the mini-pf). You can move the lit targets with the flippers (like a regular lane changer) to get them faster. Side pots are scored with each orbit shot made during a few multiballs; values can be built to 500k or more.

Poker school modes (6 round inserts by the slingshots) are started by the elongated trough just to the left of the right ramp, when lit. 2 of them are drop target modes, one is 'spot the tell' mode where you get a big score (starts at 1M) for making one of the 6 main shots corresponding (left to right) of the character on the DMD making an odd motion or sound. Change Gears mode gives more points when making shots to the upper pf and then lower pf. Stacking this mode with a mb gives HUGE points. You usually have to finish a holdem hand before the poker school trough re-lights to start another mode.

Starting all 6 poker school modes and then hitting the lit trough again starts a Wizard mb. I think jackpots in this mb are bigger if you finish/defeat more of the individual modes--not sure of scoring off the top of my head!

Then there are some other minor scoring features, like victory laps after completing certain modes, card tricks by making some main shots, etc. I'm not sure of the scoring details.

Finishing all 6 cities brings you to the big WPT championship tourney--that's a LOT of ramp shots! And then there's the Keefer Invitational--you can see what you need to get there in the status screens. Basically start every mode/mb, get a certain number of points (generally 25M) in each of several modes/mb's, etc. It's a valinor-type achievement.

Feel free to add scoring details, corrections, additions that I may have missed!

#11 5 years ago

With WPT you can also play a fun Draw Poker game, where you are ONLY trying to make the drop target hands. These are tracked by the lit inserts on the upper part of the main pf. None of the other shots really help make these hands (except for the poker school trough, which scores a drop target when spin-a-card is lit). The goal is to make more draw hands than your opponent. Once (if!) you make all 9, a multiball starts. You can let all but one ball drain (because the mb doesn't score more hands), count your hand score as 10 (9 hands plus a bonus one for the mb), and then start making more hands. This is a good reward because you can then make the easier draw hands again (like a pair or 3-of-a-kind).

This is a cool pure drop target game that's easy to score and is a different/simpler type of game on the same pin.

Also, the voice callouts are very helpful. Courtney's callouts tell you what target you need to make a particular hand, so you can shoot for these hands once you know where the individual card targets are, without having to look for them on the pf. (In the regular game, Mike's callouts refer to the holdem hand, so you can use these audio cues to your advantage.)

#17 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I'm in the club as well, like StevenP, its one of my favorites! It's my favorite shot making pin.
I would add that its crucial to score the "hurry ups", at least 10, to light the extra ball. In this deep pin you need the extra.
And I play it myself on 5 ball, like Lotr. Because I like to explore all that it has to offer and I'm not a world class player

I've played it on 5-ball extra-easy, and it becomes a multiball stackfest. Even when you're not trying! Crazy action, with balls all over the open central playfield. Just another distinct and fun way to play this game.

#26 5 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Hmmm, I'll have to try this approach!

You have to hit the stand ups 3 times, next to the Ace in the Hole, in the mini pf and then shoot the ball down to lower via right exit hole. Every time you are in the upper you need to be thinking about getting a hurry up without starting Ace in the Hole MB like StevenP said, fairly easy to do.

Or, once the hurryup flashes, you can still hit standups to build it up more, if you do so faster than it counts down, before scoring it in the flashing exit hole.

#33 5 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Wow, thanks for that! I've always been trying to figure this game out, this will definitely help. I know it's your favorite game, how about a Bowen-style tutorial vid?

Jeez, I would defer to Bowen for that! I could talk about the rules while filming a game, but you'd be watching me drain more while saying what I could have shot for, which isn't as entertaining or informative!

#34 5 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

» YouTube video
There it is for easy viewing.
Post edited by Deaconblooze : Difficulty embedding

Thx for the link. I'm watching now. Good video with a bunch of good rule info. I disagree with some of his strategy though, like-- I don't think you should start AitH right away, but really save it for stacking. And you really don't lose the ball from the pops all the time--it usually rolls harmlessly down the right orbit. I don't know why he is so afraid of that.

