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Woodrail Pinballs

By PinballFever

8 years ago

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#895 3 years ago
Quoted from DCRand:

Started minor refurb of my 1952 Twenty Grand just picked up a few weeks ago. Decided it just wasn't worth trying to fix the numerous play field issues. Very bad and wrinkled paint around the two lower pops, serious ball wear into the wood above both lower "kick" out holes. All of which had been badly touched up in the past. Just did light touch up to both lower areas and -------- just couldn't leave it that way.
Used alcohol and sanding to clean up the area around the pops, then airbrushed the yellow back in. Used same method to clean up lower play field areas and have filled with wood filler. Now for the mixing, matching, and painting. Wish me luck.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

What are the odds

york.craigslist.org link

#896 3 years ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Kings is looking much better with some new plastics from Shay and Titan rings. Not to mention a lot of cleaning. Just need a few parts and it should look real nice. Play is good, but a couple pop bumpers need some work. I'll hold off until I get the new parts though. Only other issue is about 20% of the time that I hit the million point shot the score just keeps going until the game is over (I usually just drain the remaining balls). Doesn't matter which side the points were scored on. Any thoughts? Thanks![quoted image]

That looks great. There is one on Facebook right now with a trashed playfield for $300 which is upsetting after seeing such a nice one.

#898 3 years ago
Quoted from DCRand:

Wish it were closer would see if I could make one really nice machine.

It’s really not that expensive to ship it if you can find someone to grab it for you.

#901 3 years ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Thanks, do you have a link? I did a quick search but couldn't find it, I'm not much into Facebook. I did notice a Spirit of 76 that somebody is asking $1500 for. Gotta admit, I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to part with my new machine for that amount!

I don’t have Facebook. But with all these project machines popping up I glanced through my wife’s for the first time and checked the marketplace. I wasn't looking for anything in particular and I noticed it. If I can help you out at all let me know. It’s an hour and half away from me


#903 3 years ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Wow, that makes me feel a lot better about my playfield. Thanks for posting it and the help offer. I actually in really good shape with my Kings, just need a few cheap cosmetic parts from PBR and I'll be set.

And then you can generously give it to me

1 week later
#914 3 years ago

Someone should grab this:
maine.craigslist.org link

1958 Williams Satellite
Portland, Maine


I could probably grab it for someone if they were interested

#921 3 years ago

Oh man. I already have two machines that haven’t even made it to my house yet and this is only 90 mins away...hmm. I have a problem.

#925 3 years ago

I reached out to the seller for those who are interested in the Satellite and he is away until the middle of next week. He only had one picture of it with him. It shows some serious flipper drag. The offer is still there if someone wants me to grab it for them. He invited me to come play it.

E642FCC5-B0E8-42B1-91A6-5AEBCB2F6FEA (resized).jpegE642FCC5-B0E8-42B1-91A6-5AEBCB2F6FEA (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#942 3 years ago
Quoted from DCRand:

Further progress, painting and touch up done. Metal work polished. Mylar over most of yellow woman and guy in suit. Working on rubber, flipper, and pop bumper install now. Could use a new set of plastics.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

You could scan them and touch up the artwork yourself and then make your own. I haven’t done it yet but there are a few threads on it and it seems relatively simple. I’ll probably do it eventually but I’m focusing on other elements of my project right now.

#956 3 years ago
Quoted from tfduda:

Anyone know the story about the black metal used in Gottlieb’s 1951 Globe Trotter? It doesn’t appear to be painted as I don’t see the black removed in scratched areas. I assume it’s some kind of black alloy...?
Mine has the support bracket for the upper large stepper and parts of the 10k stepper, 100k stepper, score motor and bell and knocker brackets in black (see photos below). Also see similar (though not identical) use in photos of another Globe Trotter on ipdb in links below. I suspect that Gottlieb used what was available at the time and that the normally used metal wasn’t available, but this is a guess. Also I’m not sure if other early 50s Gottliebs used this metal as I didn’t search ipdb too thoroughly, but I don’t recall seeing it used in other models from same era.
https://www.ipdb.org/showpic.pl?id=1017&picno=42908[quoted image][quoted image]

Maybe it’s plated?

#962 3 years ago
Quoted from oldcarz:

1950 Gottlieb Double Feature
Enclosing some pix and a video of a new favorite 5 ball game. I’m partial to the early ‘50s woodrails, especially the Neyens/Parker games.

The game that just recently arrived was a title that I was hunting for awhile. A rare one, indeed, I had not seen one in person, but from what I knew of the features and provided photos, I was not disappointed in the long distance transaction.
This game was Gottlieb’s introduction of the “kicking rubber” feature. When the ball hits the rubber, a paddle behind the rubber kicks the ball away. As noted in the video, as well as some of my others, I like the tilt on my woodrails to be very liberal so I can take advantage of the nudging necessary to help the game play.
Game is lively and the wonderful part of these old woodrails is the multiple ways to win with scoring, and on field specials.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Great score. It seems like it would be a good player. So many of the woodrails have such great artwork.

