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Working on Palm Springs Bingo

By NoQuarters

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

Vic Camp suggested I start a thread similar in nature to the current "Working on Roller Derby" thread.

I too wound up with one of the games dispersed from a collection from a Bingo guy who had passed on. I have the Palm Springs game shown in the later part of the Show us Your Bingo thread where the collection of machines from New Jersey have taken various new homes.

One buyer here in Wisconsin took two of the games, Bonanza and Palm Springs. I in turn bought one game from him, the Palm Springs, as it was located within a fairly close distance within 45 minutes of my home. It made it's way into my basement just this past Saturday. Just getting acquainted with it and it is my first experience with a Bingo machine.

Look for the adventure or saga of Palm Springs here and we'll see if we can get this game too running more reliably and with consistency. Vic sent me video's of the game running prior to it's shipment, and interestingly, it too like Roller Derby has become a bit cantankerous adjusting to being moved and placed in a new home. Offers of help from Vic and Nick (Bingopodcast) have been most welcome. We shall give it a go! Feel free to chime in with suggestions and help.

#2 3 years ago

Here are photos posted for reference from the other thread for viewing convenience. These are shots taken yesterday set up in the "work" area for pins in my basement.


#3 3 years ago

Inside the head:



#4 3 years ago

Love seeing more people getting into the bingos. Please document your upcoming work on this!
I also just bought a new project a Bally 1957 Show time bingo & am looking forward to getting it up & running..

#5 3 years ago

Yes - I will post up progress, questions or quandaries here. Might be a little irregular depending how busy I am with the normal hustle and bustle of daily life, work etc. Busy during this work week and most evenings, though I might have time to post a few more photos later on tonight. May not to get to try and work on the game until later on in the week, but you can bet this thread will see activity as Palm Springs warms up.

#6 3 years ago

NoQuarters, excellent. This thread is on my radar, so post what you need and I'll help as I can.

#7 3 years ago

A few more pictures showing playfield, controls on the apron for Coin drop, and Hold feature buttons.




#8 3 years ago

And a few closeups of some of the units inside the back box.





#9 3 years ago

a few more





#10 3 years ago

Should be enough photos to start off for a little general reference of the machine. I'll see if I get a little time by the end of the week... then I'll start to detail or explain initial operational / trouble shooting that needs attention.

#11 3 years ago

Background prior to tonight. After setting up the machine and leveling it, putting in the eight balls, etc. The game would start and as you dropped dimes in lights would "strobe" or move across the backglass quickly for lack of a better term. If you put in enough dimes you would get the red arrow "teaser" lights to light up. On a few occasions I actually got the select a number to light. I did get super cards lit a few times. Yellow arrow teasers were quite stingy but I got one or two arrows once or twice. Odds would never lock on though. You could simulate a game and appropriate number would light corresponding between playfield holes and the backglass. I got payouts but nothing that corresponded to any known odds shown on the backglass. One time I got the four corners feature lit and it ran off nearly 200 replays but it seemed the counter was maybe a little sticky. After this progress seemed to go backward. ( note: I'll have to clean up the counter I think it's a bit gummy )

Further plays resulted in no features lighting, No odds locking on - No odds has been a consistent error to date. No teasers etc, and the "strobing" when a dime was deposited no longer occurred after the big payout.

Nick (bingopodcast) suggested a few things to check to start with. Check the fuses, specifically the two 6 volt fuses, check the anti cheat relay and clean the search disc. We also briefly discussed the reflex unit and how the Relex Unit stingy's up the machine after paying out. The conversation led to the first order of business - Getting the odds to work being the first goal toward better operation.

Tonight I got a little time. First thing, for the second time I recleaned and reseated all Jones plugs in the head. Next I checked all fuses for continuity at the ends of the junction to the fuse holders - all good. Then I gave a fairly decent cursory cleaning to the search disc in place in the machine with a scotchbrite. I also attempted to "reset" the reflex unit some by turning the gear closest to me clockwise a good ways while holding the relay so the gear moved or clicked freely. I then started the machine again. No changes, or betterment of game operation.

I then activated the the start relay simulating a coin being dropped and observed the anti cheat switch. It locks on and stays locked on - I do not know if this is proper? I gave the points of the Anti cheat switch a quick pass with a flexfile. Same action with the anti cheat switch, BUT - One improvement - the game "strobes" again across the backglass when you deposit a coin. Hooray - but Still no teaser lights, features etc.

