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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

3 months ago

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Post #1407 Transcribed response from JJP from the Pinball Magazine podcast Posted by RobertWinter (3 months ago)

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#9 3 months ago

I have the bubbling around my star posts and know 3 other local owners who have the same thing. I have not seen chipping yet though.

#596 3 months ago

Game on route in my hometown. Left slingshot star post has the art work lifting up on the lower side (looks like a fingernail clipping). The other star posts also have bubbling.

I checked the Stern JP. The clear looked good for now. Stern has metal washers under the slingshot star posts. The game is only about 2 days old.
0B57EA36-6EB6-43F4-998E-181BD528512C (resized).jpeg1C8EFE2B-344A-46DE-B311-6F794A3A1758 (resized).jpeg23F5F07C-37B5-40A9-AE20-65BBD2D484D8 (resized).jpeg5E6B7B8A-5F78-4C4C-9D12-7CC0FF5615BA (resized).jpeg95C5B30F-AE99-4581-A87E-472DDAD3E9AA (resized).jpeg95FFBA7F-6D71-44D1-831A-2D9CF962EE38 (resized).jpeg

#609 3 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

It’s factory.

Thanks Yancy. I edited my original post to reflect that.

#972 3 months ago
Quoted from newpinbin:

It's been a week, 3 phone calls (voice mail left) and NO ONE from JJP has called me back to discuss the playfield issue!!!
I am will NOT be buying anything from JJP ever!!! Your customer service is horrible!!!

That is my feelings as well.

#1763 3 months ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Wouldn't it be something if JJP started to offer a Playfield warranty with new machine purchases? Here's how I see it;
For only $499.99, you will receive a two year warranty on top of the manufacturers very limited warranty. This extended warranty specifically covers Playfield cosmetic problems such as chipping, paint bubbling or whatever else we want to call it. If a claim is made (and approved by an unbiased Review Committee) you will receive a new or remanufactured playfield from Jersey Jack pinball. Shipping charges will be borne by the customer. This is a parts only warranty. You will receive a new play field which you get to install yourself or pay someone to install it. Jersey Jack pinball service centers will offer a Playfield swap service for just $2495.00 based on today's value of money. Also, if the Playfield is no longer in stock, you'll receive a $500 credit good on the future purchase of another Jersey Jack pinball machine. Remember, these are the best built, highest quality, pinball machines there are. Thank you for your business.

Problem is some of these things...aka pooling around star posts is occurring before a play has even happened.
In no other industry would anyone put up with this crap.

Just opened up a JP pro that had bubbling chipping around the slingshots without even having a play on it. This crap has to stop.

#1773 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

This thread is so absurd and shows the true colors of this out of control website. They talk about needing gun control, we need pinball control because someone might go on a pinball shooting spree if this keeps up.
Its funny the same 30 really dumb trolls on this website post 8 to 10 thousand posts, they post on threads about cats, dogs, to everything between. They don't own a Wonka, can't buy a JP because they don't have any money. These 30 people only intent is to watch pinside burn, or they're out of work morons living in the moms basement with nothing better to do.
Last time I checked probably almost every single pinball game ever made has some sort of playfield wear... I wonder why? Could be this metal ball that gets slapped around a piece of wood with paint and clear coat. Who knows maybe i'm wrong. I doubt I've ever seen a pinball where you couldn't find some sort of trace of wear. Again this has nothing to do with a chip from the factory... just making a point.
I do have a suggestion why don't some of you replace your pinballs with ping pong balls, this way you can assure yourself nothing will ever happen. If you stop taking your games apart misthinking it was a lincoln log set, maybe you might settle down.

If it’s so bad on pinside, take down the Big Lewbowski you are selling for double what it is worth.

Aren’t you the Pot calling the Kettle black.

#1775 3 months ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

Honestly it’s nonsense to call these recent problems nonsense. My older Stern’s including TSPP, LOTR, SM, Tron, ST, Met and TWD all look great. No chipping, no pooling, no dimpling. They look the way the should after hundreds if not thousands of plays on some of them. Something new has happened to the latest games and it’s not ok. The polling and chipping looks like shit after even just a hundred plays. What will it look like after thousands of plays. Simply not acceptable.

If I could high five you right now I would. Exactly.

