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World Cup Soccer 94 owners. Everyone welcome.


6 years ago

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#1 6 years ago

Just got mine and as I learn more about it I would be happy to help others and be helped by others. That's the GOAAAAAAAAL of this thread!

#4 6 years ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

Mine is heading to a new home in a couple weeks - but it's a great game! The final with Germany is always an adrenaline rush!

Lost to Germany 4-2 yesterday. You're so right though, always a rush!

Quoted from Eskaybee:

Got mine early this year. It was resetting every 10th game or so which eventually ended up turning into a reset anytime both flippers were hit...yikes! I got a new baby in the house so troubleshooting and soldering just wasn't very motivational to say the least. Thought about dumping it to a fellow pinsider and great guy who loves working on pins for a below market price. Instead he offered to do the board repair for 50 bucks. When I brought it to his house, He found 3 undersized BRs on the board. Most people would have bought the game cheap, fix it and flip it; this guy helped a fellow pinsider out. Thanks Tracelifter!
I'll post pics of my WCS later on. Fun game. And we're a soccer family so glad we didn't sell it off

I take it BR= Bridge rectifier? How do you get 3 undersized? Hack job?

+1 for Tracelifter. So many good people here on Pinside!

#7 6 years ago
Quoted from altan:

WC94 is perhaps the most accessible pin I have. Non pinball people get it immediately and enjoy it. This seems to be the case whether they like soccer or not.
I've got info about mine here http://www.aaarpinball.com/WCS94/wcs94.htm
It was in pretty nice shape when I got it, so there isn't as much detail on that page compared to some others.

Awesome page! Not sure why Propoganda gave you a downvote. Did you hurt his feelings?
Thanks for sharing!

#15 6 years ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Was I think the third pin I ever owned...wound up trading it & cash for a TSPP. HUGE mistake! Wound up getting another one a couple years later, and it will never leave. It is by far our most played pin. LOVE this game!!!

Just played TSPP for the first time yesterday. I really liked it, and really want one. It will be a while until I can afford one though.

#17 6 years ago

As others have said, this was one of my favorites in the 90's. I seem to remember the goalie traveling farther to the left than mine does. I have a very hard time hitting the Penalty Shot as it seems the goalie is not far enough left. I played WCS in a tournament in March and had no problem hitting the Penalty Shot so I'm pretty sure something is up. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for quality of video.

#19 6 years ago
Quoted from Eryeal:

and honestly, I'd probably prefer mine be more like yours to make it more challenging.

Thanks for looking. Not a bad point on the challenging part, now you have me considering leaving it alone.

#24 6 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

The best information I could find says that PX-3 is a prototype ROM. No idea what the differences are.
If you want to run the latest tried and true then go with L-2 (LX-2).

Mine says LA-2. LX-2 better/newer?

EDIT: A=America/Canada X=Export.

#29 6 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Nice! That's awesome you landed one. This is at the very top of my wishlist right now, I really love this game.

Thanks! I shall help you find one!! Like many people have said, it's so easy for anyone to walk up to and understand!

#31 6 years ago
Quoted from mwong168:

I see this one being the flavor of the month soon

I think it's well on it's way. I know of at least 5 people who are looking to pick one up. Heck, HighProtein just got one to put on route and tullster still has one on route too.

Quoted from altan:

Hey... it's only a $900 pin per pinside... People could own 5 WCS94's instead of an ACDC. That's a good value
(Obviously pinside's estimate price is ridiculous in this case)

I was so geeked when I found pinside and saw that estimate! Oh well, still easily worth double that in my book.

#36 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Enough with the silly cheerleading!!!

Don't you go starting fights in my thread you no having WCS person! As a matter of fact you should probably sell me that RFM and get you a WCS. Just not yet cuz I'm broke.

#45 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I do not think 'burst' can apply to this hobby.
However, I have definitely noticed some titles have actualy stopped going up and some have even receded a bit. Things eb and flow (even from the short time I have been in the collecting aspect of the hobby) and it only makes sense that with so many GREAT new games coming out, that some titles may actually go down a bit in perceived value (i.e. market).
Back on topic >> WCS is a fun game!!! Maybe Ken will actually invite me over to play some time and explain it fully to me???

You should know that you have an open invitation. I've got a long stretch of weird work days until the 19th. How about the 20th, 21st, 22nd, or the 26th? Not much variety over here but good company

Also supposed to hook up with Dave somewhere in there to play some ac/dc!

#49 6 years ago

Has anyone had, or know how to deal with this issue...Left pop bumber plastic is a little low on the left side. Right above the entrance to Striker's hideout. Usually not a problem, but every so often it will catch a slow rolling ball and hold on to it for a few seconds. Working crazy hours right now so I have not delved into it yet. Shim it up on that side? Order new plastic? Thanks in advance for any advice!

#52 6 years ago
Quoted from callmesteam:

Is it warped? You could flatten it. If not, maybe throw a couple lexan washers in there to raise it a hair...?

