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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

65 days ago

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#244 63 days ago

My Wonka SE has the same pooling and in fact I haven’t seen one yet that doesn’t.

So far 1800 plays in it has not chipped though. If it never chips I don’t care about the pooling.

#474 61 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

Look at all the table chipping photos above. Chips/pooling is at the base of the old Bally/Williams star posts, which JJP uses exclusively (Stern has used them in the past, I know). Unless someone has an example, haven’t seen that issue with Sterns newer regular thinner posts, that don’t have such a large foot print that constantly torques on the surface of the playfield, as the heavy steel ball hits the post with high velocity.
The large surface foot print contact area of the Bally/Williams star posts might also have something to do with all these problems as much or more than we might suspect.

But pirates used narrow posts and wider star posts was the fix to conceal/arrest it.

#778 58 days ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

If regulations surrounding the types and amounts of chemicals that can be used are negatively impacting playfield quality isn't it time for Stern and JJP to consider dumping wood playfields altogether in favor of a composite alternative? There's a few examples of pins being made over the years using composite playfields that have held up extremely well.
If a high quality playfield alternative became the norm and issues such as severe dimpling, clear chipping, clear pooling, etc went away would anyone really care if the playfield wasn't made out of wood? I wouldn't.

I am interested in the "hardtop" notion myself.

#868 57 days ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Great info and nice interview until you said all of us who have chipping are crazy for letting it bother us. If it were just bubbling then fine, maybe somewhat reasonable rationale. But chipping where I can’t even move a post and install it just can’t be acceptable. Period.
You lost me there and I’m going to venture and say you were likely CYA since your a distro of all these fine games.

Well, the way I see things we have two options:

1. Bail out of NIB pinball and pout until this blows over
2. Keep playing and deal with it as best we can

I wouldn't say anyone is crazy for letting it bother you, but I do think sitting out of pinball over it is an over-reaction. Especially since we're talking about out of the way places that are chipping, in most cases.

#874 57 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

Out of buying anything new, now , is what Derek means, right?

Yes that is what I meant.

#877 57 days ago

The thing is, the current games are too compelling to ignore (at least for me!)

IMG_1558 (resized).jpg
#926 56 days ago
Quoted from Frax:

I volunteer as tribute... to set unattainable high scores that you'll never get off your game unless you factory reset it.

I'd be happy for you to do so!

#968 56 days ago
Quoted from MrBally:

A low-level employee in Sector 7-G?

HomerChipping (resized).jpg
#1016 55 days ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Ok so Stern made 10,000 games last year and how may have chipping?
What % exactly

#1053 55 days ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

I dont like to whine about every little thing on a pinball machine , no time , the guys I buy from get a message, and I certainly dont feel that if I have not submitted a ticket to JJP, that the problem isnt real.
Of my last 4 nib, (stern& JJP equal) 4 have had it.. gues thats a double double super jackpot !
Customer-distributor-manufacturer is the right way to get it rolling.
1%. ay, Sjeesh , you think so, get real mr bally.

Yeah I for one have not submitted JJP tickets on this issue nor have I (yet) requested the playfield offer. The reason is I would need to submit a photo of the chipping which means removing the star posts. I haven't had the glass off of POTC in many weeks (yay!) so I'll get to it when I get to it.

#1101 55 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

This kind of reminds me of Ghostbusters all over again. Everyone loved the game and then the playfields were shit and everyone lost interest in it because of it. Ghostbusters would have sold way better had it not been for the playfield problems.

I came into the hobby after the playfield thing was over...I thought GB sucked because it shot like shit! It might have been my first pin if it wasn't so frustratingly terrible.

#1103 55 days ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Its not a fun game for noobs for sure. Play better!

Believe me I'm trying! Wonka is brutal AF and it has definitely upped my skills a bit across all pins.

#1304 53 days ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Don’t worry fellas every Wonka LE comes with this piece of paper in the top now![quoted image]

Trolling, right? This looks word for word what Stern put in the manuals around 2017.

#1308 53 days ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Don’t worry fellas every Wonka LE comes with this piece of paper in the top now![quoted image]

Definitely a troll (thanks for downvoting me).

From the Stern Star Wars manual: https://sternpinball.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/StarWars_Pro_web.pdf

Stern Pinball machines are assembled in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, USA. Stern Pinball has inspected each game element to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Each pinball machine has unique characteristics that make it a one-of-a-kind American made product. Each will have variations in appearance resulting from differences
in the machine’s particular wood parts, individual printed art and mechanical assemblies. No playfield is perfectly flat and varies depending on the season. Game play will result in playfield dimpling as the harder steel ball contacts the wood and coating; over time multiple dimples will blend to make them less noticeable.