Game does continue to light up correct numbers on backglass corresponding to the balls simulated play into the playfield. That is the one thing that has been consistent. Glad to see the game strobing again. Thats where it's at tonight.

Picture showing getting numbers lit - that much has been consistent ...


#12 3 years ago

Anti cheat relay latches with first coin or start relay actuation. It stays latched. Think 'hold' relay on a flipper game.

The strobing happens as part of the 16 pulse cams on the mixer unit (big motor on the back door at the top).

Note that it can take a lot_ of coins to light all the features. It is less likely (much less) to award you the hold feature if you have spotted numbers and vice versa. Also if your odds are up a few steps, the whole machine will tighten up. I'm not convinced that that is not operating properly.

Let's get the odds going then see what happens. Try stepping the score unit (not replay counter unit) and see what happens.

If that doesn't light the odds, clean the rivets on that stepper and the spider fingers. Just like a flipper EM, you do this with the game off.

If that still doesn't, then something that you've already checked is not right.

Note if you take apart the replay counter (green reels) use nothing stronger than heavily diluted soap in water. The green and numbers will slide right off otherwise.

#13 3 years ago

Oh and the search disc cleaning is the first step toward awarding the correct number of replays. But you have to see the numbers first.

If replays still don't award properly with the odds lighting, then you have a problem with the replay counter disc. Might be a hair out of line from all the moving or need a little cleaning.

#14 3 years ago

Sounds like the Palm Springs is really trying hard to work properly now again and maybe be time for a serious workout.

After you clean and manually check the odds unit and it is free up and working fine, then you might want to play the game for about an hour or more. It could be a good idea at this point in time, since the game is operating well now that you give it a serious workout.

By doing this hour or more serious workout you will get a better understanding on how, when and why the machine should be awarding a player features and odds etc. Getting a feel for how the machine is thinking mechanically internally will help with knowing if the game is working correctly or not. The more games you play the more you will notice what the machine is doing and thinking.

Spend sometime playing your bingo before trying to repair it...............?

An important part of owning your first bingo is getting comfortable on what the machine doing inside and knowing if it is right or not. The game has a mind of it own thanks to Don Hooker and you will need to know if it operating correctly.

Now that you cleaned your odds unit it could be time for a game workout and bonding with the machine.

Slide your playfield glass off and start a game. Next manually step up the odds to 64/200/300 and by hand place the balls into any 5 in a line winner allowing the machine to pay you off your 300 replays. Now your ready to give your bingo a good workout.

Start another game by pressing the red start button 50 times allowing the replay meter to move down from 300 credits to 250 credits. Every time you push the red start button, closely watch what features or odds are lighting up on the backglass. Take your time and move slowly when pressing off the 50 replays or credits observing the backglass features and odds and listening closely to the sounds of the mechanical parts operating inside the game.

Play (six) 50 credit games and repeat over again........by manually step up the odds once again to 64/200/300 and by hand place the balls into any 5 in a line winner allowing the machine to pay you off your 300 replays. Now your ready to give your bingo another good workout."

Play at least (two) 300 replay workouts while observing what is happening feature and odds and listening to the game mechanically to learn how the machine supposed to sound. This 600+ workout session should give you some important basic knowledge and learning and get your more inclined with the operation of these magnificent pin games.

Just remember these bingo type pinball machines were really built to be played non stop for hours and days at a time and need/love it too.

#15 3 years ago

Also, now that it's not 1AM and I'm re-reading this:

Because replay award happens on a timed basis, you can count the number of pulses to the replay counter reels and see if it is attempting to do it correctly.

If you hear four thunks and only 2 show on the register, then the register will need cleaning. If you only hear 2 thunks instead of four, then my advice about the replay counter unit holds true.

#16 3 years ago

And once you can see the odds, Vic's advice is crucial. I attempted to describe above the interplay between the odds, features and so forth, but it's pretty complex - there's more to it. You'll have to play to see what happens.

#17 3 years ago

Ok - I will look to the Score Unit next and see if I can get the odds to start working.

Vic's bingo "work out" sounds like a good idea. I try to do these things fairly soon. May get a little time tonight otherwise it will be later Friday or Saturday morning probably. Hopefully the odds will get functioning and I can proceed to the work out.

(also....I will be careful if I have to do any cleaning at the replay counter. I am thinking if I have to do that it might help to remove the backglass. Anything to be aware of when taking the backglass out ?)