Thanks. Finally got some time to look at it today, luckily all it was,was that the nuts on the lower portion were just a bit loose, allowing the left side to dip a bit.

And now something that took me forever to learn. Wasn't in the manual..balls flying everywhere I could never see...but today I finally saw it. Do you know how to light tackle??

Answer: Travel

Post edited by DEWSHO : Add answer.

1 week later
#53 6 years ago

Found an old thread about noisy soccer ball motor/gearbox. I followed the threads advice and added more grease to the gearbox. Quieted it a little but not a whole lot. Anybody try anything else to quiet the gearbox (where most of the noise comes from)?

#55 6 years ago
Quoted from ryan1234:

I wrapped my gearbox in cork insulation tape. I did this while it was removed from the playfield.
The tape is black and self sticking. I made a huge ball a round the gearbox and some of the motor.
I quieted it down some.

Thanks Ryan!

#57 6 years ago

Hoping to pick up a STTNG someday. Love the theme and the machine.

#58 6 years ago

Just heard back from James at Pinball INC and he says that ramps for WCS 94 are on the list for this summer!!

#61 6 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

I ak not sure if i asked before, but did anyone mod this pin to there national team?
Or maybe a club? ( more difficult cause the modes are wc based, but never the les...)

Never seen it done, but what a great idea.

#65 6 years ago
Quoted from yoshootme:

hopefully mine to be delivered by this friday! cant wait.

Had mine for over a month and everyone in the family still plays it everyday. Such a wide appeal. Congrats on your (soon to be) purchase!

#70 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I have a couple of questions.
1. Are there many differences in the latest rom compared to an older one. I have the LA1 rom in my game.
2. Does anybody know what switch/optos activate the whistle sound and score about 10-20,000 points? Occasionally the ball wil sit in the shooter lane and the whistle will keep going off and awarding points. It also keeps the ball finder from activating.

I'm not positive and I will check when I get home, but I think the whistle is from the "tackle" switch.

Not sure on the ROM.

#82 6 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

create a translight for next years World Cup.. Then another new one 4 years later, etc...

Love this idea!! Let us know what you find out from gameongraphix.

#85 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I wish mine would just stay closed indefinitely Shooting the full orbit without the kickback lit is suicide!

Yea, as I practice on this game more I find one of my top priorities being to relight kickback.
Also what are htese lit star posts of which you speak?

#89 6 years ago
Quoted from JeffA:

Anybody know where to get a replacement goalie? Mine's cracked. Marcos is out of stock - which I assume means never to be sold again.

This is not good news. You can't find one anywhere?

#110 6 years ago
Quoted from soren:

WCS has one of the most awesome carom-combo shots in all of pinball.
You lock a ball and have the kickback unlit. Plunge the new ball, hit light kickback and carom Final draw. Pure Pinball Magic.

As many times as I played this in the wild back in the day, I never figured this out until I owned it! And I agree, feels great to nail it!

#111 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

That is pretty cool! I need one!

Ditto. Although I suppose fashioning one wouldn't be to hard. Would still be cool to have one from the goodie bag!

#120 6 years ago
Quoted from Barrythick:

Just an FYI...In my search for new parts for WCS, I found a company selling repro Soccer balls for the very reasonable price of $52.50 if anyone is looking for one. These are on Ebay now and then for more than double that price. Good luck, link below.

Thanks, going to get one for that price even though I don't need it yet.

#129 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I should buy one as a backup, but mine is still in really good shape. I am sure it is a repro though. I have already spent to much this month on the machine, I need to throttle back a bit Cliffys, LED's, Shooter rod, connectors.....it adds up

You got that right! Did you get the shooter rod with the soccer ball? My son keeps bugging me to get that one.

#135 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Well, I didn't have access to that so I had to go to Canada for mine I honestly don't know much about the different versions. I do know that the grand champion on the new rom is 2,000,000,000 points! I think on the LA-1 rom it was stupid low at 600,000,000.

How much was it? I have the LA-2 but still get ghosting issues. Doesn't really bother me, but if it's cheap I'll get it.

#143 6 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I did, well the cheap one on eBay anyways Stock it isn't that great, but I sanded it down and repainted it and shot it with clear coat. Turned out pretty good I think.

I think so too!

#155 6 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I picked up my WCS on Thursday of last week. I was out of town, so didn't get it setup until Saturday, but I got quite a few plays on it since then. I did end up beating Germany, and the game has been a lot of fun. I love the way the ramps feel, and a well placed goal shot is very satisfying.
Does anyone have any game specific setup tips to decrease ball time a bit?

Congrats Dave!!! Guess it's time to head back down to your place!

As for ball time, if I'm setting it up for me and not the kids I either put kickback on "off at ball start" so you have to shoot it to light it up, or "1". Also cleaned and waxed mine after having it a few days to speed it up some. Preset hard or very hard (under utilities settings) is another way to challenge yourself.