1 month later
#995 3 years ago
Quoted from Robo1:

I am just about finished with restoring this Mermaid. The machine was stored by the last owner for 41 years, before that it was stored at the operators for a few years and I have been working on it off and on for a year. If the years are added up, this game hasn't been played for almost 50 years and was turned on the for the first time last week. I have adjustments to make but all in all it will be finished in the next days. The game was painted entirely blue, scraped it all off with a blade, at first i thought it was a lost cause but actually the blue paint protected the original cabinet and all the colors are extraordinarily bright for their age. I did put in a repro playfield as the original is in terrible shape with 20% painted in solid red........[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That’s amazing that the paint held up so well. I am digging the crushed velvet curtains in the photo because I feel like it’s lined up for its prom photo.

#1002 3 years ago
Quoted from Mopar:

I primarily have 60s and 70s set up, but do have a few woodrails stored.
Although for now, I'm out of room, I'm thinking about going through then having
one set up. I have never played any of these titles, but my considerations are Williams
Sea Wolf, Gusher, Nags, 1956 Fun House, Gottleb Rocket Ship, Bally Balls-a-Poppin.
I have a few others, but pretty sure these are my best choices. Any suggestions?

I vote Nags and Balls-a-Poppin. Nags has the rotating pops and animated backbox and Balls-a-Poppin has up to 8 balls on the playfield at once. Those features are fun and would definitely be a hit with guests.

#1010 3 years ago
Quoted from pinwiztom:

If you only have room for one woodrail,
i would choose Balls A Poppin

In October of ‘56 it cost $70

722747EA-35DF-4C75-A5C8-D48794DB92A0 (resized).jpeg722747EA-35DF-4C75-A5C8-D48794DB92A0 (resized).jpeg
6 months later
#1163 2 years ago

A nice Gottlieb Knockout just sold in Canada at auction for $881 USD online today. Don’t see those come up much.

2 months later
#1196 2 years ago
Quoted from tomcons:

On this ChiCoin 'Play Ball', the playfield on the right is missing one of the stepper units and I'm hoping someone has one on or from a ChiCoin parts game from the early 50s that they'd be willing to sell. I think the stepper is common to ChiCoin games of that period, and has coils 9122 and 9126 on it. Thanks in advance for any help.
[quoted image][quoted image]

You might want to check on the EM seeking parts thread as well:

3 months later
#1310 2 years ago

Anyone have any interest in a Gottlieb Silver ? There is one super close by to me and I’d be more than happy to grab it for them if they are interested. It looks like they may have converted it to metal rails at some point.


5 months later
#1399 1 year ago

I figure I’d ask here too in case you guys don’t check out the EM seeking parts thread . Anyone have a spare blue tray liner for sale? Steve only has the green ones left. Otherwise I’m going to have to scan a green one and recreate it. Thank you.

15B5E96A-49C0-4F1D-9EB4-01603F651CFD (resized).jpeg15B5E96A-49C0-4F1D-9EB4-01603F651CFD (resized).jpeg
#1401 1 year ago
Quoted from Gotemwill:

Did they say whether they were getting more? Hearing that kind of stuff always makes me nervous.

He said his supply was from the 80’s so I didn’t bother asking.

2 months later
#1515 1 year ago

I know that tomcons has made the plastics. Ask him if he will make you a set. He was offering them on Facebook at one point back in May.

2 months later
#1558 1 year ago
Quoted from PatWoodrailLVR:

This is a direct photograph from my WMS Casino compare it to my reproduced artwork, I think you'll find they look pretty much the same. I even altered the lettering in Adobe Illustrator to better emulate the font used (which was hand drawn back then!) It's not absolutely perfect, but if you had this on a restored game I doubt there would be any complaints.[quoted image]

Hey Pat, if you do an image search of the font you can find some close matches. There are a whole bunch of websites that do it. This particular one has the fonts for free.

E37EAD72-FA2E-4B3E-965D-DA6E289229C9 (resized).pngE37EAD72-FA2E-4B3E-965D-DA6E289229C9 (resized).png
3 weeks later
#1586 1 year ago


3 weeks later
#1606 1 year ago


2 months later
#1625 1 year ago

Finally picked this up today! Thanks so much to jrpinball for snagging it for me and hanging onto it until I could grab it. It should clean up nice. I already have the replacement PBR playfield plastics and other various parts ready to go!

0D1AA147-E857-4944-BEA3-9041C0A96EC2 (resized).jpeg0D1AA147-E857-4944-BEA3-9041C0A96EC2 (resized).jpegC8D3D1D9-6DDD-43CD-8C82-872F9D106475 (resized).jpegC8D3D1D9-6DDD-43CD-8C82-872F9D106475 (resized).jpeg

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