#18 3 years ago

If you plan to clean the replay register, you're correct that I would advise taking the glass out. If the side of the head keys came with the machine, great! The locks are unique and spin in place rather than a lock/unlock position. Keep a hand on the siderail as you spin the lock - it will come out. If you don't have a key - don't grab a drill. Let's talk.

The backglass sits in the channel carved in the top rail, side rails and bottom rail of the head. Slide it very carefully out as it can scrape against the white backboard if you press in. Vic showed me a trick one time: take a piece of packing tape and let it overhang the edge of the glass (applied to the front). This lets you pull it out evenly without scraping.

When you pull out the backglass, you will see the replay counter on the upper-right. In order to get it into the service position, you slide two stops on the left and right up and the white light board, and this will lay down flat on the siderails. Be careful - it's heavy. Not as heavy as later bingos, but still heavy and will smash into the siderails if you let it.

This also gives you easy access to the units on the backside (replay counter and EB unit). Unfortunately, the score unit's label wasn't pictured, so I'm assuming it's on the back door at the bottom right.

From this position, you can manually crank the replays up and down by pressing the solenoid plungers. If I don't do a full tear down, I will at least clean from the back (with soap and water) and rotate around. Unlike score reels, these replay registers have a mechanical stop. It is configurable, but is typically set at 899 for the three digit counters.

As with any solenoid-driven mechanism, check for mechanical binding on the plunger first and go from there.

I would hold off on working on the replay register until you have the odds displaying, and then observing what is happening.

Remember the bingo mantra: one bite at a time.

#19 3 years ago

Try giving the Palm Springs replay counter a good exercising before diving into to it.

Once in a while I will manually make a 5 in a line of a 300 or more replay payout. After all 300 replays are counted on the replay meter and game has ended, I will shut the power switch off under the lower cabinet and let the machine count off the 300 replays or credits like it would as if it was being played on location and the player was cashing out his wins. This should help keep your replay meter in top shape and "loose as a goose" and keep it operating smoothly. Think of it as Preventive Maintenance.

Sometimes especially if the player is new to the game and is still learning how to move the ball around the playfield for in line wins, the replay meter doesn't get use a lot because the new player isn't scoring much. Also if the game hasn't been played in a while and been sitting for some time the replay meter could use this type of workout above to keep in good working order.

Try this above a few times and see if the replay meter operates better.....

#20 3 years ago

Ok - More good information. I will hold off on removing the backglass and cleaning the replay register meter and the replay counter units.

I did figure out where the Score Unit is. Everything has labels less one unit - The Score unit. It is located on the back door below the Mixer and Spotting Unit on the right side near the hinges. ( I have a copy of the manual now and so I made a reference photo for both the door and inside head with the nomenclature for reference )

Score Unit is the next order of business - going to work on getting those odds showing up.



#21 3 years ago

Ok - I stepped the score unit by hand - it would only advance two places, ditto. Game operation the same. No change.

Then cleaned stepper disc - Now it gives odds ! Hooray !

Then proceeded to Run a few quick test plays.

Deposit 2 dimes, 1st row of odds lights 96,16,4.... scored 3 in row paid 4 credits correctly. Pushed the red button to see if I could play with the credits - Nope dropped the balls and cleared the counter to Zero.

Deposit 1 dime, 1st odds lights, score 4 in row - paid 15. Push red button - balls drop, counter to Zero.

Deposit 2 dimes 2nd odds lights, add 18 more dimes, no increase in odds. score 3 in row - no pay out (waited long time - no pay)

Deposit 1 dime new game, 1st odds light, score 4 in row pays 4 , add 5th ball for 5 in row clicks off 11 more credit for a total of 15 on the meter. ( Supper time - power game off )

#22 3 years ago

Are you saying that if you manually stepped the odds, they would only go up two steps? There's an issue with the stepper, then.

Or are you saying that in gameplay it won't step above step #2?

For winners, there are three items of interest: #1: replay counter unit (big thing on the back of the white board)
#2: score unit (odds stepper)
#3: search disc (big disc on the right hand side of the control unit.

One of the three is causing the issues.

Please verify stepping the odds unit by hand.

#23 3 years ago

I was pushing the wrong solenoid on the Score Unit - the reset one - head slap - pushed the other one now located to the rear of this assembly by hand with the game on. Increments all 8 odds positions correctly and lights appropriate odds on backglass. Push the other solenoid and it resets to no odds showing.

#24 3 years ago

After posting the result of hand stepping the Score unit odds in the post above I returned back to the game.

Put in 2 coins, 2nd set of odds lit. Added more coins to a total of 60 deposited with no increase in odds, no teasers etc.
Scored 3 in a row balls 18,10,2 No Payout.