Also, he should DEFINITELY have used the 3x shot for the first completed hand (right before the river ramp shot), because that completes the first city and you get 3x the hand value plus 3x 1M (an extra 3M). The first hand already had a pair and a straight draw, for a possible straight or 3-of-a-kind or 2 pair.

Stacking a mb with the Change Gears poker corner mode is a solid strategy. As is focusing on the upper pf when starting a mb, if useful, until the ballsave times out.

Also, he clarified a point that on medium settings (and harder, maybe easy, not sure about extra easy)--you need to play a Poker Corner mode before you can lock the AitH ball again. And I believe you have to finish a hand to relight the Poker Corner trough.

Of course, I realize Keefer could pop back in at any time and tell me that my strategy approach is all wrong!

4 weeks later
#67 5 years ago
Quoted from devils4ever:

I agree. I love mine. It's deep and fun. It was either this or spend 2X or more for a LOTR. I still may get a LOTR, but the price is high. I can get a new ST Pro or new ACDC Pro for the same price as a LOTR which is over 10 years old now.

LOTR costs at least 2x what you can get a WPT for. I agree, WPT is one of Stern's best ever. As is LOTR. They have great depth, but in a different way, and the layouts complement each other. (Yes, I have both!) ACDC is decent, although paying >$6k for a Premium is no great deal IMO; the Pro is reasonable. I'd much rather have LOTR than ACDC, even if it is an older game. And ST is still a crap game in my eyes. (I wind up playing it far more than I want to!) Dumbed-down playfield. "18 modes" that really are 2-3 different types of modes, all pretty similar, repeated 3x each until you fall asleep. No real sense of progress apart from the 6 mode lights. Embarrassingly silly dots. Bland artwork with huge actors' faces on all but the ridiculously overpriced LE. And exactly one drop target with magnet/kicker is the only interactive feature. Oh yeah. And about $20 (wholesale) of pretty bright LEDs.

Yup, WPT is the best bftb game I can think of (based on average/market prices), and it doesn't get old! It's my desert island pin, even with LOTR as an option.

#72 5 years ago
Quoted from fattdirk:

I picked up my WPT two weeks ago and have been playing it non stop. I've been telling everyone how awesome the game is. What is funny, is the theme doesn't appeal to me and I didn't really have any previous desire to play it. One just popped up for a decent price locally and I started reading the rules to the game and became super intrigued. I really enjoy games with a deep strategy for high scoring and knew this was going to be a keeper for me. I love games that have difficult steps to achieve that make your score grow exponentially.

This sounds like me. I'm OK with the theme, but the integration of shots and strategy are second to none IMO. I often spend a bit of time explaining a few things to friends when they come over to play, to speed them along the learning curve (and get them hooked sooner!).

Quoted from gweempose:

I really like the dots on WPT. It was off topic, but we were referring to how bad the dots are on the new ST pin.

Sorry for wandering off the path; I keep playing Star Trek and (unlike many other games I'm not fond of, such as STTNG or TZ) I can't understand why a lot of people love this game.

So, any love for the WPT music? After playing it a ton, I sometimes hear those riffs going through my head and for a while couldn't place them!

3 weeks later
#84 5 years ago
Quoted from robx46:

Anybody else have a problem of the plunger tip rubbing against the auto shooter on a manual plunge? This makes for a weak manual plunge. If I push the PF all the way right as far as it goes, it can fix the problem but after a couple nudges it comes back.

Haven't had this problem. I am not by my WPT, but on most games you can loosen the screws/nuts holding the manual plunger in and adjust the position slightly on the cabinet, then re-tighten. The plunger and autokicker should be lined up so they are both centered on the shooter lane and don't interfere with each other. The autokicker can also be bent sideways a bit if it is off-center, or maybe its bracket can also be moved slightly.

#85 5 years ago

BTW, does anybody else really like the 'crunchy' sound when you hit the drop targets? Sounds a bit different than older-style drop targets. And I love the "baseball" shot where you bank off all 3 sets of drop targets. (Sorry if I mentioned this before; haven' re-read the entire thread!)

