Working on Big Time Bingo

By NoQuarters

2 years ago


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#51 2 years ago

Ah, it's missing the actual actuator arm. Worth a shot to take the wire nut off temporarily, you can always wire it back together. Also, take a peek at the red button switch tabs and leaves - they may be touching. The second (top) switch provides much of the action.

#52 2 years ago

Took the nut off and made no difference for the start relay. Relay still powered on and stayed activated as soon as I hit the power switch on at the head. Red button no longer worked then. Wired it back together and it simulates coins so I believe the mod is ok to replace dropping coins. Start relay must be locking on and staying locked on for another reason when power is turned on.

Examined the red button switch - looks good. Don't think there is a problem there. Two switches reverse in action when pushed. Open becomes closed at top (near door) and Closed becomes open at bottom ( away door )


1 week later
#53 2 years ago

Had a few minutes again today. Start relay continues to lock on immediately when you trip the power switch on the side of the head. I turned the machine off and put about 10 credits on the replay window. Turned the machine on. Start relay locked on as usual. Hit the red button to try to play off a credit. All the credits clicked off like you were hitting the credit clear on the bottom of the machine. Bottom credit clear seems to not be stuck on. Still trying to figure out why the start relay immediately locks on when the machine is turned on.

Shutter is not closing and balls not lifting. But, if you tug or push on the playfield by grasping one of the playfield holes at the bottom the shutter will close when you push the red button.

I rechecked most of the steppers and I think I have them free, fairly clean and stepping up or down, resetting when activated by hand.

I think this game is only a few bugs to sort out away from playing. I have had the lines moving , balls lighting and scoring and the game paying out at various points over the process of working on it.

If I can correct the start relay problem , get the shutter and ball lift to operate properly, it will play....

#54 2 years ago

NoQuarters, I hope to have a moment to review schematics this weekend. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread!

#55 2 years ago

Ok - thanks Dave...

I also cleaned up the playfield recently and put on new post rubbers. Also changed out almost all bulbs. Also replaced the playfield bumper springs as some were stretched, etc.



#56 2 years ago

Where did you get the springs from?

#57 2 years ago

I bought some new Springs from Macro Specialties. Macro only has the long ones, but not the short ones. However I found you can make two shorts out of one long.

I put my new springs on my other project Coney Island, and the best used springs from both games on Big Time.... I also salvaged one damaged long used spring and turned it into a good short spring.

#58 2 years ago

I usually check both pbr and Marco. The short springs are harder to get. That's a good trick with the longer springs, NoQuarters.

#59 2 years ago

I would eliminate that black wire connected between the coin switch and the start button.

Then I would then desolder a lead of the coin switch to eliminate the possibility that the coin switch is shorted
or stuck in the "on" state.

When the machine is turned on, any remaining credits should be decremented to zeros.

Once the machine is on, you can increment the credit counter then use the start button. But the machine has
to be on (working.)

#60 2 years ago

I have a popsicle stick holding the anti cheat relay closed so credits should stay on the machine regardless of powering on and off. Essentially creating free play to play off credits. Should be able to click off one credit at a time with the red button then in an attempt to advance odds, features and start a game.

Perhaps the black lead is not on the correct tab on the coin switch ? Maybe the mod that somebody made isn't quite right ??

When I had undone the wire nut connection previously the start relay still would lock on immediately with the power being turned on. Then the red button did nothing. I put the connection back together and the button would activate again so I was thinking the mod was good for simulating dropping coins.



#61 2 years ago

Close up of switch. The extra black lead is soldered to the bottom tab - tough to see the black wire in this shot - curves under the switch and in the shadow of this picture.

The loose screw on the front must be the true actuator ? It is spring loaded and "clicks" if you rotate it clockwise. I undid the wire nut connection temporarily and turned the power on, then tried turning the spring loaded screw on the front of the switch. Nothing occurred though.

Is there a tab broken or missing at the top side of the switch above the green and yellow wires ? Maybe there should be a connection of some sort made there ?? just guessing - don't know.

That start relay locking on immediately when you turn the power on has probably got something to do with an issue at the front door switches and wiring. ( odds are advancing when you push the red button so I don't think that the odds are hung up causing the start relay to stick as was one of the earlier suggestions of what to look at - maybe some other feature or such is stuck locking that relay on ? )


#62 2 years ago

I am suspicious of your micro switch wiring. There are three lugs. Your first lug is broken off with evidence of previous soldering activity. This may be the normally open lug with the center lug used as common. The black wire with white tracer is currently and maybe connected to the normally closed lug as it appears there has been some less than competent solder associated with this micro switch lug.

Remove the black wire with tracer and your free play hack from this lug. If you allow the black wire w/wire nut to remain connected to the black wire with tracer you shouldn't lose your free play and you have removed any micro switch interaction from
the circuit as the micro switch isn't being used anyway.

#63 2 years ago

You have confirmed my feelings on that switch also.... but there is a little twist now .... another fellow too will be interested in this in particular....

I actually made a new pinball friend in the last couple days. A fellow contacted me and told me that he has been looking for a Bingo and couldn't find one in our neck of the woods, much less one to his budget and his liking, aka inexpensive project ... Long story short ..... I just got home from hauling Big Time to his house! The Bingo brotherhood has just been expanded by one member. I hope my new friend Paul will jump into Pinside and sign on as a member and pick up where I am leaving off. He has read this thread and knows what lies ahead and he is confident he can finish what I have started. He had a Bingo in his past and is looking forward to getting Big Time to playing. Handing off to an eager and competent pinball enthusiast. Going to a good home and in good hands for sure. Now I'll have to double down on my other project. Figured it was ok to do so - I had more than one spare and there was an eager Bingo seeker that needed a project.

#64 2 years ago

Following the schematic, here's what I see with this problem:

1) Replay reset relay has a NC switch - that's obviously closed since the coil is energizing.
2) EB play could have a misadjusted switch.

Most likely the culprit is what Minnesota13 said:
The coin switch, located at F-4.5 shows three poles. So, that's probably the problem. Replacing with a new coin switch will probably fix it. Alternatively, if an Xacto can be used to slice and solder to the remaining tab, that should stop Start from energizing. Gotta find the wires, though.

Common is Green with Black tracer
Black with white tracer I believe is NC
and White with a red tracer is NO.

I may have the NO and NC colors reversed.

So, I think

Quoted from bingopodcast:
Stuck coin switch?


Quoted from minnesota13:
I am suspicious of your micro switch wiring. There are three lugs. Your first lug is broken off with evidence of previous soldering activity.

will light the way.

Once that has been replaced/repaired, then we'll have to evaluate. Hopefully Paul sees this and signs on to keep us all updated. You had it cleaned up nicely cosmetically, NoQuarters!

#65 2 years ago

I called Paul and gave him a heads up on the latest activity on the thread. I let him know I'd like to see him on here and keeping this story going to it's conclusion. I'll be stopping at Paul's house again in the near future. I've got a new playfield glass being cut for my Palm Springs and Paul will get my good used one for Big Time as it didn't have one. Also a couple of lamp covers are enroute to my mailbox courtesy of another friend, and these are going to Paul also.

10 months later
#66 1 year ago

I heard from Paul recently - he has the Big Time Bingo playing 100 % now.

Message in part from Paul....

"Hi John, I have it running perfect right now. Major repairs were new gears for the ball lift motor, reinsulating shorted wires pinched by light board, adjusting 4 corners 300 counter, and finally disassembling and cleaning credit unit. Turned out great! Thanx for everything."

Good to hear this game is a player again ! Happy Conclusion. I am sure Paul is having fun playing this Bingo.

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