Put in 2 coins 1st set of odds lit. 3 in a row, balls 18,2,10 now paid 4 credits correctly. Added the 5th ball for 4 in a row - no additional credits were paid. With 4 credits showing pushed the red button - all credits cleared again.

Put in 1 coin 1st odds lit, 2nd coin 2nd odds lit, deposited up to a total of 15 coins - odds remained the same. Hand stepped the odds to the 5th level odds, 150,48,18.
3 in a row paid 17. Tried to play off the credits again. One push of the red button cleared all credits.

(Note: the first day I was able to use the red button and use credits on the machine. Also the teaser lights - especially red would light and even got a feature or two to work, odds however never lit till tonight after cleaning the score unit stepper disc.)

#25 3 years ago

Examining the Replay Counter I think it may be sticky or the wound wire return is weak or might not have enough turns on it ?
I swung the black peg by hand and it just hung there in position #2 in this photo. Moved from position #1 by hand. Action is sluggish or lazy.

You can compare position with photo in post#9 early in the thread if my marked up picture isn't clear enough in nature. Photo in post #9 shows At Rest position 1


#26 3 years ago

Tried a couple more games

2 coins lit 2nd odds paid 6 - correct pay out.
Tried the Yellow button - it clicked down 1 at a time with each push in an effort to light extra balls. Counter clicked down nicely to Zero.

2 coins lit 2nd odds AND Right Super Card ( Haven't seen that in awhile ) No teaser lights though... 4 in a row paid off 17 (should be 20)
Tried the Red button - all credits gone with one push.

That's probably it for tonight. Won't get back to the game until Friday, busy tomorrow evening.

#27 3 years ago

Ok, you're about 90% there.

At this point, here's what I'd suggest.

1) Ensure that the replay counter unit steps crisply and cleanly then test payout again.

If payout still not correct, clean the search disc.

If payout still not correct, check the pressure arms on the slip rings beside the search disc. Ensure cleanliness.

If payout still not correct I have other things to try but you'll get into increasingly easy to mess something up territory.

2) Not much is lighting - first step for that problem is to clean the spotting disc (big disc on the mixer unit on the left). This disc provides pathways of voltage for each feature and odds step. I believe that the second score step is automatic on palm springs on second coin. This means that the spotting disc is not important for your first coin.

If that doesn't do it, check the wiper pressure and cleanliness on the mixer - to the left of the spotting disc. Be careful. These will break easily. Ensure that there is one in each groove and that there is good tension.

More to try after, but check that stuff.

Be careful not to break the pressure arms and be careful not to break wiper fingers on the discs. They are very sensitive.

#28 3 years ago

Oh and third problem : zeroing credits on red button. Check for shorts in the button when pressed. If the switch stack is a little loose behind the button, it could be shorting to something and dropping out the 50v. This will disengage the anti cheat relay and engage the replay reset relay - which zeroes out the meter.

#29 3 years ago

Thanks Nick - I'll see if I can work on some of those things soon, busy tonight so maybe Friday I can start on the list.

I have cleaned the search disc once, but maybe not enough - it was a fairly cursory cleaning. The fuzzy wide blade might be dirty yet and re depositing a thin layer of film or gunk on the rivets. I'll clean the disc again. I am sure I might have to re-clean some items as I go along.

Encouraging to hear I'm getting closer and making progress.

"pressure arms and slip rings" - I'm a little vague on all the nomenclature - you may have to explain or point that out for me. These I take it are different parts than the fingers, the disc and wipers ? If you can explode a photo or drawing with some labels or perhaps I can call you to clarify what they are and what I need to do to check these parts. (I have a photo of the search disc in post #9 of the thread that might be good enough for reference ?) Thanks

#30 3 years ago

Absolutely! Happy to help. You're pretty darn close to 100%.

Follow my instructions in order and you'll be sitting pretty in no time. Don't jump straight to search disc, especially if you've already cleaned, as it likely won't fix your issue. The replay counter unit is the thing that tells the game if you have earned enough replays for your win. This is tied into the score unit. So, if the search disc finds a winner, the search index relay will pull, and replays will start adding to the register.

As they are added, the replay counter unit will also step.

When the replay counter unit hits the defined number of steps required by the odds unit, the search index relay will drop out and the search disc will keep turning. In Palm Springs, that's all there is to it.

