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**WONKA mod development thread** by MEZELmods

By Tmezel

5 months ago

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#1 5 months ago

Received the game yesterday! We are very excited for what we have planned. Here we go! We will have offerings from our all-star lineup. Mezelmods, Lermods, Hooked, Toyotaboy, Ulekstore, Rock, Sparky and Tilt Graphics.

#2 5 months ago

First mod, replaces the smoke stack with a highly detailed chimney.

B415C58A-F4FC-4704-9D01-4B9A85CD5138 (resized).jpeg67ECE317-98CA-4C6A-92E6-F1BE81453EFB (resized).jpeg8DFD05E0-9CCE-4EF9-A1C1-433CBF563164 (resized).jpeg
#3 5 months ago

With smoke

046BE18B-EB76-4758-8A2A-FE54F0DE6E20 (resized).jpeg5C432629-B262-48D9-A8F5-3C5CB83A5CB5 (resized).jpeg
#6 5 months ago

Standing 4.5" tall, this wonkavator fills the empty space in the back of your standard edition wonka. It is made up of 10 separately 3d printed pieces to ensure all surfaces are of the best possible quality by eliminating jagged steps typically seen from one piece objects printed vertically. This mod is plug and play, no permanent modifications are made to your game, no soldering or drilling required. It mounts to back of the gobstopper ramp using the existing left screw, while the right screw provides mounting for an included spotlight. A motor spins the propeller on top for movie accurate realism. This mod is powered using one of the stock JJP 12v connectors that is down-converted to 5 volts. It is activated by a photosensor mounted by the "super lock" insert.

26030F2A-B341-4847-9776-915D19C89A0A (resized).jpeg48CAFD15-09E3-4751-9B6E-6F30E8D9A7C6 (resized).jpegF9760D90-846A-4E03-BAF7-3E8BCB246511 (resized).jpeg
#8 4 months ago

Plastic protectors

70AE8EF8-5E81-42E6-8B1F-B0E94F325CAD (resized).jpegB1AB3778-BD43-4A80-8D63-30D83C8BB711 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#9 4 months ago

Pile of gum drops and chocolate from Ulekstore.

256F7305-341F-4FC0-94AA-5B3DA1C926C4 (resized).pngB54B7F50-1D89-46CF-94D1-5DCFCF64E739 (resized).png
#10 4 months ago

Flipper bat covers from Ulekstore.

793AD5AB-F60A-4168-A5DA-A9A7AC13E909 (resized).pngB98048F0-76B3-4DA4-B1B6-03D8B5659354 (resized).png
#11 4 months ago

Trough lighting from Lermods.

BFC06DF3-6E6E-46A7-8875-B62D61BC6C18 (resized).jpeg
#12 4 months ago

And another pic of the smokestack

1B897E23-E4A3-49E9-A114-E89D2C0037BA (resized).jpeg
#16 4 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Does this use the original "WONKA" lighted letters?

It does, still using the original lighting.

#17 4 months ago
Quoted from amkoepfer:

Anything to cover the back left of the ramp on the se where the wonkavator should go? Seems empty

Yes we are working on that

#18 4 months ago
Quoted from squirrlyjr:

Does anyone know when that Gobstopper shooter rod will be available? Looking to add it to my LE

I think hooked said August

#21 4 months ago

Interactive hat coordinated with the pop bumpers.

F7413403-B88A-41FD-A083-4041BB98A52E (resized).jpeg
#22 4 months ago

If you don’t like the factory cover, this is for you. This is still in prototype. The valve wheel turns as the ball rolls down the wireform.

16CD8A4C-B7BF-4AB9-8E7E-2993175AE521 (resized).jpeg1B14F761-AC4C-460C-B8EE-0058C27EB760 (resized).jpeg3CB19333-EA6C-4205-AC5C-1EB20AB08EE0 (resized).jpegCE6B1D91-AB2B-425A-8544-762D3FE526DE (resized).jpegE1489498-0F3D-46EE-B833-52743E41CEE6 (resized).jpeg
#25 4 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

How much and when will they be ready?

It will be ready in next couple of weeks. Still working on the price. May be offering the diverter cover and tube assembly separately.

#26 4 months ago

Also working on a diffuser for the big points insert. I don’t like that you can see the LEDs.

8009BE91-AB3B-456E-8DC8-8B547C01F133 (resized).jpeg
#28 4 months ago

HookedonPinball gobstopper shooter and plate.

47A6C3BF-157A-40F2-9825-2F04C88DEAAA (resized).jpeg
#33 3 months ago

Gummy bear opto cover.

137C9C05-BA85-4DCF-BD79-4E9720207FC6 (resized).jpeg
#34 3 months ago

Grassy knoll for the SE edition

75E7D98E-AED0-40E5-B751-1256778CA82B (resized).jpegDD648B07-B46F-42C4-B129-9AE43978D7F1 (resized).jpeg
#35 3 months ago

Camera light mod

7D2DB923-63B2-44E4-8A5B-C5115EDFCD2F (resized).jpegBEC6549B-8B63-464D-8775-E8F3E78377CD (resized).jpeg
#36 3 months ago

Top shelf mod from Hooked!

05BDA7B1-3EE6-4D37-B6A5-9CE2F8CE2C4D (resized).jpeg0C7E58C0-C7DB-4F44-87EC-0EF60C5957A9 (resized).jpeg
#37 3 months ago

Gobstopper and Factory illuminated signs.

426EA0BA-E000-4CCB-99C8-14A7665BCE17 (resized).jpeg95700540-C40E-40C5-82C0-857336873F49 (resized).jpeg
#38 3 months ago

More progress on the diverter cover

1122AAC3-BAD8-45C6-B281-5ED14C095694 (resized).jpegEC9AA71C-F1E0-4FAE-93E8-B0F7082DD4FF (resized).jpegFDF3C6CD-FDEC-441A-B66F-A3218A6BBE37 (resized).jpeg
#40 3 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

Now that’s awesome! Glad to see the old mezel back and on fire easily your best mod in ages and up there with the best mods period, super creative and it looks fantastic

Thanks. It means a lot coming from you! We like all the feedback, good, bad or indifferent.

#43 3 months ago
Quoted from bluebomber:

Will these be injection molded, or is the final product just painted 3D prints? If they are 3D prints, what layer height are you using for the final product?


2 weeks later
1 week later
#60 86 days ago
Quoted from thanhdlam1985:

Will the factory tube mod work on the Wonka CE? It looks amazing!

Yes sir.

3 weeks later
#67 62 days ago
Quoted from Flipper_McGavin:

That Gobstopper ramp sign is so cool. Does the light in it sync at all with the playfield lights, or is it constantly lit? Even if it's constantly lit it probably still looks good.
Also, this pin really needs a Wonkatania mod. It would be even more awesome if the paddles and lights are operable only during Wonkatania mode, because the whole playfield goes dark during that mode but then have a light illuminating in a Wonkatania mod

The ramp lights are tied to the GI. No plans for that other mod.

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