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Wonka LE Sling Post Chipping in one month!!

By rs812

66 days ago

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#86 65 days ago

I have the same rippling and chipping. I'll get some pics up soon. My wife's DSLR should do the trick.

#98 65 days ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

For 12.5k the playfield should be the best in the business.

As of this post, the $12.5K playfield doesn't even exist!

(too soon?)

5 months post game-release and not even a WHISPER of the CE details yet. Unreal.

#243 64 days ago

Here's my 30 day old WONKA SE.

star post (resized).jpg

#452 62 days ago

Welp, one day later and it's no longer "pooling," now it's "chipping." Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk

This is seriously annoying. 5 weeks. Five freaking weeks.

star post (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1113 55 days ago
Quoted from ChippyWonka:

REPORT: JJP is going to announce their solution via podcast.
Which leaves one to ponder, how will we see Jack’s cartwheel punctuation after the “solution” is announced?

Cite your source, please. Who did you speak with at JJP, date and time.


-wonka owner #08742206, play field case #5107

#1122 55 days ago
Quoted from dts:

Just spoke with technical support at JJP and Mirco is testing out different clear coats on Wonka. They are making 12 more CE playfields for JJPOTC as well, as they apparently ran out, although I'm not sure what that means as I was under the impression they were all sold. I'm guessing spare playfields.

Cite your source, please. Who did you speak with at JJP, date and time.


-wonka owner #08742206, play field case #5107

#1545 52 days ago

I just read the transcript of Jack's response from the podcast. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement.

The art is chipping around BOTH of the lower slingshot bumper star posts on my game now, at just 1800 plays.

Time to contact the company about a manufacturer buyback.

#1801 50 days ago

Progress pics. Both of my star posts have now blistered and chipped. I have blistering on most of the rest of the play field as well. Pretty much any post that's screwed into the field.

1900 plays. I took possession of the pin on July 18th, and the pin sat unplayed for more than a week while I waited for replacement opto boards. So basically 5 weeks of service.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107



#1803 50 days ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

You actually got a clear coat case #? I wasn’t given that.

I opened a support case on their website. Every one of my support cases gets a ticket number. I would assume the same would be true for you too. The one I opened with them concerning my clear coat issues is that number. I have several other support cases with them, but most of the rest of them have all been closed/resolved.

I still have another case regarding airballs that I'm annoyed with - their response to my factory ramp airballs was to turn down my flipper coils. Um, no thanks. I've heard some reports that they've shipped some other games with a ramp cover to help with this. Not sure if that's the "standard" going forward now or not, but whatever is being done for future games released needs to be made available to those of us early adopters who don't have it.

#1812 49 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Have any pix of the wrinkling around the other posts?
My observations so far have shown a distinct pattern that show they are likely to chip on the side opposite of the high power ball strike. Curious to see if that holds true in your example too since you say you have a lot of the wrinkling.
I’m theorizing the blisters form from the squeezing compression... but maybe stable until the post’s movement “pops it”. If that theory holds... washers would help because the washer should isolate some of that impact movement. Especially the neoprene ones. So maybe we lose some post rigidity, but we end up with wrinkles that are stable.

Here's 7 more. I can't get any decent pictures of others without disassembly.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

post3 (resized).jpg

post4 (resized).jpg

post5 (resized).jpg

post6 (resized).jpg

post7 (resized).jpg

post9 (resized).jpg

#1815 49 days ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Thx for those. It's interesting in your examples many of them are wrinkling only on one side. It's hard to get the perspective in the tight shots.. but would you say the wrinkling is mostly on the side opposite of ball travel/impact?

Whatever side of the post is under tension from a rubber, that side is "more squished." Any post that is not under tension, the blistering is pretty much uniform all around the post.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#1818 49 days ago
Quoted from Lermods:

Not knowing what jjp will do for this, I’d put rubber washers under all those posts and hand tighten them down, that should prevent further damage.

I'm not taking ANYTHING apart until I hear back from JJP on how this is getting handled.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#1820 48 days ago

Per request, I can't discuss the details of my back and forth communication between me, my distributor, and JJP. But I AM still playing my game. Frequently.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#1824 48 days ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Gag order/request is in effect.....

Rest assured, I'm honoring that request at the behest of my distributor more than JJP. I really don't want to see any of the distributors harmed during this debacle. Jersey (AND STERN!!) need to make this right for the affected customers. I believe in two paths forward:

Either the problem is isolated (as THEY claim, not me) and it will be a small financial hit to take care of the "few" affected play fields,

- OR -

The issue is more widespread (this is my opinion) and an umbrella insurance policy had better be in effect, lest we see insolvency in trying to mitigate the damage.