#1779 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Already opened the box and played the game... love it. If someone wants to blow me away with an offer, make one. I buy games and sell them. You want to talk calling the kettle black, or rather total hypocrite, let me see you sell one of your games for less than what you think you can get for it. DUMB! I can see it now, you bought your Creature from the Black Lagoon back when you could buy them for $800. And someone says hey charlie I know you bought that for 800 so sell it to me for 800... your instant reaction is going to be 'the game is worth 6000' and i won't take a penny less. Please! 90% of the old games sold today people paid a ton less for it... tell all the people selling POTC and asking 14k when they paid 9500, or the person selling Aliens now wants 18k, and the list goes on... you and everyone else is going to sell something for what you think someone will pay.

Of course.

But these playfields are coming from manufacturers and already have issues before a single play is on them. Starposts digging into the playfield and raising up the clear and artwork without a play on it is bullshit. It’s like the games have overlays on them now. It is really cheap and crap.

#1788 3 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Again I think you're missing the point, because you're a prime example. You tell me to take down an ad for Big Lebowski... you tell me its not worth what I asked. Yet you won't dispute if you bought a big bang bar for 800 in 1999, that you're going to sell it for $900 in 2019.
But you see my point and maybe you'll see it now, this thread is a DUMPSTER FIRE! This thread has gone off the deep end. Its just pure chaos.
What does Big Lebowski have to do with playfields? What do 90% of the people who've started this fire have to do with an issue between a customer and a supplier...NOTHING!

If I was selling NIB games I would probably say the same thing.

#1802 3 months ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

Progress pics. Both of my star posts have now blistered and chipped. I have blistering on most of the rest of the play field as well. Pretty much any post that's screwed into the field.
1900 plays. I took possession of the pin on July 18th, and the pin sat unplayed for more than a week while I waited for replacement opto boards. So basically 5 weeks of service.
-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

You actually got a clear coat case #? I wasn’t given that.

#1860 3 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

well I guess it will be nothing in your case then
No Manufacturer is going to send out New Fully Populated Playfields in exchange for used ones.
Maybe they might ship your playfield back to the factory and swap all your parts over to another, But I cant see them shipping entire New Populated Playfields

I and many others were shipped fully populated playfields for stern ghostbusters and I sent the used populated playfield back to Stern. So yeah it happens.

#1863 3 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

If this "course of action" - sending out hundreds of populated playfields for swap - would cause JJP to no longer be in the pinball business, would you still want them to "hang their hat" on it?
That might be what it comes down to.

JJP really don’t have a good track record. Has there been a game that didn’t have something that needed to be fixed from the factory at initial release or even later in the game development.

#1997 3 months ago

Has anyone heard from JJP regarding their playfields? This just amazes me.

2 weeks later
#2136 80 days ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

I want take this moment and say again Thanks & I am sorry to:
Vyzer2 - David
He reached out to me and apologize on his comments and to tell you the truth - I really needed to be the one that apologizes. I am the one that attacked him directly on this site and got banned for the first time from Pinside for 24 hours.
I just have a passion for this Hobby and I have been away for some time and when this was going on with JJP and with my research and reaching out to people - I have time invested and it was a big issue for me to step out on my purchase of my Willy Wonka #12 CE. But I wanted to take a stand for what I felt that was right. I have since voice my comments about JJP making the right steps forward and I am back in on the CE Model.
What I love about Pinside is that this is a site where anything is possible in the pinball world. If you have a problem.....There are those that will help you along the way to get it fixed or give possible solutions. Just make a post and voice you concerns of if you need help and most of the time its a matter of minutes and someone is out there giving you the solution or giving advise.
There are times that we all joke around and get off topic on something that sometimes needs to stay on topic and focus for what the problem is all about. I can tell you that Yes there are those that feel that Pinside is not important and just a joke - But I don't see it that way. I think we all need a place like Pinside and if it was not this site - I know that I would be lost on alot of things.
So again, I apologize to David and I also apologize to any one else and to Pinside as well - I will do better as a member and show my support for this amazing site. I want to share my passion for this hobby and for those of you out there that are in my neck of the woods - Stop by and say Hi and come by my office and enjoy my collection - It truly is a great place and if you want we can talk about plumbing as well.
Thanks again everyone - Richie Wrench

Back in on a CE. Your stand was short but I applaud you for your efforts.

No Elvira or GnR for me unless I get my JP and Wonka fixed. If I never buy another NIB game from these manufacturers I could live with that.

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