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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

9 months ago

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Post #1403 Response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (9 months ago)

Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (9 months ago)

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#103 9 months ago
Quoted from f3honda4me:

Far as I know the playfield art is the same as the LE/SE, but with glitter.

When the clear cracks, does it shower the playfield with glitter? Best lightshow ever.

#105 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Clear is too soft on these jjPotC and Wonka Mirco playfields for that. You're thinking of Dialed In. That had the brittle clear.

First post in this thread shows chipped / cracked clear.

#110 9 months ago

Whatever man, thanks for ruining my joke.

#258 9 months ago

Yeah, this is fantasyland stuff, calling Visa to get $10k back because the paint chipped on a toy.

#323 9 months ago
Quoted from Tonic67:

an interesting hole by the upper left flipper.

Flipper alignment hole.

#390 9 months ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

This support made me comfy enough to buy a JP2 LE but if pooling on the pro is being reported I really don't want to deal with this crap again.

Yeah, I went through the ringer with MMR playfield issues and don't want to deal with it again. I know that's a different company, but the hassle is all the same to me. I ordered a JP2 premium, but have no problem canceling if it seems like a fair number of the pros have clear issues. I'm a patient man; I'll just wait and buy a HUO game with a proven good playfield. Just say no to NIB roulette.

#547 9 months ago
Quoted from atrainn:

Considering most people bought their Wonka and POTC through a distributor, wouldn't going the credit card route (dispute, warranty, etc) just hurt the distributor?

Maybe at first, but if you hit the distributor in the wallet, I guarantee the pain will flow upstream to JJP. Then JJP will make Mirco feel the pain. Do what you can do, and let the natural market forces work it out.

#557 9 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Wouldn't it be a lot easier and best for all involved if they took the time and effort to do it right the first time?

Be a lot easier to just eat the pickles or take 'em off yourself.

#606 9 months ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

I checked the Stern JP. The clear looked good for now. The owner (I don’t think it was factory) did put metal washers under the slingshot star posts.

It’s factory.

#798 9 months ago

The higher the defect rate, the less likely they will take care of customers. 5 out of 1,000? Fully populated replacement playfield with shipping covered both ways. 500 out of 1,000? Maybe we'll sell you a blank playfield at cost plus shipping. Replacing hundreds of playfields for free would put them out of business. Not doing it might eventually have the same effect, though.

#880 9 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

A flipper alignment hole would not have that post there

JP2 upper flipper does. Look at the artwork; it's clearly that area of the playfield.

#904 9 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

All good except the last two minutes when the distributor hat comes out.

Seriously, he should edit that part out because it’s terrible terrible optics in my opinion as a seller of these brands.

Yeah, the part where he starts yelling & swearing, pretty cringe-inducing. "Next week I could die in a fiery crash down the highway, and I'm not worried about, ooh, my brake pads have a little bit of residue and cracking, no!" A better cargument would be, what if the paint was flaking off around the door handles and a car salesmen yelled at you on a podcast to just keep buying cars, don't worry about it.

At one point the guest says "no else cares about that little ding but you." Here's the thing: I pay for my games, so my opinion is the one that matters. You know who else cares? Every guy I might ever sell it to.

#1052 9 months ago

Just ignore that guy. He'll quickly tire of the pointless bickering if he's punching air.

#1206 9 months ago


#1228 9 months ago

There are two reasons to post in this thread.

A: you're concerned about the issue
B: trolling

Whole lot of column B happening lately. Don't feed 'em.

#1231 9 months ago
Quoted from steigerpijp:

A little playing with words can be tolerated, no?

I was thinking more of Andre the Giant than Frankenstein.

#1242 9 months ago

I certainly don't want to speak for Charlie, but replacing 300+ playfields (especially populated swaps) could put a small company out of business. Washers are probably the lesser of two evils.

#1352 9 months ago

I would love to have so much free time that I could spend hours on something I don't care about and doesn't affect me.

#1669 9 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I can simply wait a few weeks and let someone else take the NIB hit.

Wanna buy one with clear & art chipped down to bare wood around several posts? If so, do you expect price to reflect condition?

A better question, why write a couple thousand words about an issue that wouldn’t bother you, hypothetically, if you were a NIB buyer, which you’re not? Incredibly bored? No holiday weekend plans? Just wanna rile up people who care about something you don’t?

#1825 9 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Per request, I can't discuss the details of my back and forth communication between me, my distributor, and JJP.

It's always this hush-hush crap in the pinball industry. Back when my MMR playfield was so bad that CGC drove a populated playfield to my house and swapped it, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. But I don't give a shit anymore. NDAs are barely worth the paper they're printed on.

#1897 9 months ago
Quoted from rs812:

Pooling but no chip = discounted unpopulated PF

Chipping = free unpopulated PF

So if you have bad pooling, tap on it with a chisel, $550 saved.

#2006 8 months ago

Ugh, just post it in one place.

#2067 8 months ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

Has it EVER occurred to you that some of us aren't affected, and even if we were, perhaps we just don't care?

That definitely occurred to me. What I can't figure out is why people in those categories are wasting time in this thread instead of playing their games.

2 weeks later
#2154 8 months ago

They’d be ridiculed mercilessly if peppermint washers were the official company fix.

3 weeks later
#2177 7 months ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

You're worse than the people complaining. How many times have you played the apologist? 100 posts in 20 different threads? Give it a rest ffs.

Yeah, I can't imagine visiting a thread about a problem that doesn't bother me 100 times to say "this doesn't bother me!" but it takes all kinds.

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