#158 6 years ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

so I also picked up a 4mbc for you to make your future trips worth it!

4mbc? And just so you know I don't need any more incentive than to hang out with you in Edgerton/Milton/???

#173 6 years ago

Love the look of the game Gov!!

Would also like to see the list of LED's you used. Love the look of the saucers!

Dave, as for lighting kickback, I'm not sure why you are finding it so difficult. You get a shot at it every time you plunge, shoot goal, or shoot striker's hideout (or of course a regular ball down the right inlane). You also have a chance to carom into the TV Award/Final Draw. Extra ball not carrying over definitely makes the game much more challenging in my opinion.

#178 6 years ago

Thanks gov!

#184 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I can slop it into the TV hole left and right until multiball/final draw is on the line then I am a bricking machine!

I've always said this. The shot is RIGHT THERE!!! Yet so hard to hit when you are trying your hardest! I think they have it cocked at the tiniest angle. Today I had a ball rebound and shoot down the right inlane with some speed. Reactionary slap on the right flipper and made it into final draw. Not sure how as I can hardly ever make it from the right flipper even at a standstill.

#191 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Woot! I finally made it to the Cup final and beat Germany.

Congrats! Love that feeling!

I was playing the other day and shot 3 quick goals against Germany. I then proceeded to plunge and score another as it was kicking one out. Scored that one (which didn't count)and plunged and scored another(which didn't count), just couldn't miss. Still had 3 balls in the goal though so it wouldn't count ANY until I let it kick out all the balls. Ended up with 8 goals but should have been 11 or 12. 8 still stands as my best.

#192 5 years ago

Playing a game with the kids and learned from my mistake. Only used 2 balls in Final with Germany, got the timing just right!


1 week later
#202 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

It's quiet in here.......

Holidays and all keeping us busy.

On topic though, my right GI went out Looks like a burnt connector. Time to learn some more. To test do I select right GI and put a meter on the proper pins to check output?

#206 5 years ago

Thanks guys! Think I'm going to have Whysnow head over and give me a lighting 101 class!

#215 5 years ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Any word on the repo ramps?

The guy e-mailed me and said "They are on the list for this summer". Hopefully they get to them.

#241 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

What do you guys think the ebay one will go for?

$501. Where you getting yours from? And when you going to come teach me lighting 101?

#245 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Summertime is tough to even find a spare evening.

Good thing I'm patient. I might get some time to mess with it this week after Wednesday. Will look closer and see what I can do.

#260 5 years ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Any way we can get a list of the colors you used

I'll second that request.

#281 5 years ago
Quoted from exflexer:

Cliffy once suggested putting double-sided tape under the protector but I don't think it is wise.

Don't know about wise (I mean how much damage can double sided tape do), but it would have to be hella strong double sided tape to work. Used some double sided tape from work and it was no where near strong enough.

#293 5 years ago
Quoted from Turboderf:

New Ball on ebay i'm sure it wont last
Ebay link

For $125 I hope it lasts forever! Fuck that price! That's more than the soccer ball motor and gearbox sell for.

3 weeks later
#330 5 years ago
Quoted from cubsh8r:

Also has anyone tried using mylar cut to shape to keep cliffy's down?

I have not. But the left free kick cliffy is really starting to bother me. Going to have to try something soon.

#336 5 years ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Still need to work on back handing it from the right.

Only way I can seem to backhand it is if it is a very slow roll up the raised flipper. ABout 3/8ths the way up the flipper I drop and raise the flipper to get the right angle. Left flipper I've gotten very good with. And as someone else pointed out, I use magna save on occasion to line up final draw and extra ball shots.

#338 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Over 600 plays later they are still lying flat. I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks Gov. I should probably try that before I take it to whysnow's tournament.

1 week later
#351 5 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

I would say that you traded up quite a bit Congrats!

No doubt!

#356 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Have you guys played Party Zone? It is an equally fun game and also very funny.

Get out of our circlejerk!

#358 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Hey, you said everyone was welcome... ;(

In the topic, not the circlejerk!

As a side note, man do you get up early!

#360 5 years ago

Don't really need them, but wouldn't mind having an extra set. What does a set go for when not being bid up but sold outright?

#362 5 years ago
Quoted from Barrythick:

I NEED them so please don't bid!
On a serious note, last set I saw sold for 125.

Good to know. I will not bid on these out of respect for my fellow pinheads.

#365 5 years ago

Love the purple in the skill shot!

#368 5 years ago
Quoted from tucson:

I just picked up a WCS 2 weeks ago. My kids love it, and I find it challenging. I'm new to Pinside, and was surprised to see a thread dedicated to WCS.

I joined in January and was surprised there wasn't a WCS thread considering how there are 200+ owners here on pinside. Congrats on the pickup and welcome to pinside!

Think I need to clean the opto for my Striker hole. Been working a TOn of 12 hour days in a row though and have not looked at it. Does anyone know how hard or easy it is to reach this opto. Have to get the machine tip top for MRP 2013.

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