#91 5 years ago
Quoted from Miknan:

Thanks... I kind of figured something might be off. Hopefully it won't be too hard to get too. I'll take a look when I get some time next week. I still can't get over how good/fun this game is for the price.

Or any price. FAR more fun than newer games that people pay $5k-$6k (or more) for.

#94 5 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

I had an option of essentially getting a $7K+ tron (NIB + Tax + Shipping + Mods), or a ~ $2500 WPT (I'm in Canada, and that included the Ferry Ride etc...).
I went with the bang for the buck, no regrets. I am sure I would have been happy with Tron, but then I would not have had the cash on hand for a MMR

I've come to like Tron a bit, but I still enjoy WPT far more, as most people here probably know already! You're always choosing between a few short-term and longer-term goals with every shot, rather than just trying to linearly start a few modes. Build the pot or collect, start AitH mb or hold it to stack, use or save the 3x inlane multipliers, and tons more....

#100 5 years ago

I don't think mine is HUO, but it is in excellent shape, bought from a great guy in NJ. Only cosmetic glitch is a few scrapes on the inner sides of the cab. I am thinking this is one game where I might install mirror blades! I've done nothing else to the stock game, although an easy mod is to stick a real box from a deck of cards over the right lane exit post mech (top right of the mini-pf).

#103 5 years ago

I'd say up to around $3k. The ones that have more plays on them often look really nice and sell for closer to $2k.

1 month later
#127 5 years ago

White rubber makes the mini-pf bouncier and harder IMO. Esp. when trying to make a hurry-up!

2 months later
#149 5 years ago
Quoted from Caucasian2Step:

Awesome game. Very, very, very deep. The only safe shots on the game are the left orbit, left ramp, left VUK, right ramp and right orbit. The drops (and the multiball standup) are all chance shots and I can't tell you how many times the ball exited from the right VUK to the pops and either went down the left outlane or SDTM. A true player when set up properly.

The orbit shots are of questionable safety, imo. because the ball whips around and can be hard to control on the other flipper.

Agree on your stacking comment. I find Change Gears is the BEST mode to play with a multiball. Scores can be huge. And, I prefer to avoid starting AitH MB after locking the ball, because it's an easy stack when starting any other MB (*or* after starting a poker corner mode like Change Gears!), and you gotta play a poker corner mode before being able to lock it again.

#152 5 years ago
Quoted from ejg10532626:

Maybe the most underrated pin in the last 20 years.
I love mine, and it's staying forever...and I say that about very, very few pins.
All the best of both pin worlds, in one great title.

Exactly. Maybe all 3 worlds? Modern pins with fast ramps/lanes/orbits, classic EMs with open pf and lots of drop targets, and oldschool EM with 2" flippers?

I just played a game, with controlled strategy in mind (not easy as I just adjusted the slings to be sensitive, replaced flipper rubbers and put superbands on the small flippers, and cleaned/waxed the pf!). Really got some points by saving the locked AitH ball until I started Change Gears, then went up the ramp to start multiball. Also, using a 3x shot when you complete a city gives big points (and I even got a bonus flush once!). Wound up with 74M, a decent score for me. Especially with bouncy flippers and hyperactive slings.

I also think that WPT might be the single best game for improving overall pin skills. It has lots of shots (2" flipper action, LONG ramp/orbit/lane shots--which makes the typical shorter ones seem easier, lots of drop targets to develop accuracy in all directions, fast orbits, tons of subtle rules so you really need to know and use strategy, etc.). For example, there are 2 ways to get to the upper pf: the Cut the Cards shot and the right ramp. Only one of them advances the holdem hand. This is important. Especially because you can get a direct feed to the 3x shot on the left inlane/flipper from th e upper pf, to set up a 3x holdem hand finish.

Maybe a topic on this would be interesting. I'm curious what others may think is a good pin for improving overall pinball skills is, and why.

#157 5 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

I think what they mean you can start it first thing, before the ball even gets to the lower flippers if you are making that a goal and on your game.

