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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

3 months ago

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Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (3 months ago)

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#153 3 months ago

I’m sorry for the issues you are having.

Could this be a cure time issue for the pf’s?

Overzealous torque of screws? Too much clear?

Will JJP send you another pf at cost maybe?

#262 3 months ago
Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

I know exactly what you're saying, Jason, but I will say this. I've got a local buddy shop owner that's been clearing my playfields for the last 5 years or so. All of them have been done with water based clears. In fact, one of the last jobs I did was to wire the oscillating fans in his booths which are necessary to dry water based paints and clears as opposed to the straight line fans used with solvent based paints and clears. He's done dozens of them for me and not a one has any of the issues I've seen with the newer playfields.

Bryan, how long did you and your painter allow for drying time with the fans? an hour? a day?

#403 3 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

glad i canceled my CE would of felt like crap seeing that on a $12,000 machine

This is the reason they need to address this asap.. I'm sure they will get around to it. Question is when.

#586 3 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

I believe it was in Sunshine for a year, then I bought it.

That’s it! Buy a nib game, leave it out and in the sun to cure. Well, let’s call the boys and wrap this up. We’re done here...

#719 3 months ago
Quoted from jeffro01:

And I thought I over-reacted over things... By all means, make a Mt Everest out of ant hill if you must but it's pretty comical and hysterical to see someone freak out over something that hasn't affected them. Yes yes everyone, flame me if you want but I can only go on what has actually affected me and I have absolutely zero reason to even question JJP or think that my WONKA CE will be anything less than absolute perfection. Now if the CE turns out to be an LE with a different color and some glitter than I'm out anyways simply over the absurd delay we've been experiencing...
I'm not saying any of this is okay or acceptable, I've been very clear on that. But, it hasn't happened to me so to me it's inappropriate and ridiculous to speculate on what would happen or what has happened to others based on what they chose to share in an online forum... Grab your pitch forks if you require, if it makes you feel better or whatever, but not me...

These serious issues, node boards, cab splitting, and now liquid pf’s, affect everyone in our small community. I am disheartened by the frustration someone feels after buying an expensive luxury item, as it’s not about status, money or perceived superiority, but about paying top dollar and watching it’s quality evaporate within a short time.

I’m no ‘everyone united’ type, just hate seeing my community brothers and sisters angry over a mishandled and fixable situation.

I try to make jokes to lighten the mood. https://captiongenerator.com/1494662/Hitler-Reacts-to-Pinball-Makers

#809 3 months ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Just saw this in a Stern JP thread...wow After just a few days of ownership.
[quoted image]

Manufacturers have finally found the bottom. I would lose my shit if I found that after years, never mind days. Nib? Not even if it’s Jaws, Mad Max or BTTF.

#817 3 months ago
Quoted from MurphyPeoples:

I hope you guys don't mind me chiming in on the Wonka thread, but since it relates to chipping around posts on a JJP game I thought this might be interesting. I just brought home a NIB JJP Pirates LE this past Friday. Born on date is 2/22/2019. The collector I bought it from never took it out of the box. Before I played game one.... I changed out the 6 lower slingshot posts to Marco Star Posts with their rubberized washers under each post. Before and after Pics below. As our family build games on it, I'll stay in touch to let you know if this was "The Fix" or not. Fingers crossed! We have much love for the Wonka too! Awesome game. - Murphy[quoted image][quoted image]

Smart move. Hoping this kind of preparedness isn’t the new normal. ( I hate that term btw!)

#920 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The thing is, the current games are too compelling to ignore (at least for me!)[quoted image]

Games ARE fun, but enough is enough. No quality=no purchase.

It’s only Pinball goes both ways...

#943 3 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Most 90s b/w pins are diamond plated... they just stopped labeling them after 1993-94 or so . Also people that are saying bring back dp have no idea as there are/were plenty of issues with them as well. There is no perfect solution as anything will have some kind of issues of some sort. I'm sure there have been many issues even from 2010 -2018 but people really didn't notice . Now everything is being inspected so much that you are most likely gonna find something wrong bc nothing is perfect unfortunately.

I’ve owned many low mileage W/B pins, yes, there were issues, but not chunks coming off of pf art or wave ripples developing. This is a 2018-up issue. The pf is the heart and soul of a pinball machine. There will be no spinning or brushing away this issue.

#977 3 months ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

It's been a week, 3 phone calls (voice mail left) and NO ONE from JJP has called me back to discuss the playfield issue!!!
I am will NOT be buying anything from JJP ever!!! Your customer service is horrible!!!

Did you start a service ticket?

#989 3 months ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

I have never been able to speak to anyone at their company.

