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Woodrail Pinballs Dont Turn On

By tonkablaster

7 months ago

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#1 7 months ago

Hello - Hopefully someone can tell me how I turn on my 2 Gottlieb Woodrail pins after I plug them in. I have a Knockout and a Skill Pool. They turned on at one point but my kids plugged them in and most likely burnt out a coil? I was told, once the game comes on, you have to push the start button or something to that effect to prevent a certain coil from burning out? I think this is what heppened as neither of the games will turn on now. Appreciate your help in advance.

#2 7 months ago

Are they on free play?

#3 7 months ago

I believe so but not positive. I know we didnt use coins.

#4 7 months ago

When they first turn on and start up, the ball release coil engages until points are scored and so this one could burn up if machines are turned on and then left unattended. Otherwise, a coil in the hold relay could burn, but these were meant to stay on for extended periods and so I assume the coil you were warned about is the ball release coil.

If you didn’t use coins previously, then presumably it was set to free play and then pressing the replay button on the coin door should start the machine when it’s plugged in. I assume this doesn’t do anything presently given your question.

How long ago was it that the machines were working normally? Have you checked fuses and made sure the outlet the machines are plugged into is working and a house breaker doesn’t need reset?

#5 7 months ago

You should also be able to lift the playfield and manually engage the hold relay to turn them on.

#6 7 months ago

Checked all fuses on the game and outlets are functional. Can you direct me to where that ball release coil is? Will a simple ohm test between the two coil legs tell me if it's bad, i.e., no continuity.

#7 7 months ago

Good outlets and fuses is good news, but a blown ball release coil shouldn’t keep a machine from turning on. My guess is that the warning you were given was not to start the machine and then let it sit for too long while the ball release coil is engaged. You could of course check for resistance on a disconnected coil, but I don’t think that is worthwhile as a burnt ball release coil is not likely to be the reason why the machines aren’t starting up.

Both of those machines should have a jones plug at the coin door. A disconnected plug would prevent the replay button from completing a circuit that should cause the machines to reset and power up. If your kids were playing with the machines, could they have opened the doors and disconnected the plugs? These doors aren’t on hinges and so if they opened them, there’s a good chance that the doors fell and the plugs accidentally got disconnected. Can you check to make sure that these are plugged in? There is 110 volts in these plugs and so you should be careful (and unplug the machines to be extra safe).

#8 7 months ago

If the plugs on the doors are connected, it could be worthwhile to manually add replays to the replay steppers to see if the machines will start up with replays on them. You should be able to lift the door on the rear of the backbox and manually add replays by engaging one of the coils (usually the most accessible one) on the replay stepper. Replay steppers in both machines are in the bottom left of the backbox when viewed from the rear.

Once you do this, try pressing the replay button to see if a game will start.

#9 7 months ago

Also check the gap on the switch that is activated by the replay button on the coin door. Are the contacts on the blades making contact when the button is pressed?

#10 7 months ago

And when did these machines last function normally?

#11 7 months ago

Thank you for all the info.I'll give that a check tomorrow. It's been a couple years since i tried to turn them on. I'm hoping to get them going again. I'll keep you posted. THANK YOU!!!

#12 7 months ago

And have you tried manually engaging the hold relay in the machines? If not, try this if the previous suggestions aren’t fruitful. There is 110V on the switches on these relays so you should be careful, but this needs to be done with the machines plugged in and then once engaged the hold relay should stay engaged. I believe that the Knock Out hold relay is the one on the left rear of the motor board. Not sure where the Skill Pool one is but I assume both would be labeled as “R”. If these don’t stay engaged or if lites don’t come on when they’re at least manually engaged, it’ll suggest other possible causes of the problem.

#13 7 months ago

Here's a more explicit explanation of what to try next in case the easy fix of reconnecting the plug to the socket on the coin door isn't the problem.

The 110V circuit to the transformer goes through the following: a fuse (the one near the transformer) and then either a switch (m/b) on the S relay or one (NO) on the hold relay. If you manually engage the hold relay (with power to machine) or if you adjust the switch on the hold relay so that it's permanently closed (DO THIS ONLY WITH NO(!!!) POWER TO MACHINE) this would complete the circuit to the transformer (as long as the fuse, various associated wire connections, and contacts on switch of hold relay are good).

Power to the transformer would complete the 6V (lites) and 25V (coils, motor, etc.) circuits via additional fuses (one for each circuit--near front of motor board). And so, once the switch on the hold relay is closed, some lites should at least come on. If they do, this suggests that the circuit that restarts the machine isn't closing when the replay button is pressed. If they don't, then it suggests that there's an issue somewhere between the electrical outlet and the transformer.

#14 7 months ago

I tried a few of your suggestions from last night, checked the plug connected to the coing door and on one game it looked a little lose. Advanced the freeplay stepper on the other game. And... when you asked, "how long was it since they last turned on?" I think I know what you were getting at, so I took a flat file to the contacts on the start botton on the coin doors. I plugged each one in and well..... a picture is worth a thousand words!! Cant thank you enough for all your knowledge and willingness to help! I'm having a great time playing them again.
Thanks again!

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#15 7 months ago

Does anyone know if they are or have made repro backglass for the Skill Pool? I'm looking for one For Sale. Thank you!!!

#16 7 months ago

Wonderful! Glad to hear you were able to get them both running again! And they look fantastic! Enjoy!

bgresto.com has done the Skill-Pool glass, but the one you have doesn’t look too bad in the photo!


#17 7 months ago

Thank you!! Any tips on how I would make the Knockout work on Free Play? I would like to just press the Start button Vs advancing the credit stepper or put coins in.

#18 7 months ago


Great machines for a beginner! Lucky!

#19 7 months ago

I have a working CORONATION as well. Had one as a kid growing up and now I was able to get another one about 15 years ago. All great machines!

#20 7 months ago

You guys are the BEST!!!! Thank you for all your input!!!

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