As far as searching, you'll hear immediately upon shot #1 the chatter of the search relays. Depending on the #s you hit, different relays will fire at different points in the search disc wiper rotation. This is normal. Certain search relays (#1-#5) have to be engaged simultaneously to find 'winners' which alerts the search index relay to pull.

I am terrible about photos and editing and so forth, so I will try describing first - let me know if you need more description.

Look at the photo of your spotting disc. To the left you have the screw which holds the wiper arm in place via large spring. To the right of that, between the spring and the wiper arms are the slip rings.

These allow flow of current (without rotation) from the search or spotting disc to the circuits that require them. These rarely get dirty enough to matter, but if they do, certain features will not step and certain winners will not score.

My advice for testing winners:

Test a 3 in line win using each combination.

If they all work appropriately (meaning that something is added to the replay register - doesn't matter how much yet), then do the same for every 4 in a row, then every 5 in a row.

You can reach in the back and reset the replay counter unit after repositioning your balls to prevent having to start up a new test game.

#31 3 years ago

Ok - I should get some time this afternoon to get back to the game.

I found a photo on the Bingo Site in the glossary with a labeled photo - here we go. You described the position well and the photo confirmed it for me.

( PS - if you ever want to use a photo and label it, draw arrows etc - this is my easy method - I make a copy of the photo I want to use, open it with paint, select a contrasting color to the background and apply text, draw lines etc, save it and your done - pretty easy - if you can fix a Bingo you can do that one in your sleep ! )


#32 3 years ago

Thanks! I am a pure text kinda guy. I just don't have the patience for photo editing. I actually do a bit at my work, but I don't enjoy it.

To clean the slip rings, I take a piece of twine and cut it, then floss like dental floss.

The wipers I rub with scotch brite, check the positions and watch to ensure they ride smoothly in the grooves. No big deal!

But - as I say, you can break them if you are rough with them. Be gentle. They are 63 years old, after all!

#33 3 years ago

Made up some new score cards for NoQuarter's Palm Springs, courtesy of the Bingo site. Thank goodness they have archived all of this stuff for us!


#34 3 years ago

Three cheers for Phil Hooper!

Those came out great.

Since this hasn't been linked yet, for those following along:

#35 3 years ago

Those cards look fantastic Dave ! Thanks at least 5 in a Row ! 300 Replays for you.

#36 3 years ago
Quoted from bingopodcast:

Ok, you're about 90% there.
At this point, here's what I'd suggest.
1) Ensure that the replay counter unit steps crisply and cleanly then test payout again.
If payout still not correct, clean the search disc.
If payout still not correct, check the pressure arms on the slip rings beside the search disc. Ensure cleanliness.
If payout still not correct I have other things to try but you'll get into increasingly easy to mess something up territory.
2) Not much is lighting - first step for that problem is to clean the spotting disc (big disc on the mixer unit on the left). This disc provides pathways of voltage for each feature and odds step. I believe that the second score step is automatic on palm springs on second coin. This means that the spotting disc is not important for your first coin.
If that doesn't do it, check the wiper pressure and cleanliness on the mixer - to the left of the spotting disc. Be careful. These will break easily. Ensure that there is one in each groove and that there is good tension.
More to try after, but check that stuff.
Be careful not to break the pressure arms and be careful not to break wiper fingers on the discs. They are very sensitive.

Ok - did a lot of work on this list today - but nothing has changed - Don't know about being 90 % - that might be generous. I thought I'd make one improvement somewhere today. More challenge ahead.

I took out the backglass and lowered the"white board" down onto the cabinet for ease of work.

Cleaned the Replay Counter Unit - mechanisms - now steps up and resets much better. Also cleaned the disc on the opposite side and contacts since I had the inside of the head open and the front board down.

I also checked the replay register unit - it seems to step up numbers fine manually - checked the levers and such on the sides - reasonably clean. Cleaned a bit more. Did this again since front board down.

Cleaned the search disc again. Cleaned slip rings and slip ring wire wiper arm contacts. Did this both on the Search Disc and the Spotting Disc on the mixer.

Played a number of 3 and 4 in a row games then tried to play off the credits using Red Button - each time they would all click off to zero. I don't think there is a short, nothing in the wiring at the switch looks suspect I don't believe

photos of Red button in each position, at rest and then pushed in or activated ..... what about that common blade between, that bends to the left without any points ?? is that supposed to stay like that in each position ?