Normal plastic insert crazing (tiny stress cracks) and ghosting (small cloudy areas around insert edges) are often seen in pinball machines, due to a combination of plastic mold stress, pushing of inserts into purposely undersized holes, and heating and breaking of inserts’ plastic “skin” when the playfield field is sanded.

#1310 53 days ago
Quoted from jimwe5t:

If Stern is doing this too, then I’m disappointed in them. However, it seems they do replace populated PF under warranty at no cost. If any company attempts to rely on that type of BS saying it’s a one of a kind product, with ghosting and chipping being part of the machine, then that might be the end of any company applying this ill-gotten philosophy.

And that was pretty much how Pinside reacted in 2017 to this. And yet here we are and Stern is still thriving

#1313 53 days ago
Quoted from N80G80:

I’m not trolling, that is legit what came in the top of my Wonka LE.

Wow. My apologies. I legitimately thought you were having fun with us.

#1315 53 days ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Nah, I wish I was, my wonka has what everyone is calling “pooling” at the posts, and that was as soon as I took it out of the box, before even playing a game. I talked to Steve at JJP about it, so they are aware. I think the issue is soft clear coat, and when the posts are tightened it mushrooms out.

Same. I notified my distributor about it after unboxing as a "hey, heads up on this in case it worsens" thing.
The deepest "pool" is on the left above the outlane. The only other Wonka I've seen so far was an LE on location and it had the exact same patterns of pooling.

So far it has not progressed into chipping. We have over 1800 plays on it and it's holding solid.

#1350 53 days ago
Quoted from Procrastinator:

Hahaha good grief, trading? Pfft... Most people are in agreement it's an issue, but some people, like myself aren't going to let it stop me from enjoying the pins.

When the original Stern controversy broke (the aforementioned text), I was new to pinball and had just purchased a Star Wars. I took the Pinside hysteria to heart and checked for ghosting - found none. I posted pics and of course Pinside decided I was wrong and yes I absolutely had ghosting.

My takeaway from this was "Pinside is insane" and went back to enjoying my machine.

My opinion on the matter has not changed.

#1355 53 days ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Derek, once your honeymoon phase with pinball is over you too will realize that this is a product that all of us pay hard earned money for.
Is it a toy? Yes.
Does hat imply that we have to treat the "important people" in pinball and their products like ROCKSTAR in order to be friends and fans, let them get away with issues that we would otherwise demand to have rectified?
In my case, no. Your opinion at this point may still vary.

I seriously need to get the hell off Pinside.

#1358 53 days ago

Fine. Enjoy your hysteria.

1 week later
#2021 42 days ago

It is interesting that the people who are beating the "populated playfield" drum the loudest do not own JJP games at all.

Demanding a full playfield swap is essentially saying "this chipped game is 100% without value and cannot be used." And that is just not true.

#2026 42 days ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

Not really. It saying that a visibility chipped playfield is very upsetting to many "collectors" who are a major part of the market for $10k(!) machines. And will likely hurt re-sale well beyond the value of an unpopulated playfield, especially one that will be in ready supply. How about offering some options like repopulating playfields for free if you pay shipping or bring to the factory. Micro is likely supplying replacement play fields at no-charge to JJP, so it's not unreasonable to expect JJP to provide the labor to repopulate.

Not unreasonable.

First people complained nothing was being done, and that they should get a playfield at cost. That happened.
Then people complained they should get them free without paying anything. That happened.
Now people complain they should be populated playfields.

Where does this end?

From where I sit, all I see are pinside people being entitled and unreasonable while JJP is doing what they can to make people happy.

#2065 42 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

Same company, most likely different people that are new to the game.
Stern seems to keep fulltime workers, and even then they may need retrained. I can only be sure of myself, taking extreme care with every part, every wire, every board, I engage on my games.
And for a full reinstall, that would be hundreds, thousands of parts needing swapped. The likelihood of me taking my time over days would give me better results, rather than workers maybe not so happy to be doing full reinstallations, one after the next, after the next, after the next.
In a fantasy world, I'd love to have others do it, really a guy like Christopher Hudgens. In reality, it would be safer for me to do it personally.

That is my thought as well. Doing the swap would be a challenge but I’d be doing every single screw with the care of ownership.

2 weeks later
#2140 24 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

As long as we're into this - what alternative is there for chlorine tablets to keep mold under the rim under control? We are in an area prone to mold, but the only thing that works is the bleach tablets - but they destroy the tank flapper and fill valve asembly seals every 18 months or so, requiring replacement. Is them's the breaks? Or is there some better way...?

I think we need a splinter site, Poopside

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