You create a service ticket on JJP website.

#1157 3 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Good luck convincing anyone other than an anal pinsider that this is a big deal.
Anal Pinsider says "Stand close, lean in and look right here. Can you see it? It's right there. Isn't that horrible? Think I should sue?"
Normal guy says "Umm. Yeah. Maybe you should get some help. Can I play now?"

Nah man, this is a potentially serious issue. CC problems brand new will have a good chance of larger problems later.
Not to mention resale values will plummet. Look at the JJP light board issues on 1st gen WOZ. Even a noob would figure out after repeated failures issue is systemic.

I do hope you’re right and this is a non issue long term, but Christ on a cracker man...

#1602 3 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

if you buy your games to just be trophy queens... you're in the wrong hobby. The game intrinsically includes the idea of wear and tear. If you buy pinballs just to have perfect games.. you're going to hate the game.

Then you need to raise YOUR standards.

How much wear and tear in a month? C’mon man...

#1730 3 months ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Wouldn't it be something if JJP started to offer a Playfield warranty with new machine purchases? Here's how I see it;
For only $499.99, you will receive a two year warranty on top of the manufacturers very limited warranty. This extended warranty specifically covers Playfield cosmetic problems such as chipping, paint bubbling or whatever else we want to call it. If a claim is made (and approved by an unbiased Review Committee) you will receive a new or remanufactured playfield from Jersey Jack pinball. Shipping charges will be borne by the customer. This is a parts only warranty. You will receive a new play field which you get to install yourself or pay someone to install it. Jersey Jack pinball service centers will offer a Playfield swap service for just $2495.00 based on today's value of money. Also, if the Playfield is no longer in stock, you'll receive a $500 credit good on the future purchase of another Jersey Jack pinball machine. Remember, these are the best built, highest quality, pinball machines there are. Thank you for your business.

Please tell me you forgot your emoji

#1731 3 months ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Now I had this for years and there is no chipping or wrinkles....[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Does that actually play the wreck it Ralph game?

#1733 3 months ago
Quoted from Dr-pin:

Which basically means they can make a good product, but cheaps out in production.
It just gets worse and worse.

Well, Frighteners argument blew up in the Doctors face, I’d guess.

I’m glad his POTC isn’t wearing like production pins, unless his IS one? Hey Doc, got a pic of that ID label?

#1735 3 months ago
Quoted from Lamprey:

To be clear: it is not!

HA! I see what you did there...

#1784 3 months ago
Quoted from Nikonokin:

OMFG. I just read the last few pages. Certainly a waste of the amount of breath's we have on this rock.
Hey...here's an idea....if you're this concerned why don't you put your down the shooter lane and pull the plunger?... And for the 2019 crowd let me apologize ahead of time...that last part isn't literal.
This is pinside now. A lot's changed in a super short amount of time.

Put your face down the shooter lane and pull the plunger... ok, that was funny.

Keep in mind while this seems like ranting, it is. Folks are upset and talking to others who get our Pinball obsession.

Let’s see how JJP and Stern fix the issues. In the present, rant away amigos! We understand.

#1983 3 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I never said that you were kissing his ass. I was just talking about how people seem to be star struck because Jack is calling them. Some people are even willing to share some of the cost with him so he doesn't lose so much money. This is a company backed by billionaire investors.if im not mistaken, why the hell would anyone be willing to take a hit financially for them?

I bought a LOTR LE from Jack before he was JJP. I also waited 3 years for my WOZECLE. I was involved on RGP when Jack and Gary had the battle Royale, and Gary told him, ‘ you want to be a pinball maker, c’mon in, the waters cold’.

I’ve spoken to Jack twice over the years. I’m hardly star struck. Those calls were when the hell are you gonna build my machine you took my money on, and congrats on WOZ, it’s pretty.

Stern I’ve called a dozen times, 50% for build Jaws! and 50% to talk to Pat Powers.

#2103 3 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Actually the flood of high priced NIB pinball machines, perfect or not, is living on borrowed time.

True dat, Reverend!

#2123 3 months ago
Quoted from wesman:

I've honestly worried if there's any concern leaving playfields in the box upright.
Leaving them flat would take so much room up in my house.
Any thoughts folks?

I’ve had pf’s hanging for years. Great way to store em.

#2135 89 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Well.... as there really is nothing new to share or talk about regarding WWCE some off topic curiosity. In your years of plumbing business have you ever run into a repair job that you walked out saying “oh hell No”! Lol. I’d imagine you’ve seen some crazy ass literal Sh1t. Lol

Alright Pal, take this to the toilet thread.

Oh, this IS that thread.

Carry on.

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