The Red Button I think is irritating me the most - that should be simple, It did work previously when I played with the machine the first day. Yellow button is counting down ok simulating trying to buy extra balls off credits earned. Should be able to play off credits/replays won with the Red button


#37 3 years ago

Disc under the Replay Counter - after cleaning ( photo with Qtip ) and also a before shot

#38 3 years ago

slip rings and wires cleaned



#39 3 years ago

found one surprise - three partially bare wires above the mixer unit - they don't appear to be touching together anywhere though and this seems to be the extent that these are bare and missing some covering. Doesn't look like the lack of covering on those three wires goes any further into the wire bundle.


#40 3 years ago

White board with the backglass off, just prior to lowering the board down to do some work.


#41 3 years ago

Previous owners work - back of the backglass - touch ups and sealed.


#42 3 years ago

Board down and also a shot of the replay register- mechanicals were fairly clean



#43 3 years ago

Wow. Everything thus far has looked pretty clean. That backboard is the cleanest I've ever seen!

Did you get 4 in a rows to score? You mentioned you did some testing, but did you do the methodical testing I mentioned - testing each position for a 3 in a row a 4 and a 5 to see if the machine 'saw' it?

This game has a knock off button on the bottom of the cab. If you press that button with credits on the register will it remove them all?

#44 3 years ago

Yup - operator knock off button works and clears credits every time if you push it. That has been consistent from day one.

I did get some 4 in a rows to score too. I didn't get to doing a full blown methodical test. (Was actually a number of hours just cleaning) Mostly did three scores and started new games just to see if I was making any progress.

Still no teaser lights, haven't seen them for a long time, and odds still just step the first two levels with coins. You can step all eight levels of the odds by hand off the score unit.

The Red Button bugs me. Would like to get it where it plays off credit won. This would make testing and exercising the machine much easier.

#45 3 years ago

I think I have the search disk and spotting discs fairly clean. White cloth is coming up with very little in way of smudges when ran over the rivets etc.



#46 3 years ago

Test plays - See Chart below. Heavy numbers are odds as they appear in order across backglass. Results in thin numbers.

Red Dot : One time the credits were added very slowly. At first looked like a No pay, maybe 15-20 seconds or so and then the Counter slowly started counting up and stopped in the 25ish credits or so range, clicked off a few more very slowly, paused again and then ran off the rest of the winning credits. This was a vertical 5 in a row scored through the middle of the board. This same vertical combo was tried in the next odds row without incident.


#47 3 years ago

Wow, pretty close! Ok, the replay counter may be slightly off center, or the switch which activates that step up is called a bit too far.

The replay counter thinks that it has scored appropriately.

Also: if the game can't find the winner at first, this can happen. In palm springs, the search is constant,so it has to try again the next revolution.

I can't look at schematics at the moment, but I will happily point you to a few switches later on today or tomorrow (playing with the kids and doing chores).

#48 3 years ago

Ok Nick. I have some things to do today also - it can't be pinball 24-7. Thank you very much for all the help so far. We'll tangle with game maybe later on today or this evening or tomorrow.

The Red Button has been taunting me - so for the time being I made the machine free play via a tip on the bingo info site - a piece of a popsicle stick keeping the anti cheat relay closed for now. Ha Ha Red Button - you won't run off my easily won simulation game replays ! We'll fix your butt-on later.


#49 3 years ago

What's happening, if that method works - is essentially what I said earlier about the red button. Something is causing the anti-cheat to drop out, which triggers replay reset since the anti-cheat prevents or allows that path with replays on the meter.

Looking at the schematic, you have several switches that can break the current to the anti cheat.

The first thing I'd check is the knock off switch. It is normally closed and needs to be pretty darn tight. I know it wasn't happening on yellow button play. With this in mind, you need to look at your extra ball play relay and the extra ball trips. You may have a similar marginal switch there.

For the step ups,I want you to observe the game from the back. Actuate the start relay and observe the mixers. There is a coil that should move up, allowing the mixers to turn. See if that happens. They should move on every button press. Some move one position and others move multiple.

This'll set you on the path to fixing those problems. Let me know the results and we'll go from there. I'm excited that replays are registering (mostly) properly in all holes. Hope you are too!

#50 3 years ago

Did you check the resistance on that anti cheat relay? It looks pretty toasty.

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Sparky Pinball
$ 20.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
ModFather Pinball Mods
$ 625.00
Flipper Parts
$ 69.00
Playfield - Protection
The MOD Couple
$ 125.00
Cabinet - Toppers
Sparky Pinball
From: $ 3.00
Lighting - Interactive
Professor Pinball
$ 9.99
Matt's Basement Arcade
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