Yup. The AItH is the MB started from up top. But again, I think it is better to avoid starting it until you want to stack it with a poker corner mode or another MB. Also, that makes the upper pf even trickier: trying to hit standups and get hurry-ups while avoiding the trapped ball!

Interesting comments on skill titles above. Never thought about it, but WPT really *is* like AFM for the main shots. But the drops add a lot more, as does the mini-pf (with 2" flipper practice). And there's no comparison on the rules. WPT forces you to know and use the rules to your advantage to get those bigger points.

#161 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

Hmmm. Again, I have only had this for 6 weeks, and don't want to ruin it by learning all the rules in a rulesheet yet, but I had been playing AITH immmediately, locking one back in there, then playing on. The reason is you can't unlock AITH again until a mode is played.
I guess I never tested to see if you started AITH after you started a mode, if once the mode is complete, AITH is now ready again, or if you have to start another poker challenge.

After playing AitH MB and then hitting the bars, the display says you need to start a Poker Corner mode first before re-locking a ball. If the Poker Corner insert isn't lit (it's the long scoop between the top drops and the right ramp--a cool, backhandable shot!), then you need to finish a holdem hand to re-light it.

I wish someone could explain the Chip Tricks in detail. Seems like there's a multiplier for them that cn build after certain shots are made; Keefer commented on this at one point. But I still don't really understand exactly how the tricks work, to maximize points there...

Quoted from BC_Gambit:

Random shout out to the "spot the tell" mode. I still enjoy making that my primary single ball mode after a year plus of ownership.

Spot the Tell and Play the Button are good single-ball modes, as you want to pick off specific shots for each.

**Spoiler(?) Alert** Didja know you can start a multiball (All-In) just by wailing on the spinners without completing the holdem hand?

#163 5 years ago

Sad to report, but my WPT is now a drain monster. Even have the outlane posts in lowest hole. But cleaned pf, sensitive slings, superbands on the small flippers--the ball screams around and seems to be fired directly into the outlanes frequently at high velocity. Seriously, the game just got very hard to control; any missed shot or drop target shot is trouble.

#169 5 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Try changing inclination? My WPT is unforgiving, but not as bad as Iron Man...

I think I'll just work on playing better. Brutal as it is!

Here's one lucrative strategy: lock the AitH ball and then avoid it. Get all 3 locks lit, lock 2 balls. Finish 1 holdem hand to light Poker Corner. Then trap ball on left flipper, select Change Gears with right button, shoot scoop to start CG and MB. Focus on upper pf when balls are launched to stack AitH MB. Score mega points!

#170 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

I have TSPP and LOTR, and I have noticed that no question, WPT has more drain potential than those two, but I wouldn't say it's a drain whore. I have mine on the middle posts, but given the PF is as open as it is, you get ample (dare I so more than any other game?) time to see the ball heading in that direction, and thus can nudge accordingly. It's of course hard on MB's, but really in pretty much every machine you are flailing until you can cradle one, maybe two balls on a side, and start picking shots.
I don't aim for any drops unless I'm in MB, or it's really lucrative, and that's a general strategy for any machine. They are just too dangerous and unpredictable. This game lures you to take that risk all too much, which is another great design.
I've removed the rear left gate, and talked to Keith about this before hand, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't screwing myself or making the game too easy. It really just speeds up how many times you get AI MB, which comes a lot now. With this, the left orbit comes back safely to the right flipper for a dead pass or catch, the right orbit now seems to hit something coming out of the left side and come back to the right flippers as well, same deal in dealing with it, both ramps, scoop and CTC shots are all safe, with the exit from the pops more or less always falling to a controllable spot in the flippers. In other words, unless you get tangle up flailing around the main PF (the "danger zone" ala Archer we'll call this ), all shots to the rear return very safe.
I learned early on with Keith's rules, when I first learned to calm down and control TSPP, that you really have to slow the game down and pick your shots.

For some reason, my tweaked slings are really brutal now. No time to affect the ball rocketing into the outlanes! But, your right orbit should also go around cleanly. My orbits are pretty fast, rubber bouncy, so catching orbits is tricky and a brush against the slings sets them off! Had a couple of games with great setups last night, but brutal drains ended them both. BTW, superbands on the small flippers makes the upper pf really hard to control and very challenging! Even with black side rubbers.