Either way, I'm trying to be patient. This is a big problem that requires a big corporate solution, which will require some time. Like months to years, not weeks or days. But my patience has limits. If and when I get past that point, my contributions to this discussion are going to make things get ugly. Very ugly. Not the path I want to take. Honey versus vinegar, and all that jazz.

All that said, know this: I can be very persistent when I need to be.

Any of you local to me should ask me to tell you my (long-winded) story about my "lifetime warranty" windshield wipers I purchased in 2006. I'll gladly share the story with you over a beer to provide you with some perspective as to just how far I'll go with a manufacturer to get what I want.

#1826 48 days ago
Quoted from yancy:

It's always this hush-hush crap in the pinball industry. Back when my MMR playfield was so bad that CGC drove a populated playfield to my house and swapped it, I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. But I don't give a shit anymore. NDAs are barely worth the paper they're printed on.

I would GLADLY sign a NDA for an exchange to a pin with a properly cleared play field. Absolutely. You would never hear from me on this topic again.

#1873 48 days ago
Quoted from ChippyWonka:

Maybe Jack can come install the unpopulated playfield he’s planning to send me for my clear and paint chipping issues.
Last JJP machine for me. I’ll buy 2 Stern Pros instead. At least I know Stern will correct any issues that could arise.

Am I reading this right? Are you confirming something here?

#1918 47 days ago

All this noise:

Quoted from Ballypinball:

It is not a widespread problem with JJP or Stern or everyones games would have problems

Quoted from Ballypinball:

Ok so Stern made 10,000 games last year and how may have chipping? What % exactly

Quoted from Ballypinball:

all I am saying is its not widespread be lucky if its more than 1%

Quoted from Ballypinball:

Im not saying people are not having issues just the number isn't as widespread as it appears here

Quoted from Ballypinball:

well less than 7 have reported issues to JJP, so where are the other 93

Quoted from Ballypinball:

list the names and game numbers of these other 93 you claim have issues otherwise you are the one full of shit

And then there's this:

Quoted from Ballypinball:

Jack has started Calling customers with Problems and are rolling out a Program and dealing with issues on a case by case basis, as some have no issue, some have minor issues and I guess some have major issues, it won't Happen overnight but JJP are working on the problem with the manufacturer

I'm glad you finally opened your eyes and saw what the rest of us are seeing. This is a problem. And it's not a small one. The damn CEO of the company is making personal phone calls to owners. At least HE understands the severity of it, even if you refused to, at first.

And yes, I was called too.

#1925 47 days ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Apparently Jack thinks anyone talking about this is a horrible person.

What do you mean?

#1999 44 days ago
Quoted from TomGWI:

Has anyone heard from JJP regarding their playfields? This just amazes me.


-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#2007 43 days ago

I've stated my opinion. I want a defect-free game. I really don't care what method is employed to make that happen. Anything less and there will be a shit storm coming. I can be very noisy if I need to be.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#2086 42 days ago

Back on topic. Here's another beautiful area I discovered on my SE today. Left outlane guide. In case you need me to narrate this for you, what you are looking at is the clear coat is actually pushed up OVER the lane guide. Like a slow moving tidal wave, slumped over the guide edge. *sigh*

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107


#2088 42 days ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Ouch, yeah that's not acceptable. It looks like JJP installed a clear washer under the star post to the right? Not sure why they didn't do that on all star posts, especially the sling posts.

No, that's not a washer, that's blistered clear coat around the star post. Every one of my star posts on my field is blistered. The two lower slingshot posts have the art peeling away too.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#2091 42 days ago
Quoted from TomN:

Wow! That is soooo wrong...A tidal wave of clear. Jeez! Clearly a manufacturing issue that needs to be addressed in a big way. I truly hope they make you whole on this issue. Just out of curiosity..Have you spoken with Jack or anyone at JJP yet? I see you have a case #

I am in communication with JJP and Jack has called me, yes.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

#2093 42 days ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I'm not 100% sure but it may be a washer or part of the star post as the outline appears too uniform. On the JJP Pirates post service update documentation they show a picture of a star post on top of a black plastic washer, it has what appears to be an edge or clear washer under it.
[quoted image]

Do I need to say it again? Okay, I will:

There are no washers under any posts on my game.

-wonka owner #08742206, play field #105, clear coat case #5107

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