This is really a great pin, easily one of the best ever made. And it gets no respect.

#177 5 years ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

The value that the spinner adds to the main pot goes up every poker hand too (starts at 5K/spin, probably goes up 500/hand), so if you ignore all-in you will get it without even trying in a later hand.
Personally I really enjoy the NL-AITH-AI stack. Pound on those spinners a few times at the start of AI in order to get your jackpot value up higher quicker (+1000/switch).

Can you start AI after starting NL? (I just don't seem to notice that or hit too many ramps!) I can see that being lucrative.

1 month later
#205 5 years ago

A cheap/cool WPT mod (think I also saw one years ago): Cut the back and top/bottom off the box for a deck of cards, adhere it to the card deck over the right entrance to the upper pf. Gives more of a poker feel to the game.

1 month later
#218 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

So I played WPT tonight determined to gear my games towards getting the KI. First game wasn’t bad, 210m, poker wizard, but second last city prior to starting WP Championship.
Had an issue with the left ramp post sticking when it was supposed to go down to release ball (common from what I have seen), so decided I would tackle that, as I was meaning to take apart and put a stronger spring in. I did this, and stretched out a sys11 flipper spring, and this completely fixed the issue. The original spring was useless, there is no strength in that, I’m guessing others likely need to do this fix as well. I also installed a socket to light up the CTC shot, as I cannot see this and aim properly for it.
Played another game, Poker Wizard, which I seem to do most games nwo, and WP Championship finally! I thought after the last city, the championship was lit, and you have to score an additional 7 hands or whatever it’s up to by that point, but was happy to see once you finish the last city it just goes into this. I didn’t know what I was doing, and thought I must have been close to the KI, but totally forgot to look through the status.
I’m not sure if I was, but I had side pots up to 1m, and was rocking everything else, still, just shy of my GC with 252m.
What exactly is needed for the KI? I feel I was really close tonight.

Hold the button in for the KI requirements. Besides Wizard and Championship, you need 25M from pretty much each multiball and 25M in hurry-ups, plus maybe a couple of more things.

BTW, what setting is your game on? Championship and Wizard aren't that easy on factory/med and hard settings. (Mine's on Hard.) Easy is a *lot* easier as you need fewer cities, Poker Corner is easier to relight, multiballs much easier to start, etc.

For a hoot, put it on extra-easy 5-ball and have a multiball marathon!

#220 5 years ago
Quoted from Atomicboy:

I have it on factory, med outlanes. I'm not setting anything to 5 ball, feels like cheating.

5-ball is just for the multiball fest on extra-easy. Mine is currently Hard, no EBs, no outlane posts (but I may put them back in the wide location).

2 weeks later
#233 5 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Okay I think something is not working right on mine. How do you lock the ball in the upper playfield? I thought you bash it twice and then can lock it. Not on mine, you can hit it all day but the only time it locks the ball is after I get awarded "raise gates" on the " cut the deck" shot. When that happens it does raise the pins and then locks the ball.

Go to switch test and make sure the opto right in front of the bars is registering. That is the 'switch' that scores when hitting the bars to raise them. Use a ball pused against the bars to trigger it.

1 month later
#264 4 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

I hot glued the chip stacks together and then to the following 3M "Command fridge clips":
The clips (without the accompanying adhesive strips) enable the stacks to be attached to any available open plastics location and subsequently relocated or removed as desired.

I'd use museum putty instead of hot glue. No harm to the chips or plastics.... BTW, you can attach a real card deck box over the fake one over the right ramp exit. Same size! (Again, I used museum putty to adhere.) Nice-looking WPT!

1 month later
#321 4 years ago
Quoted from WaddleJrJr:

I personally find the ones with the model or hostess or whatever to be a bit eh (stock included). I'd like to have a more classy poker-themed translite, rather than something based off the show.

Fair enough, although the pin itself (including the callouts) *is* based on the show...

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